7 Tourist Sights in American Samoa

American Samoa is situated in South Pacific Ocean. It is considered part of the United States of America territory. Pago Pago is the capital of American Samoa. This United States territory has plenty to offer in terms of attractions. Ensure you visit the seven attraction sites while in American Samoa.

Ofu Beach

ofu beach 1

Ofu beach is the pride of the American Samoa. This beach is roughly two miles long. Ofu beach is surrounded by coral reef, mountain vistas and breathtaking white sand. Ofu beach has plenty of different marine life for people who love deep sea diving and snorkeling. You can request a guided deep sea tour if you are not familiar with the territory. Coconut trees also offer a perfect shade for those basking in the sun. Ofu beach has enticing and beautiful scenery. The mountain peaks and cliffs offer a relaxing feeling.

Ofu Beach is located in a serene environment that allows relaxation and quality time with your loved ones. Swimming and hiking are other fun activities in Ofu beach you can perform. Tumu trail, situated along the beach allows hiking. Oge trail is another hiking trail you should consider while in Ofu beach. You should also consider Mount Alava hiking trail. This beach also sets a perfect background for taking pictures.

Aunu’u Island

aunu'u island 1

Aunu’u Island must be among the locations you should visit in American Samoa. This island can be explored while walking. There are also different trails to guide you through the island. However, you are encouraged to hire a guide if it’s your time on this island. Lake Pala is a highlight while on Aunu’u Island. The beauty of this lake is visible when there are low tides. A lot of people also find the sceneries and landscapes around Lake Pala appealing to the eye.

The Red lake should be your next stop. This lake is filled with red hue and eels, among others. Anyone who stays at Red lake until dusk will notice it glowing. Ma’ama’a cove is another highlight you should visit while in Aunu’u island. You will get to here different myths surrounding Ma’ama’a cove. Anyone who wants to swim must travel to Taufusitele Taro marshes. Water around Taufusitele taro marshes is crystal clear.

National Park of American Samoa

national park of american samoa

The national park of American Samoa is one of the most beautiful places in the country you should check out. Coral reef and tropical rainforest is preserved on this national park. The national park of American Samoa has been operational since the year 1988 and is divided into three main sections. They are Tau island section, Tutuila island section and Ofu offshore reef section. Ensure you visit all the three sections while touring the national park of American Samoa.

Tau section has plenty of sea cliffs. Some cliffs here are ranked among the tallest in this territory, region and globe at large. Walk on the base of some sea cliffs and properly check them. Saua village is also located in Tau section. This village has an intact rainforest. People mostly visit Ofu offshore reef for some snorkeling adventure. That’s not all; you will also see the pacific boa and the flying fox at this national park. Birds and marine life is also in plenty. It is estimated there are more than 900 fish species within the national park of American Samoa.

Plovers, noddies, frigate birds, terns and rails are some bird species you will see inside this national park. There are also different plant species on this national park.

Fagatele Bay (National Marine Sanctuary)

fagalete bay national marine sanctuary 1

You cannot miss out Fagatele bay national marine sanctuary while in the American Samoa. Here, you will see the coastal rainforest that is left standing. It is estimated there are over 140 different coral species beneath the coastline. You might also get lucky to see whales and turtles if you visit Fagatele bay national marine sanctuary between June and September. Four trails are also found in within the sanctuary. Two trails are roughly 1 kilometer. There are also attraction sites near Fagatele bay national marine sanctuary you should visit.

John William’s church is one of the sites. The history of this church dates back to 1832. The architectural design of this church is also impressive and appealing to the eye. You should also check out cathedral of the holy family. This cathedral is white in color and has some impressive artworks. Tia Seu Lupe is an archaeological site is another location you should visit whenever you are in Fagatele bay national marine sanctuary.

Pago Pago Harbor

PagoPago harbor1

Pago Pago is the capital of American Samoa. It is the center of operation of the territory. This the reason the Pago Pago harbor is always busy. Pago Pago harbor is also beautiful. It is surrounded by mountains and trees. This harbor is also visible from different angles. Mount Alava offers a stunning look of the harbor. Pago Pago also has villages and beaches. There are also plenty of things to do and see next to the harbor.

Take a walk along lower Sauma trail. This trail directs you to the beach. Soak on the beach and interact with the local people to understand their local culture. The local villages have maintained the traditions and customs of the local people. There are also local restaurants next to Pago Pago harbor. Try out some traditional meals while touring the harbor. There are also malls and shopping centers next to the harbor. Stroll through the malls and buy some souvenirs.

Tisa’s Barefoot Bar

bare foot bar 1

Tisa’s barefoot bar is a perfect gateway for people who want a unique and memorable experience. You will see a thatched roof once you approach Tisa’s barefoot bar. The roof reduces heat during the day. Mosquito nights are used at night to keep away mosquito. Therefore, you can have fun both at night and during the day. Tisa’s barefoot bar also has a deck that offers a stunning view of the surrounding nature. This location also makes it easy to explore different marine life. There is also a section you can admire the moon in the evening. You will definitely enjoy every moment of your tour in Tisa’s barefoot bar.

Ta’u Island

ta'u island 1

Ta’u Island is sparsely populated. However, it has plenty of fun things to do. Mt Lata is located on this volcanic island. Luma village, Ta’u village and Si’ufaga village are other highlights on the island you should check out. You should also check out fagamalo cove. The dense rainforest also houses different animals and bird species. The flying foes and pacific boa are some species you will see within Ta’u Island.

American Samoa is a paradise on earth. These are just top highlights in American Samoa you will see. There are plenty of other things to do and see in this United States territory.


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