Singapore Travel Guide: 11 Things to Do and See

Singapore is a magical country. It managed to grow out of poverty to one of the leading global market. Singapore also has plenty to offer in terms of tourism. It is one of the best tourist locations in Singapore. There are 11 impressive things to do while in Singapore:

Asian Civilisations Museum

asian civilisation museum

Singapore is located in Asian continent. Therefore, ensure you visit the Asian civilization museum while in Singapore. This museum is located next to the Singapore River. You will understand different things about Asian civilization when you visit this museum. This museum has a wide range of collection that explains the different cultures and races in Singapore. You will understand different culture and customs practiced on different parts of the country. Exhibitions on the Asian civilization museum trace back to roughly two centuries ago.

You will also different artistic collections inside the museum. There is also a gallery section in Asian civilization museum that was launched in 2015. This museum will also help you understand the evolution of the Asian civilization over the years. History is also narrated inside the museum. You will immediately be assigned a tour guide whenever you visit this museum. Ensure you cover every part of this famous museum.

Try Hawker Food

Try Hawker Food

Singapore is well known for its diverse local meals. You should try out hawker food whenever you are in Singapore. This is a common way of life in the country. The hawker centers are distributed on different parts of the country. Newton food centre is one of the popular spots you should try out hawker food. Here, there are over 100 stores to choose from. There is also a variety of food to choose from. Savoury duck noodle and Guan Kee seafood are some meals you should try out. Amoy street food centre also offers local meals at affordable prices. Local and traditional meals can be found in this center.

Maxwell food centre is a very unique street food center. You will find almost any kind of local food here. Lau Pa Sat market has been operational since 1830’s. This market was recently restored to bring out a glamorous look. You will find a variety of international and local cuisines here. Tekka centre, Adam road food centre, Tiong Bahru market, ABC brickworks food centre, Chomp chomp, old airport road food centre, Golden mile food centre and the bedok marketplace are more spots that offer Hawker food.

Gardens by the Bay (Park)

Gardens by the Bay (Park)

You must visit Gardens by the bay while in Singapore. These gardens lay across 250n acres of land. They have also won different kinds of awards because of their outstanding looks. People who have visited this site while in Singapore feels impressed and would like to visit this site over and over. You will find different plant species from different parts of the glove when you visit the gardens by the bay. Gardens by the bay are also educative. You will definitely love the surrounding environment when you tour the gardens. OCBC sky-way and super trees are the main attractions when you tour the gardens by the bay. Some trees go as high as 50 meters tall. The OCBC sky-way offers a stunning view of the super trees.

Commence your tour to the Flower Dome. This is the largest glass greenhouse in Singapore, Asia and the globe at large. Here, you will see different flowers and plants from different parts of the world. Cloud forest is another garden by the bay you shouldn’t miss out. This garden specializes in tropical vegetation. You will feel in paradise when you visit the cloud forest. The heritage gardens section tries to explain the relationship between Singapore history and plants. Far East organization children’s garden and art sculptures are other highlights you shouldn’t miss out at the gardens by the bay. You can easily access this location through public transportation.

National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore

Visit the national gallery Singapore if you want to understand different things about visual art. You will understand different things about art in Singapore, the Asian continent and the globe at large. The national gallery Singapore also has a variety of collections. People who visit this gallery are impressed with what they see. People who are interested with the heritage of Singapore should visit this spot whenever they are in the country. Art is categorized into sections depending on its region of origin. Tour guides are allocated to people visiting this gallery. They are in a better position to help you understand different information about a gallery. It is estimated that there are over 10,000 collections inside national gallery Singapore. You will definitely enjoy every moment of your tour around this gallery.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore zoo

Singapore Zoo is a superb destination for family outing. This Zoo has plenty to offer including wild animals such as naked mole rats, pygmy hippos and white tigers, among others. Singapore Zoo has been operational for more than 40 years. This zoo is estimated to be over 25 hectares. You will find reptiles, birds and mammals inside this zoo. Singapore Zoo is divided into roughly 11 zones. Each zone houses different wild animals. Australasia zone is one of the popular zones. This zone contains agile wallabies and the grey Kangaroos. Primate kingdom is another zone you must see. Singapore Zoo also houses some endangered species. There are also different fun activities to do in the zoo. Grooming rabbits and feeding are some fun activities you should consider. Goats and rabbits are some animals you can feed.

Singapore Botanic Gardens (Park)

singapore botanic garden

The Singapore botanic gardens are estimated to be roughly 160 years old. Local and foreign tourists constantly visit this location all year round. The botanic gardens in Singapore contain a wide plant collection from different parts of the world. They are considered both a recreational and educative spot. The Singapore Botanic gardens are listed as UNESCO heritage sites. This is one of the reasons you must visit the botanic gardens whenever you are in Singapore. The botanic gardens have been customized to provide favorable condition for the growth of different plant species. Ethnobotany garden, National Orchid gardens, Learning Forest and Jacob Ballas Children’s garden are some botanic gardens you should check out. You will also understand what has been used to ensure the botanic gardens are in good condition.

