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Best 17 Places That You Should Visit in Croatia

Croatia is located in central Europe. This beautiful country also borders six countries, namely Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Above all; there are more than 1,000 islands, historic ruins and medieval cities. The diverse culture, breathtaking architectural structures and natural sceneries make Croatia be ranked one of the best tourist attraction sites in Europe. There are some tourist sites in Croatia that stand out. You must check out these beautiful places to make your stay in Croatia worth a while and also create memorable memories.



Dubrovnik city is located in Southern Croatia. This old town is surrounded by an old wall that was completed in the 16th century. The beauty of this old city made some highly ranked films such as the games of thrones get casted here. Additionally, there are plenty of attractive sights you can glance. Take a tour around the Dubrovnik walls that were built during the 16th century. These walls are still instant and strong. After the Dubrovnik walls, walk through the streets of the old town. The narrow streets and the old buildings in the old town bring out a special feeling.

Board a cable car if you want an aerial view of Dubrovnik city. Alternatively, you can dine at panorama restaurant. Numerous people admit that this city is more beautiful when viewed from top. Fort Lovrijenac should be your next stop. This fort was used in filming Game of thrones. It also offers a stunning view of Dubrovnik. Consider Lokrum Island if you want to get away from the city life. Walk around the beaches and admire the beautiful peacocks.

Plitvice Lakes National Park


The Plitvice Lakes National Park offers a very unique and stunning place in Croatia. First, the Plitvice lakes found inside this museum was listed as UNESCO world heritage site in the year 1979. The Plitvice Lakes national park suits both children and adults. There are boardwalks and walking trails that make the tour around this national park enjoyable. You will also see photogenic waterfalls and turquoise water.

The Plitvice Lakes have different levels. There are also several routes throughout the national park, different hiking trails and two entrances. This gives you plenty of options on how you will spend your time in this national park. The green vegetation on this national park, over 16 lakes of varying colors bring out a beautiful look.

Hvar Town


Hvar town is the capital of the Dalmatian region. This Island capital has plenty of white buildings with a wide range of artwork, beautiful harbor and attractive sites. It should be included in a must to do list while in Croatia. St Stephen’s cathedral is one of the attractive sites in Hvar town that attracts plenty of people, especially in the evening. The cathedral’s bell tower stone illuminates in the evening. You will also be amazed by the design of this church that was built. St Stephen’s cathedral also houses the original paint of Madonna and a child.

Franciscan Monastery should also be in you must to see sites in Hvar town. This monastery looks stunning both inside and outside. Franciscan monastery is located next to the harbor. Its tower bell can be seen from different points in the town. Ensure you check out the different arts in this monastery. There is also a cypress free in the garden that can be traced back to the early 1700’s. You should also create time to check out the Venetian Loggia that was built during the 1300’s. There is also a clock tower that was erected in the 1800’s. Spanjola Fortress, Jelsa, Brac Island, Jerolim Island and Sveta Nedjelja are other beautiful sites in Hvar town you should check out.

Mljet Island


Mjet is one of the largest and beautiful Islands in Croatia. Its green vegetation, rich sea life, sandy beaches and clear sea makes it a good spot for vacation. Mjet Island has more to offer than the mentioned above. Consider embarking on kayaking while in Mjet Island. Kayaking offers a perfect view of the coastline. You will also feel the calmness of this Island while checking out what the nature offers. Mjet Island also houses the Benedictine monastery and church is also located here. This is the oldest church in this region. It also holds a significant value in the local culture. Visit this site to understand why the local people the site.

Are you an experienced cyclist? Mjet Island has plenty of cycling routes and adventures you can embark on. You can hire a bicycle if you didn’t bring yours. The beautiful and sandy beaches allow you to swim and engage in other water sport activities.



Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia. It is the most visited part of this country. There are plenty of attraction sites and activities to do on different parts of the capital. Make a tour inside the museum of the broken relationship. This unique museum has become a popular spot for people who have experienced breakups at some point in their life. The museum of the broken relationship motivates numerous people to move on with their lives.

Samobor is an old town in Zagreb you should tour. This town brings out an ancient era, thanks to its architectural designs. You will also see the ruins of the Samobor castle. Samobor town is also recommended for people who love some cycling adventure. Make a stop at the Maksimir Park. This park has one of the well preserved natures in Zagreb. There are also streams that bring out a relaxing breeze. King Tomislav square is also situated in Zagreb. It was built in honor of the first ruler of Croatia. This square has a pavilion where people can skate during winter. There is also a magnificent statue inside this museum.

Jarun Lake will spice up your tour in this capital city. Here, there are plenty of adventures activities such as kayaking you can try out. There are also relaxing and chilling spots you can take a rest. Art lovers shouldn’t forget Mimara museum. Collection in this museum is mostly from the 20th century. You will definitely enjoy every moment in this museum.

Istria peninsula

Istria island

Istria is one of the most beautiful provinces in this Croatia. It mostly comprises three towns, namely Lovran, Pula and Rovinj. The entire province is easy to explore and contains plenty of attractions. These are both natural and historical attraction sites. The Euphrasius Basilica is a major highlight in Istria peninsula. This basilica was built in the 6th century and is listed as an UNESCO world heritage site. The mosaics on this basilica make it beautiful.

