Top 5 Sight That You Should Visit in Andorra

Andorra is a small country located between Spain and France. This small country is located on the peaks of the Pyrenean Mountains. Despite its size, this country has a lot to offer. There are numerous hiking opportunities within Andorra to choose from. You can also choose different hiking challenges. There are numerous beautiful sceneries you can admire as you have an amazing time in this beautiful country.

Architecture lovers won’t feel out of place. The capital city of Andorra, Andorra la Vella has magnificent buildings and structures worth checking out. The largest spa in Europe is also found in the capital city of Andorra. Don’t leave Andorra without checking out any of the spots below.

Casa de la Vall

casa de la vall

Casa de la Vall should be included in your must-visit list while in Andorra. This is one of the significant monuments in Andorra. Casa de la Vall is located in the capital city, Andorra la Vella. This makes it easy for you to access this monument. Casa de la Vall plays a political and historic significance among the local inhabitants. This monument was built in the 16th century. It is located in the old town within Andorra la Vella.

The ancient architectural design of Casa de la Vall will leave you amazed. This applies to both exterior and interior. Casa de la Vall initially built for a royal family in the 16th century. This monument is also located in a strategic location. It offers you a perfect view of River Valira. This monument was forcefully acquired by the Andorra parliament. Casa de la Vall is a symbol of unity among the local inhabitants.

Museu Nacional de l’Automòbil

museu nacional de i’automobil

Andorra houses one of the few Automobile museums across the globe. A visit to Museu Nacional helps people understand how vehicles evolved over the years. Museu Nacional houses roughly eighty vehicles. These vehicles will help you understand the evolution in the motor industry since the 20th century.

This Automobile museum poses one of the few first cars. Pinette steam engine is one of the oldest cars. It was developed in the year 1885. Bicycles and roughly sixty motorcycles are also found in this famous museum in Andorra. There are also objects, accessories, and adverts related to the Automobile industry located in this museum. Museu Nacional is also considered the largest Automobile museum in South Europe. There are tour guides who will guide you through this museum. These guides speak French, Spanish and Catalan. Grab a souvenir when you visit this Automobile museum.

Església de Sant Esteve (Church)

church of sant esteve

Don’t leave Andorra without checking out Esglesia de Sant Esteve. It is located in Andorra la Vella. Therefore, you can easily access this site. Esglesia de Sant Esteve was originally built around the 12th century. It was later modified in the 20th century to maintain its unique look. This Romanesque church houses multiple mural paintings. Some paintings were distributed to other Museums within Andorra.

Esglesia de Sant Esteve was the original custodian of some renowned paintings such as the Christ before Pilate and the Winged Bull. The interior design of this Romanesque church is dazzling. There are two altarpieces and a wooden colored beam. The soul painting from the 18th century can also be located inside Esglesia de Sant Esteve. You will also be privileged to see the bell stand that has been standing all ages.

Església de Santa Coloma (Church)

eglesia de santa coloma

Esglesia de Santa Coloma is one of the beautiful ancient churches in Andorra. This church was built in the 9th century. The tower was built in the 12th century. Its architectural design is proof enough that this church was built in a different era. Its interior design looks amazing. Anyone who visited the interior of Esglesia de Santa Coloma wants to take pictures.

The interior of this church is made up of longitudinal beams and a couple of Mural paintings. You will also be privileged to check out the geometrical decoration and Agnus Dei Flanked when you visit this church.

Plaça del Poble


Placa del Poble is another top tourist attraction site in Andorra. It is located in the heart of Andorra la Vella. This is a renowned site in Andorra. Therefore, you will have an easy time accessing this site. This top tourist spot in Andorra la Vella offers a perfect view of the capital city. Choose Placa del Poble if you want to enjoy both day and night viewing of the capital city of Andora.

Placa del Poble also offers a perfect view of the valleys and mountains within Andorra la Vella. This tourist attraction spot helped the Andora government get back on its feet and eliminate poverty by a large percentage in 1945. You will also be able to understand other historical events linked to Placa del Poble.

There is definitely something for everyone in Andorra. Make an effort of visiting this small country located between France and Spain. You will definitely have an amazing time.


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