Orchard Road

orchard road

Orchard road is one of the oldest roads in Singapore. It dates back to the 1830’s. The orchard road was led to pepper farms, nutmeg plantations and Orchards fruit. Orchard road has grown over the years. It currently one of the most famous shopping districts in Singapore. It is estimated there are more than 5,000 establishments along Orchard road. This is what attracts tourists at this location. Ensure you check out TANGS, the oldest store in Orchard road and Singapore at large. You will also see different architectural structures as you transverse through Orchard road. Check out different stores while at this location. Different products and brands are sold along the Orchard road. Don’t forget to grab a souvenir while at this road.

The Grande whiskey collection is found on this location. Here, you will find different types of Whiskies from different parts of the world. Guided tours are frequently offered. You might be lucky to taste some fine whisky at this location. The ION art gallery is also found along Orchard road. Local and international collections can be found inside the art gallery. You will also find restaurants dealing with local, modern and international meals.

Pulau Ubin (Island)


Ensure you visit Pulau Ubin Island while in Singapore. There is an interesting myth that narrates how this Island was formed. You understand how this Island was used for granite mining during the 1800s. Start your tour by visiting different quarries within the island. Traditional villages have developed on this Island. Fishing and farming are the main activities on this Island. People travel from different parts of the globe to witness this culture that has been lost on most part of Singapore. You will also be amazed by the landscapes within Pulau Ubin Island.

Ensure you visit Chek jawa wetland while on this beautiful Island. You will be impressed by the general outlook of nature. Chek jawa wetland also houses different marine life. This is a guided tour that helps you understand different things about this location. You can either walk along the coastal boardwalk or cycle for a perfect view of Chek jawa wetland.

Jejawi tower is a top highlight on Pulau Ubin Island. It is located within Chek jawa wetland and offers a stunning view of the Island and the surrounding water. Visit Teck Seng’s place while on Pulau Ubin Island. This attraction site help people understand how life was before modern civilization took over. Visit house no 1 for a stunning view of the entire island. Don’t forget about Ubin fruit orchard that contains unique tropical trees. There are also a number of shrines and temples within Pulau Ubin Island. Wei Tuo Gong temple, German Girl Shrine and Na Du Gong shrine are some highlights you will see on the Island. Finally, visit the butterfly hill. This hill has almost fifty different bird species. You will also see over 140 butterfly species.

Little India

liitle india

Little India in Singapore is one of the most visited locations in Singapore. This location has a very rich history. Little India can be traced back to the 1800’s. A racecourse was a major attraction on this location. Cattle trading also became a common practice in Little India. Indian workers were hired to carry out this trade. This is how the Hindu temples and mosques grew over the years. Currently, Little India has a blend of Chinese and Hindu culture. You will see both Chinese and Hindu temples as you walk along the streets. Sri Veeramakaliamman temple is one of renowned Hindu temples in Little India. Check it out. South India local meals can also be found on this part of Singapore. These meals range from the tarik and roti prata, among others.

Sentosa Island


Sentosa Island in Singapore is known for its beauty. This makes it a perfect spot for having some quality time with your loved ones. There are plenty of things to do and see on this Island. Below are some things you can do on Sentosa Island: Start your tour in Sentosa Island by visiting Universal studios. This studio has produced popular movies. Sections around the museum are themed differently. You will also access numerous shows and cool rides. Universal studios offer fun activities for the entire family.

Proceed to the S.E.A aquarium to see a wide range of marine life. It is estimated that there are more than 100,000 marine species inside the aquarium. There are tour guides to help you understand different things about the marine species housed inside the SEA aquarium. This is also one of the biggest aquariums in the world. You will see tunnels and under tanks, among others.

The trick eye museum is also situated in Sentosa Island. This museum houses unique and breathtaking 3D artwork collections. The light and sound effects make the collections look real. Commence your tour to Cove Water Park. Here, you will experience snorkeling and high speed water slide, among others. You should also check out the Butterfly Park and insect kingdom while in Sentosa Island. You will see more different kinds of blooming flowers that attracted over 1500 butterflies and over 3000 insect species. Young children tend to enjoy every moment at Butterfly Park.

Sentosa Island has some beautiful beaches. There are plenty of water sport activities to choose from apart from relaxing or having picnic with your loved ones. Fort Siloso, Iconic Merlion and Skyline Luge are other attractions you should check out in Sentosa Island.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Bukit timah natur reserve

Bukit Timah nature reserve is one of the most protected rainforest in Singapore. Furthermore, this nature reserve is easily accessible. This is the reason there are plenty of rare mammals, birds and insect species inside the nature reserve. Bukit Timah nature reserve has been named one of the places in Singapore with pure fresh air. You will feel the fresh air as you tour around the reserve. Bukit Timah nature reserve has managed to stay intact over the years. Climbing, hiking, jogging and cycling are some fun activities; frequently held at this nature reserve. It is believed that there are some fauna and flora species inside Bukit Timah nature reserve which is yet to be discovered. Ensure you visit Bukit Timah Hill visitor centre before commencing your tour around Bukit Timah Nature reserve.

Singapore is definitely a paradise, which should be explored. Therefore, make Singapore your next tourist destination whenever you are in Asia.


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