12 travel destinations in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the underrated and under visited countries in Europe. This is mostly linked to its current political temperature. Nevertheless, it is the home to some beautiful places, some of which are listed as UNESCO World heritage sites. You will see variety of landscapes, ancient castles, old towns, vibrant cities and fun activities, among others. Check out these places while in Ukraine


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Lviv is considered a city of Legends. This is because of its rich history. Almost every ancient structure in this city has a historical significance. That’s not all; Lviv city houses more than 100 cathedrals and 60 museums. This is the reason it is considered a tourist city. The Lviv Theater of ballet and Opera is one of the leading attractions Ukraine. This building was built in 1900 and adopted the Neo-Renaissance style. A lot of new performances are regularly held here. Make an effort of attending one. The town hall is another historic site in this city. It is also listed as an UNESCO world heritage site. The town hall is the main attraction in the square. It was built in the 14th century. The town hall also offers a perfect view of the city.

The 19th Potocki Palace is another monument in Lviv city. It has a French architectural design. It currently serves as an Art gallery for this city. There are plenty of art collection you can check out when you visit this palace. You will also understand its rich history. Move on to the Armenian quarter. This is the oldest part of this city. It can be traced back to the 13th century and was mostly occupied by the Armenians. This is the reason behind its name. Visit this neighborhood for detailed knowledge on what is located in this neighborhood.

Lviv city is considered an architectural hub. The Italian courtyard is one of the architectural marvels in Lviv city. Classical and jazz musical events are held here. You will also hear about the building laws that were there when this Italian courtyard was being built. Dormition cathedral is another architectural masterpiece in Lviv city. Some paintings from both the 17th and 18th centuries are housed here. Don’t forget about the Pharmacy Museum, Lviv Arsenal, Lviv University.

Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra Monastery

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The Kyevo-Pecherska Lavra is one of the leading tourist attractions in Kiev. This cave monastery overlooks River Dnipro. Pecherska Lavra Monastery is divided into two main sections, namely the upper and the lower Larva. The Upper Larva houses a couple of museums and churches. The Great bell tower is the first site you will see on the Upper Larva. This tower is 95 meters long. The church of assumption is another place you must visit while at Pecherska Lavra Monastery. It was built in the 11th century but destroyed during the Second World War. The Museum of Micro- miniatures and the Museum of historical treasures are other attractions located in the upper Larva. You should also check out the lower Larva while at Pecherska Larva Monasteries. Narrow caves and passages can be found here.

The Carpathian Mountains

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The Carpathian Mountains can also be found in Ukraine. There are plenty of activities to do. This is the reason travelers make an effort of visiting the Carpathian Mountains. It is also the most picturesque part of Ukraine. The beautiful nature in this site makes this tourist destination center worth every minute. Hiking is the most popular activity in the Carpathian Mountains. There are different kinds of hiking trails on the Carpathian Mountains. They range from Marmarosh massif trail and Chornohora trail. These trails are accessible all year round.

There are also a couple of Mountain peaks on the Carpathian Mountains. You can hike to the top of any mountain peak. The Mountain peaks offer a glamorous view of the surrounding region. These mountain peaks vary in terms of height. Therefore, you can easily identify a peak that you can easily conquer. There are plenty of natures on the Carpathian Mountains you can admire. They range from Lake Synevir, probiy and Shypit waterfalls.

There are a lots of resorts next to the Carpathian Mountains. These resorts offer a wide range of activities especially during winter. They range from snowboarding, skiing, sledging and snow tubing. You can also taste some local delicacies. You should also check out the surrounding villages and rural towns.

Kamianets-Podilsky City

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Kamianets- Podilsky is one of the ancient cities found in Ukraine. The rich history, cobblestone streets and old castles makes it a top tourist attraction site in Ukraine. Commence your tour in this ancient city by checking out Kamianets- Podilsky castle. This castle was built during the 14th century. Tour around this castle to understand while it helped the ancient soldiers defend the territory for a long time. There is also a film that can be watched in English.

Do you happen to be in Kamianets- Podilskyi in May? If yes, take part in the hot air balloon festival. The hot air balloons offer a perfect view of this beautiful ancient city. You will also create memorable memories. Proceed to the famous Smotrichsky Canyon. The steeps slopes adjacent to the Smotrichsky Canyon and River Smotrych showcase the beauty of this site. There are also both seasonal and permanent waterfalls that spice up the looks of Smotrichsky Canyon. Ukraine is known for offering different kinds of coffee. Therefore, visit Policmeystr coffee while in kamianets- Podilskyi.

You should also check out the castle bridge. It is considered one of the oldest bridges in Ukraine. You can also learn archery from this castle. Saint Peter and Paul cathedral is another gem. Its overall look will make you day. It looks glamorous despite being built in the 15th century. Conclude your tour by visiting table of consent. Kamianets- Podilskyi has other sites that are not highlighted here. Create some time and check them out.

