Top 15 Breathtaking Places That Should Visit in France

France is the world’s most visited country. As we all know, France is called the country of love. There are numerous attraction sites all over France. This can make you get confused on the incredible places to visit. There are fifteen incredible places in France you should visit. These places stand out from other attractions in France. They also showcase the beauty of this country.

Eiffel Tower

eiffel tower1

A trip to Paris and France at large is incomplete if you don’t check out the Eiffel tower. Eiffel tower is one of the most famous attraction sites in France. The top of Eiffel tower can be visible from anywhere in Paris. People travel from different parts of the globe just to see this 300 meter tall tower. This tower has been standing tall since the year 1889. There are different angles in Paris you can check out the Eiffel tower. That’s not all; this incredible attraction place can be viewed both during the day and night.

Eiffel tower lights throughout the night. You will also get to understand the significant of Eiffel tower in the French history. It reminds the people of the French revolution. You will learn that this attraction site was once the tallest building in the world. Eiffel tower also offers a perfect background for taking memorable pictures.

Mont Saint Michel Abbey

mont saint michael abbey

The Mont Saint Michel Abbey is another gem in France you must check out. It acted as both a religious and military center. Its strategic location makes it one of the most beautiful places in the lower Normandy. Mont Saint Michel Abbey is located on Mont Saint Michel Island. Mont Saint Michel Abbey was listed as an UNESCO World heritage site in the year 1979. Go through the Grande Rue, the road leading to this tourist site. The unique and rocky road showcases the architectural traditional design of this region. You will see some stone houses as you pass across this road. Some of these houses trace back to the 15th century.

The Mont Saint Michel Abbey is an example of the medieval sites in France. Go on a guided tour to fully explore this medieval site. You will also understand the role each room played. People who love nature can take sometimes off and admire the surrounding environment. That is the tide, the beaches and the surrounding environment. Don’t leave Mont Saint Michel Island visiting the Mere Poulard restaurant for some appetizing French cuisines. This restaurant has been in operational since 1888. There are a wide range of meals to choose from.

Musée de la Vigne et du Vin (Museum)

musee de la vigne et du vin

Musee de la Vigne et du Vin is found in Bordeaux region. Plenty of sweet wines originate from France. Visiting Musee de la Vigne et du Vin enlightens you on the wine and vineyards found in Bordeaux region. The structure that houses this museum was built in the 18th century. The general design of this building indicates it was built in another period. Apart from touring this museum, you will understand what led to Musee de la vigne et du Vin being set up. You will also understand this is one of the first museums to practice grafting. Make an effort of visiting this museum in Bordeaux region.

Château d’Azay-le-Rideau

chateau azay le rideau

Chateau d’ Azay-le- Rideau is a castle situated on an Island on River Indre. It is considered one of the most beautiful castles to be built in France and Europe at large. This is one of the reasons it was listed as an UNESCO world heritage site. Chateau d’ Azay-le- Rideau was built during Francois reign. The owner of this castle wanted his new residence to stand out from any structure in France. This is the reason both the French and Italian architectural design was used when building this castle. The combination of these architectural designs makes Chateau d’ Azay-le- Rideau stand out.

Visit this UNESCO world heritage site in July if you want to see its beautiful garden come to life. There are different ways of checking out this 16th century precious jewel. It can be either through a guided tour or using a guide booklet. Guide booklets come in different languages. Therefore, choose the language you are comfortable with.

Aiguille du Midi (Mountain)


Chamonix found in the French Alps houses the Aiguille du Midi. It is one of the leading tourist sites in Chamonix town. List it among your must visit places in Southern France. The slopes of this mountain are covered by snow. This makes it perfect spot for skiing. The slopes offer different skiing adventure. Aiguille du Midi also offers a perfect view of the French Alps. The renowned white Mont Blanc can be visible on the southern part of this mountain. Board the cable car for a spectacular view of the Aiguille du Midi. Anyone who has boarded the cable car has admitted that this mountain is very beautiful when checked from an aerial view. Carry proper gear if you are visiting this site during winter.

