14 Fabulous Places to Visit in Norway

Norway is well known as the home of Vikings. It is one of the most visited Scandinavian countries in Europe. This country is renowned for its rich history, beauty and spectacular coastline. Norway has plenty of mountains, islands and landscapes. There are also different plenty of spots you can have fun. Norway has something for everyone. This is the reason you should create time and check it out.



Norway is privileged to house the most beautiful Fjords in Europe and globe at large. This is the reason Geirangerfjord was listed as an UNESCO world heritage site. People travel from different parts across the globe to view this natural feature. This fjord is surrounded by mountains. Above all; Geirangerfjord is visible from different angles. You will also see some beautiful waterfalls when you visit this location while in Norway. The cliff sides will also amaze you. People who love nature will enjoy every moment at this location. You will see amazing nature as you move around this Fjord.

That’s not all; there are deserted farms here. This will give you an insight of how life was here in the past. Ensure you check out some of these farms. Westeras, Syltevik, Knivsfla and Matvik are some fjord farms you should check out. Norway is well known for its unique and delicious local meals. There are a couple of outdoor restaurants you will see while you transverse this region. You can visit Geirangerfjord any time of the day, be it during the day or evening. Some farms on this site can be traced back to the 17th century. Geirangerfjord can be explored in different ways. It can be walking, driving or boat ride.

Lofoten Archipelago


Lofoten Archipelago must be included in a must visit places while in Norway. This Island is renowned for its white sandy beaches, amazing fjords and mountains. There are also plenty of fun activities to do while on this island. Start your tour by admiring the gorgeous view of the landscapes on Lofoten Island. There are different angles you can check out the landscapes. The landscapes also offer a perfect background for taking pictures. There are different beaches on this Island. These beaches are Uttakleiv beach; Ramberg beach, Haukland beach and Ytresand beach are some easily accessible beaches on Lofoten archipelago. Some beaches are accessible by road and others by a ferry.

Surfing is one of the fun activities held in Lofoten Islands. Above all; there are different beaches to choose from. You should also consider hiking while on Lofoten Island. There are different hiking trails on this island to choose from. The rocky landscapes and mountain offer different hiking challenge. Ensure you stay inside a Rorbu while at this island. Rorbu is a fisherman’s cabin. They offer an amazing view of the surrounding environment. Your trip to Lofoten Island is incomplete if you don’t check out some fishing villages and towns. Svolvaer, Henningsvaer and Reine are some fishing towns and villages you should check out. You should also visit Nusfjord, try out local dishes, see the northern lights and climb Svolvaergeita rock while in Lofoten Island.

Hurtigruten Coastal Ferry


Do you want to explore the coastal region? If yes, embark on the famous Hurtigruten coastal ferry. You will be on water for more than ten days. However, there will be stops at 35 ports. The Hurtigruten coastal ferry trip is worth your time as it is comfortable. There are cabins to books and meals. This trip offers a perfect view of some places that cannot be accessed by road. You might spot the northern lights on a clear sky. You can tag your family along when embarking on Hurtigruten coastal ferry.

Jotunheimen National Park

jotuheimen national park

Jotunheimen national park is one of the most visited placed in Norway. This place is well known for its beautiful nature and fresh air. It is a good gateway spot for people who want to get away from the busy city life. Here, there are plenty of activities you can engage yourself and your loved ones in. You can go cycling, climbing, horseback riding and cannoning while at the national park. Hiking in the mountains is common on Jotunheimen national park, especially during summer. There are plenty of hiking trails to choose from. Each trail offers a different challenge. You should also take time and understand a bit about the culture and traditions of the local people. Don’t visit this national park in a hurry. There are hotels and cabins you can book. You will definitely enjoy your tour around Jotunheimen national park.



