Looking For Camping Near Atlanta? Learn What Makes a Great Campground

Did you know camping is a tradition throughout the State of Georgia? And so, Atlanta campgrounds are plentiful and best for your next trip. Camping can offer unforgettable experiences if the campground matches to the camper’s mind who loves adventures. So if you’re an Atlanta millennial, there are State’s best campgrounds to choose from. Some have all the amenities, whereas some campgrounds are more tent-friendly, each with their own advantages. Before you hit one, read online campground reviews, browse pictures, and compare ratings for guidance. Moreover, you need to compare the pricing and the facilities provided by each campground, so you get the best deal in the town.

To begin Camping near Atlanta, what you’ll need is to pick a date, go grocery and other essential items shopping. Remember, some Atlanta campgrounds require a reservation while others are first-come-first-serve. Once you choose your date, do ask for advance booking. Also, you’ll need to reserve the camp in advance if it’s a Holiday season or a busy weekend. 

Potential Amenities Offered By Campgrounds

  • Rental cabins or RV trailers
  • Wilderness camping
  • RV hookups
  • Tent camping
  • Clubhouse
  • Other available food
  • Vending machines 
  • Pool
  • Lake or river
  • Electrical outlets at each campsite
  • Wi-Fi or hardwire Internet connection
  • Near tourist attractions and venues 
  • Toilet and shower facilities

Price and Savings

The price of the campground isn’t the only consideration. Many families prefer a picturesque setting; in general, there is something for everyone. Camping is less expensive than staying in a five-star hotel, and that’s the reason the RV campsites are in high demand these days. 

Water Fun

Water Fun
Swimming is a must-have for most summer campers. Often pools seem safer options for families with children; all must wear sun-glasses and a life vest. So, if you love swimming, then you must choose the campground that has the best swimming pool. 

Whereas, boating or fishing enthusiasts may be less enthusiastic if the campground doesn’t have a lake or river.

Wildlife and Nature

Wildlife refers to undomesticated animal species. It also includes all plants, fungi, and other organisms that live or grow wild in an area, allowing species to survive without being introduced by humans.

Most people love wildlife and go camping to enjoy photographing animals and plants while some go for solitude or family unity. Also, many campgrounds work exclusively with wilderness and tent campers that offer isolation near lakes, with gorgeous views. While other campsites are less spacious and don’t offer much.

Wilderness Fun

Everyone wants an exciting camping trip, but staying safe is the most important of all. When enjoying a nature walk on a trip, it is joyful to see wild animals such as bunnies, deer, and squirrels, but wildcats and bears are dangerous if near the campground.

First-time campers need to know about local dangers, flash floods, wild animals, and potential landslides that occur with falling rocks. So, before you plan a trip, don’t forget to gather the necessary information related to choosing a safe campsite.

Furthermore, the weather is another consideration when selecting a camping date. Campers should analyze current weather conditions and be aware of dangerous predicted weather events, such as thunderstorm floods or flash flooding zones near Atlanta campgrounds.

Clubhouse and Other Shared Amenities

Many campgrounds in Atlanta often feature a clubhouse, prepared meals, and even vending machines. Others are near restaurants. Isn’t a great idea to choose a campsite near to your favorite café or restaurant? These nearby venues and other amenities can enrich a fun family camping experience.

Electrical Outlets

Electrical Outlets
Most campgrounds offer camper with access to electricity, but a few sites do not. First-time campers should inquire if their chosen campsite provides access to electricity or not. 

Toilet Facilities

No one of us could imagine a campground without a toilet facility. It’s a must-have. Also, families need to consider how much the distance of the toilet from the campground is. And, there should also be a separate space for a shower.  

Internet, Cell Service, and Wi-Fi

You must stay connected with your friends and other family members during a trip. Because many campgrounds don’t get a cell signal, so it is advisable to visit a place where you get free internet and wifi. Before you chose one, do call the camp managers to talk about the availability of cell phone networks and internet service. 

Gather Your Gear

​Water and foods are must-haves. Before you start your camping journey, make a checklist of essential items that you to carry with you such as, sleeping bags, some rain gear for all, a first aid kit, and a few things to cook. All these things will help out tremendously.  Remember, if you’re planning camping near Atlanta and looking forward to a life-time experience, you need to follow some basic rules for your next outdoor adventure.

Keep with you the following items. 

Cleaning Supplies

You must keep your camp clean, and so, it is vital to take necessary cleaning supplies with you. 

  • Washbasin 
  • Biodegradable soap
  • Scouring pad
  • Paper towels or lightweight rags (Microfiber rags are absorbent)

Kitchen Supplies 

  • Knife
  • Camping stove 
  • Flipper or tongs
  • Cutting board
  • Skillet Pot (1-2)
  • Cooking grate
  • Cups
  • Plates
  • Silverware

Personal Hygiene Products

Take care of your personal hygiene. Take along: 

  • Toothpaste, toothbrush, floss
  • Small bar of soap or handwash 
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Washcloth and a small towel

Last words

When camping near Atlanta, you must choose the campground that offers the best amenities and “Ready, Set, Camp” program so that you can experience all the attractions which you’ve never seen before such as, Skyhike, Summit Skyride, and more. 

Thank you for reading!

Are you ready for your next great camping? Also, if you like this article, do share it with your loved ones.


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