Best Places to Visit in Albania

Albania is located in the heart of the Southeastern Europe peninsula. Despite its small size, Albania has a rich culture. This Country has been part of the Ottoman Empire, the Roman Empire, and the Greek empire. Albania borders Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, and Greek. It came to the limelight when UNESCO ranked its coastline magnificent across the globe.

This Country still remains undiscovered by numerous people, despite possessing ancient Ottoman architectural structures and beaches. Furthermore, a visit to Albania is pocket-friendly when compared to visiting other parts of Europe. Let us look at why Albania should be your number one tourist destination in Europe

Prokletije ( Accursed Mountains )


Prokletije was fully discovered twenty years ago. There are a couple of undiscovered spots on these accursed mountains. The accursed mountains are commonly referred to as Albanian Alps by local inhabitants. Anyone who visits Prokletije will be amazed by the beautiful scenery the country has to offer. The accursed mountains stretch across Montenegro, Kosovo, and Albania. These mountains reach a height of 2693m in Albania. This offers a perfect view of the surrounding region. You can take unique and breathtaking pictures of these mountains.

Prokletije Mountains aren’t that steep. As such, experienced and amateur climbers can have an amazing time. Prokletije contains a couple of thick forests and green valleys. It is believed wolves’ packs are located in the heart of the forest and the deep valleys. Ancient stone villages and grey rock pinnacles are believed to be located in the valley.

The history of the accursed mountains will also amaze you. This was once a military protected zone. Only military personnel were allowed to access this region.


berat (1)

Berat was named among the UNESCO world heritage sites in 2008. It has since attracted a lot of people across the globe to this Albanian town. Berat is considered one of the oldest towns in Albania. This architectural design of buildings indicates this town was built in the ancient days. The local inhabitants call this town the white city. A lot of structures and buildings in this town are white. Berat offers a lot of Ottoman ancient culture.

The most striking and captivating part of Berat is how the Ottoman buildings climb up the hill. This is where it derived the name city of a thousand windows. There are also a couple of breathtaking places and monuments within Berat. You will find unique cobbled streets, fortresses, and mosques. Some of the above monuments have been around since time in memorial. Berat also offers a perfect view of Mt Tomorri peak. The white city also offers a wide range of Albanian meals.

The Albanian Riviera

albanian riviera

The Albanian Riviera is the fastest growing tourist spots in Europe. It is a stretch of the Mediterranean coast. The Albanian Riviera has plenty of beaches with magnificent sceneries, fun activities, and delicious meals. There are also some ancient structures you can check out.

The Albanian Riviera stretches from Vlore to Saranda city. You can enjoy a coastal drive from Vlore to Saranda. You can either board public buses or hire a car for this breathtaking journey. Palase beach should be your first stop while in Albanian Riviera. This beach is roughly one kilometer long. Palase beach contains some archaeological evidence of the ancient Roman civil war.

Create time and check out Llogara national park. Llogara national park offers a great view of a section of the Albanian Riviera. You can also go hiking within Llogara national park.

Dhermi, located within the Albanian Riviera has beautiful beaches. You can check out some hidden bays and coves. You can also find top class spots to relax after an amazing day.

Porto Palermo Castle is also located within the heart of Albanian Riviera. This castle is believed to be built within the 19th century. Porto Palermo castle gives you the privilege of admiring this ancient structure with a rich history. There are other spots within Albanian Riviera not mentioned above.


tirana 1

Tirana is the capital city of Albania. This city is rich in history and magnificent sites. This is the reason it grew from one of the worst places to visit in Europe to one of the leading tourist spots in Europe. The population of this capital city has drastically improved. Similarly, the structures and infrastructure has improved. Therefore, you can easily maneuver throughout the city.

Tirana house historical buildings, museums, parks, and monuments. The colorfulness of this city will leave you amazed. A lot of buildings around Tirana are painted with bright colors.

You must take a look at Skanderbeg Square while in Tirana. This square signifies the independence of Albania from the Ottoman rule around the 15th century. Et’hem bey mosque is also located in Tirana. This mosque has been around since the 18th century. It is also one of the treasured buildings in Albania. The capital city of Albania also houses the renowned National historic Museum. A visit to the national historic museum will help you enrich you with the history of the Albanian people. You will also see some engraved historical artifacts.

Consider a visit to the Mount Dajti national park if you want to enjoy the natural beautiful scenery within Tirana. You can either hire a cable car or take a city bus. You can also relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery in Parku I madh. Make an effort of checking out the modern pyramid structure in the heart of Tirana.



Gjirokastra is located in Southern Albania. It is listed among UNESCO sites in Albania. This Ottoman ancient town is located on the plains of Drino valley. This ancient town gives you a perfect view of the Gjere Mountains. A visit to this town grants you the opportunity to check out the ancient Ottoman architectural designs.

Visit Gjirokastra fortress while in this southern town. This fortress is visible as you enter this old town. Gjirokastra’s fortress is located in a strategic location that allows you to overlook the valley and the surrounding region. This fortress also has a prison and museums. Be on time to efficiently enjoy this fortress.

Skenduli house is another site in Gjirokastra you should visit. This house allows you to admire the original Ottoman architectural design. This spot also allows you to check out the view of the city.

Antigonea should be must-visit spots while in Gjirokastra. It is an ancient town with Greek roots. It can be traced back to the 3rd century. You will also understand the rich history behind this ancient town.



Butrint is an archaeological site located in Albania. It is also one of the leading UNESCO world heritage sites. This archaeological site is a combination of nature and historic ruins. Butrint site can be traced back between the 8th to 10th centuries. Furthermore, it houses both Roman and Greek culture. Butrint is the largest archeological site in Albania. Here, you will find a couple of ruins and parks.

This site is also close to the beach. You can have a marvelous time after fully exploring the Butrint archeological site. Above all; this site enables you to understand a couple of things about the Mediterranean culture.

It is evident that Albania houses numerous tourist attraction sites across Europe. Make an effort of visiting this country located in Southeast Europe.


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