15 Most Beautiful Things to See in Philippines

Philippines, is situated in Southeast Asia. This country is famous for various reasons. It is situated in the southeast part of the Asian continent. Philippines, has over 7,000 islands. This country also boosts mountains, heritage towns, beaches and monuments. Tourism in this country has been booming over the years. There are fifteen heavenly places in Philippines you should visit.

Bacuit Archipelago


You will be impressed by the beauty of this location. Bacuit archipelago mostly comprises Islands and sea. Additionally, nature in this location is intact. People have not fully explored this place. Limestone cliffs will be your first attraction site at this location. Go on a boat ride for a stunning view of the surrounding location. Boat also makes it easy to explore other islands. Snorkeling is another common activity within Bacuit archipelago. You will also see different animals and sea species. Commence your tour by visiting Cadlao Island. This Island is known for its lagoons and beautiful beaches. You will also see diverse tropical forests as you transverse through the island. Swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling are some activities you can perform at the beaches.

Proceed to Dilumacad Island. This Island has plenty of diving spots, unique rock formation and beautiful beaches. You will also see untouched green vegetation on most part of the Island. Lagen Island is a perfect holiday destination. There is a resort on this Island that offers first class services. You will also be impressed by the beauty of the beaches. Lagen Island also has different animals and plants species. Marine life on this Island is also impressive. Leta-Leta cave is another attraction on this island you must visit.

Matinloc Island is also situated in Bacuit archipelago. This island offers a stunning view of the surrounding vegetation, landscapes and islands. There is also a top class resort on this island. You will also be impressed by the beaches at this location. Swimming, snorkeling and diving are some activities you can enjoy. Miniloc Island is one of the most visited Islands in Bacuit archipelago. The beauty of this island offers a perfect background for taking pictures. There are also lagoons and a beautiful beach.

You cannot omit Pangalusian Island on your tour around Bacuit archipelago. This island allows you to see both sunset and sunrise. There is a hotel that offers an aerial view of the entire island. People who love marine life will enjoy every moment of their tour around Pangalusian Island. There are also different fauna and flora species on this island. Carry on to Pinagbuyutan Island. This is one of the most beautiful Islands in Philippines. People travel from different parts of the globe just to see the beauty of this Island. The palm trees around the beach make it easy to enjoy picnics with your loved ones.

Pinasil Island houses the cathedral cave. This is a must visit place whenever you are in Pinasil Island. You will also see high cliffs on this island. Shimizu Island, Tapiutan Island and Vigan Island are other attractions in Bacuit archipelago you should check out.

Ifugao Rice Terraces

ifugao rice terraces

Do you love nature? If yes, Ifugao rice terraces must be among the places you visit while in Philippines. These terraces will leave you blown away. This attraction site is located in Ifugao province and specifically Cordillera Mountain. Ifugao province is well known for its rice terraces. The rice terraces have been preserved for more than 2,000 years. Rice has been the staple food for Ifugao tribe since time in memorial. This culture has been passed to the current generation. You will see thousands of rice terraces as you transverse Cordillera mountain ranges. These terraces were carved using bare hands.

This is one of the few cultures in Philippines that are still intact. You will also witness different customs and traditional practices that have remained intact for centuries. There are also different locations within Cordillera mountain you will have a perfect view of the Ifugao rice terraces. You can take pictures to remind you of this lovely location.

Beaches in Philippines

beaches in philippines

Philippines, has more than 7,000 islands. Around 2,000 islands are inhabited. This is the reason Philippines has plenty of top class beaches. People travel from different parts of the globe just to experience some of these beaches. There are plenty of things to do and attractions to see along the coastal lines. El Nido beach in Palawan is one of the most beautiful beaches in Philippines you should try out. People who love nature will enjoy every moment at this beach. It is estimated that there are over 50 beaches on this location. The white sand beaches permit different activities. You will also see different forests and marine species in El Nido beach. They range from dugongs and dolphins.

