Traveling to One of The Most Beautiful Cities: Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands and has approximately 880.000 inhabitants. The city is well-known for its endless possibilities for students and adults. Multinationals, big companies and universities are located across the city. The city also offers many social activities, like clubs, bars, outdoor areas and festivals. In this article we will highlight the best experiences in the city and how to plan your trip to Amsterdam.

How do you plan your trip?

How do you plan your trip
The most important thing before you go on a trip is precise planning. A trip without a plan will not be successful. Amsterdam has luxurious standards. You will probably spend much money for staying in a hotel. So we recommend you to look for a cheaper stay, so you can spend your money on doing the fun stuff. We also recommend you to stay longer than just a weekend, if you have more money to spend. It is worth it!

How will I arrive in the city?

Amsterdam has one airport named Schiphol. Schiphol is a very large airport and it is a stopover for most of the flights. From America you can have a direct flight to Amsterdam. This will cost approximately 1000 US dollars.

If you live in one of the neighboring countries, e.g. France, Belgium, Austria, Germany, and UK, then you will spend less money for transportation to Amsterdam. There are a lot of direct trains that go directly to Paris, Brussel and Osnabrück (Germany).

Tourists from the UK can come by bus or boat. The boat will stop at the harbor in Rotterdam or at the Amsterdam river, the IJ. Not a recommendation when you get easily seasick, it is not a comfy trip.

What activities should I undertake?

What activities should I undertake

I have good news if you like shopping. Amsterdam has two big warehouses where you can buy luxury products. There are also brands with flagship stores in Amsterdam with a variety of products. Shopping in Amsterdam is fun! Besides this there is the famous street market the

Albert Cuypmarkt where you can buy all your souvenirs to take home. When you want to take the beautiful tulips home, you can buy them at the Flower Market in the city center.

Canal cruises

The city is well known for its canals. There are a lot of providers where you can have a canal tour for 25 euro. It is suitable for everybody. It is perfect for a romantic moment or to spend some time with your family. The canal tours are suitable for every occasion!

This is a must visit. Amsterdam is even more beautiful with a view from the water.


The country is well known for its toleration policy regarding softdrugs.The best weed can be found at coffeeshop in Amsterdam and coffeeshop Amsterdam West. In the coffeeshops you can buy and consume the product, or you can have take out from the stores. Do not forget that you can only walk with 5 grams or less. Everything more than that can cause problems with the police.

Red Lights

Amsterdam is also well known for its Red Light district. This is a district where prostitution is allowed. All prostitutes are registered by the Township in order to monitor whether someone is working out of their own will.

Gay Pride
Gay Pride
This event is well-known among the gay society of the whole world. A lot of boats from other countries sail towards Amsterdam around the period 25th of July until the 2nd of August.

Boats with a lot of confetti, pink color and happy people cruise through Amsterdam and party for at least a week.

Overall, I hope that I could inform you more about the travel opportunities and activities such as: coffeeshops, gay pride, red lights, canal cruises and shopping in Amsterdam. If you intend to visit the city or if you already have visited let me know in the comments below!


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