19 Beautiful Sights to Visit in Greece

Greece is located in the Southern east part of Europe. It is cemented in the books of history the birthplace of ancient civilization and democracy. Well; Greece has more to offer. It houses plenty of beautiful and breathtaking landscapes. There are also plenty of ancient ruins and historical sites on different parts of the country. Some places stand out and are worth your time and resources whenever you are in Greece.

Acropolis of Athens

Acropolis-of athens

The Acropolis of Athens was built during the 5th century when Greece was dominating the world in different fields. It was erected in honor of goddess Athena. The Acropolis of Athens has been used as a church before being converted into a mosque once the Turks took over ancient Greece.

The Acropolis of Athens was one of the most beautiful sites in Greece when it was intact. It was covered by different natural colors. You will understand how this site influenced modern architectural designs. Check out the ruins of Propylea, Athena Nike temple, the Erechtheion and the Parthenon. The acropolis of Athens is in ruins. You can only visit this site to relax, admire the ruins and watch the sunset in the evening. You will learn a lot of history and historic events that took place here. Acropolis of Athens should be your number one spot whenever you are in Athens.

Meteora Rock Formation


Meteora rock formation is one of the unresolved mysteries in Greece. There are different theories that try to explain the formation if this geological phenomenon. You will see plenty of giant rocks with monasteries on top. These monasteries were built by monks during the 11th century during the Turkish occupation. Visit Meteora rock formation to understand the secret behind these monasteries on top of huge rocks. The holy trinity or Agia Triada is one of the monasteries at this site. It was built during the 15th century. You will see wall paintings that date back to the 18th century when you visit this monastery.

Carry on to Varlaam monastery. This monastery was built in 1517. Here, you will see a wide collection of relics, unique treasures, carved wooden crosses and icons. The Agios Nikolaos Anapafsas monastery is also located here. It has been around since the 16th century. Take time and admire the paintings on the wall of this monastery. Proceed to Roussanou monastery. It is believed that this site was built on top of an older church that was left in ruins for a long time. You will see iconic stands, wall paintings and panel icons inside Roussanou monastery.

Metamorphisis was once the most beautiful monasteries on this site. It is also built on the highest rock on this site. Construction of this site commenced in 1382. Conclude your tour by checking out Agio Stefanos. Try out some local meals on the adjacent restaurants after your tour. There are also plenty of hotels you can spent the night after a long and tiresome day.

Ancient Delphi Sanctuary


Visit the ancient Delphi Sanctuary if you want a glimpse of the Greek history. This site was used as a religious sanctuary in the medieval era. It is also listed as an UNESCO world heritage site. There are different mythological stories about the ancient Delphi sanctuary. You will learn some of these stories when you visit the site. A section of this site is in ruins. However, the remaining part gives you a glimpse of how life was during the medieval era. The first temple was built during the 7th century BCE. Another temple was built in 510 BCE. However, it was destroyed during a severe earthquake. In 373 BCE. Another temple was built in 330 BCE. This is the temple you are seeing whenever you visit this location.

The ancient Delphi sanctuary was abandoned before being rediscovered through modern excavations. People flood throughout the year to see this ancient temple. You will definitely have a splendid time here.


Athens city

Athens highlights advanced ancient civilization. It also houses rich history that dates back 3,000 years ago. Athens is also the capital city of Greece. This capital city is divided into two, namely the old part and the developed modern part. The Acropolis is one of the tourist destinations in Athens. Move around the ancient temple for a glimpse of the ancient way of life. Make the national archaeology your next stop. This museum has been functional since the 19th century. There are different kinds of collections inside the archaeological museum. Ensure you check out some exhibits about the Greek civilization. There are also sculpture collections, decorative & vase collections that date back centuries ago in this archeological museum.

