14 Excellent Places to Visit in Finland

Finland has plenty to offer apart from its famous cities. This country has plenty of untouched forests. In addition to these, there are plenty of historical and cultural attractions. Anyone who visits this hidden archipelago in Europe will visit the country over and over. There are also plenty of activities you can engage yourself in both during summer and winter.

Urho Kekkonen National Park

urho kekkonen national park

Urho Kekkonen national park is the second largest park in Finland. There are different kinds of trails that allow people to explore this famous and beautiful national park. The wilderness in this park is untamed. Therefore, you are assured of seeing different things every time you visit this national park. Furthermore, tour around Urho Kekkonen national park is free to explore. There are no restrictions on the spots to visit and those not to visit. A guide tour is recommended if you want to enjoy every single moment of your tour.

In addition to these, Urho Kekkonen national park offers a view of different kinds of landscapes. This ranges from gorges, streams, alpine valleys, ravines and forest wetlands. There are also different kinds of wildlife animals you will see in this national park. They range from reindeer, elk, arctic fox and snow grouse. Urho Kekkonen national park is open to the public all year round.

Lapland (North region)


Lapland is a wonderland in Finland. There are plenty of things to do and see in this part of the country. Visit Lapland if you want to create memorable experiences. Commence your tour by checking out the Northern lights. Finland is one of the countries in the world that offer a perfect view of the northern lights. There are specific spots in Lapland that offer a glamorous view of this natural phenomenon. The northern lights are perfectly visible between January and April. You can also embark of snowmobile safaris while in Lapland. This journey entails being pulled by reindeer or huskies. You can go on either short or long journey.

Make an effort of checking out Santa Claus village. Tour around Lapland is incomplete if you don’t visit Santa Claus village. Here, you will be welcome different Christmas themes and items. There are also souvenir shops you can purchase gifts. Santa Park is another archipelago in Lapland. This underground amusement park offers plenty of fun activities. There are a couple of ice galleries, elf shows and even sleigh rides.

Are you so much into skiing? If yes, check out Yllas Ski resort. This resort offers different snowboarding and skiing adventures. The alpine surrounding also enhances the beauty of this region. Arktikum museum should be your next stop. This museum helps people understand the culture and the history of the local people. Try and attend the Ice Music festival before leaving Lapland.

Punavuori & Ullanlinna

punavouri and ullinlinna 1

Punavuori & Ullanlinna offers plenty of attraction sites. The design museum is one of the archipelagos in Punavuori & Ullanlinna to check out. This attraction site is well known for its glamorous wall finishing. There are plenty of collections that try to showcase the nature and traditions of Finnish design. Collections are distributed across different niches. You are therefore assured of enjoying every moment at the design museum. Proceed to the Museum of Finnish architecture. This museum was first opened to the public in the year 1899. Apart from the design of this museum, there are plenty of exhibitions to see. Architectural design collections in this museum date back from the early 1900’s.

Proceed to the Kaivopuisto Park. This national park has been a top tourist attraction in Punavuori & Ullanlinna. People have been visiting this park since the year 1834. This park has different paths, sculptures and lawns. You can go on picnic with your loved ones on this park. The observatory hill park is another park within Punavuori & Ullanlinna you should check out. Are you so much into the European art? If yes, create time and visit Sinebrychoffin Taidemuseo. Some paintings can be traced back to the 19th century. You should also check out Helsinki observatory.

Savonlinna Opera Festival


The Savonlinna Opera festival is one of the popular events in Finland. This event was first founded in the year 1912. Ever since, it has gained international recognition across the globe. A lot of people travel to Finland just to attend the savonlinna Opera festival. It is estimated that more than 60,000 people attend this international event. This event brings out a unique experience. There are different concerts and performances. Savonlinna Opera festival is also held within the varsity of beautiful town and an ancient castle. You will also see forests, Islands and lakes. Savonlinna Opera festival is held annually. Make an effort of attending this event while in Finland.

