6 Must Visit Sights in North Korea

North Korea is located in eastern Asia. This country has been trending for various reasons across the globe. A lot of people don’t know North Korea holds a couple of tourist sites. These sites bring out the beauty of this quiet country. Ensure you check out the below six sites while in North Korea:



Pyongyang is the capital city of North Korea. This city can be traced years back. It was once the capital of the ancient Koryo, Koguryo and choson kingdom. You will get to hear about the Korean War that took place in this city. Pyongyang is one of the most developed cities in Asia. There are plenty of Skyscrapers tours and green parks around Pyongyang. The Mansudae grand monument is one of the most visited sites in North Korea. Here, you will see the statue of Kim Jong-II and Kim II-Sung. Ensure you take a couple of pictures while on the Mansudae grand monument.

Move on to Kim Il-Sung square. This square has for years been used for historical events in North Korea. Military parades, mass dance and firework displays are also held at Kim-Il-Sung Square. You might be lucky to witness some live events while at this square. You will also be able to see surrounding structures while at Kim Il-Sung square.

Check out the tower of Juche Idea. This is tallest monument in Pyongyang and North Korea at large. You will learn different things about Juche ideology. There are tour guide who will take you through the largest monument in North Korea. Ensure you climb on top of this monument for a perfect view of Pyongyang city. Proceed to the arch of triumph. This site reminds local people of their freedom from the Japanese and the Korean. You will the year 1923 and 1945 on this site. The arch of triumph can be accessed both during the day and night.

The monument to party founding is another attraction site in Pyongyang you cannot miss out. This monument was built in the year 1995 to celebrate 50 years of existence. The worker’s party of Korea is chaired by kim Jong-Un and is the ruling party. Don’t leave Pyongyang without checking out the Grand people’s study house. This is the largest library in North Korea. It is estimated that over 30 million books are housed inside the 600 rooms in this library. Books at the Grand people’s study house cover different topics. Ensure you check out the famous Pyongyang metro before leaving the capital city. This is the deepest metro system on the world. There is also an Ultra- nationalist museum of revolutionary history inside the Pyongyang metro. The museum highlights the achievements, ideals and history of this country. This place is definitely worth your time while at the capital city.

The Victorious fatherland liberation war museum is another attraction site you should check out. Here, there are plenty of exhibits to see. Tour around this museum is guided. You will be immediately assigned a female military guide. You will see shot down planes, helicopters, spy ship and a couple of videos. Are you a fan of art? If yes, ensure you visit Mansudae art studio. There are plenty of things to see inside this art studio. Don’t forget to grab a souvenir while at Mansudae art studio.

Take some time off and visit Munsu Water Park. There are plenty of water fun activities to do at Munsu Water Park. You should also check out revolutionary martyr’s cemetery, the incomplete Ryugyong hotel, Pyongyang film studios and the famous Pyongyang Sci-tech complex while at the capital city of North Korea.

Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)

DMZ in north korea

Ensure you check out the Korean demilitarized zone while at the Korean peninsula. The Korean demilitarized zone demarcates South Korea from North Korea. You will understand a bit of the Korean that lasted from 1950 to 1953. The Korean demilitarized zone is a cease fire line. It was established immediately after the Korean War. You will notice how heavily fortified both the South and the North sides are. This gives you the perfect opportunity to see the adjacent sides. The truce village is one of the things you will see while at the Korean demilitarized zone. You will also see untouched nature.

The Korean demilitarized zone extends roughly 240 km. This zone was established after the troops from North Korea and South Korea agreed to pull back 2 km away from the stated line. You will also see Han River while at the Korean demilitarized zone. The Korean demilitarized zone also houses different bird species. There are also different fish species and other wild animals. They range from Lynxes and Asiatic black bears.

Mount Paektu

mt paektu

Mount Paektu is the highest point in North Korea. Your trip to North Korea will be incomplete if you don’t check out Mount Paektu. The roads leading to this mountain are in good condition. Therefore, you will have an easy time accessing this natural site. Mount Paektu is one of the volcanic mountains in the Korean Peninsula.

You will also see Lake Chon, a crater lake within Mount Paektu. This Crater Lake was formed in the year 946 AD. There is also evidence of volcanic eruption that took place in 1903. The Crater Lake in Mount Paektu offers a perfect background for anyone who wants some quiet and relaxing moment. You will also get to hear the religious myths surrounding Mount Paektu. It is believed that Tangun Wanggeom was born here. You will also hear how this site was used in the revolutionary struggle. This is also a perfect spot for some hiking adventure.

Mount Chilbosan

mt chilbo

Mount Chilbosan is located in North Hamgyong province. It is one of the most visited mountain region in North Korea. You will hear different theories on the formation of rocks and the surrounding region. Anyone who visits North Korea will be amazed by the beauty of this location in North Hamgyong province. There are different angles you can see in Mount Chilbosan. The beauty of this site made it listed as an UNESCO world heritage site. You will also see Kaesim temple that has been existence for more than a thousand years old. There are also other state natural monuments in this temple. You will also see waterfalls, thick forests, sea sceneries and fantastic rocks when you approach Mount Chilbosan.

Masik-Ryong Ski Resort

masik ski resort

Masik-Ryong Ski resort is skiing resort in North Korea you must visit. Skiing is the main activity held in this resort. Beginners will get tour guides. Skiing equipment also come in different sizes. You don’t have to come with your skiing equipment. You can hire them at the resort. There is also a swimming pool, sauna and a classy restaurant at the masik- Ryong Ski Resort. Don’t leave masik-Ryong Ski resort without trying out some local cuisines. You will definitely enjoy every moment of your tour here.



Kaesong city is found in North Hwanghae province. There are plenty of things to do in Kaesong. The tomb of King Kongmin is a top attraction site in Kaesong city. King Kongmin ruled from 1352 to 1374. This is one of the most preserved tombs in North Korea. The tomb of King Kongmin is listed as an UNESCO world heritage site. Move on to Songgyungwan Neo-Confucian College. This college was built in the year 992 AD. It is currently being used as a museum. You will see plenty of Buddhist relics and celadon pottery while at this museum. Ensure you grab a souvenir while at Songgyungwan Neo- Confucian College.

Proceed to Songin monument is another site you must check out while at Kaesong city. It was built in honor of Chong Mong-ju. You will also hear about the events that led to the assassination of Chong Mong-ju. Ensure you check out the 1290 Sonjuk Bridge while at the old part of Kaesong town. You should also check out Chanamsan hill, Nammun gate and Koryo museum while in Kaesong city.


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