Experience the Beautiful Destinations of Austria

Austria is a top holiday destination for people touring Europe. It attracts tourists throughout the year, despite the season. Vienna is the capital city of this European nation. Austria has fantastic mountain regions that are appealing for the eye. There are also various types of fun activities you can engage yourself in both in summer and winter. You will also enjoy the beautiful scenery as you move from one province to another. All of Austria’s cities are amazing and have a lot to offer. The rich history of this European nation is irresistible. There are numerous natural and artificial sites that will make revisit Austria over and over.

Grossglockner Road


Make an effort of driving this road. Grossglockner road is considered an ornament by Austria’s people. This road is located in a serene location that allows passers-by to enjoy the beauty of this country. You will see the green mountain terrain, different kinds of flowers and snow from the mountain peaks. The design of this remarkable road also attracts people. It stretches up to 48 kilometers long and has 36 turns. Grossglockner road also leads to the largest national park in Austria. People who love nature and want to see some wildlife should consider driving through Grossglockner road.

Take a stop at Edelweissspitze to admire the whole terrain. This is the highest point of this road. Edelweissspitze also allows you to see the highest mountain towers in this region. Grossglockner road brings out a blooming mood throughout the year. Check out this famous mountain road whenever you are in Austria.

Hofburg Palace


Hofburg palace is commonly referred to as Vienna’s Imperial Palace. The rulers of Austria resided in this building until the end of World war-1. Hofburg palace was also written in the book of history. This is thanks to Empress Maria. Hofburg Palace is considered one of the biggest palaces in the world. This tourist attraction spot has been around for more than seven hundred years. The architectural design of this palace proves it was built numerous years ago. Hofburg palace is different from other palaces in Europe for various reasons.

First, different rulers requested alterations or additional structures within the palace. This is why you will notice different architectural styles throughout the palace. There are 19 courtyards and over 2,000 rooms. Ensure you visit the top spots in Hofburg palace. These spots are the Silver collection, Sisi Museum, and imperial apartments. You can either tour Hofburg Palace on your own or request a tour guide.

St. Anton am Arlberg Village

st anton village

St Anton am Arlberg village is a snowy paradise. This is one of the leading ski resorts in Austria. Thousands of tourists travel across the globe to create memorable memories in this village. St Anton am Arlberg village offers a wide range of fun activities. This resort has maintained a good reputation over the years. St Anton am Arlberg village is surrounded by mountains. This offers you a perfect view of the surrounding mountains. There are fun activities you can engage yourself in both during summer and winter.

Due to its strategic location, St Anton am Arlberg village was chosen to hold the Ski world championship in 2001. This paradise also offers a wide range of meals to choose from. You also have a wide range of accommodation spots to choose from. There is a ski area where you can have fun. You can also participate in Snowboarding when you visit this paradise.

Café Sacher

cafe sacher1

Café Sacher is the most recommended cafes in Vienna. It is located in an ideal location that is easy to access. The number of people flocking in to enjoy meals in this city café is remarkable. Café Sacher offers a wide range of Austria’s dishes. The most common dessert is the Sacher Torte. Don’t leave Vienna without tasting this popular and delicious dessert. Café Sacher has plenty of space for you and your loved ones. The interior of the café Sacher looks magnificent. The gold frame paintings, chandeliers and the deep red wallpapers offer a perfect background for taking pictures.

Sacher Torte dessert was first created in the year 1832. Ever since it has been one of the favorite desserts in Vienna and Austria at large. It suits chocolate lovers. Sacher Torte is a chocolate cake that comprises different ingredients such as icing, jam, and some cream. The taste of this dessert will make you want more.

Festung Hohensalzburg (Castle)

Festung Hohensalzburg (Hohensalzburg Castle) atop Festungsberg Hill

Festung Hohensalzburg is an iconic site in Austria. It plays a significant figure in Austria’s history. This fortress is perceived to be over 900 years old. It is also one of the biggest castles in Europe. You will be amazed by how this 900 years old structure has been preserved over the years. Festung Hohensalzburg castle is situated in Salzburg. It is located on top of a hill. Anyone can easily spot this castle from a distance.