Andriyivsky Uzviz Street

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Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine. Its historic sights and attractions attract people all year round. Andriyivsky Uzviz Street is one of the attractions in Kiev. This street has plenty of things to offer including a rich history. This street attained its name from St Andrews church that was built 1749 to 1754. A lot of people love visiting Andriyivsky Uzviz Street because it takes them away from the busy city life. This street makes a person feel like he/she has gone back in time. You will see Wehrmacht medals that were designed in the 12th century. Andriyivsky Uzviz Street also houses a couple of old banners that were supporting communism. There are also a couple of entertainers, artists and acrobats who perform on this famous street. Andriyivsky Uzviz Street will definitely amuse you. Check it out.

Chornobyl or Chernobyl

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The Chernobyl Nuclear plant in Ukraine once suffered from a catastrophic accident. This made people from Pripyat to abandon what they were doing and desert their homes. This nuclear plant had leaked reactors at a high rate. A lot of people refused to return back to this town apart from a few scientists and some construction workers. The Chernobyl Nuclear plant has currently turned into a tourist attraction site. In fact, people come from different parts of the world to witness what really transpired.

You can only access the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant through guided tour for security and health purposes. Your tour guide will be narrating what transpired during the entire catastrophic accident the Chernobyl Nuclear plant. Each person will check out an introductory movie for a rough idea what transpired.

Pyrohiv Museum of Folk Architecture

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Ukraine has a very interesting culture and traditions. Anyone who is interested in the culture of the local inhabitants should visit Pyrohiv Museum of Folk Architecture. You will enjoy every single moment at this outdoor museum. This museum extends up to 150 hectares. Pyrohiv Museum of Folk Architecture is situated out the Outskirts of Kiev. Its setting makes it look like a village. This museum is divided into numerous sections. Each section represents a region in Ukraine. Check out all sections for an in depth understanding of the diverse culture. You will see a couple of houses and huts equipped with utensils & furniture. Some furniture and utensils can be traced back to the 17th century. Pyrohiv Museum of Folk Architecture also houses a couple of large windmills. This setting makes you feel in the rural. There are also some wooden chapels in this museum.

You will also get lucky to see some traditional Ukrainian drinks and foods. There is a wide range of variety to choose from. Pyrohiv Museum of Folk architecture also houses Ivana Kupala festival. During this festival; woodcarvings, pottery and artistries are exhibited here. This festival is held in July.


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Odessa has been flourishing ever since it was established as a port towards the end of the 18th century. Apart from its history, it is also one of the leading holiday spot for plenty of tourists in Ukraine. There are plenty of sites you can check out when free. Odessa opera and Ballet Theater is one of the spots you will see in Odessa. Book a guided tour to understand everything about this theater. You should also check out a couple of live shows inside this theater.

You will definitely see Potemkin Stairs if you use the port to enter Odessa. The Potemkin stairs are 192 in total and extend to 142 meters. These stairs were built in 1840. They also offer a fantastic background for taking pictures. Check out the city garden if you happen to be at Deribasivska Street. There are plenty of flowerbeds, iron lanterns, paved paths and iron fences. The beauty of the city gardens offers some peace of mind. The monument of the founders of Odessa, Transfiguration cathedral, archaeological museum, Vorontsov Palace, Langeron beach, Port of Odessa, the museum of western & eastern art and Shevchenko Park are some attractions you should check out while in Odessa.

Sofiyivka Park

Sofiyivka-Park (1)

Sofiyivka Park is found in Uman, Cherkassy region. This park was built in the 18th Century. There are plenty of things you will see inside this museum. There is a flora pavilion along the pedestrian path. If you pay attention, you will notice that the pavilion was built in the Dorian style. Walk along the pedestrian path until you come across the three fountains. There is a myth that you will get prettier if you drink water from any of the fountain. The next site you will see in the Sofiyivka Park is the snake fountain. This is like a landmark in this park. Continue with your tour until you come across the upper park pond. The Styx River and the dead lake are other sites you should expect to see in Sofiyivka Park.

Privoz Market

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This is the most known market in Ukraine. It is also the largest market in the country. Privoz market is situated in Palmyra’s historical center. It was also estimated to have been opened to the public in the year 1827. This makes it the oldest market in Ukraine. You will find a wide range of products here. They range from fruits, manufactured goods, meat, fish and dairy products. Some things you will purchase here on this market are unique and cannot be found anyone else. You can also stroll on this market and admire things. You will definitely have a good time in this market.


kolomya (1)

Are you traveling near Ivano- Frankivsk? If yes, check out Kolomyia. This spot attracts tourists all year round. There are plenty of tourist attraction sites in Kolomyia you should check out. The Pysanka Museum is one of the spots you should check out in Kolomyia. Its statue was listed as the largest statue in the world. Proceed and check out St Josaphat church. This church was built in the 14th century. It was destroyed before being restored later on. You will understand the entire history when you visit this church. You can also attend mass at this church. The church of Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the national Museum of Hutsulshcyna & Pokuttia folk art are other attraction sites in Kolomyoa you should check out.

Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve

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The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve is among the largest rivers in Europe. It is located in the Black Sea. The Danube Delta Biosphere reserve attracts plenty of people throughout the year. It is a plain covered with water and wetlands. There are also plenty of lakes, stream-lets, channels and marshes. There are also a couple of seabirds you will see on the water bodies. You can also embark on the boat ride to properly view this reserve. Take sometimes to yourself and admire the natural scenery.

Ukraine is definitely a hidden gem you should fully explore. Make it your next tourist destination.


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