North Karelia

north karelia1

North Karelia municipality is found in the eastern part of Finland. This municipality is sparsely populated. Despite that, it is known to plenty of attractions. This is the reason it is listed among the top places to visit while in Finland. Start your tour by checking out Joensuu. Joensuu is the capital of North Karelia municipality. This capital is located between River Pielisjoki and Lake Pyhaselka. People who love nature will enjoy every single moment. You can take a stroll along the river banks. The green scenery brings out a beautiful environment. There are also plenty of festivals in the capital. These festivals attract both international and regional artists. There are also some arts centers in Joensuu.

Carry on to the Koli national park. This national park offers a spectacular view of Lake Pielinen. The Ukko-Koli peak is another attraction you should check out. This is the largest peak in Koli national park. Anyone who climbs on top of the peak has a glamorous view of the surrounding environment. Go on a boat ride to check out a couple of Islands on this national park. It is estimated that there are 2000 islands inside Koli national park.

Don’t leave North Karelia without experiencing the Karelian culture. The local culture of the local inhabitants is still intact. There are a couple of iron works spots and wine tasting at the wine tower.

Kauppahalli Market hall


Kauppahalli market hall is well known for a wide variety of meals to choose from. These meals range from vegetables, cakes, coffee beans, bread and delicacies. You will see different kinds of counters once you enter the Kauppahalli market hall and walking vendors all over the market mall. Kauppahalli market hall is a top attraction in Finland as it is the oldest market hall in Helsinki. It has been operating since the year 1889. Things bought from this market hall can rarely be found anywhere else. Above all; there is a wide variety of the Finnish traditional meals. Your tour around Finland is almost incomplete if you don’t taste different kinds of local delicacies.

Siida Museum

siida museum1

Siida is one of the most beautiful museums in Finland. It has helped preserve the culture of the Sami people. There are different kinds of artifacts and artwork you will see inside this museum. There are also huts made from grass and log cabins inside the museum. Siida museum gives an insight of what the local Sami people call home. People love this museum because of the different kinds of exhibitions distributed all around the museum. There are audio guides which guide people on the evolution of the sami culture from the ancient times to date. Exhibits vary from nature to manmade arts. You will also see how the local inhabitants of this location survived in extreme climate. There is an open museum during summer. You will definitely enjoy every moment on Siida museum.

Smoke Sauna in Jätkänkämppä


Jatkankamppa is one of the attraction sites in Finland. This famous lodge has been operational since 1950’s. Jatkankamppa is a very unique lodge. It has been built using logs. The first and original design of this lodge is still intact. You will also see plenty of tools and pictures that remind people of the memories made at this lodge, since the year 1950’s.

Above all; Jatkankamppa restaurant is famous for its smoke sauna. It is actually the largest smoke sauna in the globe. This smoke sauna can accommodate more than 70 people at any given interval. Anyone who tries this smoke sauna feels relaxed after a long and tiresome day. Smoke sauna can also be experienced during winter. In addition to this, there are a wide variety of meals to choose from. There are also plenty of fun activities and entertainment around Jatkankamppa lodge. Ensure you try out the smoke sauna while in Finland.

The Finnish Lakeland

lake land

The Finnish Lakeland is considered the largest Lake District in Europe. It extends from Kuhmo, Savonlinna and kajaani. This Lakeland was formed as a result of glacial melt during the ice age period. Water occupies more space when compared to land. Despite this, the Finnish Lakeland is a natural paradise. There are plenty of clean and pure waters to see in this region. A lot of cities and towns have developed around the Finnish Lakeland. You will be amazed by these cities and towns, especially if you have never been around city around the lake side. There are a couple of farm lands, forests and roads as you drive across this region.

That’s not all; the Finnish Lakeland also houses a couple of festivals held here. These festivals range from chamber music and Kuhmo festival. There are also a couple of spots you can go fishing while at the Finnish Lakeland. You can also embark on water skiing, jet skiing, wind surfing and sailing while at the Finnish Lakeland. There are also a couple of UNESCO world heritage sites in this region worth checking out.



