15 Most-visited Sights in Taiwan

Taiwan is located in East Asia and a very rich history. It is still considered a Chinese protectorate. Taiwan also has a diverse culture and attraction sites. These sites make Taiwan a precious jewel when it comes to tourism. Are you planning a trip to Taiwan anytime soon? If yes, below is a complete travel guide of the country:

Taroko Gorge


Visit Taroko Gorge if you love nature and want to get away from the busy city life. Hiking is also another activity within Taroko Gorge. You will see the famous Taroko Gorge entrance gate. This gate has different colors and art designs. Taroko gorge entrance gate also offers a perfect background for photograph sessions. Check out Shakadang trail. You will walk through clear water pools. The Changuang temple and the bell tower are other highlights in Taroko gorge you should check out. Changuang temple also offers a stunning view of the surrounding landscape and valley. The bell tower offers an excellent view of the surrounding environment.

Commence with your tour around Taroko gorge by visiting the eternal spring shrine. This shrine was built in the early 1910’s. The eternal spring shrine is also situated next to the waterfall stream. You will pass through tunnels in order to access the eternal spring shrine. Zhuilu old trail, tunnel of nine turns, Tianxiang recreation area, Wenshan hot spring, Baiyang trail & curtain water cave and Swallow’s grove are other attractions in Taroko gorge you should check out.

Dalongdong Baoan Temple

Dalongdong Baoan Temple

Dalongdong Baoan temple is situated between River Keelung and River Tamsui. This temple was built in the year 1825. You will be amazed by the beauty of Dalongdong Baoan temple. The beauty of this temple cannot be compared to anything else. Stone and wood materials have both been used in the construction of this beautiful temple. There are also artistic looks on different parts of the temple. Lights have been installed on different parts of Dalongdong Baoan temple to bring out a dazzling look at night. You will also be impressed to hear this temple took twenty five years to complete.

The dragon pillars are one of the things you will see at Dalongdong Baoan temple. You will also see the lion stone pillar. There are two lions to be specific insider the temple. Dalongdong Baoan temple is also an active religious site. You should also admire both the interior and the exterior design of the temple.

13 Coffee (Cafe)

13 coffee cafe

The 13 coffee cafe is one of the places in Taiwan you should visit. You will also hear about how this cafe was developed from a car repair shop. People are amazed by how river stones, broken school desks and discarded materials. You will also hear how the 13 coffee took four years to convert from a car repair shop to the current cafe. You will be amazed by the furniture and the general interior design of the cabin. Be assured of at least two cups of the local brew whenever you visit the famous 13 coffee cafe. The local bus can easily drop you off at this famous cafe in Taiwan.

National Palace Museum

National Palace Museum

The national palace museum is easily accessible through public transport. This museum has been operational for more than ninety years now. There are different kinds of artifacts housed inside the four story museum. You will also hear the story this museum was transferred to Taiwan from China. This was mostly because of the Chinese civil war. The ancient artifacts that were brought from China are still intact, thanks to technology. You will be assigned a tour guide to take you through the four floors while explaining each artifact. The national palace museum is recommended for people who want to understand the rich Chinese history and culture. Alternatively, you can rent personal audio tours to take you round the national palace museum. The personal audio tours are in Japanese, English and Chinese.



Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan. It is a must visit place if you want a glimpse of the local tradition of the local people. Tainan also has plenty of things to offer. Make Grand Mazu temple your first destination. This temple was once a palace and houses the Mazu statue that is over 300 years old. You should also tour the temple. The city God temple should be your next destination in Tainan old city. This temple has a rich history. You should also check out the design of this temple.

Move on to the thousand field seed museum. Here, you will see more than 500 different seeds species. You will be guided where each seed originates from. Don’t forget about the National museum of Taiwan literature. This museum narrates different things about the Taiwanese literature over the years. You will also see literary relics, manuscripts and video footage about the Taiwanese literature. Ensure you visit Shennong Street while in Tainan. This street is full fashion boutiques, art galleries spots and cafes, among others. Grab a souvenir while at Shennong Street.

You should also check out Taijiang national park. This national park houses different bird species, mammals and fishes. Confucius temple, Hayashi department store, Land bank and Ciji Temple museum are other attractions sites in Tainan old city you should check out.

