19 most beautiful things to do and see in cyprus

Cyprus is located in the heart of eastern Mediterranean. It is well known for its history that can be traced back numerous years ago. It has become one of the top tourist attraction sites over the years. Cyprus has an interesting diverse culture, outdoor activities and archaeological sites. These are just a couple of things you will see when you visit this Island. Tour around Cyprus is pocket friendly and affordable when compared to neighboring countries. What are waiting for? Make Cyprus your next tourist destination.

Panagia Forviotissa Church


Panagia Forviotissa church is one of the leading attraction sites in Cyprus. It is listed as an UNESCO world heritage site. This church is located in Nikitari village. Panagia Forviotissa church is an ancient medieval site. Inside the church, there are different kinds of breathtaking wall paintings. Some paintings date back between the 12th and 17th century. Panagia church also has an interesting history. This church was built in the year 1099. It functioned until the 18th century when it was abandoned. Anyone who visits this UNESCO world heritage site should see the two parts, namely the narthex and vaulted single-aisled.

You will see the flat tiles, timber roof and sheltered church that have been standing tall since the 12th century. Art lovers will definitely enjoy every moment in Panagia Forviotissa church. This site showcases the evolution of art over the years on this Island. Request a guided tour so that you don’t miss out on anything.

St Hilarion Castle

st hilarion castle

The Strategic location of this castle makes it called the fairytale castle. It is located on top of a mountain. St Hilarion castle also has a very rich history. This castle is just a few meters from the main road. There are numerous ways of accessing this precious gem. The Kyrenia Mountains separates the beautiful plain from the seaside. You can see the sea and the plain from the top of the mountain as you approach St Hilarion castle. There are different viewing points you can use to admire the beauty of the city.

St Hilarion castle has been dismantled on some sections because of the war that took place here. Tour guides in this region will fully elaborate what transpired on this castle. St Hilarion castle is divided into three sections. Prepare adequate footwear because climbing might be involved as you tour around this castle.

Kyrenia old harbour

kyrenia harbour

Kyrenia Old harbor should be included in a must to do things while in Cyprus. It is considered the Jewel of Cyprus because of its charming look. Kyrenia has been existence for a long period. This old harbor is very beautiful. The surrounding environment is appealing to the eye. This is the reason people travel from different parts of the world to this beauty spot. Kyrenia old harbor is believed to have been operational since the 10th century. This harbor is surrounded by both ancient and modern structures. The blend of the old and the new structures bring out a unique look.

Walk through the old cobblestone street paths that open you up to the rest of Kyrenia old city. You will spot the Kyrenia castle while at the old harbor. This castle oversees the entire harbor. Visit this old castle if you want a perfect view of the entire harbor. You should also try out some fresh seafood on this spot after having a fulfilling day.

Experience the Meze (Zanettos Taverna)


Part of enjoying your vacation in Cyprus should tasting couple of local and traditional meals. Zanettos Taverna has been serving traditional meals since the year 1938. This is local tavern is also located in a strategic location that allows you to enjoy the fresh breeze and natural scenery while enjoying your meal. Start off by checking out some photographs the original owner took with renowned people from all over the globe.

Zanettos taverna offers a wide range of meals to choose from. There is no menu to order any particular meal. Meals are served as a surprise. Just be open-minded and enjoy the local Cyprus meals. Meals are served at different intervals. There is a starter dish, main meal, side dishes and desserts. You will not be disappointed when you visit Zanettos taverna. All meals are specially made. It is definitely a spot you should check out while in Cyprus.

Lara Beach

lara beach1

Lara beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Cyprus and Europe. This beach is also lively all year round. It is also one of the leading tourist attraction sites in Cyprus. There are numerous activities you can engage yourself with while in this beach. Plenty of hotels are located on this beach. Therefore, you are likely to get your own private beach. Some beaches are also open for the general public. You can swim and enjoy a picnic with your loved ones. There are also plenty of water activities you can perform on this beach. It can be windsurfing, parasailing or jet skiing.

Lara beach looks like a paradise at night. You don’t have to go out to have a fantastic time with your loved ones. This beach is well lit are night. There are also discos and clubs around Lara beach you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones. You can also embark on a boat ride to the Duden waterfalls.

Karpas Peninsula

Karpas peninsula

Are you planning a vacation to Cyprus anytime soon? If yes, you must check out Karpas Peninsula. It is located in Northern part of this country. This peninsula has remained intact over the years because of less human activities in this region. You will therefore see one of the most beautiful natural scenery and beaches in Cyprus. There are also different bird species you will see on this peninsula. Start your tour in this region by checking out the Golden beach. The golden beach has white sand dunes that meet with the clear sea. You will also see different kinds of turtles crawling on the sand.