Make Byzantine museum your next stop while in Greece. This museum solely specializes in collection and history of Byzantine period. There are different kinds of Byzantine art collection inside the museum. You will also learn about the history of Byzantine period. Mosaics, sculptures, textiles and paintings are also housed here. Move on to agora, an ancient marketplace ruin. This ancient marketplace gives you a rough idea of how the ancient Greek people lived and ran their day to day life. Walk through the paths of the ancient marketplace while taking pictures.

The Museum of Cycladic art is also situated in Athens. It has been operational since 1986. Collections inside the museum of Cycladic art highlight the Greek art and its evolution over the centuries. The oldest exhibit here dates back to the  6th century. The 10th century church of the holy apostles is another attraction you shouldn’t miss out. This church showcases the Byzantine architectural design. A section of the original wall and paintings are well preserved here. Panaghia Kapnikarea church is another gem in Athens you shouldn’t miss. This church also highlights the Byzantine architectural design. You will also see some 19th century paintings inside the church.

The temple of Olympian Zeus was the largest temple in the ancient era.  This temple dates back to the 6th century BC. However, it was completed 2nd century AD. You will see a section of the huge columns when you visit this site. Currently, only 15 columns are intact. Anyone who visits Athens must check out the renowned panathenaic stadium. This ancient stadium can host up to 60, 000 people when full. It is a replica of the original stadium that was damaged. The panathenaic stadium was used in the 1896 Olympics. Visit this site to understand how it was used.

Visit the Syntagma square and watch the change of guard. A lot of tourists in Athens converge here to witness the change of guard. You should also check out the 12th century Saint Demetrius Loumbardiaris chapel.

Rhodes Town

rhodes town1

Rhodes town is located in Aegean Sea. It is one of the stunning places in Greece you should visit. Rhodes town also has a rich history and attraction sites. This Island can be accessed by air or through a boat. Take a stroll on the streets of the medieval town. You will see different kinds of traditional buildings and a well preserved medieval street. Go on to the palace of Grand master of the knights of Rhodes. This palace is located in the medieval town. It houses Byzantine museum, medieval furniture and paintings.

The archaeological museum of Rhodes is a leading tourist site. It is situated on a 15th century structure. Excavation findings on this island are housed at this museum. Take a stroll to the Acropolis of Rhodes. This hill offers a spectacular view of the temple of Apollo and the Diagoras stadium. Climb on top of the medieval clock tower for an amazing view of the Rhodes town.

The Suleman Mosque is an important monument on this Island. It was built in honor of Sultan Suleiman after he conquered the Island. Don’t forget the 11th century lady of the castle cathedral that was built during the Ottoman rule. You will see the Fort of St Nicholas next to the Mandraki harbor. This fort was built in the 15th century. Finally, take time and check out Mandraki harbor.

Patmos Island


Patmos Island is one of the stunning places in Greece you should visit. This Island is renowned for its ancient Christian pilgrimage sites. Well; Patmos Island offers more than that. There are numerous things to do and see on this Island. Visit the Medieval Chora, the main town on this Island. It is listed as an UNESCO world heritage site because of its medieval churches, its Byzantine fortress and the traditional houses. You will enjoy every moment of your tour around the main town. The monastery of Saint John should be your next stop. This monastery has been around for more than thousand years. This monastery is both a museum and a church. You will see ancient treasures and texts when you visit the museum.

The cave of Apocalypse is also located in Patmos Island. This tourist destination is listed as an UNESCO world heritage site. Embark on an English speaking tour to understand more about this cave. There are numerous ways of exploring Patmos Island. A boat ride is one of the ways to perfectly explore this Island and the surrounding region. Trekking is another way of enjoying the nature and surrounding landscapes. Go to Petra beach for some relaxing and fun moments with your loved ones. You should also check out Agrio Livadi beach before leaving Patmos Island.

Crete Island

crete island1

Crete Island is the largest Island in the country. It offers more than its natural beauty and its rich culture. Crete Island is a good gateway for people who love nature, canyoning and hiking. Canyoning helps you appreciate the natural beauty of this island. This ranges from vegetation to landscapes, among others. The landscapes also offer different hiking challenge. Crete Island is also known for its wide range of Mediterranean meals. Visit this location if you want to try out some local Greek delicacies. There are different restaurants to choose from, depending on your budget.