Boracay Island in Aklan province also has some beautiful beaches. The beaches here are white sand. You can engage in different water activities such as snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving. You can also take nature walks along the beaches. Puerto Galera is located in the province of Oriental Mindoro. This location has white sand beaches. You will also find spectacular diving sites within Puerto Galera. Proceed to Samal Island in Davao city. Samal Island has plenty of resorts and white sand beaches.

Beaches in Panglao Island have one of the most beautiful sceneries in Philippines. Here, you will see different marine species. There are also different water activities you can do in beaches around Panglao Island. Swimming and deep sea diving are some common fun activities you should try out. Commence with your tour to Coron Island. The white sand beaches, limestone cliffs and the natural vegetation make you stay around Coron Island enjoyable. You can comfortably walk along the beaches and take some memorable pictures. Palaui Island in Cagayan valley, Pagudpud in Ilocos Notre, Siargao Island and Mactan Island are other locations with beaches you should check out.

Ati-Atihan Festival


Ati-Atihan festival can be traced back 800 years ago. This festival attracts thousands of people from different parts of the globe. Ati-Atihan festival is also the oldest festival in the region. This festival is held annually, on the third Sunday of the month of January. This festival is open to the general public. Unlike other festivals in the country, Ati- Atihan festival gives you the opportunity to participate. Dancing is one of the main activities held at this festival. Therefore, you can easily join the dancing parade throughout the festival. Ati-Atihan festival also helps you see some unique costumes and dance moves.

Boracay Island

boracay island

The beauty of Boracay Island makes it one of the most visited places in Philippines. There are plenty of underwater and water activities to do on this island. Boracay Island is also known for its beautiful white sand beaches. Commence your tour on this island by visiting Willy’s rock. This is a must visit place whenever you are on this island. You will be impressed by the general shape of this rock. There are also staircases leading to the virgin Margin statue. The white beaches represent what Philippines, has to offer. The beach offers a stunning view of the ocean and the surrounding landscape.

People who enjoy nightlife have every reason to visit Boracay Island. There are plenty of night clubs and restaurants to choose from. Security within Boracay Island has been enhanced. Anyone who loves hiking should visit Mount Luho. Mount Luho offers a glamorous aerial view of the island. You will also see different wild animals as you hike along Mount Luho. Hiking trails on this mountain are also simple and easy to tackle. The Philippines is known for unique things. Therefore, visit D’Mall and buy some unique souvenir. D’Mall is an open market. You will find different things at this open- minded. Prices of prices depend on your bargaining power.

Cebu Sand & Sea

cebu sand and sea

Cebu in Visayan province has one of the most beautiful beaches in Philippines. Therefore, visit some of these beaches while in Visayan province. Lambug beach is one of the beaches you should visit. It is also one of the quiet beaches in the country. Therefore, those who want some quiet time should consider this beach. The beauty of the surrounding environment brings out a glamorous look. Kawasan falls is also visible from the beaches. Cannoning is also a common activity in Lambug beach.

Proceed to Panagsama beach. People who love water activities should visit this beach. Snorkeling, swimming and diving are common activities in Panagsama beach. Panagsama beach also has a rich marine life. You might be lucky to spot some dolphins and turtles. Hermit’s cove is also a major highlight in Cebu you cannot miss out. This beach is managed by the local government. That is the reason it is well maintained. You will enjoy the beautiful sceneries at this beach.

Visit Shangri-La resort beachfront if you desire a memorable experience. The resort offers a stunning view of the beach. Services offered at this resort make your stay memorable. There are also plenty of water activities to do on Shangri-La resort beachfront. Finally, you should visit Paradise beach while in Cebu. Paradise beach is located in Bantayan Island. This beach has severally been listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in this region.

