8 Popular Destinations to Visit in Belarus

This former Soviet republic may still be more Soviet than European, but it has plenty to offer the trailblazing traveler. Belarus is one of the countries that have managed to lay a low profile. This is mostly of its neighbors such as Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and Latvia. Belarus is located in Eastern Europe. There are plenty of wildlife, landscapes, hillsides and green vegetation. The infrastructure in Belarus is also developed. This makes it easy to navigate through this country. Belarus is one of the top tourist spots in Eastern Europe worth considering.



Minsk is the capital city of Belarus. This is an ancient city and contains a rich history, culture, arts, and tradition. The capital city of Belarus was completely destroyed in the Second World War before being later rebuilt. You will be amazed by the soviet architectural designs. This reminds people of the Soviet rule era. Minsk houses a lot of top tourist attractions in Belarus. Additionally, life in Minsk is affordable when compared to that of other parts.

Saint Simon and Helena church

Saint Simon and Helena is a very famous catholic church in Minsk. It was built between 1908 and 1910 by a royal family. This was after the death of their two children. Its unique look brings out a dazzling look. Saint Simon and Helena church have pitched roofs, spires, and a bricked tower. This Catholic Church was changed into a cinema then a film industry studio. It was restored to a church in 1990. A visit to this church in Minsk will help you understand its rich history.

National Library of Belarus

This is one of the architectural pride of Belarus. The national library of Belarus looks outstanding both at day and night. This structure has an LED display that gives this structure a glittering look at night. The National Library of Belarus houses over 14 million books. You will also have a perfect view of this city.

A visit to the Victory square

Minsk also houses the victory square. It is located right in the city center. This structure is roughly thirty-eight meters high. It is also equipped with an eternal flame that has been lighting since 1961. It was later redesigned in 1984. The victory square plays a significant role in the history of Belarus. Visit this spot and understand what it represents in the Belarus history.

The National Opera and Ballet Theatre

This is an art theater and has been operational since 1933. It has a soviet architectural look. The national opera and Ballet Theater also houses a monument of national pride. Make an effort of visiting this leading tourist attraction site in Minsk and check out a couple of live performances.

Belarusian state circus

A vacation in Belarus is incomplete without some entertainment. Minsk houses Belarus state circus building. This building hosts the award-winning Belarus state circus group. A lot of circus performances are regularly held in this building. Make an effort of checking out one performance.



Brest is a city located in Southwest Belarus. This city houses top tourist spots in Belarus. It is one of the reason tourists; both foreign and locals regularly visit this city. Brest will make you have an amazing vacation. It also outshines other cities in Belarus and Europe at large in terms of coziness and its beauty. You will enjoy the natural scenery as you move around this city. Brest is one of the oldest cities in Brest. This city is included in the trading history around this region. A section of it was destroyed before being rebuilt later.

Brest fortress

Brest is the top attraction site in Brest. This fortress was built in 1836. Brest fortress went down in the book of history as it helped defeat the Nazis. There are also some visible scripts on the wall that were left by soldiers. Brest fortress also has an archaeological museum. There are over two hundred structures that can be traced back to the 13th century. This gives tourists a glimpse of olden life. The original announcement of the war invasion can be heard immediately you enter this fortress. You can also visit 5th fort Museum and Museum of war inside this fortress.

Museum of Railway technology

Museum of Railway technology is also situated in Brest. Just like the name, this museum contains a collection of both carriages and locomotives(engines). The oldest collection dates back to 1903. You can request permission to get inside the locomotives and carriages. There are tour guides in the Museum of railway technology that help people understand the evolution of the train.

St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas is the oldest church in Brest. Its architectural design and outlook are evident enough it isn’t from this present generation. St. Nicholas church was once used as a soldier’s garrison club before being restored its normal functions. The oldest church in Brest also houses strong war history. Visit this top tourist site to have an in-depth understanding of what transpired.

The Berestye Archaeological Museum

The Berestye Archaeological museum is the home to different types of artisan and peasant huts. Most of these huts can be traced between the 12th to 14th centuries. This archaeological site gives you an in-depth understanding of how the ancient people lived.

