Why Italy Should Be Your Number One Tourist Spot?

Italy has grown over the years as a fashion country. It is also known for its long Mediterranean coast. This European country also has ancient ruins and significant landmarks. The Vatican church is also located in Italy. This country has been a tourist hub for years. There are 17 places you must visit while in this country



Rome is a significant city, especially for the christen believers. This city has a lot of things to offer in terms of attractions. Rome is huge in that you cannot visit all sites in a single day. The Colosseum & the arch of Constantine is a huge structure that reminds people of the ancient Roman rule. Its construction commenced in 72 AD. The current stadium was derived from the original structure. Festivals, games, circuses and theatrical performances are held here. You will be assigned a knowledgeable guide as you tour this huge structure. You cannot miss out Vatican City while in Rome. Most people believe that the Pope controls this state. Vatican City is mostly enclosed by all. St Peter’s square and St Peter’s Basilica are major attractions in Vatican City you cannot miss out. Ensure you visit Sistine chapel, which happens to be the museum of the Vatican City. Here, you will find different information regarding this part of Rome city.

The Pantheon is considered the most preserved ancient monument. It is estimated to be over 2,000 years old. This monument also has an interesting history worth listening to. The 17th century Trevi Fountain is also a major attraction in Rome. You will impressed by the beauty of this fountain. Don’t forget to toss a coin inside the fountain. Anyone who visits Basilica of St John Lateran will be impressed by its beauty and design. The Basilica of St John Lateran is considered one of the most beautiful churches in Italy. People are also impressed by the interior design of this church. Anyone who visits Rome cannot miss out Centro Storico & Spanish steps. Centro Storico is the center of Rome. This location has plenty to see such as palaces, churches and squares. The Spanish steps are a major attraction in Rome. They are irregular in shape and offer a perfect background for taking pictures.

Proceed to the Santa Maria Maggiore church that was built during the 4th century. The mosaic, art work and the interior design of this church brings out a stunning look. Visit Piazza Navona for a detailed outline of an ancient Roman stadium that had previously been built here. You will understand how this site was used for horse races and festivals. Go on with your tour and Palatine hill. Palatine hill contains evidence of early settlement. Borghese gallery & gardens, baths of Caracalla, Baths of Diocletian national museum, Roman Forum and the Catacombs are other attractions in Rome you cannot miss out.



Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. It contains a series of 117 islands connected by bridges. This is the reason boat ride is the main transport around Venice City. St Mark’s Basilica is as significant building in Venice and Italy at large. This Basilica despite being built in 1092. The artwork, sculptures and the overall design of St Mark’s Basilica makes it stand out. Ensure you check out its interior while at the basilica. St Mark’s square is another site you cannot miss out. There are plenty of things to see and do at this square. It is also sets a perfect background for taking pictures.

Venice city is renowned for its numerous canals. The Canale Grande is the largest canal in Venice city. Here, you will more than 100 buildings. Some buildings along the Canale Grande can be traced back to the 13th century. You will also learn how this canal has served people for more than 100 years. The Canale Grande can be admired from different angles. Move on to Ponte di Rialto Bridge. This bridge attracts thousands of tourists all year round. It also has an interesting history worth listening to.

Art lovers should visit Gallerie dell’ Accademia. This art museum contains collections that extend up to the 19 th century. The building housing the museum has been operational since the 1700s. There are a wide range of collections here. You will enjoy every minute of your tour around Gallerie dell’ Accademia. Venice Lido is one of the numerous Islands in the city. It outshines other islands for various reasons. First, it has one of the most beautiful beaches in Venice City. You can visit this beach for swimming, relaxation and for some picnic with your loved ones. Venice Lido also has top class restaurants and hotels.

You cannot leave Venice City without visiting Doges palace. The diamond shaped walls and white stones give this palace a splendid look. Doges palace also has some artwork collection and furniture. The bridge of Sighs is another highlight you cannot miss out while in Venice City. It is also an important landmark in this part of the country. Vaporetto is the main transport system in Venice. Therefore, your tour in Venice city will be incomplete if you don’t ride on a Vaporetto. This transport system offers a marvelous view of the city.

