17 Must-visit Attractions in Germany

Germany is one of the most visited countries in Europe. This is because of its deep history, impressive culture and plenty of attraction sites and tours around the country. There are also plenty of medieval castles, deep forests and picturesque towns. Germany is also known for its marvelous beer brands. Architecture across this country is undeniable. Let us start our tour around Germany.



Berlin is the most visited city in Germany. It is the capital city of this beautiful country. Science, media, culture and politics are some popular activities in this city. There are also plenty of attractions in Berlin worth your time. Surprisingly, these attraction sites cannot be complete in a single day. The Brandenburg gate is an historic landmark in Germany. It reminds people of a once divided nation. It is currently a symbol of peace and unity. The Brandenburg gate reminds people of the Berlin wall that was brought down. This gate is currently 26 meters tall.

The Museum Island should be your next stop. It is situated next to Kupfergraben canal and River Spree. The Museum Island is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites in Germany. The museum island houses a lot of the old museums in the city. They range from Altes museum, Neues museum, the old national gallery, Bode museum and Pergamon museum. The Berlin wall memorial is another place you must visit in Berlin. A section of the destroyed Berlin wall is intact. This wall is covered in graffiti which reminds people of the animosity that once divided Berlin and Germany.

Proceed to the Charlottenburg palace. This palace can be traced back to the 17th century. Anyone who visits this palace will be puzzled by its beauty. This applies to both the interior and the exterior décor. Ensure you tour around throughout this palace and the large garden. Tours around Charlottenburg palace are guided. This ensures you don’t miss out any room. The new wing, the golden gallery, state dining room, the palace park, the old palace and the grand courtyard at the places you must visit while in this palace.

Move on to the Jewish Museum Berlin. The design of this museum is striking and can be noticed from a distance. There are different kinds of historical artifacts that showcase the struggle the Jewish underwent in Germany. You will also see some religious objects and photographs. The history of the Jewish people is also highlighted inside this museum. This includes the Jewish holocaust.

You should also spare sometime while in Berlin and checkout the Pergamon Museum. This museum houses plenty of collection that was almost damaged during the Second World War. Berlin cathedral church, Topography of terror, Berlin Zoological gardens, the Nikolai quarter and Kaiser Wilhelm memorial church are other attraction sites you should check out while in Berlin.



Munich is famous for different reasons. It has a very rich and interesting history. This city also plays a crucial role in the German economy. Above all; Munich has plenty of tourist sites worth your time. Alte Pinakothek is the oldest art gallery exhibition center in Munich and the world. You will see different kinds of famous galleries from St Petersburg, Rome and Brussels. Some paintings date back to the 1200’s. Paintings from famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Hieronymus and Titian are also housed here. Englischer Garten Park is another attraction in Munich. This Park has been operational since the 18th century. Englischer Garten Park is estimated to be 370 hectares. You will see a lake, waterways, lawns, pasture and tree groves.

Are you into art? If yes, visit the Neue Pinakothek. This art contemporary center was established during the 19th century. Here, there are more than 400 art paintings. Some paintings date back to the 1800’s. Some paintings from famous artists are also located here. Check out St Peter’s church while in Munich. This is the oldest church in this city. It was first built in 1100’s before being destroyed by fire. It was later restored and given back its original Gothic style. Paintings were added on this church during the 15th century. Walk around this church and admire the paintings.

You should also check out the Deutsches museum. This museum mostly dwells with science and technology development within Germany. There are galleries and collections that explain to people the developments from the past and the present time. Pinakothek der Moderne is an art museum situated in Munich. There are different kinds of exhibitions on this art museum. Some of these arts trace to 100 years old or more. Some of these art galleries belong to some renowned artists such as Klee, Kirchner and Emil Nolde, among others.

The 18th century Asam church is another attraction site. You will be stunned by the beauty of this ancient church. Theatine church, Bavarian national museum, BMW museum, and Glyptothek museum are other attractions in Munich you should check out.

Schloss Neuschwanstein Castle

schloss neuschwantein

Schloss Neuschwanstein is a very popular castle in Germany. It is also one of the leading attractions in the country. Schloss Neuschwanstein castle is situated in Bavaria. This castle was built in honor of King Ludwig during the 19th century. Ensure you visit all the floors of this castle to understand why it is a very popular attraction site in Germany. You will be shocked by the heating system and the flushing system inside this medieval castle. A lot of people are also amazed by the location of this medieval castle. It is located on top of the Alps. The surrounding environment is also beautiful. In fact, it offers a perfect background for taking pictures. Go on guided tour to understand the importance of each room in this castle. Don’t forget to check out the well preserved and beautiful Schloss Neuschwanstein castle.

