15 Best Things to Do and See in Wales

Wales is part of the countries that make up the United Kingdom. There are plenty of reasons you should visit this country. It has plenty of attraction sites to offer. This is the reason people flood this country all year round. There are plenty of historic buildings, arcades and castles. It is estimated that Wales houses over 400 castles. In short, attraction sites are spread all over the country. There are also plenty of things to do in Wales.

Snowdonia & the Llŷn

snowdonia (1)

Snowdonia & the Llyn offer plenty of attraction sites. This is one of the reasons this region is full of tourists all year round. Snowdonia National park is one of the attraction sites in this region. Access to the Snowdonia national park has been made easy to access through the Mountain railway. The national park also offers different hiking adventures. Snowdonia national park also has plenty of valleys, beautiful beaches and a couple of ruins.

The national Slate Museum should be your next stop. This national slate museum was built during the 1800’s. You will see restored machinery and workshop from the 19th century. There are also displays showcasing harsh conditions faced by workers. Electric Mountain is another attraction in this region. It is found in Llyn Padarn. This is one of the largest power stations in Europe. It is capable of powering entire Wales. The longest lake in Wales, Lake Bala is found in Snowdonia. There are plenty of family activities to do in this lake. These activities range from canoeing, kayaking, fishing, swimming and sailing. The Harlech castle, Portmeirion village, St Winefride’s well and Gwydyr forest are other attractions in Snowdonia & the Llyn you should check out.

St Davids (Tyddewi)

St_Davids_Cathedral (1)

St Davids is considered the smallest city in both the Wales and the United Kingdom. This is a seaside city and has a lot to offer. St Davids is found in Pembrokeshire and has a rich history. There are a plenty of things to do in this seaside city. Start your tour by checking out the St Davids cathedral. This pilgrim has been in existence for thousands of years. This cathedral has been around since 645 AD. Visit this site to understand its history. You should also check out the unique and incredible architecture of this site.

There are plenty of uninhabited islands in Pembrokeshire you should check out. They range from Skokholm, Skomer, Grassholm and Ramsey. These Islands have different kinds of wildlife and natural beauty. Take tour boat to explore these islands. Make a stop at St Non chapel while at St David’s city. St Non chapel is considered one of the oldest pilgrims in Wales. The Neolithic architectural design of this cathedral brings out a unique look. Oriel y Parc gallery & visitor center is another attraction site in St Davids. This site will help you understand everything about St David. There are tour guides who will take you around Oriel y Parc gallery visitor center.

Conwy Castle

Conwy_Castle_Exterior (1)

Conwy castle is a top attraction in the Wales you should check out. This dark stoned castle has a very rich history. It is believed to be built around 1283. The strategic location of this castle makes it visible from a distance. Conwy castle is one of the few castles that have remained intact over the years. Make an effort of checking out the eight big towers and the curtain walls. Part of the curtain walls are listed as UNESCO world heritage site. Conwy castle offers marvelous views of the sea and mountains. Go on guided tour for proper understanding about the Conwy castle.

Whitebrook Restaurant

white brook restaurant (1)

Tour in Wales will be incomplete if you don’t sample some local delicacies. The Whitebrook restaurant is very popular spot among tourists who visit Wales. This restaurant has rooms for guests. Be open-minded when dining at Whitebrook restaurant. There are different kinds of meals to choose from. This restaurant is also situated in a quiet environment. You can enjoy some quiet time with your loved ones while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Whitebrook restaurant is listed as a top attraction spot in Wales because of their world class services. There are also a couple of attraction sites near this restaurant. You should also try out some local drinks while at this famous restaurant.

Pembrokeshire Town

pembrokshire town (1)

Wales has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the globe. Pembrokeshire town is one of the coastlines you should check out while in Wales. There are different ways this famous town can be explored. It can be either through car, bike or foot. There are also other attractions and activities in Pembrokeshire town. Start off by visiting Pembrokeshire coast national park. This national park gives allows you to see unique and secluded Islands. You will also spot bays, landscapes and different wildlife species. Pembrokeshire coast national park also offers plenty of hiking adventures.

