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When coming to Colorado for the first time it may be hard to choose the sites to visit, because there are just so many of them. That’s why you have us – Explorer Denver Tours, a company offering a variety of Denver tours with all the benefits you could imagine. Safety and satisfaction are guaranteed by the local guides that will lead your group (up to 14 people or even smaller in case of a private tour) through the trails, highlighting the best spots and educating you on the history and cultural background of Mountain State along the way. Lunch and water supply are provided on all tours to make sure you don’t need to think about even such details  – all you have to do is to have the time in your life on your adventure.

Discover breathtaking natural sites

One of our personal favorites (and visitor’s too, judging by the opinions online) is the Denver Foothills Tours, mentioning a Red Rocks Amphitheatre – a unique red rocks formation now playing not only a part of a natural habitat. Nowadays it is also the heart of culture in the middle of the mountain range – sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Red Rocks Amphitheatre holds numerous events from yoga sessions to open-air concerts – just check the current agenda on the website.

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Learn the history of Mountain State

Do so by paying a visit to the Denver Museum of Nature & History – a place where history combines with interesting delivery that will let no one disappointed or bored. For the youngest visitors we recommend going to numerous master-classes and sessions on different spheres, or even coming to see the Children’s Museum. In case you want it to be a bit more active – try out Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park to spice up your journey.

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