The Complete Guide About Sri Lanka: 20 Things to Do and See

Sri Lanka is an Island country located in Asia and particularly the southern part of the country. This country has plenty of things to do and see. Tourism is on the rise since the government decided to promote its attraction sites. There are landscapes, historical monuments and beaches around Sri Lanka you should check out. Infrastructure around the country has also been improved to make tourist sites easily accessible.

Stunning Beaches in Sri Lanka

Stunning Beaches in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an Island. This means it has plenty of beaches throughout the country. There are some stunning beaches in Sri Lanka you shouldn’t miss out while in the country. Beruwala is one of the beaches you should visit. The shallow waters make it suitable for family. Swimming and picnic are the main activities carried out on this beach. Snorkeling and deep sea diving are other fun activities around Beruwala beach you should try out.

Hikkaduwa beach is another beach in Sri Lanka you should visit. This beach has a beautiful environment and white sand. People who want to have some good time should visit this beach. There are restaurants and bars next to the beach. Snorkeling is one of common activities carried out here. Unawatuna beach is one of the beautiful beaches in the country. Galle old town offers a stunning view of Unawatuna beaches.

You should also check out Mirissa beach. This beach is less crowded and recommended for people who want some privacy. Mirissa beach also offers a perfect view of the sunset. This beach is also known for whale watching. Move on to Yala beach. This beach isn’t recommended for swimming. However, it has a beautiful environment. Arugam bay beach and Uppeveli are other beautiful beaches you should check out in Sri Lanka.

Travelling by Train (Ella to Kandy)

Travelling by Train (Ella to Kandy)

Ensure you ride the famous train from Ella to Kandy. It is also one of the recommended train trips in Asia continent. This train ride is roughly seven hours long. Therefore, you will perfectly view the mountain, plantations and landscapes between Ella to Kandy. Anyone who goes on this train trip enjoys every moment of the journey.

This train also grants access to some remote places that are inaccessible by road. You can book a train ticket from Ella to Kandy either online or at any train station in Sri Lanka. Train tickets vary in prices, depending on the comfort you desire. You are offered meal during the seven hours train ride. The train is also smooth and relaxing. You will also watch the landscape and the beautiful sceneries. Waterfalls, local villages and old bridges are visible on different parts of the journey. Travel from Ella and Kandy for a perfect glimpse of the surrounding environment.

Uda Walawe National Park

Uda Walawe National Park

Uda Walawe national park is one of the most visited places in the country. This national park borders both Sabaragamuwa and Uva provinces. Uda Walawe national park was first opened to the public in the year 1972 to help wild animals regain their lost habitat. It has over the years gained popularity among local and foreign tourists. Elephants are the main wild animals you will see inside this national museum. In fact, it is the only animal you are guaranteed to see inside Uda Walawe national park. Leopard and different bird species are other animals you will spot inside the national park.

Uda Walawe is estimated to house different butterflies, mammals and reptiles species. Trips around Uda Walawe national park is guided by tour guides. Guides are in a perfect position to explain different things about wild animals, climate and the vegetation. You can visit Uda Walawe national park any time of the year.

Ancient Sights of Anuradhapura

Ancient Sights of Anuradhapura1

Trip in Sri Lanka will be incomplete if you don’t visit Anuradhapura city. This is an ancient city that dates back to the 5th century. Anuradhapura city is currently listed as an UNESCO world heritage site. You will see renovated monuments, historical sites and ruins. This is the place to visit of you want a glimpse of history of the local people. You will see some ancient reservoirs that are still being used to store rainwater for irrigation during the dry period. Nuwara Wewa reservoir and basawakkulama Wewa reservoir are the common ancient reservoirs.

This ancient city will also help you understand its rich history. You can request a guide to take your through the ancient city while explaining what transpired in the past. Archaeological excavations within Anuradhapura ancient city reveal that this city attained both Roman and Chinese influence at some point in the past. Take memorable pictures to remind you of your trip around the ancient Anuradhapura city.

Soaring Sigiriya Rock

Soaring Sigiriya Rock

Soaring Sigiriya rock is one of the visited sites in Sri Lanka. You will be impressed by the surrounding environment. That is nature and the unique landscapes. Soaring Sigiriya rock is also an archaeological site. You might be lucky to see elephants, monkeys and different bird species as you walk towards soaring Sigiriya rock. Tour around the rock commences by ascending on stairs that are connected to Sigiriya rock. This allows you to see the ancient wall paintings. People travel from different parts across the globe just to see these wall paintings that narrate history.

Continue with your tour until you see the Lions rock. You will also see some hornets collections. The top of the lion rocks offer a stunning view of the surrounding terrain, plantation and statues. There are also ruins next to Sigiriya rock. You will definitely enjoy every moment of your tour around this site.