Start your tour by checking out Chania old town. This part of Crete Island takes you back in time. The Venetian lighthouse is a major attraction you should check out. You should also check out Rethymno. The cobblestone alleys, settlement and old buildings are some things you will see when you visit this old town. Crete Island also houses Port Heraklion. This is one of the sights you cannot miss out on this Island.

Go on to Ierapetra old town. Ierapetra is well known for Kales fortress and the narrow alleyways. Kazarma fortress is another gem you should check out. Don’t forget Mount Ida, the highest mountain on this Island.

Cyclades (Group of Islands)


Greece is well known for its beautiful Islands. Cyclades are a group of Islands in Greece. Ensure you check out a couple of them while in the country. Amorgos is one of the Islands. This island has few beaches when compared to other islands. A boat ride is the best way of exploring Amorgos and the surrounding mountains. Anafi should be your next stop. It is one of the locations whose nature is still intact. The renowned Zoodohou Pigis monastery is located here. There are also some beaches you can go and have fun.

Andros is another island worth your time. You need a ferry boat to access this location. There are plenty of fun activities to do on this location. Ensure you sample some local Greek meals while on this Island. This location also has two rivers and green vegetation. The beauty of Folegandros is undeniable. It is probably one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. A ferry ride is the easiest way of accessing this location. IOS is one of the Cyclades islands. It has everything that will make your stay comfortable. Kythnos, Milos, Naxos, Paros, Serifos, Sikinos, Tinos and Little Cyclades are other Islands you should check out.

Samaria Gorge National Park

samaria gorge national park

Samaria Gorge National park is one of the stunning places in Greece you should visit. This national park is protected and houses different animal and plant species. You should also create time and check out the Samaria Gorge. Samaria gorge is one of the most beautiful gorges in Greece. There are foot paths that make your trip across the gorge simple and manageable. You can take a stroll down the Mediterranean Sea and have some fun. It can be picnic or swimming. Hiking is another fun activity you should consider whenever you visit Samaria Gorge National park. There are a couple of hiking trails to choose. Simply choose hiking trail you can easily tackle. They vary in terms of intensity. You should also consider a boat ride while at Samaria Gorge national park.



Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece. It is also one of the most visited cities in Greece. There are plenty of attractive sites and things to do in Thessaloniki. Check out Ano Poli whenever you are in this city. This is then highest point in the city. Ano Poli is also known for its narrow streets and combination of the Balkan & Macedonian architectural design. This location also offers a perfect view of the city, especially in the evening. Move on to Ladadika. This place comes to life at night. A lot of people gather around this location to admire the colorful buildings. There are also restaurants and bars in Ladadika that lighten up this location.

Don’t forget the Archaeological museum of Thessaloniki. This museum has been operational since 1912. This museum helps explain the Macedonian culture from the medieval age. Exhibit in this museum range from Medusa heads, gold medals, the Harocrates statue and Serapis head, among others. You should also check out Museum of Byzantine culture. This museum tries to explain different things about the Byzantine culture. You will see wall paintings, manuscripts, ceramics, coins, mosaic and sculptures. Furthermore, tours around this museum are guided.

Carry on to the 15th century White tower. It was named the white tower after it was painted white. The white tower is open to the public. Climb on top of the tower for a stunning aerial view of Thessaloniki. There is a museum inside the white tower that focuses on the history of this building and the tower. Greece was once under Turkish occupation. This is the reason there are numerous Turkish baths, commonly known as Hamams. Yahudi Hamam is the most popular Hamam. Visit one of the baths and glimpse how like was in the ancient era.