Bryggen is listed as an UNESCO world heritage site. It can be traced back to 1702 after the great fire. You will be amazed by the history of this site and be beauty of this location. Most structures in Bryggen were built on the 12th century foundations. Anyone who visits Bryggen feels in an ancient time. This is because of the ancient structures on this part of Bergen.

Ensure you visit this site if you want a glimpse of the Norwegian heritage. There are also plenty of attractions in Bryggen. They range from Bergenhus fortress and the fish market. You should also try out some local dishes from surrounding restaurants and cafes. There are plenty of shops that sell traditional crafts. Grab yourself a souvenir to remind you of your tour around Bryggen. Don’t leave Bergen without visiting the hanseatic museum and schotstuene. Here, you will understand how traders traded 400 years ago and its development.

Svalbard Archipelago

svalbard archipelago

Svalbard archipelago is found in Arctic Ocean. It is also the home to more than 3,000 polar bears. This is a paradise because there are plenty of things to do here. You will also see glaciers, different wildlife animals and the blue sea ice, among others. Commence your tour by checking out Longyearbyen while at Svalbard archipelago. There are a couple of local restaurants on this town. Try out some local delicacies at these restaurants. You should also check out Svalbard museum, the coal mine and the North Pole expedition museum while at Longyearbyen town.

Ensure you go on a Svalbard snowmobile tour. This is the commonly used transportation system during winter. You will see Pyramiden town, Fjordnibba Mountain and Barentsburg on your snowmobile tour. Skiing is another popular activity in Svalbard archipelago. Skiing on this part of Norway creates memorable events. There are plenty of ice caves on this part of Norway. Make an effort of checking out a couple of them. Embark on hiking if you want a perfect view of the surrounding region. There are hiking guides who will help you transverse the mountains. Visit Svalbard archipelago if you want a perfect view of the northern lights. The northern lights are clearly visible at night.

Nordland Coast

norland coast

Nordland coast is one of the most visited places in Norway. There are plenty of things to do and sites to visit. Therefore, ensure you check out Nordland coast before leaving Norway. Visit kafe Kjelen, one of the oldest restaurants in this location. This restaurant has been functioning since 1955. Take advantage of this restaurant and try out some local delicacies. Proceed to Petter Dass museum. Anyone who visits this museum will be amazed by its beautiful architectural design. Petter Dass museum highlights the life and work of Petter Dass, a Norwegian poet.

Proceed to Torghatten Mountain while at Nordland coast for some adventure. There are a couple of walking trails you can follow while touring this landmark. Meat lovers should visit Roast for some traditionally prepared meats. The scandic havet hotel also offers a perfect view of the surrounding region. Visit Lokalmatbutikken for some fresh locally produced meals. Don’t leave Nordland coast without checking out E-huset museum. Here, you will understand how eider duck and birds were tamed domestically. You should also check out Saltstraumen Maelstrom, Kjerringoy trading post museum, Nordland music festival, Norsk Luftfartsmuseum, Nordlandmuseet museum, Scandinavie café, Bodo Domkirke cathedral and Magic saltstraumen museum while in Nordland coast.



Bergen is the second largest city in Norway. This is the reason Bergen is busy all year round. It is well known for its natural harbor and hills. Well; Bergen offers more than this. There are plenty of attraction sites in Bergen to see. The Royal residence is one of the gems you should check out. The original structure was built in 1261 but was destroyed. It was later restored in 1950. People are amazed by the size and design of this attraction site. Climb on top of the royal residence building for a perfect view of the city.

Proceed on to Lisoy Island. This villa was first established in 1873 and opened to the public in the year 1973. There is a spot where you can enjoy a picnic date with your loved ones. Lisoy Island also has plenty of ponds. You will also see a museum inside this famous villa. Monastery of Lyse ruins is another attraction in Lisoy Island you should check out.

Visit Floyfjell if you want a perfect view of the Bergen city. Morning and evening are the recommended time to visit Floyfjell. A lot of people take pictures at this site. Grieg museum is another gem you should check out. This museum was built in the year 1885 and houses different things about Edvard Grieg. Here, you will see different things revolving around the work and life of this Norwegian composer. There is a chamber music performance hall insider the Grieg museum.