Bundala National Park

Bundala National Park

Bundala national park in Sri Lanka is recommended for people who love nature. This national park houses different bird species. Different bird species are visible as you visit this national park. It is estimated there are more than two hundred different bird species. Egrets, pelicans, ibis and spoonbills are some bird species you will see flying around. Bundala national park also houses turtles, crocodiles and elephants. These wildlife animals are visible as you move around the national park. You will also see scrubby forest as you transverse around the national park. Coastal dunes and lagoons are also found in Bundala national park.

That’s not all; roughly thirty two mammals can be found in this national park. This popular national park in this country also houses over 400 different plant species. Therefore, create time and check out the different plant species on different parts of the national park. Bundala national park is open to the public throughout the year.

Adam’s Peak Pilgrims

Adam’s Peak Pilgrims

Adam’s peak pilgrims should be among the places you visit while in Sri Lanka. This is also one of the highest mountains in the country. Buddhists consider this location an important pilgrimage site. It takes roughly five hours to climb on the peak of this mountain. This suggests hiking is the main activity on this part of the country. Hiking to Adam’s peak pilgrims offers a unique adventure and feeling. You will perfectly see the thick forest surrounding the hills and the unique landscape. People can also hike at night as cemented staircases and power lines have been established at this location.

Make an effort of climbing on top of the Adam’s peak pilgrims offer a stunning view of the sun rise in the morning. You will see the Sama Chatiya pagoda on the peak. The sacred footprint is also located on the peak. You will find local and foreign worshippers at this site.

Cultural Places in Kandy

Cultural Places in Kandy

Kandy is known for its dense nature, temples and breathtaking trails. There are definitely plenty of things to do and see in Kandy. Commence your vacation by visiting Pinnawala elephant orphanage. This orphanage houses more than ninety elephants. Here, you will see the elephants, eat, play or even bathe. Go on with your trip to the temple of tooth relic. The temple of tooth relics is an UNESCO listed site. It is also a significant active Buddhist place of worship. A section of the temple is also open to the public.

Kandy Lake is also a major highlight you should check out. This lake is known for offering a stunning view of surrounding nature. You will also see different bird species flying over Lake Kandy. The surrounding environment also offers a stunning background for taking pictures. Move on to Huluganga falls, situated next to the River Hulu. This waterfall showcases the diverse nature found in Sri Lanka at large. Huluganga falls offers a stunning background for pictures. This waterfall can also be viewed from different angles.

People whom love outdoor adventure should visit Knuckles mountain range. Knuckles mountain range offers more than just a stunning view of Kandy. This location offers a wide range of adventures such as hiking and camping. You will also see different fauna and flora species around Knuckles mountain range. Mongoose, spotted deer, monkeys and wild boars are some animals you might see on this part of Kandy. Don’t forget about Bahirawakanda temple. This temple is recommended for people who want to understand the Buddhist religion. The architectural design of this temple is also appealing to the eye. Bahirawakanda temple is visible from different locations in the city. Explore the interior of this temple before moving on to the next spot.

Sri Lanka is known for its diverse spices. Ranweli spice garden houses some spices such as Aloe Vera, Cloves, Peppercorns, Cocoa, vanilla, cardamom and cinnamon. Take time and understand each spice and get tips on how to grow them. Royal botanical garden is also another site in Kandy. This botanical garden houses over 4,000 different plant species. These plant species originate from different parts of the globe. You should also check out Udawattekele sanctuary. This sanctuary houses different bird species and animals. Some Buddhist monasteries can also be found inside Udawattekele sanctuary.

Don’t leave Kandy without visiting commonwealth war cemetery. This cemetery pays tribute to soldiers and people who lost their lives during the Second World War. Ceylon tea museum, Millennium elephant foundation, Wales Park, Horton plains national park Ohiya, Riverton gap, Ranawana Purana Rajamaha Vihara, Galmaduwa temple and Pallekele cricket stadium are other attractions in Kandy you should check out.

Galle Fort

galle fort

Visit the coastal city of Galle for some splendid and amazing time. This city houses different historical landmarks. Galle fort is one of the sites you should check out in the coastal town of Galle. This fort was first built in the 16 th century and later developed. You will also hear how Galle Fort was under the rule of both the Portuguese and the Dutch. Galle Fort is listed as an UNESCO heritage site. It is one of the few remaining fortress built by Europeans in Asia. Create time and explore this ancient fortress with a rich history. The old gate is one of the leading attractions inside Galle Fort. You will also see the famous tower clock that was built in the year 1882. You cannot miss out the light house while in the fort.

