Azerbaijan Travel Guide

Azerbaijan is a very unique country. It is located in Southwest Asia and southeast Europe. Choose Azerbaijan today if you are planning for a vacation. A visit to this former Soviet country will leave you amazed. You will look forward to every moment in this country. Azerbaijan is rich in history, unique culture and beautiful scenery, among others. This Southwest Asia country is gaining popularity among top tourist spots to visit. The famous film “fast and the furious 7” was cast in Azerbaijan.

This country was selected because of its uniqueness. Furthermore, famous celebrities across the globe flock to this country to have a fulfilling and breathtaking time with their family members. Let us check out why Azerbaijan is considered a very beautiful country and top tourist destination.




Baku is the capital city of Azerbaijan. Its location is unique because it is located in both Asia and Europe. The general beauty of this city will leave you amazed. This is the reason it is ranked among the most beautiful cities across the globe. Some marvelous architectural designs are located in this capital city. Baku houses renowned tourist spots in Azerbaijan.

The maiden tower

The maiden tower tops the list. This is the first spot you will spot if you fly to Baku. It is located next to the airport. The maiden tower is perceived to have been built during the 12th century. This is the reason its architectural design looks different from the modern structures around it. The maiden tower allows you to get on the top and admire the beautiful scenery of Baku. This ancient structure is located in the old city walls. You will also be able to admire the beautiful scenery of other old structures.

Shirvanshahs’ Palace

Shirvanshahs’ Palace is another tourist attraction site in Baku, worth checking out. It is located in the old town. Shirvanshahs’ palace is believed to be built during the 15th century. This is one of the reasons, this tourist site in Baku was listed among the UNESCO heritage sites. A visit to this UNESCO heritage site will help you understand the historic significance this site plays. It was built when Baku was declared the capital city of the entire Shirvanshahs kingdom. Shirvanshahs Palace is located in a strategic location where anyone can comfortably visit the site.

Boulevard city

Anyone who visits Baku should check out Boulevard city. This is a renowned seaside national park. Boulevard City Park offers a perfect view of the Caspian Sea. You will also be privileged to admire the night view of the capital city of Azerbaijan. Such views range from business centers and shopping malls, among others. Boulevard national park also offers some fresh sea breeze. This place offers a perfect environment for relaxing after a long day across Baku.

Mud volcanoes

Baku is also renowned across the globe for housing Mud Volcanoes. This tourist attraction site is very unique. First, these volcanoes are only two meters long. This is quite low when compared to normal volcano mountains. You will see mud bubbles popping out from the mud volcanoes. Surprisingly, mud bubbles emitted from the mud volcanoes are cold.

Yanar Dag

Yanar Dag is another unique and captivating spot worth checking out while in Baku. This spot is commonly referred to as the burning mountain. Yanar Dag contains an unending natural fire. This is what attracts people to this tourist spot. Scientific experts proved that there is a natural gas reserve beneath the land. That is the reason this fire will never go off.

Gobustan National Park

Gobustan national park should top your list if you want to understand the history of the Azerbaijan people. It houses drawings that are believed to be over 40, 000 years old. These drawings are on the rock and highlight the activities ancient people engaged themselves with. Such activities range from carpentry, hunting and dancing rituals.

Ateshgah temple

Ateshgah temple is also located in the heart of Baku. The local inhabitants believe Ateshgah temple was built in the 18th century. This temple is full of Hindu signs. Therefore, anyone who visits this temple will understand the rich history behind this tourist attraction spot. You will also be privileged to check out the unique ancient architectural design.

Şəki (Sheki)



Shaki is a beautiful and unique city located in Northern Azerbaijan. It is one of the few old cities in Azerbaijan. This city houses a couple of old structures that trace back to the days of Silk Road. Additionally, there are green forests for those who love nature. This old city also houses top tourists attraction sites in Azerbaijan. You will also be a privilege to understand the mixed culture of the local inhabitants. Their culture is a combination of Russians, Arabs, Romans, and Mongolians, among others. Let us go through a couple of top tourist attraction sites in Shaki.

Albanian temple

Albanian temple should be your number one spot when you reach Shaki. This temple proves that Albanian civilization was once experienced and practiced in this city in Northern Azerbaijan. A visit to Albanian temple will help you understand the religious traditions that were conducted on this spot. There are also marvelous mountains around this region. You will also see the renowned statue of Tor Heyerdahl.

Shaki Khan Palace

Make an effort to visit Shaki Khan Palace. The architectural design of this palace will leave you amazed. The paintings on the wall and ceiling of Shaki Khan Palace are unique. There is a small museum next to the palace that helps you understand everything about this palace. There is also a section that allows you to purchase souvenirs.

Karavan Seray Hotel

You should visit the Karavan Seray Hotel while in Shaki. This is one of the few spots that allow you to see the Silk Road. This ancient road was built numerous years ago. Silk Road gives you an image of how ancient traders walked around Shaki. You will also be privileged to enjoy the beautiful courtyard or this renowned hotel.

Khan Mosque

Make an effort of visiting Khan Mosque while in Shaki. This Mosque was built between 1745 and 1750. Khan mosque also houses the grave of the 18th century Shaki ruler. This spot is protected by the Government and named a vital monument in Azerbaijan. A visit to this spot will help you understand everything about this ancient mosque.

Gileili Minaret

Don’t leave Shaki without checking out Gileili Minaret is another monument located in Shaki. It dates backs to the 17th century. Gileili Minaret was part of the destroyed Gileili Mosque. This is the tallest Minaret in this region.

Qobustan Petroglyph Reserve

Qobustan national park

Qobustan Petroglyph reserve is one of the UNESCO listed sites in Azerbaijan. This site houses thousands of stone engraving that date back to the early Stone Age period. These stone engravings talk about different themes. These themes are categorized into Shamen, wild animals and livestock, among others. The entire journey kicks off at the Qobustan art Museum. Here, you will get a rough idea of what you should expect on your tour. Furthermore, there are guides to help you spot and interpret the petroglyphs. This reserve also offers a perfect view of the surrounding landscape.

It is evident Azerbaijan is a beautiful country. Make an effort of visiting this country in southeast Europe and southwest Asia.


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