Art lovers should visit Teloglion foundation of Art. Here, there are different kinds of collection. Some collections date back previous centuries ago. You will see oil paintings, sculptures and drawings, among others inside the art gallery. Don’t forget to the Macedonian museum of contemporary art while in Thessaloniki. It is estimated that there are more than 2,000 art pieces from both local and foreign artists. You should also attend the Thessaloniki international film festival.

Hydra Island

Hydra island in Greece

Hydra Island is listed as one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. It is also easily accessible from Athens. Anyone who visits this location will be astonished by the beauty of this location. Hydra Island uses donkeys for transportation. Ride on a donkey if you have never while on Hydra Island. You should also ride a house while on this Greek Island. Walk along the streets and admire the unique architectural designs. Colorful buildings offer a perfect background for taking pictures.

Carry on with your tour to the Assumption of Virgin Mary Assumption. This monastery was built in 1643 and is the main cathedral on this Island. Hydra Island also houses different museums. Historical archives museum, Kountouriotis and Ecclesiastical museum are some top museums you should check out. These museums house different collections. You will enjoy every moment of your tour on these museums. Hydra Island is considered one of the most beautiful places in Greece. Take a walk or drive through the town and its outskirts to witness the beauty of this Island.

Greece has engaged in numerous wars over the centuries. There are bastions on this island. They were erected in the 18th century war against the Turkish fleets. Currently, the bastions remind people of the historical events that took place. They also offer a perfect view of the Aegean Sea. Hydra Island also houses different kinds of top class beaches. Kaminia beach and Vlychos beach are some beaches you should check out.

Check out Rafalia’s pharmacy while on Hydra Island. This is the oldest pharmacy in Greece. It commenced its operations in 1890. Hydra also houses different festivals all year round. Make an effort of attending one event on this part of Greece.

Palace of Knossos


The palace of Knossos archaeological site is one of the most visited sites in Greece. Thousands of tourists visit this archaeological site all year round. The restoration done on this site during the 20th century is what attracts people. The throne room, the northern entrance, the queen’s apartment and the wall paintings are some attractions you will see when you visit the palace of Knossos. You will also attain different information regarding this historic site. Palace of Knossos should definitely be one of the places you should visit while in Greece.

Preveli Beach


Preveli beach is one of the most visited beaches in Southern Crete. There are different kinds palm trees along the coastal lines of this beach. Swimming and picnic are some fun activities you can engage in while at the beach. There are a couple of restaurants that offer local delicacies after a fulfilling time with your loved ones. Preveli beach also houses Piso Moni, a significant monastery in the region. There is a museum inside this monastery. There are sacred vessels, religious relics and vestments inside the museum. You will understand the role of this monastery in the structure against the Turkish rule. Preveli beach also offers a perfect background for taking pictures.

Zagorohoria Region


Visit Zagorohoria for a glimpse of some well preserved traditional pictures. There are roughly 46 villages on this part of Greece you should check out. First, you will appreciate the natural environment and landscape. This is the reason Zagorohoria is perfect for different outdoor activities. Buildings on the 46 villages are made from slate rock, wood and stone. Ano Pedina is one of the villages you should check out. It is one of the well preserved villages. Some structures here date back to the 17th century.

Vitsa is well known for being the birth place of historic figures across Greece. Check out the unearthed settlements and the ancient graveyards discovered on this traditional village. Move on to Kato Pedina village. This village is located on top of a plateau. The famous 15th century Aghios Nikolaos Vastanion Kalivion chapel is located on this village. Monodendri village, Elafotopos village, Aristi, Vikos, Papigo, Kipi, Koukouli village, Kapesovo, Dikorifo, Vradeto, Skamneli, Negades and Vrisohori are other traditional villages you should check out whenever you visit Zagorohoria. You will see how the Greece traditions have been maintained and preserved over the years.

