Top 10 Amazing Things to Do and See in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a beautiful country situated in South Asia. It borders Myanmar and India. It was once among the least visited countries across the globe. Currently, it is one of the leading tourist attraction countries in Bangladesh. There are plenty of things and activities to do while in Bangladesh. The natural beauty of this country will make you fall in love with different parts across this country. There are plenty of things to do in this South Asian country. Choose some top spots if you are in Bangladesh for a few days. Below are some things to do in this country:

River Trips

river trips

Bangladesh is one of the countries in Asia known for their beautiful scenic lakes and beautiful lakes. The surrounding environment of plenty of water bodies in this country are intact and offer a splendid view. Furthermore, a lot of rivers maintain the natural look. This is thanks to the government policies that protect all water bodies. Therefore, ensure you go on river trips while in Bangladesh. There are different kinds of river trips to choose from. Each trip offers different experience and adventure.

The roads leading to different river bodies are in perfect condition. Therefore, you will have a smooth trip as you embark on different river trips. There are different kinds of water vessels to choose from. It depends on your budget and the length of your trip. Try out a river trip in Southern Bangladesh. Here, you will enjoy every moment of your boat ride. Most river trips are guided by locals.

Tracking Tigers in the Sundarbans

tracking tigers in sunderbans

Visit Sundarbans national park while in Bangladesh. This national park has plenty to offer. The most fascinating thing about Sundarbans national park is the famous royal Bengal tigers. You will be offered a tour guide as your transverse Sundarbans national park. Tour guides will help you track the beautiful and unique Bengal tigers as you move around the national park. There are numerous ways of tracking tigers in the Sundarbans national park. It can be through a tour car or a boat ride. Try out both ways for a glamorous adventure at this spot. People who are in love with green nature and unique landscapes will also enjoy a trip at this national park. So, spare sometimes and check out the surrounding environment. There are also different bird species in this region. You might be lucky to see different bird species flying around this national park.

Ratargul Swamp Forest

ratargul swamp forest

Ratargul swamp forest is situated next to River Gowain. River Gowain is situated in Sylhet district. People who visit Ratargul swamp get the chance to see the evergreen forest. You will also see the freshwater all over the swamp. There are also different kinds of fish species. You might get lucky to see some rare species all over the swamp. Insects, birds, lizards, monkeys and snakes, eagle and vulture are other species you will see touring this region. Boat ride is a very common activity in this region. However, there are some dense regions in this swamp you cannot reach through boat ride. Ratargul swamp is well known because of its pretty and well preserved nature. You will definitely fall in love with the surrounding environment. It is also known as one of the freshwater swamp forests in Asia. A section of the Amazon forest passes through this region.

Hiking the Sylhet and Chittagong Hills

sylhet & chittokong hills

The eastern parts of Sylhet and Chittagong are one of the most visited places in Bangladesh. Anyone who has embarked on this journey has given it a five star. There are forested hills and rugged mountains are situated both in Syhelt and Chittagong. There are plenty of things to do and see in Sylhet and Chittagong hills. The beauty of the landscapes can be seen from a distance. Don’t just see the landscapes, go an extra mile and embark on hikes. There are different hiking adventures you can embark on at Sylhet and Chittagong hills. Some hiking trails are pretty straightforward and can be covered in a single day. You will also see the tea estates as you transverse this part of Bangladesh. The Hum hum waterfalls and Lowacherra national park are other attractions you will see when you visit Sylhet and Chittagong hills.

Riding the Rocket Paddle Steamer


Riding the Rocket paddle steamer is a must to do thing while in Bangladesh. The paddle steamer services have been offered since the 20th century. Currently, there are only four rocket paddle steamers at the moment. You will also understand the reason behind their name. They were once the fastest vessels all over Bangladesh. A right on the rocket paddle steamer gives you a glimpse of the good services they enjoyed while these boats were new. You will be able to see small boats and ferries when riding the rocket paddle steamer. The rocket paddle steamer offers a glamorous view of the surrounding environment. Your tour in Bangladesh will be incomplete if you don’t ride the famous paddle steamers.