The Black Forest

black forest

The black forest is a hidden gem in Baden Wurttemberg. This mountain range is evergreen all year round. The black forest is also the home to ruined castles, timbered houses and quaint towns. There are a couple of amazing spots you should visit while at this site. Baden-Baden is the first site you must check out while in the black forest. This famous spa town is situated on the northern part of the black forest. There are plenty of cultural events and art exhibitions on different parts of year. You should also try out the thermal baths or go on a guided tour inside the black forest national park while in Baden.

Bad Wildbad is known for River Enz and the beautiful pine trees. Bad Wildbad is also a spa town. Therefore, go on some thermal baths. There is almost a small lake in the town center is worth your attention. Calw town is another place you should visit while in the black forest. This beautiful town has statue of Hesse and a museum in his honor. There are also plenty of 18th timbered houses in Calw town you should check out. Baiersbronn is another top site in the black forest. This location has top class hotels and restaurants. Therefore, you are assured of different kinds of local cuisines while at the black forest. You should also check out the 12th century Allerheiligen ruins.

Freiburg is well known as a University town. This town makes it easy to explore the southern part of this forest. Freiburg is also known for its vineyards and slopes. There is also couple of cobblestone streets and timbered house. Badische Weinstrasse road is situated on the foothills of the black forest. This road grants access to the wine growing regions in the black forest. You should also check out Lake Titisee, Triberg falls, Kinzig & Gutach valley and Heidelberg while in the black forest.

Romantic Rhine Valley

rhine valley1

The Romantic Rhine valley is another attraction site you must check out while in Germany. There are plenty of appealing sites you will see on this valley. The Rhine Gorge is the first site in Rhine valley. This is mostly the upper part of this valley. The Rhine gorge has been listed as one of the World heritage site by UNESCO. There are also plenty of fauna and flora species you will see on this location. The Rhine gorge can be admired in different ways. It can be driving, walking or cycling. You will also be amazed by the steep cliffs of Rhine gorge.

Mainz is another location that showcases the beauty of the romantic Rhine valley. It is also known for its numerous museums. Mainz also boosts its rich heritage from the Roman era. Most of this information is recorded in museums. These museums are Roman-Germanic central museum, Museum of ancient Seafaring and Gutenberg museum. You should also check out worm’s cathedral while at the romantic Rhine valley. This cathedral was built during the 11th century. The beauty and design of this cathedral attracts thousands of people all year round. A guided tour will ensure nothing is left out when touring this cathedral.

Mannheim and particularly its harbor is another place you must check out while at the Rhine valley. This harbor has been functioning since the 17th century. The old town hall, the lower parish church and the Mannheim Baroque palace are other places in Mannheim worth your time. Palatinate forest is another spot in the Rhine valley you should check out. Take time and check out the Palatinate forest nature park. There are plenty of trails in this forest you can pass across. People can engage in numerous activities while at this forest Nature Park. These activities range from rock climbing, zip lining, bird watching and camping.

Make an effort of going to Wiesbaden while at the romantic Rhine valley. Wiesbaden is famous for numerous thermal springs. Koblenz, Braubach & Marksburg castle and Boppard’s Roman legacy are other attraction sites in the romantic Rhine valley you should check out.

Heidelberg town


Heidelberg town is well known as a college town. This town is also known for its forested hills. The old part of this town is well known for its historic buildings and museums. There are also other attractions in Heidelberg town you should check out. Start off by checking out the Altstadt town. This old town is well known for the cobblestone streets and the historical landmarks. You will see the statue of Mary that was built in 1718. The town hall is another attraction in the old town you should check out. This site was built in the year 1701.

Commence and check out Schloss Heidelberg castle. This castle ruins was initially built during the 13th century before being expanded between the 15th and the 16th century. The history of Schloss Heidelberg castle is also interesting. This castle has been destroyed by fire and war. There is an audio tour that will efficiently guide you throughout the castle. You should also check out Alte Brucke. This old bridge was built in the year 1788. Alte Brucke Bridge has managed to remain intact over the years. A lot of people visit Heidelberg just to glance at this old bridge.

