6 Best Places to See in Monaco

Monaco is a small principality found on French Riviera. This principality is ruled by a Prince. Everyone agrees this principality is small in terms of size. However, Monaco offers more than you think. It suits people looking for glamour and luxury. The warm climate of this protectorate on most part of the year attracts more people. The rich people love Monaco because of the wide range of activities and marvelous things to see. Anyone who tours Monaco will defiantly have fun. Furthermore, there are a couple of hotels that make your stay in protectorate more comfortable. You must do and see the below things while in Monaco.

Casino de Monte Carlo

casino de monte (1)

This is one of the most famous spots in Monaco. Casino de Monte Carlo is renowned all over the world as a gambling center. Well; there is more to this. This flamboyant and beautiful casino was built in the year 1893. Its unique architectural design makes it one of the leading tourist attraction sites in Monaco. You will be able to spot roughly twenty eight columns that direct people to the different gaming rooms. The interior artwork brightens up the mood inside this famous casino.

It isn’t necessary you enter Casino de Monte Carlo to gamble. There are paid tours inside this casino you can embark on. These tours can be either individual or as group. Your assigned tour guide will take you around this casino while explaining the history of this famous casino. Famous movies across the globe have also been casted in Casino de Monte Carlo.

Formula One Grand Prix (Sports)

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Are you a Formula one fan? If yes, Monaco houses a circuit track that is used in Formula one racing. A tour in Monaco will be incomplete if you don’t check out visit the Grand Prix. The vibrant atmosphere and the excitement of Formula one Grand Prix will make you cheerful. Make an effort of visiting Monaco in May if you want to experience Formula one Grand Prix race live. During this race, the best and renowned formula one grand prix drivers take part in this competition. This Formula one Grand Prix circuit is located in Monte Carlo. Race in this circuit commenced in the 20th century. You are allowed to tour the arena on most part of the year.

Musée Océanographique de Monaco (Aquarium)

musee oceanographique (1)

Musee Oceanographique de Monaco is another leading attraction sight you must check out while in Monaco. The most interesting part about this Museum is the aquarium that contains lagoon that is roughly 6 metre deep. This lagoon separates tropical fish from marine predators and sharks through a coral reef. There are two rooms upstairs that try and explain the marine biology and oceanography history. This is through interactive displays, specimen, old equipment and photographs. Ninety tanks are located in the aquarium and house different tropical and Mediterranean species.

Make an effort of also checking out the Whale skeleton room and tactile basin. Currently, there is a turtle tank that allows you to see different marine turtles. Purchase your tickets in advance to avoid missing fun inside this museum.

Palais Princier de Monaco (Prince’s Palace of monaco)

Prince-Palace-Monaco- (1)

Palais Princier de Monaco is another top attraction site in Monaco you should check out. This palace can be traced back between the 12th and 13th centuries. You are only allowed to visit Palais Princier de Monaco when the Prince of Monaco is not around. There is a flag in the main tower that helps determine if the prince is around or not. The flag will be raised if the prince is around. Ensure you witness the change of guard every morning. This event takes place at 11:55 Am every day. The change of guard ceremony is fun to watch. It actually attracts an audience. Ensure you check out the Italianate style gallery and the blue room. You should also check the Palatine chapel and the ornate throne room inside the palace.

Jardin Exotique Garden

jardin exotique garden (1)

The uniqueness and beauty of Jardin Exotique Garden attracts people throughout the year. This garden was first opened to the public in the year 1933. Jardin Exotique Garden is stationed on one side of the cliff. This offers a perfect view of Monaco principality.

Jardin exotique garden also allows you to check out a couple of succulent plants and very appealing shapes. There are also cactus and plants that grow only on dry area. Surprisingly, this garden grows different kinds of plants from all over the globe. Some plants originate from Africa, Arab peninsula, south America, Mexico, USA and Central America. There are also some plants on this garden that reproduce flowers. This brings out a marvelous look throughout the garden.

Monaco Open-Air Cinema

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The Monaco open air cinema is something unique and out of this world. This cinema operates at night. Different films are played each night with French subtitles. You will able to count the stars while enjoying a movie. There are also numerous views you can overlook the sea from time to time. Furthermore, the atmosphere is very friendly and relaxing. This assures you of enjoying every single moment of watching your favorite movie in this cinema. The chairs are also comfortable. They can be adjusted to meet your needs. The screen is big thus offering a marvelous view for everyone. Monaco open-air cinema will definitely create memorable events.

Properly plan your budget before heading to Monaco. There are countless fun activities you can engage in while in this protectorate.


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