Commence your tour in Bergen city by visiting the hanseatic museum. This museum was first opened to the public in 1872. You will see weapons and different kinds of outfit when you visit this museum. Bergenhus fortress cannot be left out. This fortress has been standing tall since the 16th century. It has been maintained over the years. This is the reason for its beautiful look. The Bergenhus fortress museum is one of the attraction sites in this fortress. You will see different kinds of exhibits inside the museum. There are tour guides to help you understand different things about exhibits.

Adventurous people should go hiking on Mount Ulriken. There are plenty of hiking trails you can follow on Mount Ulriken. Mount Ulriken also offers a perfect view of the city. Ulriken cable car is another way of checking out this famous mountain. The old Bergen open air museum is another attraction site in Bergen you should check out. This museum has a rich history, some which trace back to the 19th century. You will see some original Viking wooden houses inside this museum. The old Bergen open air museum will also help you understand the history of what transpired over the years. People flood the University of Bergen because of its huge collection. Ensure you check out the cultural history section, natural history section, the botanic garden and seafaring section. Don’t forget Bergen cathedral, Market square and KODE museums while in Bergen city.



Preikestolen is one of the leading attraction sites in Norway. It has caught the attraction of top broadcasting Medias’ and personalities from different parts of the globe. This mountain plateau offers one of the most breathtaking views you will ever see. You will also hear different theories about the formation of this mountain plateau. Preikestolen is believed to have been formed more than 10,000 years ago. Hiking is the main fun activity held on this mountain plateau. You need the right climbing gear and clothes when hiking. Consider the help of local hikers if you have never been to Preikestolen before.

Heddal Stave Church


Heddal stave church was built in the 1200’s. It is one of the gems in Norway you should check out. Heddal stave church is the highest stave church in Norway. There are plenty of things to see at this site. First, you will see the famous rose paintings that trace back to the 1600’s. Tours around this ancient church are guided and in English. You will be amazed by the wood masterpiece around this church. Heddal stave church is still operational.



Alesund city has a lot to offer. This is the reason it is one of the most visited cities in Norway. The art Nouveau Alesund should be your first stop. Take time and explore the architectural design of this city. There are a couple of walking tours you can embark on. You will also see different art themes spread across the city. Alesund is well known for its beautiful harbor. Alesund harbor is located between Aspoy Island and Norvoy Island. Create time and check out this beautiful harbor. There are also old buildings and boats within the harbor.

Take a walk to the Alesund’s town park. This city park helps you forget the hectic part of the city. Alesund’s town park also offers a marvelous view of a section of the city. You will also see two statues inside the town park. Visit the Atlantic sea park if you want an insight of the marine life in Norway. This is one of the biggest aquariums in Europe. The Atlantic sea park was first opened to the public in the year 1951. There are plenty of walking trails on this sea park to follow. These walking trails offer a perfect view of differ sea species. You will definitely enjoy your tour on this sea park.

Go on a Fjord cruise while in Alesund for a chance to see the marvelous mountain range. The Sunnmore Alps mountain range is best explored by water. A lot of people prefer cruise. However, you have an option of riding a kayak. The Bird’s Island, Runde should be among the places you must visit while in Alesund. Runde Island houses over 200 different bird species. You will also see different historic shipwrecks on this Island. Your trip around Alesund is incomplete if you don’t check out Alnes lighthouse in Godoy Island. This lighthouse was built in 1876. Tourists are granted access to this site from May until October. Godoy coastal museum is another gem in Godoy Island. The Sunnmore museum and the Ivar Aasen center are other attractions in Alesund you should check out.



