Top 20 Attractions That You Must Visit in England

England is one of the most visited countries in Europe and the globe at large. Thus European country offers more than you think. There are plenty of things to do and see in this European country. It has some exciting cities, amazing history, historic sites that date back numerous centuries ago. Furthermore, you can easily travel across this country. The transport system in England is considered one of the best in the entire world. You must check out the 20 must visit tourist attraction sites England.

Stonehenge Monument


Stonehenge monument is one of the leading tourist attraction sites in England and Europe. It is located in Salisbury. This monument has evolved for the last 10, 000 years. It is one of the few megalithic ancient arts that are still intact. You will spot both timber and earth structures next to the stone monument. The Stone Age architectural design amazes plenty of people. This is bearing in mind there were no technological advancements that period. You will also observe some rock engravings and megalithic petroglyphs while on this attraction site. The location of Stonehenge monument makes it stand out from any structure around it.

You will also hear different theories that try and explain why this monument was built. These theories speculate it was an ancestral worship site, a burial site and even a healing site. The unique look of Stonehenge monument made it listed as an UNESCO world heritage site in the year 1986. The surrounding natural scenery is beautiful as you move around. This is one of the reasons you should check it out.

Oxford City

oxford city

Oxford University made this city famous over the years. It is one of the celebrated universities towns in England. Oxford city is a top attraction city in England. There are plenty of things you will see whenever you travel to oxford. Take a tour in the city center. This gives you an opportunity to admire and explore the famous Oxford city center. The city center comprises four main streets. Therefore, you can explore the city center within a few hours. You will see a combination of old and new structures as you move around. Create time and check out Christ church cathedral. This church was built in the 12th century. The interior and the general architectural design of this cathedral amaze people.

The Christ Church College is rated among the biggest colleges in Oxford. It has been operational since 1525. Take a walk through the college and check out the seven-ton bell; the charming fountain and its courtyard. That’s not all; the Christ church college has a picture gallery. Here, you will see over 2,000 drawings and rough 290 old masterpieces. Magdalene College is another attraction you should check out while in Oxford city. It has been operation since 1458. Check out the famous Magdalene tower. You might be lucky to hear the renowned choir singing. The Oxford castle, Ashmolean museum and Martyrs memorial are some leading attractions in Oxford city you should checkout.

The Lake District


The Lake District has something for everyone. There are plenty of water bodies and beautiful natural sceneries you can see while moving from one place to another. Historic buildings and museums are also other tourist attraction sites you will see in the Lake District. Visit Lake Windermere, the largest natural lake in England. Your trip to the Lake District will be incomplete if you don’t visit Lake Windermere. This attraction site offers plenty of viewing spots and fun activities. You can go on a boat tour, cycle or even walk around this region. Derwent pencil museum is another tourist attraction site in the Lake District. Here, there are plenty of pencils collections. You will also see the first pencil in the entire world. Derwent pencil museum also houses spy pencils that were used during World War-2.

Honister state mine is also housed in the Lake District. This is the last working mine in the entire England. It is also one of the producers of the green slate. There are plenty of fun activities for all age brackets in this location. Take a tour beneath the mine shafts. Taste different local delicacies while in the Old Stamp house. There are plenty of orders you can taste in the Old stamp house. They range from scallop, herdwick hogget and roasted wild brill. Castlerigg stone circle and Scafell Pike are other attraction site in the Lake District you should tour around.

York City

york city

York city or Yorkshire is the capital of the Northern part of England. It is divided into four counties. The four counties have plenty to offer. That is the reason people are constantly flocking this City all year round. York Minster is a leading attraction site in York City. The current structure was built during the 13th century. This is the reason Gothic style stands out from other surrounding building structures. York Minster is also a treasure. There are plenty of portraits and artifacts that trace back to the previous centuries. Climb on top of this structure to have a perfect view of the surrounding region.

The medieval city walls around York City leave an impressive memory. Take time and walk through the medieval city walls. This wall was built during the 14th century and adopts the Roman design. There are some sections of the wall that offer you a perfect view of most part of this city.

Continue with your tour and check out the Clifford’s tower. Clifford’s tower is located between Skeldergate and Fishergate Bridge. Here, you will be able to see the oldest section of this tower that was built in 13th century. Clifford tower also offers a stunning view of York city. This place also has a rich history. Move on to the York castle museum. This museum helps you understand the English life over the Centuries. The cells, toy stories and Kirkgate are the highlights of the York castle museum. Shambles and the national railway museum are some top attraction cities in York City you should check out.