Take a walk along the Pembrokeshire coast path. The coast path offers a marvelous view of the beaches, natural vegetations and attraction sites. Move on to the Pembroke castle. This castle was built in the year 1090. Pembroke castle offers a perfect view of the surrounding region. Visit all sections of the ancient castle when on this site. You will also understand the significance of Pembroke castle in history.

Take some time and check out Dylan Thomas’ Laugharne. Visit this town if you want a glimpse of the ancient life. Here, you will see plenty of well maintained buildings that can be traced back to the 18th century. Dylan Thomas Laugharne also has a rich history. It can be traced back from the year 1746. Carew castle is another attraction site in Pembrokeshire town you should check out. This castle was built in the 13th century. People also travel across the globe just to admire the beauty of Carew castle. This castle is rumored to have been built by the Celtic and the Vikings.

Manorbier village and castle are other attractions in Pembrokeshire town. A visit to these two sites will make you feel in an ancient era. This is because of the buildings, paints and paths. St David’s cathedral and Tenby town are other attractions in Pembrokeshire town you should tour.

Ffestiniog Railway

ffestiniog railway (1)

Ffestiniog railway is a major attraction in Wales. This is the oldest narrow gauge railway in Wales, Europe and the globe. This railway line gives you the opportunity to enjoy the nature and the beauty of this country. You will board the famous 150 year old steam locomotive. All carriages on their train ride are wooden. Each train ride costs roughly seven pounds. The train ride commences from Blaenau Ffestiniog and comes to an end at Porthmadog. You will also see the flashing rivers, woodlands, landscapes and the breathtaking escarpments. Ensure Ffestiniog railway ride is among the places to visit while in Wales.

Brecon Beacons National Park

brecon-beacons-national park (1)

Brecon Beacons is known for its rich culture, wildlife and natural beauty. Its beautiful nature and plenty of fun activities make Brecon beacons. Start your tour in Brecon Beacons by visiting the national park. You will see plenty of wild animals while at Brecon beacons national park. This national park also offers a perfect view of the stars. It has been listed among five spots in the world you can clearly admire the stars. This region doesn’t have any light pollution. You will also the sky and other heavenly bodies clearly without any disruption.

Brecon beacons national park is also famous for housing the red kite. This bird species is almost extinct. Some people just visit this national park just for a glimpse of this unique bird species. Ensure you attend Hay festival, which is held annually. This festival is held on a small town next to the national park. Head to Llanwrtyd; next to the national park. This spot offers plenty of fun activities. They range from mountain biking, stone skipping and chariot racing. Don’t leave Wales without tasting some Welsh whiskey.

Hay-on-Wye Town (Y Gelli Gandryll)

hay on wye 1 (1)

Hay-on-Wye has a countryside setting. It is also accessible from different regions. This is what makes Hay-on-Wye town one of the most visited towns in Wales. That’s not all; this countryside town offers a lot of attraction spots. Hay castle is one of the attraction sites in this town you should check out. This castle was built around the year 1200. Visit this site to understand the significance of this castle in the Welsh history. You should also check out Salem Baptist chapel. This chapel was built in the year 1647. Salem Baptist chapel is one of the oldest chapels in this town.

The Nyport gate that was built in the year 1237 is another spot you should check out. A trip to Hay-on-Wye town is incomplete if you don’t tour the famous Hay town clock. This is one of the monuments of this town you shouldn’t miss out. Create time and check out the 18th century weaving and spinning mill a few meters from the town clock. Carlesgate, Motte & Bailey castle and St Mary’s church are other sites you should check out while at Hay-on-Wye town.

Principality Stadium

principality stadium1 (1)

Principality stadium is also called Millennium stadium. This is the third largest stadium in the United Kingdom. It was first opened to the public in the year 1999. Anyone who loves soccer and rugby knows the significance of this renowned stadium. Principality stadium has a couple of guided tours. Choose guided tours because they explain different aspects about this famous stadium. You will see players channel, home dressing room, VIP suites and press conference, among others. Each guided tour lasts roughly an hour. These tours are available throughout the week.

You will also understand the famous events that were hosted on the principality stadium. They range from Rugby world cup in the year 1999, FA cup finals, community shield, champions league final and Euro qualification matches. Visit this stadium to check out its design.