San Marco Campanile is the largest structure in the city. It is visible from different parts of the city. The current building is a replica of the original structure that collapsed in the year 1902. You can also take an elevator up for a spectacular view of the city. Move on to San Giorgio Maggiore Island. This canal isn’t connected the main canal. San Giorgio Maggiore Island has grown as a top tourist hub. Visit Murano if you want to get away from the busy city life. This part of the city is a very peaceful location and has plenty of sights. You will definitely enjoy your tour at this Island. Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta, Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute and Torcello Island are other places you should visit in Venice city.

Tuscany Region


Tuscany region is a very beautiful region in Italy. It contains different historic landmarks, cities and beautiful landscapes. There are also beaches and mountains. In short, Tuscany region has something for everyone. The historic center of Florence is a leading attraction in this region. It is also located in Florence. There are plenty of renaissance and medieval structures around Florence. Michelangelo’s David statue, Uffizi gallery and Duomo are top spots in Florence. The famous leaning tower of Pisa is also situated in Tuscany region. As the name suggests, this building appears to lean on one side. Book your ticket in advance because this location is fully booked.

Commence with your tour to Piazza del Campo, Siena. A famous horse race is held here twice every year. These events are held in July and august respectively. Piazza del Campo also has an impressive look. Val d’Orcia should be your next stop. There are plenty of ancient hamlets, medieval castles, unique landscapes and cypress trees in Val d’Orcia. You should also visit Terrazza Mascagni. This beautiful terrace along the coastal town offers a spectacular view of the sunset. You will also see Tyrrenean Sea.

Elba Island is one of the largest islands in the country. It beautiful beaches offer plenty of things to see and activities to do. This beach island is also known for its beautiful landscapes. Populonia archaeological site is also situated in Tuscany region. Here, you will see ancient ruins that are well maintained. Populonia also offers a marvelous view of the sea. Visit Saturnia hot springs after a long and tiresome day. This spring will make you feel fresh and reenergized throughout the mind and the body. Lucca is an ancient town located at the heart of Tuscany region. Ensure you visit the ancient walls while in Lucca.

Go on with your tour to San Gimignano. This city has plenty of breathtaking towers, ancient palaces and fountains. You will also have an easy time touring Gimignano. Do you want a taste of the Italian culture? If yes, ensure you visit Pistoia. You should also try out some local cuisines while at Pistoia. Italy is known for splendid beaches. San Vincenzo is one of the beaches you must visit. This beach is a perfect spot for relaxing, swimming and for picnic. Volterra, Abetone, Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi Park, the textile museum of Prato, Ponte della Maddalena bridge, Isola del Giglio, Mugello and Forte dei Marmi are other attractions in Tuscany region you should visit.

Ruins of Pompeii

ruins of pompeii

The Ruins of Pompeii are attractive places you should visit in Italy. The ruins of Pompeii are located on Mount Vesuvius. It is estimated that Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 CE. This is how Pompeii and other towns were destroyed. There are a lot of things to see in Pompeii. Start off by visiting the house of Vettii. This villa is located on the western part of the ruins. It gives a rough idea of how the ancient Roman architectural designs looked like. Statues are also located within this villa. Proceed with your tour to Villa dei Misteri. You will be impressed by the interior artworks, large terrace and a garden. People are also impressed by the overall design of Villa dei Misteri.

The temple of Apollo is considered the oldest structure in Pompeii ruins. This temple has a blend of Etruscan, Greek and Romans architectural design. You will also see the famous Apollo statue at this temple. Lupanare is another site you cannot miss out. This brothel contains graffiti walls and huge stones that were used as beds. Lupanare also offers a stunning view of Pompeii ruins. Visit the house of the Faun to see different contemporary artworks. The famous faun statue is believed to have been found here. The Alexander mosaic and geometric floor garners are the highlights you will see inside the house of the Faun.

Move on to the Forum of Pompeii. This location is believed to be a market place, cultural and political center. The forum of Pompeii is currently in ruins. Stabian baths are also situated in the ruins of Pompeii. Here, you will see three thermal baths that have been existence since the ancient times. The Stabian baths also help you understand how the ancient people lived. You should also visit Pompeii spectacula, the temple of Isis and the house of the tragic poet while in Pompeii ruins.

