Have a Spectacular Saudi Time with Your Family

This sparsely populated kingdom of the Middle East is mostly regarded sacred for Muslims who travel to the Holy cities of Mecca and Medina for their religious rituals known as Hajj and Umrah respectively. However, the good news is this conservative kingdom is now opening its doors for international tourists who are interested in visiting the Saudi Kingdom for more than religious reasons.

Saudi Arabia nowadays intends to target 1.5 million tourists by 2020. The Saudi Govt. is also taking measures to construct an Islamic Museum to attract travelers around the world. Moreover, it has issued a New Visa Program for 49 countries including the US and UK. So if you are a Muslim traveler, it is highly recommended to explore this Middle Eastern kingdom along with your intended Haj or Umrah. Bring your families with you to enrich their Islamic historical knowledge and have a pure and fantastic Halal Family Holidays at spectacular Saudi sites.

Touristy Features of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia-A Great Tourist Spot

The Saudi Chief of tourism has proudly declared the Saudi Kingdom open for touristy purposes. He views that the visitors will surely be surprised by the treasures they possess., which includes five UNESCO world heritage sites and a vibrant local Islamic culture and breathtaking natural beauty.

Moreover, the KSA govt. has also initiated the multimillion project to turn the 50 islands and other pristine sites on the Red Sea to turn into the luxury spots.

A Perfect Place for Women

Although Saudi Arabia has been an ultra-conservative country for women, banning them the driving rights and Western dress code. It has been a harsh country for women adherent to the strict principles of Islam. However, KSA has eased its strict dress code for foreign women and made the land a safe abode for women across the globe. But they have to follow the modest clothing within the Saudi domains. This commendable Saudi feature is really women-friendly and decent for everyone.

Saudi Sightseeing

Besides the holiest and unprecedented Islamic sites of Mecca and Medina, the KSA land is crammed full of various sightseeing spots. After performing your mandatory and blissful Islamic rituals turn your eyes towards some other worth seeing places as well. Moreover, Saudi land is a welcoming delight for historians, archaeologists and Islamic history scholars who can brush up their cognizance by viewing the eye-catching Saudi emblems. There are some sites cataloged for your ease.

Madain Salih

Madain Salih
Spare some quality time to eye the other-worldly scenery, breath-taking nature and rich history of the earthen landscape of Saudi Madain Saleh. It is not only the home of tombs of the ancient Nabatean people but also contains a worth-watching Hejaz railway built by Ottomans. There is also a town of Al-Ula nearby Madain that boasts a beautiful Oasis, museums an old mud village and ruins and tombs of Khuraibah. Moreover, this Saudi archeological city is divided into seven areas with an additional mountain ( Jabel e Athleb) that is used for religious purposes. Furthermore, there are more than 100 ancient Nabataean wells spread out across the site and its funerary architecture exhibits strong borrowing from its local ancient civilizations including features from Egyptian, Assyrian, and Hellenistic styles respectively.

Saudi Arabia’s Maldives

After many years sealed off to the international visitors, Saudi Arabia is keen to become a new tourism kid on the block. It has initiated a number of mega tourism projects. Among them, the most exciting one is the Red Sea Project. This project alludes to the luxury destination that can be referred as “Seychelles of Saudi Arabia” or “The Maldives of Saudi Arabia”. The project is initiated in the coastal cities of Umluj and Al Wajh. It comprises a natural archipelago of pristine Islands and a vast desert landscape filled with mountain peaks, historical and archeological treasures. The shallow turquoise water and coral reefs dotted on the Islands are the fair game for the travelers. It is suggested to hire a boatman for a thorough exciting and sporty vision of what Saudi calls the site the beautiful version of Maldives. In winters Dolphins can also be spotted here.
Saudi Arabia’s Maldives

The Mountainous South

The Saudi vicinity of Asir located in the Southern region presents a dramatic and picturesque view of mighty peaks. Here you will also see locals wearing fragrant crowns of flowers in their hair. Popular activities including there are hiking and roaming the historic village of Rijal Alma.


It is the colorful city on the Yemeni border which offers an unforgettable experience to tourists around the world. this splendid Saudi city is characterized by the dotted mud-houses and palaces which are widely regarded as one of the best-preserved buildings of their kind in the world. Najran’s Dagger Market is an unmissable tourist attraction of KSA. This enchanting market square epitomizes the appealing Saudi culture of keeping the distinct daggers which are further handed down in their male progeny. These daggers are worn by men in line and also gifted to one another. These daggers are made up of rhino horns and vary in color and sizes. This market makes travelers learn about the province’s traditional industries and handicrafts.

Historic Jeddah and Gate to Mecca

It is another World Heritage Site and a gateway to Mecca. After having done with your religious rituals spare some time to explore this great historic Saudi city. It serves as an entrance point to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Furthermore, this city is a cultural melting pot where the throngs of masses belong to different ethnicities are seen. It is a warm and open air city bursting with the Yemeni tailor squatted cross-legged in their clothing shops, Somali, Eritrean and Djiboutian women who are seen selling scrumptious food items in the street market. Further up the coast, you can have placating family time at beach resorts.
Historic Jeddah and Gate to Mecca

Some Warnings

We know that Saudi Arabia has lifted the strictness for tourism purposes. But it is still not without risks in terms of women. Although it is pretty safe for your women, there some indelible rules to abide by at any cost.

Follow the modest dress code for your women.

Women must not be photographed. As the Saudi males are very particular and possessive about their females.

However, whatever the strictness is, these rules are literally Muslim friendly for your pious Muslim women


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