Sagada Town


Sagada town has diverse culture and history. This town also has plenty of attraction sites to visit. Bomod-Ok falls is one of the sites you should check out. You will embark on a small hike in order to reach this waterfall. Nature around Bomod-Ok falls is also intact. This waterfall can be admired from different angles. Bomod-Ok falls is also a perfect set for taking pictures. Proceed to the hanging coffins. This custom was practiced long before the Spanish came to the Philippines. You will be amazed by how coffins are hanging on cliffs. The local people believe this practice made the dead reach heaven faster.

Sumaguing cave is also located in Sagada town. This big cave has plenty of cave systems and routes. Check out some routes while on this cave. Make Sagada rice terraces your next stop while in Sagada town. You will be amazed by the aerial view of this manmade rice terraces. Lumiang caves are another attraction site you should check out. People visit this location to understand its rich history. This cave was used as a burial location by the ancestors. You will also see a pool inside the cave.

Calvary hill is also another attraction site in Sagada town. This hill offers a perfect view of the surrounding environment. You will also see pine trees on different locations of Calvary hill. Weaving has been part of the Sagada culture and history. Therefore, visit Sagada weaving to properly understand different things about weaving. You can also purchase woven bags, shoes and slippers as souvenir. Climb on top of Kiltepan peak to see the sun rising in the morning. You will also see rice paddles from an aerial view. Finally, check out Lake Danum while in Sagada town. This location is known for its camping site.

Bohol Island


Bohol Island is one of the heavenly locations in the Philippines you should visit. Nature on this Island is still intact. There are also plenty of things to do in Bohol Island. Commence your tour by visiting Chocolate hills. You will see dome shaped mounds and huge grass vegetation when you reach this site. There is also a viewing deck you can use to see the surrounding landscape and environment. Go on with your exploration journey to Panglao Island. This Island is famous for its diving points. You must get on a speed boat to reach Panglao Island. This island has a rich marine life. Diving around Panglao Island is guided.

Take a stroll in Lamanoc Island in Bohol. This island has a very rich history. Prehistoric carvings can be found on some caves on this Island. You will also hear about the rites that have been practiced here for years. Nature at Lamanoc Island is still intact. You should also ride through Bohol’s rivers. This helps you see nature that isn’t accessible by road. River Loboc and River Abatan are some rivers you should explore. A watchtower and old churches as some sights you will see on your river cruise adventure.

Baclayon church, the second oldest church is located in Bohol. You will be thrilled by both the interior and the exterior design of this church. The overall design of this church indicates it was built in another era. Baclayon church also has a museum. The museum is a must visit place while in this old church. Rio Verde Tarsier place is another attraction in Bohol you should check out.

Siargao Island

siargao island

Siargao Island is one of the places you should visit while in Philippines. This island is famous for surfing. There are also different water sports activities you can try out. Nature around Siargao Island is also intact. There are also natural and manmade pools on different parts of the island. There are also different underwater caves you should dive and check out.  The white sand beaches round the island permit swimming and picnic. Fishing is another fun activity around Siargao Island you should consider. This island is accessible via air, road and water. You should also visit waterfalls on this island.

Culture & Nightlife in Manila

night life in manila

Manila is the capital city of Philippines. This city can be traced back centuries ago. It also has plenty of things to offer. Manila can be explored both during the day and night. Rizal Park is one of the places in Manila you should visit. This park plays a significant role in the history of this country. You will see historical figure statues and gardens, among others. Carry on to the 1593 Fort Santiago. This ancient fort has different structures within the walls. Rizal shrine is one of the structures you will see. You will also learn about the wars this fort has undergone over the years.

Fort Santiago also offers a splendid background for taking pictures. Visit manila ocean park to see different marine species. It is estimated that there are over 260 marine species in the manila ocean park. Penguin and Seal lion shows are also visible inside manila ocean park. San Agustin church is the oldest church in the country. This church was built in the year 1586. It is also listed as UNESCO world heritage site. You will be impressed by the architectural outlook of this ancient church.

