How to Make Your Flight More Comfortable

Flights, especially long ones, can make you sick and irritable. You don’t have to curse and dread every moment on a long flight because you can create a comfortable environment that will make you enjoy the journey. Here are some of the things you can do to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

Carry a Footrest

Although some airplanes have metal fold-down footrests, some don’t. This is where a footrest comes in handy for small passengers whose legs do not reach the floor of the plane. Besides, a fully inflatable footrest elevates the legs to reduce knee pain and in-flight swelling. Therefore, investing in a good footrest that can offer extras like a little massage will make your flight more comfortable.
Carry a Footrest


It is evident that water is critical for good health, but how often do you choose to drink it? Instead of opting for the coke, ask the flight attendant for water or carry your own. The humidity levels of the air inside the plane are low. Therefore, if not sufficiently hydrated, the eyes and the skin will feel itchy, creating discomfort. The solution to this is drinking more and more water.

Bring Earplugs

Noise from crying babies or chatty passengers can be very irritating, especially when trying to get some sleep. The solution to such noise is bringing a good set of good earplugs, and you will enjoy your rest. Earplugs also help in reducing the ‘airplane ear,’ which is a result of pressurized air in the plane and plane engine noise.
Bring Earplugs
Therefore, to filter out air and noisy neighbors, invest in a good set of earplugs.

Wear the Right Shoes and Clothes

Sitting for long periods of time in a plane can lead to the swelling of the feet. There is, therefore, the need to wear something that allows your feet to breathe. Breathable socks and sandals are the best options to have on a plane. Avoid stilettos, high boots, or chunky heels as these can be very uncomfortable.

Also, breathable sports sneakers can suffice. Opt for light yet warm clothes to prevent catching a cold and at the same time, excessive sweating. Cotton and wool, as well as loose-fitting clothes, are perfect choices for long trips.

Have a Sleeping Mask

A sleeping mask comes in handy if you want to sleep on the plane. A sleeping mask psychologically prepares you to sleep. Sleep makes the flight comfortable because you can switch off from the movements and noise within the aircraft. There are a variety of sleeping masks available in the market, and it would be wise to choose those made of durable yet comfortable fabric.
Have a Sleeping Mask

Choose a Good Neck Pillow

Having the right neck pillow with you will save you from a sore neck. It is vital to invest in a good pillow that suits your style of sleep, whether you sleep on your back or you are a side sleeper. As such, the right pillow must support the neck without causing any strain. These pillows, however, can come in crazy shapes like a telephone or an ostrich-shaped pillow. But, remember the goal is to be comfortable no matter how weird the pillow can make you look.

Carry Snacks

Although the flight attendants provide snacks, they are not very healthy. Having meals that are rich in protein and fruits is prudent. Carry nuts and a wide selection of fruits rich in fiber and water content such as cucumber sticks, apples, and bananas. Such snacks will keep you hydrated, and they also hold on long in the stomach. Avoid greasy and pungent foods as they can be nauseating not only to you but also to other passengers. Also, try to reduce over salted foods for they can make you dehydrated.

Pack a Seat Pad

Having a seat pad offers extra cushion for your butt. A sore butt can be very uncomfortable because you are subjected to a lot of fidgeting. A seat pad can also serve as an arm or backrest. It provides relief and comfort, especially when you are likely to spend a lot of time seated on the plane seat, thus the need to have one.
Pack a Seat Pad

Pack Anti-Bacterial Wipes

You can pick up germs from any surface, especially a plane. Thus, it is wise to have anti-bacterial wipes to wipe down the seat trays, the seat belt, and the armrest. The goal is to fly to your destination without catching an infection; hence, you can’t ignore the importance of having such wipes. Besides, you become more relaxed and less worried about getting an infection—the less you worry, the better the flight.

Choose Your Seat Well

Depending on what your plans are during the flight, arrive early, and pick a seat that best suits your needs. If you plan to stay awake and read a book, pick a seat in the aisle to help you stretch and adjust your position accordingly. However, if you love sleeping while in a plane, choose a window seat as there is less disturbance from other passengers going to use the bathroom. Besides, pick a seat closer to the front of the plane because those at the back are very close to the engine noise and bathroom smells, which can be very uncomfortable.

Relaxing Music

Having good soothing music on your smartphone or tablet and a nice pair of headphones will help you forget the long journey that lies ahead, creating a comfortable and relaxing environment. If going for a vacation, choose music that puts you in that mood.
Relaxing Music
If you want to sleep, choose soothing music that beckons sleep. Ensure that you have a collection of music that best suits your every need.

Adjust Your Attitude About Flights

Positivity and having the right attitude in life can make you overcome and achieve any of your goals. As such, having a positive attitude about being on a plane will help you enjoy the flight. Having not to fret about the journey ahead but preparing adequately for it by having great music, carrying water, and healthy snacks are one way to creating the right mindset. If you reframe your thoughts about flights by being fully prepared for what to expect, you can truly enjoy the journey.

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