Top 9 Places That You Must Visit in Hungary

Hungary is located in central Europe. This country gained popularity because of its rich traditional culture. Hungary also has one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe. In fact, some of their traditions are exhibited on buildings. This is visible when you tour across this country. Hungary also has top monuments and attraction sites. These sites and monuments draw people across the globe to this part of central Europe. There are also fun activities all throughout the year in this country. You will also be privileged to try out different delicacies, both traditional and modern.



Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. This capital city is famous for its marvelous and beautiful buildings. Apart from some historical monuments, Budapest also some undiscovered gems. This is the reason it should be your number one city, you should visit once you reach Budapest. The Hungarian parliament building is one of the monuments you will see while in Budapest. This building was built in the year 1902. Its architectural design will make you stare if for minutes in amusement. Tours around the Hungarian parliament building are offered in different languages.

Buda Castle is another monument in Budapest. The beauty of this castle, made it get listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Construction of this castle began in the 13th century. Buda Castle has undergone different architectural changes over the years. This is the reason the castle brings out different designs and style. Buda Castle is also a national gallery museum. Here, you can check different artworks. St Stephen Basilica is another gem in Budapest worth checking out. It is the tallest building in Budapest and was built in the year 1905.

Vajdahunyad Castle attracts tourists of both local and international. This castle was built in the 1900s and houses numerous events and festivals all year round. Vajdahunyad castle also houses the Hungarian Agricultural Museum. You should also check out Dohany Street Synagogue. This is the largest synagogue in Hungary and Europe. It is also the second-largest synagogue across the globe. Dohany street synagogue was built in the year 1859 but was destroyed during World War 2. However, it was restored in the early 1900s. There are other stunning sites in Budapest you should tour.



Eger is a city located in the Northern part of Hungary. This city comprises both ancient and modern architectural designs. In fact, the oldest building dates back to the 18th century. Eger city also has a rich history. It was once under the Ottoman Empire before being liberated. Eger also has top marvelous sites. You will definitely have a marvelous time when you visit this city.

Eger Castle is one of the sites you should check out while in Eger. It is located on top of a hill. This offers a perfect view of the surrounding environment. Eger castle was built in the 13th century. Different structures were built over the years. Above all; this castle has a rich history. St John the apostle cathedral is another site you should visit. It is the third-largest cathedral in Hungary. Don’t forget the Archbishop’s Garden. This is the main public park in Eger. It has some green grass and suits anyone who wants to relax and enjoy the fresh air. Eger city also has other tourist attraction sites.

Rudas Baths


Rudas baths were first built in the year 1560 during the Ottoman occupation. It adopted a style like that of the Turkish. Rudas baths are considered one of the oldest and beautiful baths in Hungary. These baths have been enhanced in terms of looks. However, it has maintained its original look. Its octagon and dome pool gives it a glamorous look. This is a popular site was once used in Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. Ever since people travel across the globe to have a relaxing time in these baths. These baths are open to the public every day.

You gain automatic access to the pool area and the locker once you purchase your ticket. The temperature of the thermal baths can be adjusted to suit your needs. This means that you can comfortably have a relaxing bath, both at day and night. Visit this bath if you want a relaxing and memorable time while in Hungary.



Szeged is located Southern Hungary. This is the third-largest city in Hungary. Therefore, it has a lot of activities to offer. You will enjoy the beautiful natural and artificial environment. There are also breathtaking architectural masterpieces. Szeged city has more to offer. It has something for everyone. Szeged Zoo opened its door to the public in the year 1989. This zoo has more than 200 different species. Here, you will be privileged to check out a couple of endangered species. There are also activities you can enjoy.

You should also check out the new Synagogue while in Szeged. This Jewish Synagogue was built in the year 1903. It presents marvelous Hungarian art. You will be amazed by both the interior and exterior design of this synagogue. Reok palace is another place you should visit while in Szeged. The palace also acts as a regional arts center. It hosts cultural events, music performances, and art exhibitions.

Take time and relax at the Botanical garden. The peace and the natural scenery will make you visit this spot over and over when you’re in Hungary. There are also different types of fauna and flora. You should also explore witch Island and Mora Ferenc Muzeum.

Lake Balaton & Southern Transdanubia

lake balaton and southern transdanubia


Lake Balaton & Southern Transdanubia is one of the leading tourist attraction sites in Hungary. There are numerous activities you can do in Lake Balaton apart from admiring this lake. Southern Transdanubia also has some top tourist attractions. They make your stay in this part of Hungary worth it. Benedictine Abbey church is situated in the heart of Southern Transdanubia. This church was built in the year 1754. Visit this church and glimpse at this old architectural design. Ensure you glimpse at the interior design of this church. Festetics Palace should be your next tourist destination. Adjustments were made on this palace as time went by. People travel across the globe to admire this ancient palace with a beautiful garden. Visit this site to understand what this palace was used for over the years.