Visit the national museum complex to understand a bit of the culture and history of the local people. The national museum complex is divided into three sections, namely the planetarium, Filipino people museum and the art gallery. You should also visit Malacanang palace while in Manila. This palace has been operational since the 18th century. It also has a rich history. Commence your tour to Manila zoo. Manila zoo is the home to more than 100 different species. They range from monitor lizard, elephant, hippopotamus and Bengal tiger, among others. An arboretum and botanical garden is also found in Manila Zoo.

Manila cathedral is another site in the capital city you should check out. This cathedral was first built in the year 1571. Architectural advancements have been made over the years. People travel from different parts of the globe just to admire the architectural design of this cathedral. Nature lovers should visit Arroceros forest park. This forest park has roughly 60 different plant species. Different bird species can also be found here. People who love nightlife should visit star city amusement park. This place is well lit at night. The star city amusement park is a major attraction, especially at night.

Republiq club also attracts a lot of people at night. This is a very popular clubs in Manila. The design of this club makes you feel in Las Vegas. You should also visit Divisoria market. This market has a wide range of products. Some vendors at Divisoria market operate until ten at night. Ensure you grab a souvenir while at this market. Casa Manila museum is another attraction in the capital city you should check out. You will see different elements that highlight the history. Don’t forget Paco park and greenbelt chapel.

Bicol Region

bicol region

Bicol region in Philippines highlights the nature, history and culture. It is a must visit location whenever you are in the Philippines. Quitinday hills and nature park is one of the attractions in Bicol region you should check out. This nature park suits people who love adventure and some hiking challenge. You will walk through peaks and slopes to reach the peak of Quitinday hills. The peak of the hills offers a marvelous view of the surrounding environment. Landscape and nature around Quitinday is also intact.

Mayon volcano is another location in Bicol region you should check out. The landscapes and nature make your trip on Mayon volcano enjoyable. Bicol is also known as top surfing paradise. Gubat and Bagasbas are the locations in Bicol you should visit for some surfing adventure. Beginners should visit Gubat while surfing because of its shallow waters. Bicol region offers a wide variety of traditional meals. Be open-minded when trying out some local delicacies. Pinangat is one of the local meals you should try out. There are also different restaurants to choose from.

Visit Juag Lagoon marine sanctuary to see different fish and marine species. Snorkeling and swimming are other fun activities in Bicol you should consider. Proceed with your tour to Lake Bulusan. You can either take a boat ride along the lake or go hiking. Boat riding offers unique sceneries that are rarely visible. Create time and shop in Embarcadero mall. This mall operates at night and during the day. Cagsawa church ruin is another attraction Bicol region you should check out. This church was built in the 18 th century. Cagsawa also has a sad history. You will understand this when you visit the site. Kawa-kawa hill and River Buhatan are other attractions in Bicol region you should check out.

Puerto Galera

puerto galero

Puerto Galera is another location in Philippines you should visit. The white sand beaches offer plenty of fun things to do, both at day and night. Talipanan beach has beautiful scenery that permits swimming and picnic with your loved ones. Visit the Mangyan village for proper understanding of the local culture that has been passed from one generation to another. Grab some traditional weave while at Mangyan village. Deep sea diving is another popular activity in Puerto Galera. Visit the coral garden for some memorable deep sea diving adventure. Coral garden also has a rich marine life. Deep sea diving is mostly guided if you are not familiar with this territory.

Tukuran falls is another gem in Puerto Galera you shouldn’t miss out. The green surrounding makes this place look like paradise. This fall is also visible from different angles. Proceed to Bulalacao Island for some quiet and relaxing time. Nature on this island is untouched and still intact. The landscapes on the island are also breathtaking and appealing for the eye. Aninuan beach is another spot you cannot skip. The white sand permits swimming and picnic with your loved ones. The floating bars and Sinandigan should be among the places you should check out in Puerto Galera.