The Amalfi Coast


Italy is well known for its beautiful beaches and coastal region. The Amalfi coast is one of the places you should visit while in Italy. This coastal region has plenty of gorgeous towns, beaches, mountains and breathtaking sceneries. Above all; the infrastructure in Amalfi coast is top class. This makes it easy to transverse this part of Italy. Commence your tour by visiting Sorrento town. This town is well known for its beautiful landscapes and scenery. There are also plenty of things to do apart from visiting the beaches. You will see the 11 th century Sorrento cathedral, Museo della Tarsia Lignea and Correale museum. Fishing and boat sailing are other fun activities you should try in Sorrento town.

The colorful and picturesque Positano town is situated in Amalfi coast. There are plenty of colorful houses and structures as you see as you transverse this town. Positano town is best seen from the sea. Therefore, consider a boat ride to Positano town. Visit Praiano if you want to escape huge crowds. Praiano offers a stunning view of the coastal beaches and the harbor.

Carry on with your tour to Amalfi town. This is one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Italy. You will see plenty of colored buildings as you walk through the streets. Don’t forget to visit its cathedral whenever you are around. Ensure you visit Ravello for a perfect view of Amalfi coast. Ravello town is located on top of a mountain. This is also a perfect location to see the sunset in the evening. Visit Maiori if you want to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Amalfi coast. Here, you can go swimming, walk along the white beaches and bask in the sun. You will feel rejuvenated whenever you visit this beach.

Tour Cetara is one of the most unspoiled towns in Amalfi coast. Fishing is still the main activity carried out here. You will see plenty of fishing boats when you visit this town. Try out some local seafood delicacies at this location. Don’t leave this part of the country without visiting Grotta dello Smeraldo cave. You will be assigned a guide throughout this natural cave. Salerno is the biggest town in Amalfi coast. This is the reason you must visit this location. You will see the old and the new part of the town. This town has beautiful beaches and a harbor.

Anyone who loves outdoor activities must visit Valle delle Ferriere waterfall. Hiking is the main activity in this waterfall. Valle delle Ferriere waterfall also has a well preserved nature. The hiking trails are well labeled so that you don’t miss out your way throughout the waterfall. Capri Island, Sirenuse Islands and Furore town are other attractions in Amalfi town you should visit.

The Dolomite Mountain Range

dolomie mountains

Are you looking for adventure, history of the Italian people and relaxation? If yes, make the Dolomites mountain range one of the spots you should visit. Skiing, hiking, cycling and mountain climbing are some fun activities held here. You will also attain a glamorous view of the surrounding region. Ensure you visit via Ferrata routes while in the Dolomites mountain range. This passage was originally built during the First World War. These routes made it easy for the military to pass. Currently, these routes have metal rungs, iron ladders and steel cables. This makes them safe and offers a spectacular view on the surrounding mountain range.

The Tre Cime di Lavaredo should be your next stop. This location is recommended for hiking and anyone who wants an overview of the dolomites mountain range. The Tre Cime di lavaredo also offers a perfect background for taking pictures. Move on to Cortina D’Ampezzo town. This town can be traced back two thousand years ago. It has a very rich history worth listening to. You will also be thrilled by its natural beauty and the custom of the local people. Lake Lago di Braies is the biggest lake in this part of Italy. It is surrounded by green vegetation.

Take a cable car to the top of the Sella group. This location contain high plateau. It is one of the commonly visited spots in the Dolomites mountain range. Visit Livinallongo del Col di Lana town for some skiing, fishing and hiking adventure. You will also see some trenches from First World War and a museum. Don’t forget about Lake Carezza and Lake Cadore while in the Dolomites mountain range.

Emilia-Romagna (Region)

emilia romagna region

Emilia Romagna region in Italy attracts tourists all year round. It is famous for bird watching, beaches, local cuisines and nature, among others. Below are some places you should visit while in Emilia Romagna. Start off by visiting Parma. Parma is well known for its delicious meals. There are also different street meals you should try out. Parma ham and Parmigiano Reggiano are the main kinds of meals you should try out. You are encouraged to be open-minded when trying out local meals in Parma. Parma also gives you a glimpse of the local culture. Ensure you visit Duomo cathedral before moving to Modena.