This tourist attraction site offers a perfect view of the surrounding environment. Festung Hohensalzburg castle also offers a perfect view of the sunset. You can also view River Salzach from different angles. The roads leading to this castle are smooth and easy to access. Ensure you check out the Golden hall. This hall has a gold ceiling. Festung Hohensalzburg also houses Fortress and Marionette Museum. These museums help you understand what transpired over the 900 years of its existence.

The Danube Valley

danube valley1

Your vacation to Austria will be incomplete if you don’t visit the Danube Valley. This valley paints a picture of the beautiful and magnificent look of Austria. The Danube valley is where there is a stretch between Melk and Donau. This stretch is called Wachau and should be one of the things you must see while in the Danube valley. In fact, Wachau is marked as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. This beauty of this river stretch is too beautiful to ignore. There are different types of landscapes you will spot during your visit to the Danube valley.

You will see imposing fortresses, forest slopes, vineyards and villages that produce wine. Make a stop at Durnstein, a renowned fortress in Danube valley. This fortress now ruins. However, the spot holds a significant value in the history of this country. You can also go on a boat ride while in this valley.

Salzburg Festival

Salzburger Festspiele

The Salzburg Festival is for music lovers. This is one of the international cultural events held in Austria. People travel across the globe to participate in this special festival. This offers you a platform to interact with different kinds of people. Salzburg is also considered a festive city. Anyone who attends the famous Salzburg festival might be privileged to meet some of their loved celebrities. Different kinds of celebrities travel from all over the world for this event.

Salzburg brings out a different experience each year. This is the reason you should consider attending the Salzburg festival each year. You will also be privileged to listen to different kinds of music genre from a wide variety of celebrities. This festival also offers a perfect opportunity for you to understand the culture of the local people. There are also numerous fun activities you can engage yourself with throughout the festival.

Zell am See – Kaprun

zell am kaprun

Zell am See- Kaprun is the home of holiday adventure. You can have fun in the lake, mountains, and glaciers. This leading holiday spot in Austria is located in Pinzgau. Both Kaprun and Zell am See are the two villages you must visit while in Austria. First, Zell am See- Kaprun offers a different background for taking pictures. There are a hiking paradise and a glacier ski area in this region. Zell am See- Kaprun contains activities for both summer and winter.

Don’t leave this holiday adventure spot without checking of Lake Zell. The beautiful scenery will leave you amazed. You can also engage in plenty of water sport activities during summer and icing activities during winter. Lake Zell offers a wide range of activities such as boat ride, swimming, stand up paddling, kayaking and sailing. There are also bike trails you can cycle around. Visit Zell am See- Kaprun while in Austria.

Eisriesenwelt (Ice Cave)

eiszapfenvorhang cave

Eisriesenwelt is the largest cave in Austria, Europe and the globe at large. This is one reason Eisriesenwelt should be a must-visit spot while in Austria. The size of this ice cave will leave you amazed. People find it strange for ice to forms inside a cave beneath the ground. Eisriesenwelt was created through lava and carving of limestone. People tend to confuse this ice cave with other glacier caves. Anyone who visits this ice cave will be surprised by how this ice cave looks like.

This cave was first explored in the year 1879. Ever since it has gained recognition across the globe. The road and paths leading to this cave were upgraded to make this site easily accessible. You can also explore the mountain above the Eisriesenwelt ice cave. Ride the cable car to this tourist attraction site for an amazing time.

Schloss Mirabell Palace


Schloss Mirable palace is situated in Salzburg, Austria. This is one of the oldest palaces in Austria. It was built in the year 1606 by the famous Prince-Archbishop wolf. Schloss Mirabell palace also poses an interesting history. The first Schloss Mirabell palace structure was damaged in the great fire of Salzburg. It was later rebuilt. You will definitely be surprised by how this palace has been maintained. This ancient architectural design of this site will amaze you. You will notice the beautiful and well-maintained gardens in this structure.

Anyone who visits this structure will see the Mirabellschwemme, a well horse. This structure was destroyed in the year 1823 before being rebuilt again. You will be amazed by the general design of the palace court. You will notice the architectural design and decoration belongs to another era. Don’t leave Schloss Mirabell Palace without taking a couple of pictures to remember this tourist spot.