Dune du Pilat (Sand dune)

dune du pilat

The Dune du Pilat is found in Arcachon bay and particularly the eastern side. This sand dune extends roughly 500 metres wide. Its length is estimated to be over three kilometers long. Dune du Pilat is also 107 meters tall. These features make it the tallest Sand dune in France and Europe at large. This is the reason people travel from all over the world to this attraction site. You might be lucky to land a tour guide to explain how this sand dune was naturally formed.

Tour in Dune du Pilat will be incomplete if you don’t climb on top of this sand dune. There is foot path that will direct you on top of this sand dune. This makes it easy for you and your family members to comfortably climb on top of this sand dune. The top of Dune du Pilat offers a perfect view of the surrounding region.

Nice (City)


This is the largest city in French Riviera. Its current beauty can be traced back to the 19th century. The old mansions and the natural terrain spice up the looks of this magnificent city. Nice is also known as an art center because of the numerous museums found in this location. Start your tour by checking taking a walk next to the promenade des Anglais. The promenade des Anglais path is almost next to the Mediterranean. This path has been intact since 1820. The famous Nice carnival held in February is held at this route. You should also admire the beautiful beaches and palm trees while enjoying your walk.

Your next stop should be Vielle Ville. This is the oldest part of Nice City. There are a couple of old buildings you will see as you tour around this old part of the city. You will also understand an interesting history that made Nice City part of France in a treaty. Nice has something for the nature lovers. Simply visit Parc de la Colline du Chateau. This natural waterfall can be viewed from different angles. In addition to these, the green vegetation makes this attraction site beautiful and worth your time.

Spare a few minutes and check out the Nice Cathedral. This cathedral was built during the 17th century. The Nice cathedral is situated in Vieille Ville. The paintings, sculptures and the general architectural design of this cathedral brings out a unique and amazing look. The Nice Cathedral is one of the leading attraction sites in Nice City. Musee Massena is another leading attraction sites in this city you must check out. Don’t forget the beautiful beaches spread across this city.

Carcassonne town

Carcassonne town

Carcassonne town is considered both an ancient town and an attraction site. There are plenty of attraction sites you can see in this town. Chateau Comtal and Ramparts is one of the sites you must check out while in Carcassonne town. The double fortified wall and over 52 towers are the center of attention. Most of these structures were built during the 15th century. There are various ways you can visit Chateau Comtal and Ramparts. It can either be through an audio tour or a guided tour.

The Basilica of Saint Nazarius and Celsus is another jewel in Carcassonne town. This church is estimated to be over 700 years old. The gothic design and its overall look of this medieval building amaze everyone. The stonework, sculptures and stained glasses inside the Basilica of Saint Nazarius and Celsus stands out. Ensure you tour the entire part of this church. The Carcassonne cathedral is another hidden gem in Carcassonne town in you check. This cathedral was built during the 13th century. You will be amazed and amused by its unique gothic architecture. The rose window and the bell tower will make you visit this structure over and over.

Are you an art lover? If yes, don’t leave Carcassonne without checking out Musee des Beaux- arts. This art museum was opened to the public in 1836. Musee des Beaux- arts traces its origin up to 1600’s. Here, there is a combination of both Dutch and French arts. Ensure you check out the five rooms before leaving Musee des Beaux-arts.

Normandy American Cemetery & Memorial

normandy cementry

The World War II extended in most part of Europe. This war was heavily part in France. The Normandy American cemetery & memorial reminds people of what transpired in this region. This memorial site is one of the few American cemeteries in Europe. The Normandy American cemetery & Memorial is situated in Colleville Sur Mer. It reminds people of the American army personnel who lost their lives in this location. A visit to this site helps people understand what transpired on the D-Day and the entire operations that took part in this part of France.

There are more than 9,000 graves and over a thousand missing American soldiers. Make an effort of visiting the Normandy visitors’ center. This center commemorates all the American soldiers that lost their lives during D-day. You don’t have to pay any amount to visit this site. Don’t leave Normandy American Cemetery & Memorial without checking out the theater.