Rovinj is a very beautiful old town. It is also the home of some fantastic things you wouldn’t want to miss. Here, you will find St Euphemia cathedral that was built during the 18th century. Its bell tower makes it the highest point in Rovinj. The Balbi’s arch and old town hall are located in Rovinj. You will also sight plenty of old buildings are you tour around Rovinj.

You should also check Pula town while in Istria peninsula. The Roman ruins are the major attraction site in this town. It was built in the first century. This Roman ruins can accommodate more than 20,000. The ancient Roman Forum is another interest in Pula town you must check. Make an effort of also checking out the temple of Romae.

Lovran is another town in Istria Peninsula that attracts plenty of tourists all year round. This town boosts St George church and the Romanesque bell tower. These are just a few of the sites you should visit while in Istria peninsula.

Vis Island

vis island1

Vis island located in Southern Adriatic coast is arguable beautiful when compared to most Islands in Croatia. This island has delicious traditional cuisines, rich history, beautiful beaches and untouched nature. Stiniva beach is a hidden small bay. The beach has high cliffs that hide it from passing boats. This brings out a paradise feeling and a mystic atmosphere. Its beauty makes it rated one of the best beaches in Croatia and Europe. That’s not all; Stiniva beach also offers a perfect opportunity of enjoying the underwater life.

Komiza & Hum Mountain are other jewels you must explore in Vis Island. Komiza town is located at the foot of Mt Hum. This makes Komiza town offer a perfect view of the Adriatic Sea. Komiza town contains marvelous stone buildings, unique small streets and beaches. There is also a section in Komiza town that dwells on fishing. You can embark on a fishing adventure. The fishermen’s Museum is also found at the heart of Komiza town.

Talez in Viz Island favors nature lovers. You will be able to enjoy nature and have a view of the surrounding Islands. Blue cave is another beauty you should admire in this island.

Bol Town

bol town

This vibrant town located by the sea side is a dream destination for numerous people who visit Croatia. You are encouraged to visit Bol town during summer. Bol town has one of the prettiest harbors in Croatia. Facilities around this town make your stay in this town more comfortable.

There are different kinds of beaches spread on different sides of this town. You should check out Zlatni Rat, the most famous beach in Bol town. The overview look of this beach is impressive. There are also plenty of fun activities you can engage yourself with. This beach is also secluded and in a quiet environment. Therefore, you can enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. Vidova Gora peak is another attraction site in Bol town you should pay attention to.

Korčula Town

korcula town1

Korcula town is the main town of Korcula Island. There are numerous things you can engage yourself with in this town. Start your tour by fully exploring this town. Focus your attention on the old town. Old medieval stone buildings parade themselves on the streets. Vibrant flowers across the paths bring out a pleasant look and mood as you explore this town. There are also spots on the old town that offer a view of the Korcula town. Korcula Island has plenty of small beaches. You can rent either a Kayak or a small boat. Bilin Zal beach, banje beach, Vela Przina beach and Zakrjan beach are a couple of beaches you should explore on the small Islands.

Sunset in Europe is considered special in Croatia and specifically Maksimilijan garden in Korcula town. Settle in Maksimilijan garden before evening to perfectly enjoy the sunset. Tour around Korcula town is incomplete if you don’t climb the top of St Mark’s cathedral that was built during the 15th century. St Mark’s cathedral offers a perfect view of Adriatic Sea and Korcula town.

Krka National Park

krka national park1

Krka National Park is took its name from Krka River. A large fraction of River Krka passes across this national park. This national park is also known for a couple of its magnificent waterfalls. You can also embark on a boat ride to fully explore this national park. A boat ride grants you the opportunity to fully explore the beautiful nature within this park. Krka national park has an estimate of 17 waterfalls. The Skradinski Buk waterfall is the most famous waterfall. There are different viewing points you can use to admire the top and the bottom of these waterfalls.

Visovac Island located in the heart of Krka River is another attraction site within this national park. There is monastery on this Island that has a library and a couple of artifacts. A boat ride is the most recommended way of exploring Visovac Island. There is a section of Krka River that allows people to swim.

Split City


Split city is the second largest city in this country. This city offers a blend of ancient and modern life. There are ruins and structures that can be traced back to the Roman rule. Infrastructure in this region is developed, making it easy to explore the main attractions within a day. Start your tour at Diocletian’s palace. This palace was built 305 AD. Diocletian’s palace is located in the old town. The unique look of this palace made it listed as an UNESCO world heritage center. You should check out the Domnius cathedral. This cathedral has been around since the 7th century. Domnius cathedral is located with Diocletian palace and is the oldest cathedral in Split city, Croatia and globe at large. Climb the bell tower for a perfect view of Split city.

Split city is divided into two parts, namely the old town and the modern town. Take a tour of the old town to understand how the ancient people lived. You will be enticed by the cobblestoned lanes and the maze streets. The old town clock is the highlight of your tour around the old town. You should also take a stroll on the banks of Riva promenade. Riva Promenade is surrounded by palm trees and beautiful buildings. It also offers a perfect view of Adriatic Sea.

