5 Step Guide on How to Choose the Right Virtual Casino

Virtual casino is no much more different than real casinos, of course the experience and the feeling to be there is not the same. Having the adrenaline of being seated at a table, with the public looking on your game, the croupier face, when you are having a winning hand, the smell, noises and the list could go forever.

But this guide is not about what you miss, is about what you win. Because you can have same experience from the comfort of your house, office or where ever you like best, even with better prizes, bonuses and rewards, and much more ways to make your bet, Vanilla visa gift card online gambling is great example


When you choose a real Casino, there are so many different things and benefits that you look and consider before you go. Right? With Virtual Casino you won’t have to waste that much time, and I will narrow down for you the most important things you need to check and how to choose the right one.

Let’s put this in order, not in a special one, because all of they are important.

Acceptance, here Is not about dressing code or else LOL. In virtual reality casinos you have to make sure you can play from your country or where ever you are in that moment. They are some restrictions that apply in some countries to different sites. So, first of all, and before you make a deposit, make sure you are allowed to play.

Reputation, like in real Casinos reputation precedes. If it’s a friend referral you might not have to check, but if you are going solo, dig a little bit online, check the comments, check the site, don’t get draw by huge prizes or promises, especially with hilarious withdraws, check if they have conditions on bonuses or prizes and bet options. Paypal casinos are a good option, they have great options and also their own promotions and benefits.

Games, and that is why we are here, of course it has to have the game you like to play, but also has to offer other options, diversification is a good thing. You probably would like to play other games, even if it is only for curiosity or learning. You might be a great poker player, but a slot machine is a must stop. Roulette and the many ways to play at this game, Blackjack and premium rooms, high bets great prizes, poker rooms, premium access to high rollers, tournaments with great prizes, they can go from money to cars… and not less important live bets, on all kind of sports, horse races, and motors.

Rewards, the sweet spot. How the pay, how much they pay, what benefits they have, bonuses, etc., those are the first questions. Very lower percentage of house edge is one of the main differences between a real Casino, so this gives you a chance of better payouts. A neteller casino its what your are aiming to. Some sites offer to double your deposit if you are a new player on their site, or a referral program that it would give a bonus for each new member you bring. Some sites offer awesome prizes, cars, electronics, and always money.  A very important and long list that it worth your time to check it out.

Payment, there are many great options, Paysafecards casinos are secure and reliables.  Payment and withdrawal methods are fundamental. They give you discounts, lower or non-fees, extra money to gamble, these are some examples of the things you might receive.


What casinos accepts credit cards? I would say all of them, but don’t pass on the other options I mentioned before.

Beside these recommendations, you have to find a place that makes you feel comfortable, secure and support. They are many places out there but not all of them will make you feel this way. You can rely in comments or suggestions but never forget your instinct, every gambler has one, and at the end what your guts say is what you do.

Have fun out there, enjoy the game and like the song say “you have to know when to hold’em or when to fold’em”, when the dealing is done. Good luck!!


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