Move on to Kurpfalzisches museum. This museum has been operational since the 18th century. Kurpfalzisches museum houses applied arts, sculptures and paintings. Archaeological recordings can also be found in this museum. Ensure you tour out the entire rooms while at the Kurpfalzisches museum. The Deutsches Apotheken Museum is another attraction site in Heidelberg you should check out. This museum highlights the history of medical science and pharmacies in Germany. It is estimated that there are roughly over 20,000 pieces in the Deutsches Apotheken museum. Go on to Heidelberg Tun. This wine barrel spot was built in the year 1751.You will learn how this wine barrel was built.

The Heiligenberg Sandstone hill is another attraction. This is the oldest sign habitation in this region. People visit this site to understand its significance in history. It also helps people understand its significance over the years. You should also check out the church of the Holy Spirit. The early Gothic design of this 13th century church attracts plenty of people.



Dresden city is one of the top attraction sites in Germany. This city has a rich history and plenty of attractions worth checking out. The Frauenkirche church is one of the top attractions in Dresden city. This church was built in the year 1743. Frauenkirche church was once destroyed in the year 1945 before being rebuilt again. Don’t leave this spot without checking out both the interior and the exterior of this church. You should also check out the Zwinger palace. The architectural design of this palace highlights it was built in a different period. Zwinger palace was fully completed during the 18th century. Go through the gardens, pavilions, galleries or even the statues while at this palace. There are also museums at this palace. Check out a couple of them.

Art lovers will enjoy every single moment at the Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister. There are plenty of art collections inside Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister. Some collections are Spanish, Italian, Flemish renaissance and Dutch art. There are a couple of collections that can be traced back to the 16th century. It is estimate that there are over 750 paintings inside this premise. Don’t leave Dresden without touring Semperoper. This is one of the most renowned art performing venues in Dresden. Tours around this art performing venue are offered by a tour guide. You might also be lucky to see a live performance. Tours around Semperoper are roughly 15-20 minutes. They are also available in German and English.

The Dresdner Residenzschloss palace is another must visit place while in Dresden. This palace currently houses a couple of museums with different collections. There are also different kinds of rooms you should check out while at the Residenzschloss palace. They range from the royal treasure chambers, green vault, Dresden armory, Munzkabinett and Kupferstich-Kabinett. You should also check out Dresden Porcelain collection, Bruhl’s terrace, Albertinum, Dresden cathedral and Panometer while at the Dresden city.


Aerial view of Trier

Trier is Germany’s old city. There are traces of Roman rule as you transverse this city. The uniqueness of this city has made it earn UNESCO world heritage site recognition. Above all; there are plenty of sites and attraction centers you will spot while in Trier. Therefore, make an effort of checking out some of these places if you want to spice up your tour in Trier and Germany at large. The Porta Nigra gate is the best way to start your tour around Trier. This city gate dates back to the 2nd century. You will see two towers and a four storey building. The design of this gate is also amazing. This city gate is made of local sandstone and blocks. You will also learn that Porta Nigra was also a religious site when you visit this site.

Make your next stop at the Aula Palatina. This 4th century church has an interesting history. Aula Palatina is currently ranked the oldest church in Germany. Make an effort of visiting this site. Commence and check out Rheinisches landesmuseum. This museum clearly highlights the Roman culture here in Germany. People love Rheinisches landesmuseum because it is diverse Roman collection. They range from gold bangle, gold spiral, needle, axe and sword. Some of these artifacts range from over 3000 years ago. The Neumagen wine ship, Polydus Mosaic and the Trierer Goldmunzenschatz are some of the collections found in the Rheinisches landesmuseum.

The cathedral of Trier is another must visit place while in Trier city. This cathedral attracts a lot of people because of the combination of different building styles. Different kinds of art can also be seen on this cathedral. The cathedral of Trier also offers a perfect background for taking pictures. Trier imperial baths are other attractions in Trier you should check out. This bath gives you a glimpse of how the ancient life under the Roman rule was like. You should also check out Trier Amphitheater, electoral palace and Hauptmarkt are other attractions in Trier worth your time. These are some reasons why Trier is a top tourist attraction city in Germany.



Nuremberg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Above all; it is well known for its rich history that can be traced back to 950 years ago. Nuremberg is also the beauty of Germany. It is one of the places you should visit while in Germany. It all starts by visiting Kaiserburg castle. This castle can be traced back to the Roman rule. The general rule and design of Kaiserburg castle showcases it is from another period. This castle is estimated to be built in the year 1000. You will also learn the significance of this castle in the ancient past. Weinstadel wine warehouse is another place you must visit while in Nuremburg. People travel from all over Germany and the globe at large to admire the beauty of this masterpiece. You will see how this warehouse is made of sandstone and timber.

