6 Popular Places to Visit in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is one of the most peaceful countries in Asia. Karakum desert mostly covers this country. It is also surrounded by Caspian Sea. This country has grown as a tourist hub over the years. This is mostly because of its archaeological sites and monuments. There are also some sites and structures that remind people of the Soviet rule.



Ashgabat is the first place in Turkmenistan you should visit. This is the capital city of Turkmenistan. The capital city has a lot of things to offer. It is actually a leading tourist city in Turkmenistan. Cesme is a popular dining location in Ashgabat. People visit it for its delicious grilled meats and kebabs. Desert is also served as you wait your meal. You will enjoy any meal served to you while in Cesme. Move on to Tolkuchka Bazaar market while in Ashgabat. This market helps you understand how the local residents live. There are also plenty of merchandises to purchase at this popular market. Prices vary depending on the dealer you are negotiating with. Don’t forget to bargain.

The National museum is also situated at the capital city. This museum comprises the small museums; namely the presidential museum, nature museum and history museum. The presidential museum contains different information about the current president. You will enjoy your trip at the history museum. This part of the museum contains different information about the history of Turkmenistan. Ancient history is also housed here. Request a tour guide while visiting the historical museum. The nature museum houses different information about nature. Turkmenistan has participated in numerous wars and experienced some devastating natural disasters. The Halk Hakydasy memorial complex was built in honor of those who lost their lives in either event. Create time and visit this memorial complex while in Ashgabat. The independence square is a leading attraction at the capital city. This site is open to the public.

Turkmenistan is one of the neutral countries in the world. The arch of neutrality is a symbol of this statement. Check out the arch of neutrality and take some photographs. The carpet museum, Sim Sim and Kopetdag are other sites in Ashgabat you should check out.


konye urgench

Konye- Urgench was listed as an UNESCO world heritage site in the year 2005. It is one of the archaeological spots in Turkmenistan. Things discovered here were believed to be from a Persian empire from the 4th century. You will also understand the rise and fall of the ancient city located in Konye-Urgench. There are tour guides at Konye-Urgench site who ensure you don’t miss any important thing at this site. You will also hear how the Mongols invaded this location before people abandoned it in the 16th century. This is the reason Konye-Urgench is still untouched.

You will notice houses and structures at this location were built from mud and clay. There are plenty of monuments ruins spread across Konye-Urgench. This is a perfect gateway for people who want to discover some ancient monuments. Turabek Khanum Mausoleum is one of the ruins you will see. This mausoleum is estimated to be between the 11th to 14th centuries. Move on to Arslan Mausoleum. This is the oldest ruin at this location. You will enjoy every moment at Konye-Urgench.

᠎Darvaza Gas Craters (Door to Hell)

Darvaza-Crater door to hell

Your trip to Turkmenistan will be considered incomplete if you don’t visit Darvaza Gas craters. People are impressed by how this attraction is located in the middle of a desert. You will be impressed by how fire erupts out of the Darvaza gas crater. This is the reason the local residents call it door to hell. Anyone who visits Darvaza gas crater will understand how the fire has been burning at this spot since the year 1971. The natural gas has been supporting combustion since 1971. People travel from different parts of the globe to see this wonder. You are encouraged to visit Darvaza gas crater in the evening for a perfect view of the burning flames. A lot of people are shocked by how peaceful this location is. There are restaurants and hotels nearby you can relax after visiting the door to hell.

Yangykala Canyon

yangkala canyon

Yangykala canyon is an impressive tourist location. This natural site attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year. Ensure you visited Yangykala canyon while in Turkmenistan. People are blown away by the colorful and bright canyons. The surrounding environment is also impressive and appealing to the eye. You will hear how yangykala canyon was once covered by the ocean over a million years ago. The ocean dried up leaving these canyons exposed to erosion. Some sea creatures are believed to be stranded at the canyons. This is the reason Yangykala canyon has a very unique and attractive look. Don’t forget to take some pictures while at this location.

Merv (Mary)


Merv is a major city in Turkmenistan. It also has plenty of tourist attraction locations. The Mausoleum of Sultan Sanjar is one of the attractions in Merv. This mausoleum reminds people of Sultan Sanjar era. You will also hear different stories about what transpired during his reign. Go on to Kyz Kala fortress from the 7th century. Ancient archaeological discoveries have been made over the years. Most part of the fortress is now in ruins.

The mausoleum of two Askhab is other attractions you shouldn’t miss out while in Merv. This is one of the most respected and visited pilgrimage sites in Turkmenistan. Don’t forget Buddhist Stupa, maus0oleum of Mohammed Ibn Zeid, Ice house, Shahriyar ark, mosque of Yusuf Hamadani, Koshk and the renowned Margush museum are other sites you cannot miss out.

Gonur Depe (Archaeological Site)

Gonur Depe (Archaeological Site)

Gonur Depe is an ancient temple town that was discovered during the 90’s by archeologists. This city was estimated to be more than three millennia. Temples and a palace were discovered here. People who visit this location are impressed by how this town was buried for more than 7,000 years. The local tours and archeologists will equip you with different information about this archaeological site. You will also learn about the spiritual rituals that were discovered at this location. Lastly, the local guides will help you understand the design of the palace.

Turkmenistan has been under the radar for years. It is currently a leading tourist hub in Asia. You will enjoy your vacation at this peaceful and beautiful country.


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