Bath City


The Bath city derived its name from its thermal springs spread across this city. The city was first established in the 1 st century by the Romans. The Roman baths should be your number one spot. This attraction site gives you a glimpse of how the English residents relaxed. The Roman baths can be admired for different points. It can be from top or bottom. Take a couple of pictures to remind you of this famous Roman baths. Bath city was listed as an UNESCO World heritage site because of its spectacular architectural structures and buildings. Drive across the streets of Bath City while admiring the unique and breathtaking architectural designs.

Embark on the Bath Skyline walk to view Bath City from a different angle. This tour makes you see the secluded valleys, lush meadows and woodlands. Anyone who has taken the Bath Skyline walk has confirmed how beautiful this city is. Take sometimes off to relax after a long and tiring day at the Thermal bath spa. This is natural hot spring water. It is also spacious enough to offer your desired privacy.

Do you want an insight of the English culture? If yes, there are a couple of museums and galleries in Bath City. Visit the Victoria art gallery, Fashion Museum, the Holburne museum and the Royal Crescent are some places you should visit for a glimpse of the English culture. Finally, your tour to Bath Abbey’s tower is also an iconic landmark in Bath City you should check out. Climb on top of this tower to check out the surrounding environment.

The Cotswolds Region

cotswolds region

The Cotswolds Region in England is one of the most beautiful places in this country. The natural beauty of this region offer a memorable moment. Start your tour in this region by exploring the traditional Cotswold villages. You can either walk or drive across the village. Embark on the Cotswold way national trail. This trail offers a perfect view of the landscapes in this region. You can also go on hiking while in the Cotswolds region. The Blenheim palace is a leading attraction site in the Cotswolds Region. It is also the birthplace of Winston Churchill. Here, you can explore the garden and the interior. The Blenheim palace is in a strategic location. This makes it easy for people to access this attraction site. Cotswolds is considered one of the most beautiful regions in England.

Therefore, climb on top of Broadway tower to properly view this region. The Broadway tower allows you to check out more than 16 counties. Sudeley castle is another gem in the Cotswolds region you must check out. This castle is special because a queen was buried in this ground. Check out the beautiful garden within the Sudeley castle premise. You should tour Wilshire County while in the Cotswolds region.

Hadrian’s Wall


The Hadrian’s Wall was built by the Romans in the second century after they defeated the British. It was also listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in the year 1987. This wall is located between the North Sea and Newcastle. The Hadrian’s Wall has stood tall for numerous centuries. It also has a rich history. These are a few things that attract people to this attraction site. You will view different kinds of landscapes as you approach this site. There are also galleries, museums and bath houses along the wall. You might also get lucky and witness a live excavation activity around this site.

Chesters Roman Fort is one of the sites you will spot as you move around the Hadrian’s Wall. This fort was built 2000 years ago by the Romans. Its appearance is appealing for the eye. You should definitely stop and explore this ancient Roman Fort. Birdoswald Roman Fort is another attraction site along this famous wall you should check out. Birdoswald Roman Fort can be accessed through cycling or walking.

Housesteads stands out from other forts along the Hadrian’s Wall. It is fully complete when compared to other forts. The location of this fort also offers a stunning view of the surrounding region. The Roman garrison town is another attraction you must check out along the Hadrian’s Walls. There are granaries, temples, fountain houses and workshops on this town.

Cambridge City

Cambridge (1)

Cambridge city is known for its Universities. It is also one of the leading tourist attraction cities in England. You will be able to see some historic buildings and understand a couple of traditions about the English people. Cambridge City is a combination of both a modern and ancient look. There are also plenty of attraction sites in Cambridge City. Cambridge University Botanic garden is one of the leading tourist attraction sites in this city. Visit this site while in Cambridge City to see over 8, 000 plant species. Choose a guided tour to enjoy every single moment on the Cambridge University Botanic garden.

The beauty of the King’s College and King’s College chapel will make you check it out. It was built in the year 1441. The architectural design of this chapel and college will amaze you. Take time and explore the interior. You might be lucky to hear the renowned King’s college choir performing. Fitzwilliam Museum is another attraction site in Cambridge you should check out. It should be among your must to see sites in Cambridge. The beauty of this museum will leave you amazed. There are plenty of galleries and pottery inside this museum. Some of these collections are from England, whereas others are from other parts of the globe such as China. Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology is another site you must check out while in Cambridge. This museum houses prehistoric artifacts and materials. These collections have been derived from different parts of the world.