Portmeirion Village

portmeirian village (1)

Portmeirion village cannot be forgotten when it comes to listing top jewels in Wales. This village became operational in the early 20th century. There are plenty of activities to do and sights in Portmeirion village. Commence your adventure in Portmeirion village by checking out this village. A lot of people find this village quiet. You will walk across hills and trees while visiting Portmeirion village. There are also plenty of colored structures on almost every corner of this village.

The unique architectural design of Portmeirion village attracts people from all over the world. Don’t leave this village without purchasing or checking out some traditional ceramics. You can also go on a steam train ride or check out the Edwardian wild garden while in Portmeirion village.

Gower Peninsula (Y Gŵyr)

gwyr peninsula (1)

Ensure you visit Gower Peninsula while in Wales. There are plenty of spots to see in this part of Wales. Weobley castle has been standing tall since the 13th century. Check out the beautiful courtyard, exhibition room and the rich history of this ancient castle. Move on to St Cenydd’s church. A section of this church was built during the 9th century and the other one during the 12th century. You will be amazed by the simple design of this famous church. Take a walk to the Pwlldu bay. This beach in Gower Peninsula offers plenty of fun activities such as picnics. People who love nature will enjoy every single moment of this walk.

Carry on to the 16th century Oxwich castle. Check out the design of this castle and how it was a powerful military zone over the years. You should also visit Parc-le- Breos. This park houses a burial chamber that has been existence more than 5500 years. Don’t forget the Brittania inn that was opened in the 18th century. Sample a couple of some local cuisines at Brittania inn. They range from lamb tagine, sublime steak and lamb burger, among others.

Carreg Cennen Castle

carreg castle (1)

Carreg Cennen castle is considered a romantic ruin. This is one of the reasons people visit this site while in Wales. First, this castle is located above a river, River Cennen. This makes Carreg Cennen castle visible from a distance. Anyone who reaches the Carreg Cennen castle enjoys a perfect view of the surrounding environment. The vaulted passage, natural cave and the look of this 13th century castle brings out offers a memorable experience.


Cardiff (1)

Cardiff is the capital city of Wales. It is considered an ancient city because it is part of the United Kingdom history. Cardiff also offers plenty of attraction sites. You will miss out on your tour if you don’t visit Cardiff while in Wales. Cardiff castle is a major attraction. Go for a house tour to properly understand the design of this famous castle. There are also a couple of interactive exhibitions and bomb shelters on this castle. The Wales millennium centre is another gem in Cardiff. It houses plenty of contemporary dances, musical concerts and live bands. You might get lucky to get some musicians performing.

The oldest record shop, Spillers records is situated in Cardiff. Music lovers will enjoy every moment at this record shop. Go for a boat tour in Cardiff bay. This boat tour offers a perfect view of some iconic buildings. Don’t leave Cardiff without visiting then BBC Welsh broadcasting house. Here, you will understand how broadcasting houses are operated.

Llandudno Town

-Llandudno (1)

Llandudno is a very lively seaside town. Its strategic location and attraction sites make it one of the most visited sites in Wales. Promenade foot path should be your first stop. This is a perfect spot for a family outing. It also offers marvelous views of the surrounding environment. Happy valley garden is a very beautiful park in the heart of Llandudno. This park has been open to the public since 1887.

The once great Orme copper mine is a must visit spot in Llandudno. It has gained popularity across the globe for being a top archaeological site in Wales and globe at large. This mine is believed to be operational over 4,000 years ago. You will understand all the discoveries that have been made over the years. Orme copper mine can also be admired from a distance.

Carry on to St Tudno church. This church has been standing tall since the 6th century. The look of this church reveals it is from a different age period. Oriel Mostyn gallery is another gem in Llandudno. This site houses a couple of art galleries.

International Musical Eisteddfod

llangollen international music eistedd fod (1)

Europe is known for its annual festivals. The Llangollen international musical Eisteddfod is one of the festivals held in Wales. This event offers an insight to different cultures. There are roughly 4,000 performers each year. Performances also come in different niche. Furthermore, tickets to this musical event are affordable when compared to those of other events. People who have visited this event desire to visit it over and over. Make an effort of attending this international event.

Wales definitely deserves to be one of the leading tourist attraction sites in the United Kingdom and Europe.


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