Continue with your tour around Nuremberg and check out Weibgerbergasse street. This street brings out the touch of tradition and some history. All structures built in this street have different styles but the same theme. Tour around Weibgerbergasse Street and admire the craftsmanship that reminds you of the medieval era. Albrecht Durer house is another site you should check out. This house highlights the life of Albrecht Durer, a renowned artist. Take some time and admire the collection inside the Albrecht Durer.

The Nazi party rally ground is another attraction in Nuremberg. As the name suggests; ideologies and architectural pieces of the Nazi part before the Second World War remains intact. Fascination and terror are some of the theme you will see at this site. Visit Zum Guldenen Stern after a long and tiresome day in Nuremberg city. It is also one of the oldest restaurants in Germany. Take time and enjoy some local delicacies. Be open-minded and enjoy a wide variety of meals. The Germanic museum, subterranean town hall chambers, Lorenz church and the hospital of the Holy Spirit are other attractions you should check out in Nuremberg.

Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral)


Cologne cathedral is a precious gem in Cologne. This cathedral is located in Cologne and can be seen from different angles. The cathedral grows at night and showcases its beauty. The roofs, chimneys and the general design of this cathedral make it one of the most beautiful structures in Cologne. This cathedral has been standing tall since the year 1880. Cologne cathedral is also the second largest building in Cologne city. Take time and understand the significance history of this cathedral. You will also understand the challenges that took place in this before this beautiful cathedral was fully built and open to the public.

The south tower with bell is another spot around the cathedral worth your time. You should check out the appealing interior design. Take a guided tour inside the church treasure. Some treasures can be traced up to the 4th century. There is different art work in the treasure section. Some of them are built of ivory, gold, bronze and silver.

Saxon Switzerland National Park

saxon national park

Saxon Switzerland national park is one of the national parks in this country. This national park is situated in eastern Germany. You can reach Saxon Switzerland national park on air, train or road. The best way of exploring Saxon Switzerland national park is through the use of a speed boat. You can also use paddle streamers to explore this national park.

There are plenty of things to do inside this national park. It all starts off by visiting Bastei Bridge. This bridge is made from natural rocks. People are free to walk along the bridge while enjoying the surrounding view. Tour guides will help you understand how this bridge was formed many years ago. Konigstein fortress festung is another attraction site in Saxon Switzerland national park. This medieval fortress can be accessed through different footpaths. This fortress offers one of the most breathtaking views inside the national park. You can either explore Saxon Switzerland national park while on foot or on a bike.

Oktoberfest festival


Oktoberfest is one of the largest folk events held in Europe. A lot of people know this festival for its beer. Well, there is more to this. It is estimated that more than six million people attend this event. This folk event is held immediately outside the Munich city center. Dancing, eating and drinking are some fun activities held on this event. Oktoberfest is held annually. You will enjoy every moment of the opening parade. This parade is very colorful. People are also in different costumes. You will also enjoy every single moment at this folk event.



Potsdam is one of the most interesting places in Germany you must visit. This city has a rich Prussian history. Start your tour by checking out the Sanssouci palace. This site will take you back in time. Sanssouci palace was built in 1747. Take time and check out the beautiful gardens and vineyard terraces. The central fountain is another site in Sanssouci palace you should check out. There is also a section in the palace that allows you to admire the beauty of the surrounding region. The Potsdam palace night is another event held at this location. This event is held annually.

Proceed to the Dutch quarter. The Dutch quarter comprises roughly 134 red brick bearing the Dutch architecture. This Dutch quarter stands out from other structures thus being one of the leading attractions in Potsdam. Above all, three annual festivals are held at this place. Make an effort of attending one. Cecilienhof palace should be your next stop while at Potsdam. You will understand the history this palace houses. Cecilienhof palace was built during the First World War. Visit the Film museum Potsdam to understand how films and movies are casted and filmed. This film museum was first founded in the year 1981. Check out the film history before leaving the Film museum Potsdam.

Visit Barberini museum to different artwork exhibitions. Exhibitions here vary in terms of time. There are some old and new arts. Guided tour ensures you don’t miss out any important aspect in the museum. The bridge of spies is a leading attraction site in Potsdam. This bridge was built in the year 1907. The bridge of spies was used during the cold war to exchange spies between West and East Germany. You should also check out Einstein tower, Brandenburg gate and St Nicolas church while in Potsdam. It is evident that this city has a lot to offer to anyone who visits it.


