7 Lovely Places to Visit in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is an extraordinary country. It has plenty of things to offer. This ranges from the green countryside, canals, medieval sites, shorelines and urban cities. You will also be amazed by the architectural design and the natural beauty of this country. Make sure you visit the below seven places while in the Netherlands:


amsterdam1 (1)

Amsterdam is a must visit place while in the Netherlands. It is the capital city of the Netherlands. This city also has a diverse culture, rich history and plenty of recreational spots worth visiting. Furthermore, the road infrastructure is well developed. This makes it easy for you to maneuver and tour this city. Start you tour in Amsterdam by touring this city. It can be either on bike or boat tour. The compact size of Amsterdam makes it easy to explore. There are also plenty of bike hire spots across the city. Boat riding is another way of exploring this beautiful city.

This city also has a rich culture. The best way of exploring the local culture is by checking out some art work. Make a stop at the Rijksmuseum. This museum houses plenty of unique artwork. Embark on a guided tour to properly understand the details and origin of each art displayed at the Rijksmuseum. The Van Gogh Museum is another attraction site in Amsterdam you should check out while in Amsterdam. This museum houses plenty of Van Gogh pieces.

The Anne Frank House is another attraction site in Amsterdam you must check out. The Jewish community were being persecuted everywhere in Europe, including the Netherlands. The Anne Frank family managed to hide from the Nazis persecution. This house is considered a museum and gives you a rough idea of how this family hid from the Nazis. A visit to Amsterdam is incomplete if you don’t try out ray of different local cuisines.


Rotterdam- (1)

This is the second largest city in the Netherlands. It is located in the southern part of this country. Apart from its numerous attraction sites, Rotterdam took part in the Second World War. This is one of the numerous reasons you should visit Rotterdam. There are also marvelous architectural designs in this city you will come across. Rotterdam Zoo is a major attraction site in this city you must check out. It is also a perfect spot for checking Oceanium and Botanical gardens. You will also be privileged to check out a couple of endangered species such as the Red Panda. The Rotterdam Zoo is also divided into different themes. Ensure you check out the entire themes.

Markthal Rotterdam is a top architectural structure in Southern part of Netherlands. This piece was built in the year 2009. Anyone who checks out this structure will be left amazed. You should also check out Euromast tower while in the southern part of Netherlands. This observation tower was built in 1960 to offer a perfect view of this famous city. Euromast tower stands out because it is the tallest structure in this city. This is the perfect way of attaining aerial view of Rotterdam city.

Erasmus Bridge is another monument you shouldn’t miss out while in Rotterdam. This is the second largest bridge in the Netherlands. Walk across this famous bridge and have a perfect of the large ships passing on the open section of this bridge. The Grote of Sint Laurenskerk a medieval structure you must check out. It was built during 1449. This is the reason this church stands out from any surrounding structure. Rotterdam central station, Maritime Museum, Kinderdijk’s Windmills and Museum Boymans-van Beuningen are other places you should check out while in Rotterdam.


rijksmuseum (1)

Do you happen to be in Amsterdam? If yes, consider visiting Rijksmuseum. This state museum has been operational for more than two hundred years. It is listed among the most unique museums in the Netherlands and Europe at large. This museum has undergone numerous changes over the years. You will definitely enjoy every single moment of this museum. There is a collection of both Dutch and global arts. They range from classic photograph, drawings, print and paints.

Hoge Veluwe National Park

hoge veluwe national park (1)

Hoge Veluwe National park is one of the leading tourist attraction sites in the Netherlands. There are plenty of diverse sceneries you will see at this national park. These sceneries range from sand dunes and dense forests, among others. Start your tour at Hoge Veluwe National park by exploring its highlands and landscapes. This national park offers plenty of heath, sand dunes and thick forest. You will be amazed by how the forest is well preserved. Anyone who loves nature will enjoy every single moment.

There are different kinds of birds and animal species you will spot while in this renowned national park. You will see different kinds of species at this national park. These species range from wild pigs, roe deer and red deer, among others. You will also be able to see different kinds of bird species. These birds range from thrushes, magpies, jays, woodpeckers, chaffinches and finches, among others. Hoge Veluwe National Park also houses over 500 different plant species.

Hiking and biking are other fun activities you can engage yourself in. There are trails that simplify the movement around this national park. There are a couple of bike hire spots you can hire. The famous underground museum, Museonder is also situated in this national park. These are some spots and activities you should check out or try out while in Hoge Veluwe National Park.


maastricht1 (1)

Maastricht is located in Limburg province. This location has been existence since 50 BC and was operated by the Romans. The beauty of this location attracts people throughout the year. Maastricht has something for everyone. This is the reason you should visit this Location in Limburg province. Start your tour by touring St. Servatius Catholic Church. It is also the oldest churches in Limburg province and the Netherlands, at large. Ensure you check out its museum for a proper glance of a wide variety. The medieval structure of this cathedral will also leave you wide agape.

Fort Sint Pieter is another site in Maastricht attraction site you should check out. This fort was built during the 18th century. Fort Sint Pieter was built as a defensive centre. St. Pietersberg caves are located beneath the Fort. The caves form different passages and tunnels that were used centuries ago. You will also understand what transpired here on these two tourist attraction site.

Our Lady Basilica is another site you should check out while in Maastricht. This basilica was built during 1000 AD. Only a small bit of this basilica is intact. You will enjoy every moment at this church. Bonnefanten museum is another attraction site you must check out. This museum houses a couple of art collections. Choose a guided tour for in depth details of each art collection. Don’t leave Maastricht without checking out Museum aan het Vrijthof

Texel Island

The-island-of-Texel- (1)

Texel Island is one of the largest Islands in the Netherlands. This Island attracts plenty of tourists throughout the year because of its natural beauty. There are other top tourist attraction sites in this island you should check out. Eierland lighthouse is one of the attractions in this Island. This Iconic lighthouse has been standing tall since 1864. Eierland lighthouse is open to the public. Ensure you visit it while in Texel Island. Texelse Brouwerij is another site you should check. This site offers guided tours. You will learn step by step process on how this brewery produces its beers. Who knows, you might get lucky and sample some local beers.

Your trip to Texel Island is incomplete if you don’t check out the Dunes of Texel National Park. Dunes found on this Island are ranked one of the beautiful places in this region you should check out. You will also see the coastal plains, dune valleys and woodlands as you embark on your tour. You can also go hiking or ride bikes.

The Eco Mare is another leading attraction site you must check out while in Texel Island. This wildlife and aquarium sanctuary houses some seals. The famous and awarded Museum kaap Skil is another site you should create time and check out. This museum has plenty of exhibitions and collections. You will enjoy every moment of your tour. Fort de Schans should also be included in must visit areas while in Texel Island.


delft1 (1)

Delft city is known for its rich traditions, canals and culture. It is situated in the southern part of the Netherlands. The infrastructure in this location has been enhanced. This makes it easy to access this city. A section of this city can be traced back to the 11th century. Nieuwe Kerk church is a very beautiful structure that anyone will notice while moving around. This church can be traced back to the 1300’s. Its gothic style and the bell tower bring out a pleasant look. The bell tower also offers a marvelous view of the surrounding region.

Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles dates back to the 17th century. Here, you will learn all about the history of Delft pottery. There are also a couple of collections you should check out. Oude Kerk church, prinsenhof museum and Delft city hall are other attraction sites in delft city you should check out.

The Netherlands definitely stands out as a tourist attraction country. It should be one of the countries in Europe you must visit when free.


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