The Penghu Archipelago


The Penghu archipelago is another attraction in Taiwan you should visit. It is located in Chiayi, within west coast. It is also a perfect getaway for people who want some quiet environment with plenty of things to do. You will be thrilled by the general appearance of the Penghu archipelago. Tianhou temple is another top attraction in this region you will see. You will also see the four eyes well that has been around for more than 400 years. Don’t leave the Penghu archipelago without riding a bicycle on the path along the seashore. This offers an excellent view of the beach and the surrounding Islands. You should also take a boat ride to the neighboring islands. Some islands such as Ji be have one of the best beaches in this region. Consider spending your night at Qimei Island for some romantic night. Penghu is also known for some delicious delicacies. Therefore, try out some local delicacies before leaving this location.

Cycling Taiwan’s East Coast

Cycling Taiwan's East Coast

The East coast is one of the most beautiful places in Taiwan. Therefore, ensure you cycle around East coast while in the country. Cycling around this part of the country cannot be completed within a day. There are also different hiking trails in the east coast to choose from. Each cycling trail offers a different adventure. Cycling also allows you to see the east coast in a unique way. Hualien to Fengbin is one of the routes you should consider in east coast. You will cycle through hills and green vegetation from Hualien to Fengbin. Top of hills offer a fantastic view of the surrounding region.

Fengbin to Dulan is another cycling route in the east coast you should try out. You will see the tropical of cancer sign as you cycle from Fengbin to Dulan. There are numerous spots in the east coast that offer perfect background for taking pictures. Finally, cycle from Dulan to Taitung is another cycling route you should consider. This route is unique because you can hire giant bikes.

JL Studio (Restaurant)

Jl Studio

JL Studio is one of the restaurants you must visit while in Taiwan. This restaurant offers relaxation as you enjoy your meal. It has been designed using plants, wood and other natural elements. JL studio offers traditional Singapore meals using only Taiwan ingredients. Meals served in JL Studio restaurant have been enhanced in terms of creativity. They have a unique taste and look. JL Studio is located in the heart of Taichung city. This top rated restaurant offers different menus. Therefore, try out different meals while at this restaurant. All meals served at this restaurant are freshly prepared.

Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area

Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area

The Sun moon lake is a major attraction in the country. It is the largest natural lake in Taiwan. The northern part of Sun moon lake looks like a sun, whereas the southern part of the lake looks like a moon. This is where this lake derived its name. There are plenty of things to do and see at the Sun moon lake. First, this lake extends to two islands. Make an effort of visiting Lalu Island and Itashao Island. Some renowned temples are also located next to this lake. Wenwu and Ci-en pagoda are some temples you should check out at Sun Moon lake national scenic area.

You will also thick natural forests as you approach this natural lake. There are different bird species in the natural forest you will see. Black bulbul, Formosan Yuhina, Muller’s barbet, Chinese bulbul, Gray tree pie and bamboo partridge are some bird species you will see on the thick forest. Wild vegetation and fish are other things you will see with Sun Moon Lake. Climb on top of two canopies for a fantastic aerial view of Sun Moon Lake. Above all; you will experience the local culture from Shan clan. This clan annually hosts festivals such as sowing festival, harvest festival and handcraft exhibition. Be part of these festivals to properly understand the local culture. Ensure you take some pictures to remind you of this amazing natural feature.

Hiking Jungles and High Mountains

Hiking Jungles and High Mountains

Taiwan has plenty of hiking jungles and high mountains. This makes it a perfect gateway for some hiking adventure. These hiking trails offer different challenges. Therefore, beginners and experts will surely have an amazing time. Wuling Sixiu trail in Shei pa national park is one of the hiking trails in Taiwan you should try out. This hiking trail is very challenging. People take three days to complete this hiking challenge. Zhuilu old trail in Taroko national park should be you next stop. People love zhuilu old trail because it is easy to complete. This hiking trail offers a stunning view of the surrounding region.