Stift Melk (Melk Abbey)

stift abbey

This ancient building is one of the top attractions in Austria worth checking out. A trip to Austria will be incomplete if you skip Melk Abbey. This Baroque structure was built during the 18th century. Melk Abbey was and still is the houses of monks. These monks have dedicated their time and work to promoting the culture of this attraction site and that of the local people.

This is the reason numerous Baroque days and cultural events are held on this spot. The interior design of this attraction site is overwhelming. Anyone who checks out the interior design admits it is beautiful. It is one of the reasons Melk Abbey is considered one of the most beautiful baroque in Europe. Visit marble hall, abbey church, library, and the imperial staircase before leaving this site. There are also fine arts on this site. These arts were designed by one of the renowned artists in history.

Aqua Dome

Aqua dome 1

Aqua Dome attracts a lot of people throughout the year. This applies to both local and international. This attraction site is located in Oberlangefeld. The spa services offered here will make you relax and have an amazing time in Austria. The architectural design of this structure is also amazing. Make an effort to physically visiting Aqua Dome. Aqua Dome is located in a strategic location that allows enjoying the natural scenery of the surrounding mountains. The architectural design of this spa allows you to enjoy the beautiful mountains through the glasses.

You will also get the opportunity to enjoy the natural light. Aqua Dome is spacious. There are a couple of pools you can choose from. The temperatures of these pools are controlled. Therefore, you can swim whichever time you deem necessary. Aqua Dome should be your number one tourist attraction site in Austria if you want to relax your body before fully exploring this country.


museumsquartier 1

MuseumsQuartier is located in the heart of Vienna. It is considered one of the biggest culture and art spots across the globe. Visit MuseumsQuartier if you have a glimpse of the culture of the local residents. Neighboring structures were joined to become part of this museum. This is the reason MuseumsQuartier poses different architectural looks.

MuseumsQuartier has something for everyone. Collections are divided into categories. These categories range from photography, literature, fashion, music, dance, design, children’s culture, and street art. MuseumsQuartier is appealing for the eye. Furthermore, there are numerous ways you can use to access this leading tourist attraction site in Vienna. The courtyard is also open to the public.

Krimmler Wasserfälle (Waterfall)

Krimml waterfall

Krimmler Wasserfalle is the highest waterfall in Austria. Visit this attraction site in Krimml if you want to create lifetime memories. Hiking is the main activity handled on this spot. Hiking on this highest waterfall in Austria is divided into three stages. You must start by passing Krimml village. This is the path towards the Krimmler Wasserfalle waterfall. Krimml village offers a glamorous view of this waterfall. You will also get the opportunity of admiring the beautiful scenery.

Krimml village offers a perfect view for taking a couple of pictures. This village also showcases the beautiful scenery of Hohe Tauern national park. The second stage entails viewing the lower part of the Krimmler Wasserfalle waterfall. This is where the waterfall directs all its water. The third stage is climbing up to the top of the waterfall. This is the power of this renowned waterfall. You will enjoy the natural sceneries throughout your adventure in Krimmler Wasserfalle. You can also check out WasserWunderWelt, which is adjacent to this waterfall.

Semmeringbahn (Semmering Railway)

semmering bahn

Semmeringbahn is an incredible railway. It was built between 1848 and 1854. Its remarkable design and looks make it considered one of the greatest civil engineering railway designs of all time. This is one of the reasons Semmeringbahn was awarded the UNESCO world heritage status in 1998. Therefore, it must be included in your must-visit spots while in Austria. Semmeringbahn still looks awesome and impressive despite the years it was built. This railway line starts at Gloggnitz and extends all the way to Murzzuschlag.

Semmeringbahn railway allows you to see breathtaking sceneries that can only be seen through this UNESCO listed railway. These sceneries range from cliffs, mountains, forests, and hills. This railway line falls in the books of history as the first alpine railway line. The tunnels and curves will make you feel in another world. There are leisure buildings along the way you can stop and have a glamorous time with your loved ones.

Mozarts Geburtshaus (Mozart’s Birthplace)

mozarts birthplace


Mozarts Geburtshaus is the house where Wolfgang Mozart, a renowned music composer was born. It has since turned to one of the most visited museums in Austria and the globe at large. Wolfgang Mozart was born in the year 1756. Mozarts Geburtshaus is a permanent building that helps people understand everything about this celebrated Musician. Anyone who visits Mozarts Geburtshaus will understand how Mozart grew up, his music career, his relationship with friends and family members.