Liverpool City

Liverpool waterfront

Liverpool attracts people all year round. This city has array of attractions. There are plenty to do and see in Liverpool. The Beatles Story exhibition is one of the top attractions in Liverpool. Visit this exhibition if you want to understand everything about one of the famous bands that ever existed. The four members of this band were born in Liverpool. Here, you will understand the death of two of their members and see a couple of their exhibitions. Liverpool Cathedral is another jewel found in this city. It is actually the largest cathedral in the entire United Kingdom. This cathedral also holds some records. It has the tallest gothic arches across the globe. Climb on top of this cathedral for a perfect view of the city.

The World museum should be your next stop. This museum is free for all and has plenty to offer. The World Museum has specialized in human culture, Science and planetarium. There are plenty of things you will see as you tour around this museum. Are you an art Lover? If yes, Liverpool has something for you. Visit Walker art gallery while in this city. Walker art gallery houses plenty of collections. They range from sculptures, paintings and drawings. Some art works can be traced back to the 13th century. Merseyside Maritime Museum is another site in Liverpool you must check out. This museum highlights the rich history of the Liverpool port. The collections found in this location range from Maritime paintings and vessels, among others.

Stratford-upon-Avon (Town)

stratford upon avon

Stratford-Upon-Avon is located near River Avon. This small town has plenty to offer, despite its small size. The town center can also be traced back to the 16th century. In addition to these, the green scenery of this town and the riverbanks will make you fall in love with it. Stratford-Upon- Avon gained popularity for being the hometown of Shakespeare. Visit Shakespeare’s birthplace while in this town. Here, you will see the exact location where this famous poet was born. There are also a couple of things that remind you of Shakespeare’s childhood.

Commence your tour in Stratford-Upon- Avon by visiting the Holy Trinity Church. This ancient church was built over 800 years ago. This is the exact location where Shakespeare was baptized when young. He was also buried in this church. Above all; the beauty of the Holy Trinity Church is undeniable. You will love every single moment of this tour. The Mechanical Art and Design Museum attracts plenty of people all year round. This museum showcases Kinetic Art and Automata. Here, you will see high tech robots, marble runs and moving contraptions. Little ones will enjoy every moment of this trip. Your trip in Stratford-Upon- Avon will be incomplete if you miss out the Anne Hathaway’s cottage. This cottage is where Shakespeare wife to be was born. Anne Hathaway’s cottage was completed in 1463. Everything in this cottage is well preserved. You will see the original furniture that was used.

Peak District


The fine landscapes make the Peak District one of the most beautiful places in England worth visiting. There are plenty of natural wonders, castles, heritage sites, theme parks and museums are a couple of things found in the heart of Peak district. The peak District should be your next getaway attraction point while in England. The Heights of Abraham is one of the leading attractions in this region. This journey entails the use of the cable car line. This cable car gives you a fabulous view of the Derwent valley. You will have marvelous views of this valley when you reach the top.

Chatsworth house and estate is another hidden gem found in the Peak District. It is located on the banks of River Derwent. The exterior and interior design of this attraction site is appealing. Chatsworth house and estate also houses a collection of artwork. Some sculptures and artifacts can be traced centuries ago. You will also be able to hear the rich history that this attraction site. Go on a guided tour on the Poole’s cavern. This cave system has been here for millions of years. Your assigned tour guide will explain everything as you explore this limestone cave. Haddon hall is another site you cannot ignore while in the Peak District.

Bettys Cafe


Bettys cafe has an interesting story that makes it worth visiting. It has been operational since the year 1919. This vintage tearoom specializes in cake and tea. Book a table in advance because there is always queue for a taste of their delicious tea and cake. Above all; the strategic location of this café offers a perfect view of the park. You might get lucky and witness the cakes being directly prepared. Anyone who visits Bettys café had fun and would visit the spot over and over again if awarded the opportunity.

Canterbury Cathedral

cantebury cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral is listed as one of the oldest churches in the United Kingdom. This cathedral was built in 602 AD. It is still a fully operational cathedral. Therefore, you can easily tour around this medieval cathedral. You will understand the significant value of this cathedral. It has played a spiritual center over the years. That’s not all; architectural design of Canterbury cathedral gives a reflection of its rich history. This is highlighted on the stained glass windows. You might get lucky to hear the famous choir performing. Don’t leave the Canterbury cathedral without fully exploring its interior. Embark on a guided tour if possible.

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem (Ancient Pub)

ye olde trip

Visit Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem if you happen to tour through Nottingham. This is the oldest inn in the entire England. It is located underneath a cliff. As the name suggests, Kind Richard and his knights gathered here before embarking on a trip to Jerusalem. This occurred in 1189 AD. This is where this pub got its name. Ye Olde trip to Jerusalem has snug lounges, cosy noks and several bars. The set of this oldest inn brings out some history of Nottingham. Go on a tour throughout this ancient pub before have some quality time with your loved ones.

