5 Best Places to Visit in Afghanistan

Afghanistan has a very diverse culture and history. Despite being a landlocked country, it has a lot of offer. Afghanistan is also renowned for its rich monuments and beautiful cities. There are some cities which stand out. Are you planning a trip to Afghanistan anytime soon? If yes, there are five places which stand out. Ensure you check out the following cities while in Afghanistan.



Kabul is the capital city of Afghanistan. The diverse culture of this country is visible in this city. Despite being an urban city, some important monuments and attraction sites are still available. Babur garden is one of the attraction sites in Kabul you must see. This park is also the resting the place of Emperor Babur. Babur garden has been blooming since 1528 AD. Visit this garden and important park for in depth details about its significance. Move on to Bala Hissar fortress. It is rumored that Bala Hissar fortress was built during the 5th century. Bala Hissar fortress is divided into two parts, namely the upper fortress and the lower fortress. You will find the prison and the armory on the upper fortress. The barracks, stables and three royal palaces are found in the lower fortress.

The famous Darul Aman palace ruins are situated in Kabul. This is one of the few palaces that have European architectural design. Its architectural look makes darul Aman palace stand out from other medieval sites. Go on to Kabul Museum. This archaeological museum has a wide range of collection. Tour inside Kabul museum is worth every single moment. The Tajbeg palace and Paghman are other tourist sites in Kabul you should check out.



Bamiyan city can be traced over 2,000 years ago. This city still has things that remind the local residents of their prosperity. There are also beautiful landmarks and nature you will see while touring this beautiful city. Bamiyan is also considered the safest and a leading tourist city in Afghanistan and Asia at large. Visit the giant Buddhas of Bamiyan while in Bamiyan city. This site was carved between 3rd and 6th centuries. It is also considered to house graves of some important saints. Most of the statues in giant Buddhas of Bamiyan were destroyed. There are more than 500 hundred caves in this site. Explore a couple of these caves before moving on to the next site.

Explore some Islamic art and architectural designs in Bamiyan. The Islamic designs all around Bamiyan bring out a unique. Shahr-i-Sarkhoshak and Shahr-i- Ghulghulah are some settlements that showcase the Islamic art and architectural design. The Shahr-i- Ghulghulah fortress is another gem in Bamiyan. The ruins of this fortress can date back from the 6th century. You will also understand the role this fortress played. The Shahr-i- Zuhak early settlement and walls from the 8th century is another tourist site in Bamiyan city. Anyone who visits this site has a perfect view of Hajigak valley.

Band-e-Amir comprises of six natural lakes. Each lake has its own uniqueness. In fact, these lakes form different waterfalls. Band-e-Amir also houses different bird species. You might be lucky to witness different bird species migrating. Shah Foladi Mountain and Ajar valley should also be in the list of places to visit in Bamiyan city.



The ancient city of Heart is another city you must visit while in Afghanistan. The history of this city is very interesting. Heart city is also the house to famous painters, poets, musicians and unique architectural designs. There are also plenty of attraction sites in Herat to see. The famous Masjid Jame, Grand Mosque is situated in Herat City. The Islamic design of this grand mosque attracts plenty of people across the globe. This grand mosque was built during the year 1200. Msjid jame, Grand Mosque is opened to the public everyday from morning until evening. The beauty of this mosque will make you visit it whenever you are in Herat city.

Take a stroll on the antique shops. There are plenty of traditional jewelry and beautiful stones. Afterwards, visit the local restaurants next to the antique shops. There are plenty of local dishes to choose from. They range from Kebab, Qaboli and Kichiri. You can also take some local tea. Qala Ikhtyaruddin is another attraction site in Heart city. You will be amazed by the huge walls and towers that were built during the 4th century. This fort is rumored to have been spearheaded by Alexander the Great. Qala Ikhtyaruddin is intact because it has been restored.

Visit the tomb of Queen Goharshad Begum if you want some glimpse of history. There are tour guides, who will help you understand everything about this site. The tomb of Queen Goharshad Begum is also well decorated. It is appealing to the eye. Gazur Gah Shrine and Heart’s Jihad Museum is another site you should check out while in Herat city.


mazar i sharif

Mazar-i-Sharif is a holy city situated in Northern Afghanistan. It is famous for numerous reasons, including housing various monuments and attraction sites. These are a few reasons Mazar-i-Sharif should be among your tourist destination spots. Start your tour by checking out the blue Mosque. This mosque is known across the beauty because of its beauty. You will be amazed by how the blue tiles on the mosque change color as time progresses. The general beauty of the blue Mosque is also undeniable. It is listed as one of the most beautiful mosques in Afghanistan and the world at large. You might be lucky to see a couple of religious ceremonies and festivals.

Make an effort of visiting the Mazar-i-Sharif central Bazaar market. There are plenty of unique things you can buy in this market. This market is also known for fresh fruits. Grab a couple of fruits to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

Wakhan Corridor & the Afghan Pamir mountains

Wakhan-Corridor-& pamir mountains

The Afghan Pamir Mountains and Wakhan corridor are one of the attraction sites in Afghanistan. Wakhan corridor is a deep valley and was formed by River Panj. People who love nature will enjoy tour around this region. There are different angles people can admire the valleys, blue lakes and peaks. You are recommended to book a trip around Wakhan corridor & the Afghan Pamir Mountains.

Afghanistan offers unique attractions within its cities. You will feel in another place whenever you tour this country.


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