Climb Marjan hill offers a perfect view of Split city. There a series of trails you can use to reach on top of Marjan hill. You should also visit Trogir town in an Island on Split city. Klis fortress is another site you should check out while in Split city. This fortress has a very interesting and rich history.

Hrvatsko Zagorje Region


Are you touring Northern part of Croatia while in this country? If yes, ensure you tour Hrvatsko Zagorje region. This part has plenty of vineyards, beautiful sceneries, magnificent castles and old house are a few things you will see while in this region. The beauty of this region makes it one of the most visited regions in Croatia. Enjoy this region by exploring the forests. Nature lovers will enjoy every moment of this adventure.

Hrvatsko Zagorje has plenty of castles. In fact, you will be confused on which castle to start with. These castles are Trakoscan castle, Bezanec castle, Veliki Tabor castle and Stubicki Golubovec castle, among others. Trakoscan castle attracts a lot of attention. It is located on a hill surrounded by a forest. There is also a lake next to this castle. The evolution of humans is an interesting topic. Check out Krapina Neanderthals museum to fully understand the evolution of human race. Some big archaeological discoveries are housed in this museum.

The peasant’s revolt museum has in interesting history. Visit this museum to understand how the peasants revolved against their landlords in the 16th century. You will also see beautiful churches as you move around Hrvatsko Zagorje region. Croatia has for a long time been producing wine. There are plenty of wine cellars and vineyards you will see. Here, you will understand how traditional wine was being harvest. You might get lucky and taste a couple of wines.



Zadar town is special in its own way. A lot of people fall in love with this town. This town has a diverse culture and beautiful terrain you should check out. You must watch the sunset while in this town. A lot of people claim this is the best sunset in the world. The sun salutation light show is something you shouldn’t miss out while in Zadar. During the night, over 10,000 solar panels release light they absorbed from the sun.

The Zadar historic center is another gem you should explore in this town. You should also check out the famous museum of ancient glass. Here, there are plenty of Roman flasks, cups, goblets and vials. You can also get lucky and see glassmakers at work. Church art Museum holds plenty of collections. This is mostly art objects and art work. St Donat church built in the 9th century is another beauty you must check out. The design of this ancient church is amazing. A couple of classical concerts are also held at this site.

Lošinj & Cres Islands

losinj and cres island

Losinj & Cres Islands have for a long time been underrated. However, they have gained popularity over the years. It is a perfect holiday destination every summer. The perfect beaches, stylish hotels and sailing adventures will make you visit these two islands over and over. Furthermore, the natural environment is still intact. You can explore different plant species or climb the highest points of these two islands. Tour across Losinj & Cres islands has been simplified. You can hire yacht for your tour. There are also two ferry routes you can embark on this tour.

Losinj & Cres islands boost beautiful beaches and bays. There are plenty of water activities you can engage yourself in such as swimming. Cres Island also has plenty of rare bird species that are only visible on Cres Island. Lake Vrana in Cres Island is another jewel in Cres Island you must see.

Cape Kamenjak National Park

cape kamenjak national park

Are you looking for a perfect getaway from the busy city life? If yes, consider Cape kamenjak Nature Park. The spectacular bays & beaches and cliffs make it one of the top tourist attraction sites in Croatia. The breathtaking landscape and intact nature surprise all tourists. There are plenty of activities you can conduct in this Nature Park. Hiking, cycling and walking are some ways you can explore the beautiful Park. Dolphins and monk seals are some species you might spot in Cape Kamenjak Nature Park. Anyone who wants to embark on some deep diving adventure should make this park their number one spot when they reach Croatia.

That’s not all; there are over twenty beaches to choose from. These beaches offer a stunning view to the surrounding environment. Skolji beach stands out from other beaches for being a perfect spot for windsurfing. You can also go on kayaking around this beach. Pinizule beach is another beach you should visit while in Cape Kamenjak Nature Park.

Kopački Rit Nature Park

Kopački-nature park

Kopacki Rit Nature Park is situated between Drava River and River Danube. This Nature Park offers a lot than you think. First, there are over 300 bird species in this park. The entire park is a wetland. This is the reason it is green throughout the year. You will see backwater, ponds and swamps at some points on the Nature Park. Kopacki Rit Nature Park is well preserved. There are wooden trails that allow you to enjoy the beautiful nature. You can also tour this Nature Park through a boat ride. That’s not all; this nature park houses different 40 fish species and different types of plants.



Motovun is a fairytale town. It can be accessed via bus, car or air. Commence your town by exploring the old town. Walk through the streets while checking out the old buildings that extend throughout the town. The old town wall is the main attraction in this old town. You can walk on top of the wall or even take a couple of pictures. Visit the Motovun cultural education center for a glimpse on how Motovun town has grown over the years. You should also taste the local wine in this location.

There is no doubt Croatia has plenty to offer for anyone who visits this European country. You should definitely visit this country.


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