Brighton & Hove City


Brighton & Hove city cannot be left out when naming top places in England you must visit. There are numerous fun activities to do in this city. There are also a couple of ancient structures and attraction sites in Brighton & Hove. You cannot miss out Royal Pavilion and Museums. The spires and peaks of this building make it stand out. Embark on a guided tour to properly understand the highlights of this building. The Royal bedrooms and the music room are some attractions you must checkout in this premise. You should also check out the Booth Museum of Natural history and Brighton museum & art Gallery are some attractions on the Royal Pavilion and Museums you must check out.

Your trip around Brighton & Hove City is incomplete if you don’t check out the Palace Pier. This is one of the most beautiful attraction sites in England. You can engage yourself in some fun activities such as game arcades and thrill rides. The British airways i360 observation tower is situated in Brighton & Hove City. The circular look of this observation tower offers a perfect view over the English Channel and the surrounding region.

Try your best and attend the famous Brighton festival. This festival is held on late May each year. The event is famous to the point it attracts top artists from all over the world. You will also get the opportunity of listening to different music genre. Brighton toy and Model museum is another gem you should check out. Here, you will find plenty of vintage toys from England and Europe at large. There are plenty of unique and unexpected toys you will see when you tour this famous Museum. Visit the Bluebell railway for an understanding on the history of railway and train evolution in England. These are just a few top attraction sites in Brighton & Hove you should check out.

Tower of London

-tower of london

The Tower of London is an UNESCO world heritage site. This tower has stood tall for over 1000 years. It is also one of the leading tourist attraction sites in London and England at large. The tower of London offers a perfect view of the rich sites in London. Fully explore the tower of London before climbing on top to admire the beauty of London. You will see the Crown Jewel in the tower of London that has been existence since 1600. There are plenty of exceptional jewels and treasures in the tower of London.

Book the famous Beefeater tour to fully understand the history of the Tower of London. These tours are guided and well coordinated. You will definitely enjoy every single moment of this tour. You will see the White tower while in the tower of London. The white tower has a collection of armors that can be traced many centuries ago. Royal beasts and the bloody tower are other sites you will see while in this UNESCO World heritage site.

National Theatre

national theatre1

The National theatre is another attraction site in England you must check out. This national theater was officially opened in the year 1976 by the Queen. Here, there are plenty of art performances all year round. You will also be privileged to check out the three different auditoriums in this national theater. Dorfman Theater, the Lyttelton and the Olivier are the three auditoriums. There is no specific genre that is played in the National Theatre. Request a backstage tour of this famous theater. There are also several free exhibitions once in a while in this National Theatre.

Beachy Head

beachy head1

Check out the Beachy Head if you happen to be in Eastbourne. This is the highest sea Cliff in England. The spectacular cliff top view will leave memorable memories for a long time. You can either walk or cycle to this top attraction in Eastbourne. There are also plenty of activities you can engage yourself with on top of this cliff. It can be flying a kite or joining the challenging marathon. Beachy Head offers a perfect view of Arundel castle and the surrounding environment. This is the reason people tour this cliff top whenever they are in Eastbourne. Check out the famous Belle Tout Lighthouse while at the top of this cliff. Paragliding is another adventure you can embark on. This activity makes you enjoy every single journey in this region.

Dartmoor National Park


Dartmoor National park is an interesting attraction spot in South West England you must check out. Apart from its rich history, Dartmoor National Park has plenty to offer. Start your tour on this national park by checking out the Haytor Quarry. There is a hidden lake with an abandoned quarry. You can also see some wildlife while checking out the Haytor Quarry. The Clapper Bridge is another attraction site in Dartmoor National park you must check out. This bridge can also be traced back in the middle age. Are you a nature lover? If yes, check out the Venford falls. The beauty and the flow of this falls make it a perfect spot for taking a couple of pictures.

The Grimspound settlement should be your next stop while in Dartmoor National Park. This settlement is estimated to be more than 3,000 years old. It is currently abandoned. Check out this settlement for a rough idea of how people lived. Currently, remains of this settlement remain intact. Hound is another abandoned village found inside Dartmoor national park you should check out.

Eden Project


The Eden project attracts a lot of people from all over the world. This project comprises of three biomes. Each biome represents a different climate. The Eden project started off as a collection of greenhouse. However, it has grown over the years to become one of the top attraction sites in England. The Humid Tropics Biome, the Warm temperate Biome and the Roofless Biome are the main highlights of Eden Project. Go on a guided tour to properly understand this project.

There is no doubt England is one of the top tourist attraction sites in Europe. You will enjoy every single moment once you enter this country. There are other top highlights you should check out.


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