The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Europe by Van

Ever wanted to travel Europe on your own, planning your next moves inside a van known as a camper van, or waking up beside a beach or mountain to do it?

There are many ways to travel Europe, but easily one of the most interesting adventures is to do it by van. This is so because traveling by van offers you the chance to live the moment. You are not merely seeing the exotic places, but also living them. You sleep and wake up in a van. You make your coffee in a van. You plan your next road trips in a van. What more freedom can you ask for?

Besides, traveling by van makes for a great story you would come to dote on. The experiences in planning, charting through courses, and making decisions whether right or wrong, are sure to linger. The reason such daring trips are most enjoyed with loved ones, especially someone with whom you share an intimate feeling. Nevertheless, if you are a first-timer, travelers’ opinions on Collected Reviews are enough to guide you on how to go about it.  And if you don’t want to oversimplify, check travel companies reviews to find a travel agent.

Why Van-traveling and Where Can You Get One?

Why Van-traveling and Where Can You Get One

As earlier said, van traveling offers you total freedom within and around Europe. You never need to worry about where to sleep when there are amazing beaches, parks, mountains, and so on. By van-traveling, you only need to park your van and linger in these places as long as you want. Again, it allows you to practice essentialism. That is, van-traveling informs the items you need on your journey and the ones you don’t, subtly serving a warning about needs and burdens as they relate to certain aspects of your life. In addition to that, it is a core part of outdoor living where you engage with nature as you want.

Van-traveling is cost-effective. The money you would spend on hotels and transports and still not being able to enjoy your vacation could be spent on quality sightseeing through a campervan. To take campervan trips, you only need to budget for a van which you can always sell after-trip to recover your money. Then you should budget for food, gas, tolls, petrol, and parking fees. Setting out into Europe, you can camp your van in motorhome shops which could be paid or free, in campsites, and/or explore Europe’s free camping spread across strategic places.

What Do You Need to Take Along?

What Do You Need to Take Along

Some of the resources/items you would need include:

  •         GPS Device for the maps and other road guides
  •         Pinterest for design ideas in case you need to improvise
  •         Campervan security against van theft
  •         Lidi Supermarket when you want to eat
  •         Mosquito Net to prevent malaria
  •         Park4Night app to save cost on camping
  •         A good mattress to sleep on
  •         Toilet and shower fixed to your van


Whatever plan you intend to take on van-traveling, let this be your guide before you proceed. It takes a lot of planning and preparing to travel Europe by van.


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