Modena is the home of classical and high class cars. Visit Enzo Ferrari museum to understand the evolution of cars over the years. You should also visit Ferrari museum in Maranello. Request a drive test of cars in exhibition. There are also different kinds of cars in this museum. Check them out before leaving Ferrari museum. Proceed with your tour to Ferrara. There are plenty of things to see in Ferrara. They range from the ancient Jewish settlement, Castello Estense castle and Duomo city walls. You should also try out Salama da sugo, a local meal.

The longest river in Italy, Po Delta is located in Emilia Romagna region. This location is well known for bird watching and watching the sun set in the evening. A couple of parties are also held at this location during summer. Bologna city cannot be omitted from this list. It is known for its largest University in this region and Italy at large. There are also plenty of fun activities to do in Bologna. They range from Torre degli Asinelli climbing and visiting San Luca Sanctuary, among others.

Move on to the UNESCO listed Ravenna. It was the capital of the West Empire during the Roman rule. This is the reason it has rich cultural and historic sites. You will spot ancient churches with their mosaic designs. Take pictures to remind you of your tour around Ravenna. Lastly, visit Romagna Apennines while in Emilia Romagna region. The landscapes offer stunning adventure.



Naples city is rated number three in Italy in terms of size. This city has seen plenty of battles over different civilizations. Naples has a very interesting and diverse history. This is one of the reasons you should visit Naples. Climb on top of Mount Vesuvius for a glamorous view of the surrounding environment. This mountain also destroyed Herculaneum and Pompeii because of eruption. Hiking on top of Mount Vesuvius takes roughly two to three hours. Carry on to the ruins of Pompeii. This ancient city was destroyed by volcanic eruptions from Mount Vesuvius.

Ensure you check out the ruins of Pompeii while in Naples city. The Naples national archaeological museum should be your next site. This museum contains a combination of Greek and Roman artifacts. Some local works from Herculaneum and Pompeii are also located here. The Naples national archaeological museum also houses marble statues, beautiful mosaics, death masks and mummified remains.

San Gennaro Catacombs in Naples is another highlight you shouldn’t miss out. This is an underground world that contains different passageways and tunnels. These passageways and tunnels are linked with crypts and graves. They also date back to the ancient era. You will be assigned a tour guide whenever you visit San Gennaro Catacombs. Move on to the 1282 Castel Nuovo. Its five huge towers make it visible from a distance. You will also be impressed by the overall design of the castle. Check out its courtyard and Baron’s hall. Castel Nuovo also offers a marvelous view of the harbor and Naples city at large.

Cappella Sansevero church attracts thousands of tourists each year. It was built in 1590. The interior design of cappella Sansevero is impressive. There are plenty of sculptures and different artwork inside the church. The Castel dell’Ovo is a top tourist attraction in Naples city. It is visible from a distance. This is the one of the ancient fortifications that is intact. The Castel dell’Ovo was built in the 6th century for defensive purpose. Some art exhibits are also found in this castle. Your trip around Naples city is incomplete if you don’t visit Naples harbor. This harbor is very busy throughout the day. Visit this location to see a couple of expensive yachts. Naples harbor also offers perfect background for pictures.

San Domenico Maggiore should be your next stop. This church was built in 1324. It is also situated on the old part of Naples. Ensure you check out the interior of this church. Don’t forget about Naples cathedral, Santa Lucia district, Palazzo Reale, Capri Island and Piazza del Plebiscito are other places you should visit while in Naples city.

Cappella Degli Scrovegni (Scrovegni Chapel)


The Scrovegni cathedral is renowned for its fine art. These arts narrate the lives of both Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. Cappella Degli Scrovegni was restored in the 19th and 20th century. This is the reason it is still intact and in good condition. Scrovegni cathedral has a very rich history. This is the reason you need the help of a tour guide to break down the hidden information on the arts. They will also help you understand the history of this cathedral.

Lake Como


Lake Como is located in North Italy and specifically Lombardy. There are plenty of villas and villages on this part of the country. There are also plenty of things to see and do at Lake Como. The beautiful Duomo of Como cathedral is situated here. This is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Lombardy and Italy at large. You will be impressed by both the interior and exterior design of this cathedral. Extend your trip to Villa del Balbianello. It is situated on the shores of the lake. Villa del Balbianello offers a stunning view of the surrounding environment. This location can be reached through hiking or a boat ride. You will see plants and flowers as you approach villa Del Balbianello. It is estimated that this building was built in the 16th century.