Galle Fort also offers a stunning view of the ocean and the breathtaking landscapes. The combination of the Portuguese and the Dutch architectural design bring out a stunning and unique look.

Surfing at Arugam Bay

Surfing at Arugam Bay

Arugam bay in Ampara district is one of the perfect spots for surfing in Sri Lanka, Asia and the globe at large. In fact, international competitions are frequently held here. Arugam bay has remained intact over the years. Underwater diving and photography are also common here. Surfing in Arugam bay suits both experts and amateurs. The point is one of the spots within Arugam bay suitable for surfing. Its strategic location attracts a lot of people. It is also a perfect spot for amateurs to master different aspects about surfing. Pottuvil point is another excellent spot within Arugam bay for surfing. This spot only suits experienced surfers. Waves here are more intense when compared to the point. Surfing is a very popular and fun water activity. There are different locations within Arugam bay you can hire proper surfing gear. Arugam bay also offers other fun water body activities.

Experience the Ayurveda

Experience the Ayurveda

You must experience the Ayurveda while in Sri Lanka. This is traditional medical system that has been practiced for over five thousand years. Ayurveda entails the combination of diet and herbs. Ayurveda is still commonly practiced in Sri Lanka. This healing system is categorized into eight sections; treating illnesses in the body, children treatment, aphrodisiacs doctrine, elixirs doctrine, antidotes doctrine, extraction of substances that might have entered the body, mental disease treatment and ear or eye treatment.

Ayurveda medical system also believes that an illness affects a person as a whole. That is the spirit, mind and the body. Ayurveda medical experts use all five senses to detect an illness. Herbs are used depending on the diagnosis. This medical system also encourages meditation, yoga and workout. Massage oils and Kashmiri almonds are other ingredients used in Ayurveda to bring both a healing and relaxing effect. People who have experienced the Ayurveda recommend it to people traveling to Sri Lanka for the first time.

Whale-Watching at Mirissa Beach

Whale-Watching- at mirrissa

Ensure you visit Mirissa beach to watch whales while in Sri Lanka. This is a popular activity at Mirissa beach. Mirissa is one of the fishing towns in this country. It is renowned for its fresh sea and traditional meals. This town also has one of the beautiful beaches in the country. Above all; Mirissa is the home to some giant sea life species such as whales and dolphins. People who love nature and water fun activities must visit Mirissa town. Mirissa town can be accessed via train, bus or a cab. It all depends on your preference.

Whale watching at Mirissa beach is recommended for morning hours. The ocean is mostly rough in the afternoon. There are different service providers who take on tours to see the whale and other deep sea species. Prices per tour vary depending on the service provider and the services you have selected. Killer whale, sperm whale, bride whale, pygmy whale and Fin whale are some whales you will see on your whale watching tour at Mirissa beach.

Beaches of East Sri Lanka

Beaches of East Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an Island. This means it has plenty of beaches all over the country. Our attention lies on beaches on the Eastern part of the country. Kalkudah is one of the beaches you should check out. This beach has fine white sand. Therefore, you can easily walk along the shores while admiring the nature. You can also lie on down and have some relaxing moment alone or with your loved ones. Kalkudah also offers a stunning view of the sunset in the evening. Water on this beach is shallow. Therefore, you can swim with children.

Pasikudah is another beach you should check out. This beach is surrounded by hotels and resorts. Therefore, you are assured of a quality time at this location. Nilaveli is listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka. This beach offers plenty of fun activities. Swimming, snorkeling and boat riding are some fun activities you can try out in Nilaveli beach. Arugam bay is also located on the eastern part of the country. It is renowned for surfing. Peanut farm, main point and whiskey point are some beaches in Arugam bay you should check out.

Marble beach is also another site you should check out. This beach is situated in a quiet and relaxing environment. Therefore, you can visit marble beach with your loved ones for some picnic.

Spoon’s Cafe

Spoon's Cafe

Sri Lanka offers a wide range of urban and traditional delicacies. Your trip around Sri Lanka will be incomplete if you don’t visit Spoon’s café for some delicious meals. Chef Careem, the head chef of this café inherited cooking recipes from his ancestral lineage. You are assured of delicious traditional meals at this café. Spoon’s café also prepares the delicious rice with curry. There are different meals to choose from at this café. Be open- minded and try out different traditional meals. Who knows, you might be lucky to get one of the secret recipes.