Climbing Camiguin Volcanic Mountains

camiguin mountain

Camiguin volcanic mountains attract a lot of people all year round. Some mountains are active, whereas others are dormant. You will hear about the last eruption in 1951 on Mount Hibok Hibok that killed over 3,000 people at this location. Mount Uhay, Mount Timpoong, Mount Mambajao, Mount Vulcan, Mount Guinsiliban and Mount Tres Marias as mountains you will see when you tour this part of the country. These mountains also influence the climate of this location. This is the reason the surrounding environment is green most part of the year. People hike on these mountains using different routes. The hiking trails present different hiking challenges. Rafting, cannoning and rapelling are some more adventures you can perform at this location.

Siquijor Island

siqujor island

Siquijor Island has been operational for centuries. This island is a small paradise with plenty of things to do and see. Therefore, it should be among the places you should visit while in the Philippines. You will definitely see the 400 years old balete tree when you transverse this island. The local people will also help you understand the rituals that have taken place over the years. There is also a fish pond on the base of this old tree. Siquijor butterfly sanctuary is another location you cannot miss. This butterfly sanctuary houses more than twenty different species. Siquijor butterfly sanctuary also allows you to see all the stages of butterfly development cycle.

Salagdoong beach is the most recommended beach on this region. There are plenty of activities to do on this beach. The water is warm and the sand smooth. There are also cliff diving spots around Salagdoong beach. Lugnason falls showcases the beauty of the Philippines. There is a natural pool you can comfortably swim in. Nature lovers will enjoy every single moment at Lugnason falls. Tubod marine sanctuary is a leading attraction in Siquijor. Here, you will see different marine life. There are instances, where snorkeling is permitted.

Visit Paliton beach for some quiet time with your loved ones. The turquoise waters and the white sand give this beach an appealing look. Swimming and snorkeling are some activities commonly held at Paliton beach. Kagusuan beach in Siquijor Island has unspoiled nature. It also offers some privacy for relaxing and having some quality time with your loved ones. You will also be marveled by the rock formation around Kagusuan beach. There are also some short climbing spots around the beach. You cannot depart Siquijor Island without visiting Saki Restaurant. This restaurant offers one of the most delicious Asian Sushi in the Philippines. Saki restaurant also offers a cliff. This offers a marvelous view of the ocean and the surrounding environment.

Cantabon cave is another attraction in Siquijor Island you should check out. Tour around Cantabon cave is guided. This cave is roughly 800 meters below the ground. You will be provided all the necessary gear needed to visit this attraction site. Go on with your tour to Marelle’s underwater world museum. You will find different marine species collections inside this museum. Exhibits of fishing culture also housed in this museum. They range from fishing nets and boats, among others. Don’t forget about Juan beach and Kanheron ranch.

The Batanes Islands


Batanes is found in the northern part of the country. This location also has a series of 10 islands. In addition to these, Batanes has a very rich history. This part was previously invaded by the Americans, Japanese and the Spaniards. Batanes also boosts its hills and ever green mountains. You will definitely enjoy your stay in the Batanes islands. This is one of the few locations in the Philippines whose culture is still intact. Therefore, try out some local delicacies while at this location. Try out different local meals. Sea foods are commonly served at the Batanes Islands. Furthermore, there are plenty of plenty of restaurants to choose from.

Embark on a boat and visit the Sabtang Island. This island offers more than just the steep cliffs. Ensure you check out the Sabtang light house and Chavayan village on Sabtang Island. Outdoor lovers should consider hiking on Mount Iraya. The steeps and trails along Mount Iraya are simple for most people. You will also see old trees, dense forests and grazing cows as you hike up the mountain. Nakabuang beach has on numerous occasions been voted one of the most beautiful beaches in Philippines and Asia at large. The rock formation, white sand and different fun activities makes this beach interesting.

You should also check out Tayid lighthouse. This lighthouse oversees the Batanes Islands. Diura village helps you understand the local fishing culture. You will see cogon houses in Diura village. These houses are used by fishermen during high season. You should also check out Chadpidan beach and Homoron blue lagoon.

Philippines, is definitely a tourist hub. That is the reason tourists flock the country throughout the year. Create time and tour this magical country.


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