Board Taxi boat Varenna for both short and long trips. This boat taxi ensures you have an easy time touring Lake Como and the surrounding environment. Visit Jungle Raider Park if you want some adventure while in Lake Como. There are different paths within the jungle raider park. Each path offers different challenge. Zip line is another popular activity in Lake Como. Jungle Raider Park offers fun activities for both children and adults.

You should also check out the 5th century Basilica of Sant’Abbondio. Basilica of Sant’Abbondio stands out because it was built on different period. You will notice that a section of the basilica has art and another part is a simple building. Do you love motorcycles? If yes, visit Moto Guzzi museum. This museum will help you understand the motorcycles and engines that were being used on specific period in the past. The Moto Guzzi museum mostly showcases the Italian motorcycles. Don’t forget the Botanic gardens at Hotel Villa Cipressi. The botanic garden is nearly 100 years old, whereas the villa is estimated to be from the 1400’s. You will see different plant species on this botanic garden.

You should also visit Forte di Fuentes ruins. People are amazed by the rich history of this fortress, dating back from the 17th century. Try your best and visit the entire Forte di Fuentes ruins. Italy is well known for its sweet wine. Enoteca Principessa is one of the winery in Lake Como you should check out. Here, you will understand how wine is made and packaged. Don’t forget to buy some wine bottles while at the winery. Finally, check out Sentiero del Viandante. This location is famous for hiking and its intact nature.

Cinque Terre


Cinque Terre is one of the most beautiful places in Italy. Boat ride is one of the ways you can admire the beauty of this location. You can also walk through the streets and paths. There are plenty of beautiful things to see while walking through Cinque Terre. Climb on top of Santuario di Nostra Signora di Montenero for a spectacular view of Cinque Terre. You can also embark on hiking adventures while on Santuario di Nostra Signora.

Carry on with your tour around Cinque Terre and check out Portovenere. The beauty of this location made it listed as an UNESCO site. Visit Nessun Dorma for some delicious meals. Here, there are different kinds of local meals to choose from. Simple ask for common meals and try them out. You will definitely enjoy every meal you eat at Nessun Dorma. Cinque Terre offers a perfect view of the sunset in the evening. Simply choose an ideal location to watch the sunset.

Fuori Rotta is situated in Riomaggiore and offers delicious traditional Italian meals. Visit Manarola while in Cinque Terre for some deep sea diving. There are also plenty of beach activities to do in Manarola. You should also visit cantine Lunae for some delicious wine.

Sardinia Island


The beautiful beaches in Sardinia Island make it one of the perfect locations for vacation. There are plenty of places in Sardinia Island you should check out. Maddalena archipelago is one of the places you should visit. It was listed as a UNESCO heritage site in 1994. You will be amazed by its clean and clear water. The boat is the perfect way of exploring Maddalena. Chia beach is another gem on the island. This beach has clear water and clean environment. There are plenty of fun activities to do at this beach such as swimming, boat ride and picnic, among others.

The Gulf of Orosei is also situated in Sardinia Island and is famous for its Bur Marino caves. This is a must visit place while on Sardinia Island. Alghero should be your next stop. Evidence of the Catalan past are visible as you walk through the streets. There are also plenty of gothic style buildings. San Francesco church, Guillot palace, Coral museum and Santa Maria cathedral are located in Alghero. Don’t forget about Bosa. Bosa has plenty of colorful buildings ascending in hills. The Malaspina castle is the major highlight in Bosa.

The Neptune caves attract tourists all year round. They offer a fantastic view of the coast and the sea. Sardinia Island also houses Mamoiada museum. This museum houses different things. Ensure you tour the entire museum. Carloforte, Bastion of Saint Remy, Castelsardo, Villasimius, Sinis peninsula, Tavolara Island and Costa Verde are other tourist sites you should visit.