Horton Plains National Park

horton plains national park

Horton plains national park is one of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka you should check out. This national park extends between totapola and kirigalpotta. The surrounding mountain, forest, lakes, waterfalls and hills, make this one of the places you should visit while in Sri Lanka. This national park also houses different bird and wild animal species. Horton plains national park is accessible by road, train or air. There are plenty of things to do in this national park. Start off by checking out different wild life species. It is estimated that there are more than 150 wild animals and over 700 different plant species inside Horton plains national park. Wood pigeon, wild boar, giant squirrels, mongoose and Magpie are some species you will see during your tour in the national park.

The terrain within Horton plains national park permit hiking. Each terrain within the national park offers different hiking adventure. Ensure you check out some waterfalls during your tour around Horton plains national park. These waterfalls also offer a perfect background for taking pictures.

Dambatenne Tea Factory

dambatenne tea factory

Tea is commonly taken in Sri Lanka. You will witness this when you visit different cities and town across the country. Dambatenne tea factory has been producing and distributing tea in Sri Lanka and the globe at large. It has been operational for more than 100 years. This is the reason it should be among it should be among the places you visit while in Sri Lanka. You must get on a local bus then tuk tuk to access this famous tea factory.

There are guided tours around Dambatenne tea factory. Each tour lasts roughly 25 minutes. You will first be taken where tea leaves are placed before undergo refining process. Secondly, you will see different stages of the refining process. Lastly, you will see how the refined tea is heated, cooled and packaged. Create time and admire the surrounding environment. You should also check out the tea plantations. Above all; take a cup of tea.

Jaffna & the Islands

jaffna & the islands

Jaffna town is a jewel, in that it attracts tourists all year round. The highlights neighboring Jaffna also attract tourists from different part of the country and globe at large. Below are some islands you should visit whenever you are in Jaffna town. Kayts is one of the Islands you should check out. You will see most of this island is unoccupied. Check out the green vegetation. Chatty beach is the main highlight in Kayts Island. This white sand beach permits different kinds of fun activities. It also lays a perfect background for taking pictures.

Move on to Karainagar Island. Ensure you check out Casuarina beach while on this island. This beach permits swimming, relaxing and picnic. You require a boat to easily access Karainagar beach. Casuarina beach also offers a perfect background for taking pictures. Nagadeepa and delft islands should also be among the places you visit while in Jaffna town.

National Museum of Colombo

National Museum of Colombo1

Sri Lanka at large has a rich history and diverse culture. The national museum of Colombo is situated at the capital city of the country. This is a must visit place whenever you are at the capital city. The national museum of Colombo is also called the Sri Lanka national museum. This museum was first opened to the public in the year 1877. You will notice the Italian architectural design whenever you visit this national museum.

The Buddha statue is another highlight you cannot miss out as you approach the main entrance of the museum. This statue is estimated to be from the 4 th century. The throne and the crown jewel of the Kandy king are housed here. You will also see different artifacts belonging to the last king of Kandy. Different puppets and masks are also housed here. The Ceylon tea museum, Dutch museum and Kandy national museum are other museums in Colombo you should check out.

Polonnaruwa Town

Polonnaruwa Town

Polonnaruwa is one of the ancient cities in Sri Lanka. This city has a rich history that dates back more than 800 years ago. There are also different structures, monuments and buildings that remind people of the ancient era. You will see the royal palace during your tour around Polonnaruwa. This palace was built in 1153. People who visit this ancient structure are amazed by its size. It is estimated that there are 50 rooms in total inside the palace. Most of the walls were destroyed over the years.

The audience hall is another site inside the Royal palace. This is one of the few sites inside the palace that has been maintained. Some elephant carves are visible on the wall. Each elephant has a unique look. Continue with your tour within the palace ground and see the swimming pool that was used by the king. This gives you a rough idea of how life was during the ancient rule.

You should also check out Shiva Devale, the oldest structure in this ancient city. This temple looks intact despite being built in the year 1070. Pabalu Vehera is another ancient structure that is still intact. Rankot Vihara, Dagaba Kiri Vihara, Lankatilaka Buddha statue, Gal Vihara Buddha figures and sacred quadrangle are other highlights in Polonnaruwa you shouldn’t miss out.

Pettah Market

Pettah Market

Pettah market is a major open market in Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka. This market is mostly crowded because of its diverse products. You will be amazed by the low prices at this market. Prices are not fixed in Pettah market. It all depends on your bargaining power. Vegetables, clothes, accessories, meat, seafood and fruits are some things sold in this market. That’s not all; valuables purchased in Pettah market are very unique. It is rare to find them in another part of the city. Try your best and visit Pettah market in the morning hours and early hours. This ensures you find quality products.

Sri Lanka definitely has plenty to offer. People who visit this country give it a five star because of the fun activities it offers and plenty of attraction sites. It deserves to be a leading tourist hub in Asia.


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