Karasjok is found in Finnmark County. This municipality has gained popularity over the years because of its attractions and fun activities. These are some reasons you should check out karasjok while in Norway. The Boble glasshytte is one of the attractions in karasjok municipality you should check out. This is a glassblowing studio. It has some a gallery and a workshop. The Boble glasshytte allows you to see glass products being crafted from scratch. Don’t forget to grab a souvenir to remind you of this location. There are plenty of activities to do while enjoying the Northern lights in Karasjok. These activities range from skiing, hiking, snow shoeing and canoeing. Norway is one of the places you can clearly see the Northern lights.

Saami museum is another gem in Karasjok. This is the largest museum in this region and has been functioning since 1972. This museum contains a lot of information about the sami culture and their way of life. Different collections about the sami people are found here.



Tromso attracts thousands of tourists all year round. There are plenty of things to see and do in this marvelous city. Tromso arctic-alpine botanic garden is one of the gems in this city. There are different kinds of unique flora species in this botanic garden. Plant species are divided into 25 categories. Ensure you check out the 25 different collections while on this botanic garden. Commence to Polaria museum. Polaria museum houses different information about the Arctic. Anyone who visits this museum is amazed by its architectural design and its collection. There is also an arctic aquarium in this museum.

Polar Museum is also located in Tromso. This museum will help you understand different things about Tromso city. That is from is discovery, historical events and transformational evolution over the years. Take advantage of the tour guides to understand everything about Tromso. Arctic cathedral is another gem you cannot ignore. People travel from different parts of the world to admire the beauty of this cathedral.

Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum is crowded all year round. This is because of its huge collection and location. You will see different kinds of art collections inside this museum. Collections keep on increasing. Therefore, be a frequent visitor whenever you are in Tromso. Go on to perspektivet museum for different images. The images collection tries to explain life in this city. This applies to both current and previous events. Tromso museum, Tromso cathedral, Hella village and Skansen house are more places you should visit while in Tromso.



Oslo is the capital city of Norway. It is one of the largest capital cities in Europe. You must create time and tour this city whenever you visit Norway. There are plenty of attraction sites in Oslo to see. Vigeland Sculpture Park is one of the places you must visit in Oslo. You will see different Vigeland’s sculptures on this park. These sculptures try and explain the life of this celebrated icon. Proceed with your tour to Akershus fortress. This fortress was built in the 13th century. Akershus fortress also offers a spectacular view of the harbor. Ensure you check out the fortress field.

Norway is known as the home to Vikings. Well; Viking ship museum is situated in Oslo. This museum houses three Vikings vessels from the 9th century. You will also understand different information regarding the three vessels inside the Viking ship museum. Art lovers must visit the National museum in Oslo. This museum houses a wide collection of art and design. Some art collections date back to the 19th century. These collections also cover different niches. Munch museum is also located in Oslo and contains different collections on Munch work. Munch is one of the greatest painters in this country. You will see sculptures, drawings, graphic art and water colors inside this museum.

Don’t leave the capital city without checking out the Royal palace. This palace outshines surrounding structures because of its architectural design. It was built in the year 1825. Tours around the Royal palace are guided. There are also English guided tours. Carry on to the museum of cultural history. You will enjoy every moment of your tour inside this cultural museum. This museum helps explain different human history. You will see Egyptian ancient artifacts and Vikings collections. Some collections date back more than 2600 years ago. Gold coinage, funerary objects, mummies and religious artifacts are some collections you will see inside the museum of cultural history.

Commence and check out Holmenkollen Ski jump & museum. This is the oldest ski museum across the globe. It has been operational since 1923. This museum contains different artifacts and collections trying to explain ski history. Some collections date back to 4,000 years ago. You should also check out the hall of fame sections inside the museum. Oslo cathedral, Aker Brygge, Nature history museum & botanical gardens, Fram museum and Oslo Opera house & annual music festivals are other sites you should check out in Oslo.

There is no doubt Norway deserves to be listed as one of the most attractive places to visit in Europe. There is an attraction site in almost every part of the country.


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