Beautiful Sights to Visit in Armenia

A section of Armenia touches Asia and other Europe. Armenia is considered an ancient country because its rich history extends more than 3500 years ago. Additionally, there are natural and artificial sceneries you can enjoy when you visit this small country. These are some of the reasons the number of tourists, both local and international is on the rise. Consider Armenia your number one tourist spot because there is something for everyone. This country houses numerous top tourist attraction sites.



Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia. This makes it the first spot to commence your vacation. The capital city of Armenia can be traced back to the 8th century. Yerevan is considered a pink city because of the bright colors in most buildings in the city center. The infrastructure of Yerevan is the top class. This makes it easy for you to move around this capital city.

The city center of Yerevan

The city Centre in Yerevan is one of the top tourist spots in Armenia, you cannot skip. This spot is the home to the 18th-century blue mosque, Opera house, the grand republic square, and the cascade complex. A visit to the city center will help you compare the architectural developments over the years. You will also understand the rich history of the city center. This applies from the Persian rule to the Soviet era. There are also classy restaurants you can relax after a fulfilling day throughout the City center in Yerevan.

The Cascade stairway and museum

Your trip to Yerevan will be incomplete if you don’t visit the Cascade museum and stairway. This is an important landmark in Armenia. It was built in the year 1971 and later renovated in 2009. This is the reason it is an elegant state. The Cascade museum and stairway reminds the local inhabitants of the Soviet period. Cascade stairway offers a perfect view of Yerevan city life and scenery.

The Armenian Genocide Museum

The famous Armenian genocide museum is also located in Yerevan. There was a genocide in Armenia in 1915. This genocide museum honors all the victims of the genocide carried out by the Ottomans. The genocide occurred in 1915. This memorial site has a flame that has continuously lit since this site was opened. A visit to this museum gives you an insight into what transpired during the genocide.

Matenadaran Museum

Matenadaran is an art and history museum located in the heart of Yerevan. This is where you will find all the answers about the art, philosophy, and history of the Armenian people. There is also a statue of Mashtots, the inventor of the Armenian script. There are almost guides who will help you understand everything about Armenian history.

Ararat Brandy factory

Armenia is also famous for its Brandy. Visit Ararat brandy factory when you are within Yerevan. Ararat brandy factory offers tours around this factory that were set in 1887. This tour helps understand everything about the local spirit. This applies to how the beer is created and bottled. You might be lucky to sample a couple of Armenian brands.

Geghard Monastery


This unique UNESCO listed world heritage site is located in Kotayk province in Armenia. Geghard monastery was carved from cliffs. Geghard monastery displays craftsmen skills and breathtaking architectural design. This site is located on the bank of Azat River. The Armenian people value Geghard Monastery for various reasons. It acts as a spiritual, liturgical and cultural center. This heritage site was built in the 12th century and later renamed Geghard in the 13th century. Geghard means a spear. Make an effort to visit this UNESCO listed world heritage site to gain an in-depth understanding of its history.

Sevanavank Monastery


Sevanavank is a renowned spot in Armenia. The great infrastructure in most parts of Armenia makes this spot easily accessible. You can either hire a private car or board a public means to Sevanavank. Sevanavank is one of the treasures of Armenia. This monastery apostolic church was built in the 4th century. Its architectural design is sufficient proof that this spot was built in another age era.

Sevanavank apostolic church was set up at the top of River Kasakh in Ohanavan village. The cruciform can be spotted from a distance. It was built between 1216 to 1221. The protective wall that surrounds this top tourist spot was erected between the 13th to 14th centuries. Anyone who visits this spot will be amazed by the architectural design of this apostolic church. You will also learn about the history of Sevanavank.

Debed Canyon

View over the Debed Canyon, Armenia, Caucasus, Central Asia, Asia

Debed Canyon is located in the largest province in Armenia, Lori. This province comprises mostly of the plateau. The mountain ranges also give this province a glamorous look. Therefore, be assured of an amazing time when you tour around Lori province to see Debed canyon. Debed canyon is located in Debed valley. Debed canyon carries a lot of culture and history among its local inhabitants.

There are a couple of churches around the Debed canyon. These churches remind people of the Soviet era. These churches present an old architectural design. You will be privileged to see two UNESCO listed monasteries around the Debed canyon. These monasteries are Sanhin and Haghpat. Don’t forget to check out the renowned Debed River.

Yeghegis Valley

yeghegis_valley 1

Yeghegis valley is one of the most visited sites in Armenia. Millions of tourists travel across the globe to this valley. Yeghegis is a very beautiful valley. It is surrounded by beautiful scenery, unique ancient churches, and peaks. Yeghegis valley houses Shativank. This is one of the oldest churches in Armenia. It was destroyed in the 14th but rebuilt later on. Yeghegis valley also hosts Tsakhatskar monastery.

This structure was built in the 10th century. Tsakhatskar monastery presents a rich history. You will also be privileged to admire this ancient structure that was built in a different era. Yeghegis valley also houses Smbataberd Fortress. This fortress was initially built in the 5th century but strengthened in the 10th century. The Yeghegis valley offers numerous tourist spots. Make an effort of touring this region whenever you visit Armenia.

Noravank Monastery

noravank monastery

Noravank monastery was listed as one of the UNESCO heritage sites in Armenia in 2002. This attracts numerous people all over the globe to this tourist site. First, the Noravank monastery was built in the 13th century. It looks beautiful despite its existence for more than seven centuries. Noravank monastery is located in Yeghegnadzor city and located above the Amaghu River. People who love nature will have a splendid time whenever they visit Noravank. This spot has red cliffs and green sceneries.

Above all, this UNESCO heritage site has a rich history. There are tour guides who will narrate the history surrounding this spot. Noravank has previously used a religious centre before being converted into Armenia cultural center. You will also be privileged to check out a couple of stone symbols used to narrate a specific historic event.

Tatev Monastery

tatev monastery

Tatev is renowned for its amazing architectural design. This is despite its architectural design belonging to another aging period. This structure was constructed between the 9th to 13th centuries. There is a cable car that makes it easy to access this tourist attraction site. This cable car is also the longest across the globe. A visit to Tatev gives you a perfect view of River Vorotan. This site is also enriched with breathtaking history. Tatev was used as both a political and religious center. This place grew and become a philosophy center. Different topics were tutored here. This was between the 13th to 14th centuries.

These are some top tourist spots in Armenia. There are a couple of other spots not mentioned. There is no doubt Armenia deserves to be your number one tourist spot.


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