Top 5 Attractions to Visit in Timor-Leste

Timor- Leste is also known as East Timor. This country is located in Southeast Asia. A section of this country is an Island. This gives you a glimpse of the fun things to expect here. Timor- Leste has an interesting history. It was under the Portugal and Indonesia before gaining its independence. There are five attractions in Timor-Leste you shouldn’t miss out while in the country. Here are the five attractions in Timor-Leste you must visit:

Ataúro Island

atauro island ]

Atauro Island is one of the most visited places in Timor-Leste. This is more than just an Island, there are plenty of things to see and do on this Island. Snorkeling is one of the common activities in this location. There are plenty of things to do in Atauro Island. This Island is well known for its rich marine life. Snorkeling is the best way to see this Island. Deep diving is mostly done thrice a day. Therefore, plan you schedule and see this Island in another way. Generally, there are different locations Snorkeling can be carried out.

The Beloi beach is one of the common places snorkeling is carried out. There is a section you can hire the right gear. Local guides are also there to ensure you enjoy every moment of your adventure. You will be able to see different fish species and beautiful coral reefs. Atauro Island is also known for its unique terrain and landscapes. This is the reason hiking is a popular activity on this Island. Hiking is recommended during morning hours. You will be able to admire the surrounding region, ocean and mountain from a high point. There are different hiking trails on this Island to choose from.

Visit the local Saturday morning market for a taste of how the local people live. You will find different things on this market. Prices on this Saturday morning market are not fixed. It all depends on your bargaining power. Don’t leave Atauro Island without resting on a hammock.

Mt Ramelau (Tatamailau)

mount ramlau

Mt Ramelau should be included among the places to visit while in Timor-Leste. This is the highest peak in the country. Mt Ramelau or Tatamailau is visible from a distance. You will also understand the cultural and religious importance of this site when you visit it. There is a statue of Virgin Mary at the peak of this mountain. Anyone who climbs on top of this mountain can easily see the statue of the Virgin Mary. Christians from different parts of the globe annually gather on the pilgrimage site. You might be lucky to find them here.

The roads leading to Mt Ramelau allow you to see the beautiful sceneries, vegetations and landscapes. This region also offers a marvelous background for taking photographs. Area surrounding Mt Ramelau also has a coastline and a dense forest. You can visit the coastline after hiking though Mt Ramelau. There are places you can hire hiking gears. You don’t need to carry yours. Hiking starts at Hatobuilico village. Walk through the trails that lead to eucalyptus forest. Hiking through Mt Ramelau offers different challenges. Take advantage of the high points to check out the surrounding region. Consider hiking during the dry season because it is less dangerous.

Tutuala Village & Jaco Island

jaco island

Visit both Tutuala village and Jaco Island for a glimpse of how the local people live. People who love nature will also have a splendid time on these two locations. You will see traces of the Portuguese rule at Tutuala village as you move around. Tutuala village also offers a stunning view of the coastal shores and the sea. The famous rock art caves are also located here. You will see different kinds of rock arts in the caves and on the cliffs. You are encouraged to get a guide when visiting the rock art caves. The guides are capable of explaining different arts inside the caves and on the cliffs.

Walk down the white sand beach for some relaxing moment. You can go swimming or picnic with your family and friends on the beach. The white sand beach also offers a stunning background for photographs. Jaco Island is visible from the beach. There are plenty of things you can do on this Island. The water on this Island is crystal clear. This makes it easy to explore the marine life through snorkeling on the coral reefs.

Maubisse Town

maubisse town

Visit Maubisse town if you want to get away from the busy city life while in Timor-Leste. This is a quiet place in the country. It is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and mountains. Maubisse town also has a favorable climate. This is an ideal location for anyone who wants to relax after a tiresome day. The Pousada de Maubisse is one of the tourist locations in the town. This structure was built during the Portuguese era. Pousada de Maubisse is currently a guesthouse. It is located on top a hill. This offers a marvelous view of the town and the surrounding mountains. Visit this location in the morning if you want to witness the sun rise.

Maubisse market should be your next stop. You will understand how the local people live by visiting this market. This market contains different local products. Prices are not fixed throughout the market. It all depends on your bargaining power. There are different kinds of restaurants across Maubisse town. Ensure you try out different local meals and delicacies while in this town. The hakmatek waterfall is also located in Maubisse town. This waterfall can be viewed from different angles. Above all; ensure you hike at Ramelau peak. Anyone who loves hiking should try out this adventure.

Monte Mundo Perdido (Mountain)

monte Mundo perido

Don’t leave Timor-Leste without visiting Monte Mundo Perdido. This is a protected mountain region. Monte Mundo Perdido is well known for its sharp rocks, thick rocks and wild animals. These wild animals range from monkeys and snakes. You will also see livestock on this location. Monte Mundo Perdido has also witnessed previous invasions including World War II. You might be lucky to spot secret tunnels and bunkers. This region also offers a perfect background for taking photographs.

You will definitely have an amazing time in Timor-Leste. So, what are you waiting for, Visit this country whenever you are in Asia.


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