Pont du Gard bridge


Do you intend on visiting Nimes? If yes, Pont du Gard Bridge should be among your must visit regions. This famous bridge was built during the 1 st century. It is also considered one of the best Roman bridge design ever built. Pont du Gard Bridge stands over 50 m high. It was designed in a way it supplied water to Nemausus, currently called Nimes. Water was mostly derived from Gardon River. You will be amazed by how this Roman monument in Nimes is intact over the centuries.

Pont du Gard Bridge was built using yellow limestone blocks. A visit to this site will help you see how it was conjoined together. You will also be privileged to hear various theories on how Pont du Gard Bridge was built. Above all; there are different viewing points you can see Pont du Gard Bridge. You will also enjoy every single moment of this tour.

Aix-en-Provence town

Aix en provence1

The lifestyle, natural sceneries and the monuments found in this location, makes Aix-en- Provence town one of the most attractive places in France. There are plenty of places you can visit in Aix-en- Provence town. Make an effort of visiting Vieil Aix while in this location. Vieil Aix is an old town. Tour the old streets and buildings around this old city. You will see buildings from different architectural period and design. Italian and French architectural designs are the most common styles you will witness as you move around this old city. Some structures can be traced back to the 16th century.

Quartier Mazarin is another attraction site in Aix-en- Provence town you should visit. This neighborhood was developed around 1646. Check out the fountain of the four dolphins. The architectural design of this structure will leave you amazed. Make your next stop at the Saint- Sauveur cathedral. This cathedral was fully built between the 5th and 17th century. The different architectural styles will amaze you. They range from Gothic, Romanesque and the Roman styles. Check out both the interior and the exterior of this cathedral. Musee Granat and Terrain des Peintres are other top structures in Aix- en- Provence town you should check out.

La Table de Ventabren Restaurant

la table de ventabran restaurant

Your trip to France is incomplete if you don’t try out some dish in La table de Ventabren. There are plenty of gastronomic cuisines in this restaurant you can visit. Above all; this restaurant is strategically located on top of a hill surrounded by plenty of nature. There is also a village next to this restaurant. La Table de ventabren offers a perfect view of Berre Pond and Arc valley. You will also be amazed by the amazing design and set of the living room. The restaurant is also located in a strategic and quiet location. Ensure you visit La table de Ventabren before leaving France.


Lyon, France.

Lyon is one of the leading tourist attraction sites in Lyon. There are plenty of World heritage sites in Lyon. Lyon has been operational for more than 2,000 years. This is enough evidence that Lyon has plenty of fun activities to offer. The Basilica Fourviere should be your first stop. This iconic church is located on top of a hill. This Basilica was also built during the 19th century. There are also Roman structures around Fourviere Basilica you should check out. Don’t forget the sacred art Museum.

Make a stop at Musee des Beaux- Arts de lyon. This museum is located in Paris and one of the famous art museums in France at large. There are plenty of arts you will see while at Musee des Beaux-Arts de Lyon. Some painting can be traced back to the 1300 years. The ancient theatre of Fourviere is another gem in Lyon you should check out. This gem was built over 2,000 years ago. It is still intact and houses a couple of festivals each year. Nuits de Fourviere is one of the festivals held here. Lyon cathedral and Institut Lumiere are other top attraction sites in Lyon you must check out.

Maison des Mégalithes (House of Megalithes)

house of _megalithes_

The Mason des Megalithes is another attraction site in France you should check out. It has been around for a long time. This attraction site gives you the opportunity to see the beauty of France. Take a tour around the surrounding countryside. You will have a rough idea of how the ancient people lived and operated. There are also a couple of ancient huge stones you will see.

Route des Vins d’Alsace (Route for scenic drive)


Are you looking for beautiful ride while in France? If yes, drive through the famous Route Des Vins d’ Alsace. You will be able to see plenty of vineyards that spread across the hilltop in this region. There are also plenty of fun activities you can do in Route for Scenic drive.

France is the land of love. There are definitely plenty of fun activities and adventures you can embark on. What are you waiting for? Plan your trip to France today.


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