You should also try out Beidawushan trail in Pingtung Park. This hiking jungle is ten kilometers long. You will pass through a red cedar tree that is more than 1,000 years old. Beidawushan trail also offers a stunning view of the pacific. Proceed with your journey to Yushan peaks trail. This trail is located in the heart of Yushan national park. Yushan peaks trail is pretty straightforward. Most people have managed to tackle the obstacles on this route.

Eryan ping trail in Alishan scenic mountain area is another hiking trail in Taiwan you shouldn’t miss out. Eryan ping trail offers a stunning view of the surrounding region. People who love hiking challenge should visit Sanxia hiking trail. Pingxi hiking trail, Linmei shipan trail, Dakeng trail and Yangmingshan national park are other hiking routes in Taiwan you should try out.

Miaokou Night Market

Miaokou night market

Miaokou night market is one of the numerous night markets in Taiwan. This night is unique because it has plenty of things to do and see. You will be greeted by yellow lanterns throughout Miaokou night market. Therefore, you can comfortably explore the different parts of this night market. The lights are so bright to the point you can explore a section of port city. This night market deals with different kinds of meals. Street meals and traditional meals are the common delicacies prepare at this night market. Most of the meals prepared in Miaokou night market are fresh.

Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

Pingxi Sky lantern festival is one of the great attractions in Taiwan. People converge annually in Pingxi village for the lantern festival. Pingxi sky lantern festival requires you to place your wishes on a paper then place it on the lantern. Afterwards, you should let it fly high into the sky. The local people believe their ancestors will honor their wishes. You will also understand how this festival evolved from a military signal in the 19th century to one of the most celebrated festivals in Taiwan and Asia at large. Ensure you are in Pingxi village the lunar New Year. There are plenty of lantern shops in Pingxi streets to choose from. Some are plain whereas others have calligraphy art. You will remember Pingxi sky lantern festival for the rest of your lives if you attend it.

The Mazu Pilgrimage (Festival)

The Mazu Pilgrimage (Festival)

The Mazu pilgrimage festival helps you understand different things about the Taiwan religion. This pilgrimage festival takes eight days and is annually held. You will walk from Zhenlan temple up to Fengtian temple during the eight days. This pilgrimage activity can be traced back to the 19th century. You will also learn about the suspension and the reintroduction of this pilgrimage festival during and after the Japanese occupation. People walk through villages, fields and small temples during the eight days of the festival. Traditional performances and parades are also visible during the Mazu pilgrimage festival. This is one of the festivals you must attend while in Taiwan.

Indigenous Culture in Orchid Island

indigenous culture in orchid

A lot of the ancient Taiwan culture was lost since the Chinese arrived in Taiwan. This has made it challenging for the local people to understand how life was before the Chinese dominated Taiwan. Luckily, the Orchid Island is one of the locations in the country where the ancient culture is still intact. Here, you will experience the ancient Yami culture. You can reach Orchid Island either through a ferry or a plane. Orchid Island is situated in the East coast of the country. You will be impressed by the green scenery throughout the Island.

The local Yami culture is evident immediately you set your foot on this Island. The huts, traditional boats and how people lead their lives help you understand the local culture. Ensure you check out the Aboriginal culture museum while in Orchid Island. Here, you will see some traditional houses replicas, traditional costumes and traditional canoes that were painted. You will be assigned tour guides to explain different things about the Yami culture. Orchid Island is also known for its beautiful beaches. There are plenty of fun things you can do on these beaches. Swimming is one of the activities you can do at these beaches. The white sand beaches also permit soaking and picnic. Snorkeling is another fun activity you should try out while at the beaches.

Beitou Hot Spring Museum

beitou hot spring museum

Your tour in Taiwan shouldn’t end without visiting Beitou hot spring museum. Beitou hot spring museum has been operational since 1913 after it was built by the Japanese. People who are observant found out that its design looks like a roman bath. You will be impressed by both the interior and the exterior design of this museum. Beitou hot spring museum contains different exhibits and information. There is plenty of information about the preservation and the reconstruction of the Beitou hot spring museum. You will also see a Japanese designed room. Ensure you check out this famous room. Visitors are allowed to relax here for a few minutes.

Taiwan is a hidden gem in East Asia. You must visit this place if you want to experience unique culture, fun, adventure and to create memorable memories.


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