The Hamburg harbour at sunset

There are plenty of top sights in Hamburg to see. Most of these attractions are almost unheard of. Elbphilharmonie is a jewel of Hamburg. This building is made of glass. Anyone who sees this structure for the first time will be left starring for a few seconds. Cross over to St Michael’s church. This church has been an historic landmark for numerous centuries. St Michael’s church is also considered one of the most beautiful churches of all time. The beauty of this ancient church is undeniable.

Do you want to see the Cosmopolitan side of Hamburg? If yes, visit Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg. Here, you will see different railways crisscrossing each other. You will definitely be amazed by this part of Hamburg. Tour in Hamburg is incomplete if you don’t check out the Hamburg Rathaus. This sandstone building stands out from any structure next to it. Its beauty is undeniable. Go on a guided tour through the meeting room and different rooms throughout the building.

Landungsbrucken is a very popular water station in Hamburg. Apart from the water station, take a stroll on the harbor. Check out some big ships and try out some local delicacies. Tierpark Hagenbeck and Jungfernstieg are other attractions in Hamburg you should check out.

Bamberg town

bamberg town

Look no further if you are looking for places to visit while in Germany. Simply visit Bamberg city. Start your tour by checking out Bamberg cathedral. This cathedral was built in the 11th century. The architectural design and art work is an indication that this city was built in another age. Take time and check out all the four towers of this cathedral. You will also understand the significance of this cathedral over the centuries. Continue with your tour and check out Historisches Museum. This museum helps you understand the culture and history of the local people and Germany at large. There are also different art galleries and exhibitions in this museum you should check out.

Visit neue residenz palace while in Bamberg. This is the largest palace in the entire Bamberg city. The most interesting part about this palace is the painting collection. Embark on a guided tour so that you don’t miss out any interesting part about this palace. Nature lovers should visit Rosengarten. This garden has more than 4600 roses. There are also lime trees and a fountain. This garden is a perfect picnic spot for you and your family members.

Proceed to the Diocesan Museum. This museum houses different cathedral treasury. You will see Gothic statues, drinking vessels and an image of Mary. There are guides who help explain each collection inside the Diocesan Museum. Altenburg, Altes Rathaus, Obere Pfarre, Klein venedig, Michaelsberg Abbey and Bamberger Kreuzweg are other attractions in Bamberg city you should check out.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber town


Rothernburg city can be traced back 800 years ago. This is the reason there are plenty of ancient sites across the city. The town wall is one of the leading attractions in this city. This wall was paramount in the medieval town. This wall was used as a defensive center. A trip of the town wall will help you understand what transpired centuries ago. Commence your tour ad pass through the Plonlein Street. This street is full of unique stone and half timber structures. You will also see some 13th century gates during your tour.

Go on to St James church. The construction of this church commences in 1485. It took over 170 years to complete. Ensure you check out the western gallery while at St James church. The architecture of this church is also appealing to the eye. The medieval crime and justice museum is a very interesting spot in Rothernburg city you should check out. This museum highlights the crimes committed in the past and their consequences. You will also see instruments used in punishing and torturing crime offenders.

Move on to Georgsbrunnen. Here, you will see a fountain that has been standing tall since the year 1446. This monument attracts a lot of people to this city. You should also check out the Imperial city museum. This museum has a wide range of collections. The galleries section highlights different armors and weapons. You will also see different Jewish ornaments. Rathaus, Marktplatz, Rodertor, Schmiedgasse and Tauberbrucke are more sights in Rothernburg city you should check out.

Frankfurt am Main


Frankfurt am Main is currently leading in terms of tourists. Thousands of tourists flood Frankfurt all year round to admire the attraction sites. Commence your tour around Frankfurt by touring the old town. The old town has plenty of sights you must see. You will see a lot of old school buildings. The historical museum and St Nicholas museum are some attractions you will see on the old town.

Move on to the museum district while in Frankfurt. The museum district is a collection of different kinds of museums. These museums are the Museum of World cultures, Museum of Ancient sculptures; the iconic museum, Museum of applied art, film museum, German architectural museum and Stadel art museum. Take time and check out the palm garden. This is the largest botanic garden in Frankfurt and Germany at large. Senckenberg natural history museum, St Bartholomew’s cathedral, Goethe house & museum, the Frankfurt museum of modern art and Zoo Frankfurt are other places you should visit if you are in Frankfurt.

No one can dispute that Germany deserves to be listed as one of the top tourist destination spots in Europe. You will definitely enjoy every single moment in this country. Above all; there are plenty of places you can visit.


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