Corfu Island


Corfu is one of the stunning places in Greece you should visit. This Island is known for its beaches, romantic trails and majestic fort. You will definitely enjoy every moment of your tour around this Island. Visit Corfu’s historic centre for detailed information about the history of this location. This historic center was listed as an UNESCO world heritage site. You should also check out palaio Frourio fort. This fort was built during the 13th century. There are plenty of things to see inside Palaio Frourio fort. Corfu Island stands from other islands because it houses other islands. Mouse and cannon islands can are located on this beautiful island.

There are different kinds of beaches on this island you should try out. Kavos, Dasia, Benitses, Ermones, Glyfada, Sidari and Halikounas are some beaches you should check out. Achillion palace, Mon Repos, Angelokastro resort and Paleokastritsa resort are other attractions in Corfu Island you should check out.

Mani Peninsula

mani peninsula1

Mani Peninsula is renowned for its beauty and rich history. This location has grown as one of the stunning places in Greece you should consider. Limeni is one of the locations in Mani peninsula you should visit. This fishing village contains plenty tower houses and fish taverns. It is also a perfect spot for swimming. Areopoli is the capital of Mani peninsula. There are plenty of preserved traditional settlements on this location. That is the tower houses, taverns and the petrobay’s Mavromichalis statue. You should also check out Gerolimenas while in this part of Greece. This village has a rich history apart from being a traditional fishing village.

Carry on with your tour within Mani Peninsula by checking out Vathia. This traditional settlement is located on top of a hill. This offers a glamorous view of the surrounding region. You are likely to see roughly 70 abandoned tower houses. Proceed with your tour and check out Diros caves. It is ranked as one of the most beautiful lake caves in Greece, Europe and the globe at large. There are plenty of beaches in Mani peninsula you should check out. Kalogria beach, Stoupa beach and Delfinia beach are some beaches you should try out. Cape Tainaron, Gythio and the Mystras archaeological sites are other attractions in Mani Peninsula you should check out

Archeological Site of Olympia


The ancient Olympia was once an important athletic and religious centre in the country. Ancient Olympia plays a crucial role in the history of Greece. It was a common spot for Olympic Games. Well; the ancient Olympia offers more than just its rich history. You will see the famous temple of Zeus. The athletic premise is also located next to Zeus temple. This premise was used to prepare the celebration of the ancient Olympic Games. A section of the ancient Olympia is still intact. Anyone who visits this ancient site should take pictures to remind them of this splendid adventure.

Mithymna Town (Molyvos)


Molyvos was one of the prominent cities in ancient Greece. It is currently a tourist hub. The Molyvos beach is one of the commonly visited places on this town. You can relax and have some quality time with your loved ones on this beach. Make a stop on the main road leading to Molyvos. This location offers a perfect view of this town. Take a couple of pictures while at this location. Molyvos is one of the ancient cities in Greece. Therefore, you will see cobbled lanes while taking stroll on this town.

Move on to the Byzantine castle. This castle was built during the 14th century and offers a perfect view of the surrounding region. Molyvos was listed as an UNESCO world heritage site because of its architectural design. Therefore, create time and check out some old structures that are well maintained. Molyvos town hall and municipal art gallery are other structures you should check out.

Kefalonia Island


Kefalonia Island is one of the gorgeous places in Greece you should visit. This island is also famous for its crystal clear water and beautiful beaches. Kefalonia Island also has a rich culture. This island also offers plenty of attraction sites. Commence your tour by checking out Argostoli. This is the capital of this Island. Argostoli is located within the hill. The korgialeneios library is the major highlight on this location. Proceed to Lixouri while in Kefalonia Island. Lixouri is one of the quiet and relaxing points on this Island. This location also offers a perfect view of the sunset in the evening. You should also check out Kipouria monastery while in Lixouri.

Fiscardo is one of the few locations on Kefalonia Island whose building has the traditional local color. Tour around Kefalonia Island is incomplete if you don’t check out Melissani Cave Lake. Conclude your tour by checking out Kourkoumelata.

Greece is definitely a tourist attraction hub. There are plenty of things to see and do in this country. It is the best place to visit to properly understand the ancient civilizations.


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