Herend porcelain factory is also situated in Southern Transdanubia. This factory produces one of the best handmade porcelains in Hungary. Here, you can be lucky to witness clay being crafted into fine porcelain. Art lovers should visit the Victor Vasarely Museum. This museum exhibits the work of the famous artist Victor Vasarely. There are definitely fun activities in Southern Transdanubia. Visit this region when you visit Hungary.

Hollókő Village

holloko village

Holloko village is one of the numerous villages in Hungary. This village has managed to maintain its culture and traditions. This is the reason it was named as a UNESCO world heritage site. Additionally, it is the most beautiful village in Hungary. Holloko village is divided into two parts. It can be a new and old village. Its architectural design can be traced back to the 17th century. However, this village was built in 1909. There is a temple inside the old village. It contains memories that date back to the year 1343. This temple was built in the year 1889. The old village also houses a couple of traditions and arts. There are also several festivals held inside this village throughout the year.

Holloko village also allows visitors to taste the local desserts and dishes. Therefore, make an effort of trying out different Hungarian traditional meals. This village also has a beautiful natural scenery. Don’t leave Holloko village without checking out the castle of Holloko. This castle was built towards the end of the 13th century.



Pecs is a city located in Southwest Hungary. It can be traced back to the 4th century. Numerous mausoleums have been buried beneath this modern city. This is the reason it was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Pecs developed as a Christian city. This is the reason there are figures that represent Adam & Eve and Virgin Mary, among others.

These are a few reasons you must visit Pecs while in Hungary. Start your tour by checking out the early Christian Mausoleum. This mausoleum was discovered in the year 1975. The early Christian Mausoleum can be traced back to the 4th century. Tour both the top and bottom levels of this Mausoleum. Pecs cathedral is one of the top tourist attraction sites in Pecs. This cathedral was built on the foundations of an early church developed during the 4th century. You will notice the combination of different architectural designs. This is what Pecs cathedral a glamorous look.

Art lovers should visit the Zsolnay Museum while in Pecs. Here, you will see different artworks dating from the early 20th century. Zsolnay museum also plays an important role in Hungarian history. Mosque of Pasha Qasim is another tourist attraction site in Pecs you must check out. It reminds the local residents of the 150 years of the Ottoman occupation. This occupation period was between the 16th and the 17th century. You will also notice the Ottoman architectural design that was used on this mosque. Vasarely Museum, Csontvary Museum, Synagogue, and the Pecs zoo are other places you should visit while in Pecs.

Hortobágy National Park

Hortobagynational park

Hortobagy national park is the pride of Hungary. It is linked with the Great Hungarian plain. This is the first national park in Hungary. Hortobagy national park cuts across four counties. It also exhibits Hungarian history, traditions, and different wildlife species. Anyone who visits this national park looks forward to another tour. Inside Hortobagy national park, there is a Fishery railway. This railway line ends at Lake Kondas; the biggest artificial fishpond. Here, you can admire the different marine life. This artificial fishpond is beautiful when admired from a distance.

Hortobagy national park is located inside the great Hungarian plain. There are different viewing points inside this national park that allow you to see this renowned plain. You should also check out the plate stating that the park is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. The plate is made of dacite tuff. Try and visit Hortobagy National Park during summer.


sopron (1)

Sopron is considered a charming town because of its uniqueness. Both German and Hungarian are the commonly used languages. Sopron town has both old style and modern buildings. This town also played a role in the cold war. Above all; Sopron is one of the leading tourist attraction towns in Hungary. There are a couple of top tourist attraction sites in Sopron you should take a look. The Tuztorony is one of the leading attractions sites in Sopron. This building’s foundations are Roman, whereas the architectural design can be traced back to the 14th century. Its cylindrical design makes this building stand out.

The Storno- house museum should be your next tourist destination site. This museum was built in the mid ages. It has a diverse collection. They range from traditional wood carvings, porcelain artifacts, paintings, and ancient furniture, among others. Check out the old synagogue before leaving Sopron. This is one of the oldest synagogues in Europe. The exterior and interior design of this synagogue will leave you amazed. You should also check out Kecskes Templom. This church was excavated from the ground. Kescke Templom was built between 1281 and 1491. You should also check out the loyalty gate. This town borders Austria more than the capital city of Hungary. The loyal gate has an interesting history worth listening to. It also indicates loyalty to the Hungarian Government.

It is evident that Hungary offers more than most people expect. There are numerous top tourist attraction sites across Hungary. Furthermore, touring Hungary is pocket-friendly when compared to other parts of Europe. Above all; there is something for everyone.


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