Turku is the oldest city in Finland. It is also the immediate former capital of Finland. Start your tour at this city if you want to see the magical side of this country. Nature and landscapes are appealing to the eye. There are also historical sites and monuments distributed around Turku. The Turku castle is the first spot you should check out. This castle was built in 1280’s and has a Scandinavian architect. The cobblestone corridors and whitewashed walls amaze people. The Turku castle also holds a significant part of history. It was built when Finland was being ruled by the Swedish. This castle was also the home of local armies. Take stroll across the great halls, courtyard and the exhibitions.

Cycling is also another way of checking out this beautiful and famous city. There are a couple of bike rental spots you can hire a bicycle and a helmet. There are different cycling paths in Turku to choose from. You will be able to see different museums, cafes and castle when you cycle around this city. Proceed to the Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Museum. This museum will showcase different kinds of modern art and some history about this city. Commence to the Luostarunmaki Handicrafts museum. This museum was built in the 18th century. As the name suggests, there are plenty of craftwork to see. Some arts are recent where others are from another period.

The western part of Finland is known for its coastal beauty. What’s the best option than to explore coastal region than boarding on Ukkopekka. Ukkopekka is the oldest steamship in the entire Finland. This ship can be traced back to World War 2. River Aura, Ruissalo Island and the archipelago trail are top attractions in Turku worth checking out.

Lumihotelli (Ice Hotel)


Lumihotelli, commonly known as the Ice hotel is one of the leading attraction sites in Finland. This ice hotel offers both day and night activities. You will enjoy every single moment at this hotel. First, this is one of the spots you can perfectly see the northern lights. A lot of customers from Lumihotelli are foreigners. Therefore, you can interact with people of different cultures. The interior of this hotel is also amazing. It offers both unique and pleasant experience. Hotels rooms also vary in size. Therefore, book a hotel depending on your needs. Different kinds of meals are also offered on this hotel. Ensure you try out some local delicacies while in this hotel.

Åland Archipelago


The Aland archipelago is another tourist site in Finland. The interesting part about this spot is that it is a demilitarized zone. So, no military personnel or fortifications can be built here. The Aland archipelago comprises more than 6,000 skerries and islands. You will also be able to see different kinds of historical monuments. These monuments range from churches and castles, among others. Ensure you check out some of the 16 medieval churches, kastelholm castle, Bomarsund fortress ruins, Aland museum, Bomarsund museum, Hermas farmstead museum and Aland art museum. There are also plenty of cultural festivals and music concerts held at this location. Aland archipelago is also well known for its beautiful natural and landscapes. There are also plenty of fun activities you can do in this tourist site. It can be shipwreck diving, kayaking, canoeing, cycling, hiking or bird watching. There are selected places you can fish.

Rauma town


Rauma town is situated in the western part of Finland. This town was founded in the year 1442. It is currently ranked the third oldest town in Finland. It is one of the few locations in this country that have managed to keep their culture intact. This is the reason you will see plenty of wooden buildings as you move around the olden part of Rauma town. The beauty of the olden part of Rauma town has made it be listed as an UNESCO world heritage site. Anyone who walks throughout the old part of the town feels like in another period.

The poroholma holiday center is one of the resorts in Rauma town you can relax and have some quality time with your loved ones. You should also check out the church of the holy cross while in this part of Finland. This church was built in the year 1512. Visit the old market and buy some local products before leaving Rauma town.

Hanko town


The beauty and the landscapes of Hanko town make it one of the leading attraction sites in Hanko town. Hiking is one of the fun activities carried out in this part of the country. There are different hiking trails you can embark on. You also have an option of choosing different hiking adventures depending on your needs and preference. Start your tour by visiting the wooden villas spa park. This park has been operational from the 19th century. Come here for some relaxing time after a long and tiring day. Proceed to the church and water tower. This is one of the most popular sites in Hanko town. These two structures were damaged during world war 2 but have since been restored.

Finland is one of the most underestimated countries in terms of attraction sites. You will be amazed by what Finland has to offer. Make places and visit this beautiful country.


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