Some of his original personal possessions can be found in this museum. These possessions range from documents, portraits and some musical instruments. This museum allows you to see the magical flute, which Mozart used to compose and perform his music. His childhood violin is also housed in this museum. Above all; the renowned Mozart portrait is also stored here. Mozarts Geburtshaus museum is divided into three floors. Each floor talks about a different topic. Visit Mozarts Geburtshaus when in Austria and learn everything about Wolfgang Mozart.

Admont Abbey (Benedictine Abbey)

admaont abbey

Admont Abbey is the largest Monastery library in Austria and the world at large. A vacation to Austria will be incomplete if you don’t visit this monastery library. This attraction site is located in Admont. Admont Abbey is also considered the oldest monastery in Styria State. The remarkable architecture of this building and manuscripts and art will lure you inside this monastery library. They are remarkable despite their age. Abbey was completed in the year 1074, whereas the library was completed in 1776.

Admont Abbey monastery is divided into three main sections. The art on the ceiling showcases the ancient art. Secondly, you will see sculptures at different points in this monastery library. Lastly, you will the library collection. Here, there are numerous books. The volume will leave you amazed. There are also over 1,000 manuscripts that can be traced back to the 8th century.

Naschmarkt (Market)


Don’t leave Austria without purchasing anything souvenirs during your vacation. Visit the famous outdoor market, Naschmarkt. This is a very popular spot in Vienna. There is a wide range of products and items you can purchase in this open market. Prices of items are flexible when compared to other market places in Austria. It all depends on your bargaining power. Naschmarkt is a very colorful place. This market traces its origin back to the 16th century.

Naschmarkt also has a remarkable history. It was originally preserved for farers selling daily products. The modern-day market was introduced in the 20th century. Stalls were introduced to accommodate different kinds of merchant dealers. Ever since the market has grown in terms of stalls. Naschmarkt is situated next to the Vienna University of Technology. There are unique products in this outdoor market. Furthermore, it is situated in a strategic location that makes it easy for people to access.



Innsbruck is one of the most colorful cities in Austria. Its magnificent beauty attracts people across the globe to this city. Innsbruck has numerous tourist attraction sites worth checking out. This city contains 40 towns and villages. Innsbruck city is situated in the valley. You will be privileged to view the mountains and terrain. There are also a couple of activities you can engage yourself in. It can be mountain climbing or ski jumping. There are also a few locations you can view this terrain and the city from a distance. There are travel options you can choose to reach Innsbruck city. It can be either through rail or road.

Make an effort to visiting Aldstadt Von Innsbruck while in Innsbruck. This old town gives you a glimpse of the olden life. You will also be blown away by the ancient architectural design. Consider taking a cable car to have a perfect glimpse of this city. You should also check out St James cathedral and Hofkirche. There are also other top tourist attraction sites not mentioned here.

The Salzkammergut Region

salzkammergut region

This is one of the commonly visited regions in Austria. The Salzkammergut region is recommended during the summer. There are numerous fun activities you can engage yourself in during summer. This region is also known for its beautiful sceneries. These sceneries range from mountains, lakes and green vegetations. The Salzkammergut region also allows people to understand the local culture. People love visiting this tourist spot because it is near different cities. This region has a rich history that dates back over 2, 000 years ago. People who love nature will definitely have fun in this region. There are alpine lakes distributed all over the mountains. This offers a wide range of activities to engage in.



Graz is the second-largest city in Austria. It houses a very rich history that traces back to over 850 years ago. Here, you will find architectural designs that trace back centuries ago. The blend of the olden and the modern look brings out a magnificent and unique look. Graz houses a couple of tourist attractions. These spots attract a lot of people. Ensure you check out Landhaus while in Graz. This city also houses Styrian Armory, a cathedral, and a mausoleum. You should also check out the historic center, which has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Graz has more to offer than what is listed. Therefore, make an effort of visiting this city while in Austria.

Austria deserves the number one spot for top tourist destination countries in Europe worth visiting. Ensure you visit Austria on your next vacation.


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