Sicily Region


Sicily region contains different information about the ancient world. This should be your next destination if you want to understand the ancient history. The cathedral of Monreale was fully built in the year 1100’s. This cathedral narrates the politics, arts and religion of the local people under Normans rule. You will also see the Byzantine architectural design used on the entire Monreale cathedral. Ensure you visit the entire cathedral. Proceed to Agrigento temples and tombs. These tombs and temples date back to 500 BC. Tempio di Concordia is one of the most preserved ancient temples in Sicily region. The Olympian Zeus, Tempio di Juno Lacinia and Tempio di Heracles are other ancient temples in Sicily region. They are all listed as UNESCO world heritage site.

Go on to la Martorana church mosaics. La Martorana church mosaics comprise Santa Maria dell’ Ammiraglio and Cappela Palatina. These two churches are from the 12th century. There is another church built in 1453 and has a gothic design worth your time. You should also visit the eight temples at Selinunte while in Sicily region. These temples date as far as the 5th century. The eight temples vary in terms of size and its current condition. Some temples are in ruins.

Anyone who loves outdoor activities should visit Mount Etna. Mount Etna has a very beautiful nature and landscapes. Its unique landscape makes it suit fun activities such as hiking and nature walk. The ancient Villa Romana del Casale is an ancient villa from the 12th century. This ancient villa was once buried by landslide before being discovered later on. Try your best and check out all the 50 rooms. Parco archeologico della neapolis, Taormina’s townscape, Aeolian Islands, Palermo archeological museum, Ragusa & Modica and Cefalu cathedral are other attractive places in Sicily region you should visit.

Basilica Di Santa Croce (Church)


Your trip in Italy will be incomplete if you don’t visit Basilica di Santa Groce. The original structure was built in 1212. The current church started being built in 1294. You will be amazed by the interior and the exterior design of this ancient church. Its interior design cannot be compared to that of any surrounding church. The Basilica Di Santa Groce also has top notch art work. Some arts are simple and straightforward, whereas others require interpretation. That’s not all; this church has also been through a lot in terms of disaster. These are a few reasons you should visit this ancient church.

Mount Etna


Mount Etna is a major highlight in Italy. This mountain is known in the history of Pompeii because it made this town be evacuated because of its volcanic activity. Mount Etna is also surrounded by beautiful landscapes. These landscapes offer different hiking challenges. You can also take a stroll and admire the beautiful sceneries. Visit Mount Etna during the day to be able to see evidence of volcanic activity. You will also learn about the previous volcanic activities at this location.

Piedmont Region

piedmont region

Anyone who loves history and the Italian culture should visit Piedmont region before leaving Italy. Ensure you visit the National cinema museum while in Mole Antonelliana. You will learn different things about film history. The national cinema museum also houses different exhibitions, which try and explain film evolution. This museum also offers a fantastic view of the surrounding region. Carry on to the Egyptian Museum. This museum houses ancient Egyptian artifacts from ancient kingdom. Request a tour guide when you check out the collections inside the museum.

You should also visit Basilica di Superga while in Piedmont region. This location has a very sad history. You will hear about how an entire soccer team perished at this location in 1949. The famous Fenestrelle fortress cannot be left out on your tour around Piedmont region. This fortress was built in the year 1690. Ensure you check out every corner of this fortress. Carry on to the Santuario of Vicoforte pilgrimage site. You will hear an interesting story about this pilgrimage site when you visit this site.

Visit Bicerin for some delicious Italian coffee such as espresso, among others. Bicerin café upholds all the Italian culture and traditions while preparing your coffee. You should also visit Gianduiotti, Cantina del Glicine, Murazzi and Juventus club are more attractive places you should visit while in Piedmont region.

Gran Paradiso National Park


The Gran paradise national park is situated in a mountainous area. There are plenty of things to do and see at this national park. Nature at this protected national park is intact. You can start by visiting the botanical garden inside Gran Paradiso national park. You will see more than thousand different plant species. Sliver fir trees, larch trees, Swiss stone pines and red spruce are some plant species you will see in the botanical garden. Gran Paradiso national park also contains different wild animals and bird species. Hiking is another popular activity within this national park. You will be assigned a tour before going on hiking adventure.

There is no doubt Italy is one of the most attractive countries in Europe. This is the reason it receives tourists all year round. You should definitely visit this beautiful country whenever you are in Europe.


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