Enchanting Places to Visit this Winter in The UK

The UK is not one of the best places to be in winter, in fact, people find destinations to stay in for the entire winter season in tropical regions to ensure winter never catches them off guard. But not everything is lost if winter finds you in the UK. There are some fantastic places you can visit during the winter season. Head to UK reviews bird reviews website to read some cool holiday company reviews to get inspiration on places to visit in the UK in winter.

The UK gets bad reputations in winter with all visions of grey and drizzly countryside and gloomy cities, but it can be beautiful too. From the twinkling lights from London’s city to breathtaking frost dusted moors, there is more to explore in the UK during this odd season. Here are some of the best places you must consider visiting if winter catches you there.

Suffolk, England


More can be said about Suffolk, but forests and marshes in there get more Instagram-friendly during this offseason. It gets lit by the low sun in the horizon perfect for snap mode. Its Tudor villages look pretty and the plenty of walking opportunities are perfect for adventure. If you love food, there are numerous hearty local food outlets and restaurants at your convenience when you decide to hang your hiking boots.

Thermae Bath Spa


It is the only natural hot spring in the entire UK if my memory serves me right. It offers spectacular Bath’s skyline view and other pampering possibilities enjoyed here since the years before Christ. The temperature remains at 33.50 C perfect for enjoying underwater when the rest of the environment is drizzling with ice.

Rye, East Sussex

With hundreds of cosy pubs, you can visit while away from the fireplace during a winter evening, the Mermaid Inn at Rye provides the most inviting place to be during a winter night while in the UK. The cobbled Mermaid street is perfect for bird watching. Knoops is sufficient in warming hot chocolates and a myriad of other flavours including chilli, cinnamon, and lavender.


The city in northern England is one stunning city to visit in winter for some reasons. First, York is a home for amazing Christmas markets. Here, you can get all sorts of Christmas gifts and foods. Secondly, York is most crowded during other seasons; you can stroll the city without roughing shoulders with the crowd during winter. And thirdly, the city of York looks magical from the looks of the glowing winter and Christmas lights.

Birmingham, England


One of the enchanting places to visit in the UK during the off season – winter. The underrated city hubs some of the most beautiful, historical and contemporary architectures. It also hosts an excellent world-class art museum and shopping centres. A few more things make Birmingham extraordinary during this time of the year; Christmas markets for chalets, gifts, Christmas pyramids, Santa and more. There’s a great ice skating rink worth mentioning in Birmingham to have fun outside as you embrace the winter spirit.

There is more to get out during winter season while in the UK; this list is based on personal travel experience, feel free to mention places you think should be included in the list to comprehend the best places to visit in the UK this winter coming season.


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