Mir Castle


Don’t leave Belarus without checking out the Mir Castle. Mir Castle is one of the few UNESCO world heritage sites. It is located in Hrodna region and Karelichy district. This UNESCO heritage site was built in the 16th century. This castle was built in bits. The entire Mir Castle was completed in the 17th century. Anyone who visits this castle will understand how this castle was damaged in the era of Napoleon. It was destroyed twice and later restored in the late 19th century. This structure also acted as a prison camp. Above all; the architectural design of this structure will leave you amazed.

Nesvizh Castle

nesvizh castle1

Nesvizh Castle is ranked the most beautiful palace in the entire Belarus. Well; a lot of people agree with this statement. A visit to this spot will leave you amazed. This palace is located in Nesvizh. Infrastructure is in good condition in this part of the country. Therefore, you will have an easy time accessing this castle. You will have the privilege of admiring the beautiful scenery while traveling to Nesvizh castle. There are tour guides to help you understand the history of this castle.

Nesvizh castle was built in the 16th century. It was destroyed during a war with the Russians before being restored in the 19th century. Nezvizh palace was listed among the UNESCO heritage sites in 2006. The strategic location of this castle amazes everyone. It was built on top of a hill. Its castle is also surrounded by water. The general look of this castle gives it a magnificent look. This statement applies to both interior and exterior.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park


Belovezhskaya Pushcna national park was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1992, there are numerous reasons behind this act. First, Belovezhskaya Pushcha national park is the oldest wildlife park in both Belarus and entire Europe. This national park contains over 250 different birds and animals. There are also over 890 different types of plants. You will also be privileged to see a few endangered species in this national park.

There are different transport means you can use to access Belovezhskaya Pushcha national park. Some people also camp here. A large fraction of European Bison resides in this national park. Belovezhskaya Pushcha national park extends to Dnieper River from Odder. It also stretches to Buh River from Baltic sea.

Hrodna (Grodno)



Hrodna is a magical city located in the west of Belarus. It also neighbors Poland. There is an interesting city to visit because it was once under the Soviet Union. Hrodna is also the home of one of the leading tourist spots in Belarus.

Zhilibera Park

Make Zhilibera park your number of a spot while in Hrodna. This park is located in the center of the city. The local inhabitants’ value Zhilibera Park as it is considered a soviet war memorial site. There are also restaurants around this park, where you can dine as you enjoy the view of the city.

The old castle in Hrodna

Don’t leave Hrodna without visiting the old castle. This palace is built on top of a hill surrounded by a river. This brings out a unique yet amazing look. This old castle in Hrodna has a museum. This museum explains to people what transpire since it was first erected up to the present world.

Jesuit Cathedral

The Jesuit cathedral in Hrodna is green and white in color. This is what makes it outshine any structure next to it. The Jesuit cathedral can be traced back to 1678. Visit this tourist spot while in Belarus and get an in-depth understanding of anything about this church. You will also be privileged to see this unique architectural design.



Vitebsk city is located east of Belarus. It is located between two rivers, namely River Vitsba and River Western Dvina. The local inhabitants believe this city was first developed in the year 974. Vitebsk city contains more than 200 sites which highlight the cultural and historical culture. These sites attract people throughout the year to this quiet city in east Belarus.

You will find Regional history museum when you visit this site. Here, private collections are stored. They present the history of this region. You will also be privileged to see one of the oldest churches in Belarus. This church located in Vitebsk was built around the 12th century.

Pripyatsky National Park

pripyatsky national park

Pripyatsky national park is considered the Amazon land of Belarus. This national park houses River Pripyat, Swamps, Oak forest, and wetland. Pripyatsky national park is one of the few parks that have a minimum or no human activities. There are also over forty-five wild animals’ species in this national park. These wild animals range from European Bison, beaver, elk and mink, among others. Pripyatsky national park also has a nature museum. You can also enjoy boat rides, hunting tours and take some breathtaking pictures.

These are some top tourist attraction sites you will see when you visit Belarus. Book your trip to Belarus today and have a magnificent and amazing time.


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