Surfing in Cox’s Bazaar

surfing at cox's bazaar

Cox’s Bazaar is a beach town situated in Bangladesh. This beach has plenty of activities to do. First start you can walk along the beach sand and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are also a couple of seaside resorts that offer exclusive and top class services. In short, you are assured of a glamorous stay at the Cox’s Bazaar. Cox’s Bazaar is a lively beach town. Surfing is one of the main activities in Co’s Bazaar you should try out. There are different spots around Cox’s Bazaar you can hire the surfing kits. Beginners can also request assistance for experienced local surfers. Currently, surfing competition are emerging within this beach town. Festivals are also being introduced in this region. Body boarding, skateboarding and skim-boarding are other activities you can engage yourself in while at the Cox’s Bazaar.

Rickshaw Ride in Old Dhaka

rickshaw-ride-in old dhaka-

Do you intend on traveling to Old Dhaka? If yes, ensure you go on the Rickshaw ride. It is estimated that there were 37 rickshaws as per 1941. This number has significantly improved over the years. Currently, Dhaka is nicknamed the rickshaws city. This is the reason Rickshaw is a must to do things while in Old Dhaka.

You will also be able to see some colonial architectural structures, historical sites and locals handling their daily activities. Create time and check out the old quarter while in Dhaka. Here, there are a couple of historical sites that try and explain the local culture and history. You should also check out Sadarghat waterfront. Above all; you must go on a rickshaw ride. This makes it easy to explore the busy and narrow streets. Don’t leave the Old Dhaka without sampling some local delicacies. Here, there are plenty of local delicacies to choose from.

Ancient Mosques in Bagerhat

ancient mosques in bagerhat

There are lots of ancient mosques in Bagerhat. These ancient mosques are one of the top attractions in Bangladesh. You will also see some ancient structures are you move around Bagerhat. Start your tour in Bagerhat by checking out the Shrine of Khan Jahan. This shrine was built in honor of Khan Jahan, the ruler who transformed this region. The architectural design and look of this site attracts plenty of people. Commence to sixty dome Mosque. This is the largest brick mosque in Bagerhat and Bangladesh. It is estimated that this mosque can accommodate up to 2,000 people at any interval. Tour around this mosque and check out the small domes. There are roughly 77 domes in the sixty dome mosque. You should also check out the Bengal traditional architectural style.

Go on to the nine domed mosque. This mosque looks intact because it has been extensively repaired over the years. Take time and tour this ancient mosque. You should also check out the Singair Mosque. Singair mosque is made from bricks. Bibi Begni mosque and Chunakhola mosque are other ancient mosques you should check out while in Bagerhat.

Chittagong Hill Tracts

chittagong hill tracts

Chittagong hill tracts are situated in the Southeastern part of Bangladesh. There are plenty of things to enjoy in this region including a diverse culture. It is also a perfect place of understanding the local culture, religion and the dress culture. This part of the country is very unique because of its plenty of waterfalls, lakes and hills. The hill tracts in Chittagong offer a perfect opportunity of exploring. Chittagong hill tracts are a good gateway spot for people who want to escape the busy city life. You need a permit to visit these hill tracts. The beauty of this region is undeniable. You will enjoy every single moment at this location.

Old Dhaka


Old Dhaka is the heart of Bangladesh. Your visit to this country is incomplete if you don’t stop over at Old Dhaka. You should start your tour by checking out Ahsan Manzil palace or the pink palace. This is one of the most beautiful structures in Old Dhaka and entire Bangladesh. Don’t leave this palace without taking a couple of pictures. Move on to the Llalbagh fort. This fort was built in the 17th century. It is situated next to River Buriganga. You should also check out the garden next to the fort. Choose a guided tour if you don’t want to miss on anything.

Carry on with your tour and check out the Rainbow mosque. As the name states, this mosque has a rainbow minaret. It is also easy to access from the city town. Proceed to the Sadarghat boat terminal. Go on a boat ride and explore River Buriganga. You should also take a stroll at Shankharia Street. Here, you will see different Hindu art, rickshaws and street food.

These are just a few things you will enjoy while at Bangladesh. You can either go solo or book tour services to ensure your stay in Bangladesh is worth every moment and coin.


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