Go on and check out the monastery of Apostolos Andrea. This monastery was built in the 19th century. The local residents believe this is where miracles happen. Make an effort of checking out the interior of this monastery. This is what invites people to this location. Kantara castle and the basilica of Agia, Triada are other tourist attraction sites in Karpas Peninsula you should check out.

Zenobia Shipwreck Dive


Zenobia shipwreck occurred on June 7th 1980. The shipwreck of the ferry is roughly 172 meter long. It has become one of the top tourist attraction sites since people started diving to see the shipwreck. Zenobia shipwreck is ranked one of the best dives in the Mediterranean. This shipwreck is under the marine reserve. There is a team of technical divers who will equip you with the right equipment for deep diving. They will also guide you through the entire diving adventure. The technical divers will also give you an insight of what transpired on June 7th, 1980. They will also explain to you what you should anticipate to see.

The Zenobia Shipwreck has also become the home to some marine life such as lion fish, turtles, trumpet fish, moray eels and nudibranchs, among others. Book your trip to Zenobia shipwreck in advance because it is always in demand.

Salamis Ancient City

salamis ancient city

The history of Cyprus dates back to the 9th century and beyond. Salamis Ancient city is one of the oldest cities in Cyprus. This city dates back to the 11th century. Consider visiting Salamis Ancient city if you want a glimpse of what the ancient life looks like. There are also plenty of sites that remind people of the Roman rule. The beautiful and clean beaches in this ancient city offer plenty of fun activities you can engage yourself in. These activities can be swimming and picnic, among others.

You will see some Roman statues as you tour around Salamis Ancient city. Restored gymnasium, crumbling walls, pillars and a theater can also be seen in this city. Some people might get lucky to see some traditional mosaics and Roman baths. These are a few things you will spot while in this ancient city.

Troödos Mountains


Troodos Mountains is another leading tourist attraction site in Cyprus you must check out. There are plenty of things to see and do in this largest mountain range in this country. Mount Olympus is the highest peak in this range. These peaks are perfect for people who love skiing. The slopes offer different adventure challenge. The valleys and green vegetation around this region makes this tour worth every moment. You will see monasteries, resorts and churches on top of mountain peaks. Above all; there are some hidden gems in this mountain range you should check out. Panagia tou Moutoulla church is one of the hidden gems in Troodos Mountains you must check out. This church was built in the 13th century and is listed as an UNESCO world heritage site.

Timios Stavros church is another attraction site you should check out while in this region. It is also listed an UNESCO world heritage site. This church was built during the 14th century. Panagia Asnou church is another attractive site you must check out.

Ancient Kourion


Ancient Kourion city is one of the top attraction sites in Cyprus you must check out. This city has gained popularity over the years for being an archaeological site. The ancient Kourion city can be traced back to the 8th century. You will be impressed by the archaeological sites in this city you will see. Start your tour by checking out Apollo Hylates temple. This temple showcases how the ancient people were developed. Inside the temple, there are Roman baths. The ancient Kourion city also houses the roman market that was built in the 1st century. Tour the complexion and admire the entire ancient prehistoric site.

The house of Achilles was built in the 4th century in honor of an ancient literature character. Today, only a section of the house of Achilles remains intact. A few meters from the house of Achilles is the house of the gladiators. This site can be traced back to the 3rd century. You should also check out the ancient theatre that was built in the 2nd century while in Kourion.

Cape Greco National Park

cape greko national park

Cape Greco National park was named a park in the year 1993. There is less or no human activity at all that can damage the natural beauty of this park. This means the sea caves, the natural scenery and beautiful beaches are going to be here for a long time. Cape Greco national park has one of the most beautiful natural sceneries. Take a walk along this magnificent coastal region while admiring the natural environment. You can also cycle through the national park. Ayii Anargyri chapel is another gem you should check out while in this national park. The location of this church attracts a lot of people to this whitewashed church.

Cape Greco National park is also the home to kamara tou Koraka Bridge. This is one of the natural bridges in this park and Cyprus at large. Admire a wide variety of flora species on this national park. You can also embark on a sea diving adventure in this region. There is also a picnic area you can relax and enjoy some delicious meals with your family and loved ones.

Pafos Archaeological Site


Pafos archaeological site is another top attraction sites in Cyprus you should take time and explore. It was listed as an UNESCO world heritage site in the year 1980. Some ancient discoveries on this site date back from the 2nd century. There are plenty of things to see in this archaeological site that cannot be seen in any other part of the world. You will spot the Pafos mosaics on this site. These mosaics showcase the development and evolution of art work over the centuries.

House of Dionysos is your number one mosaic you will spot in this archaeological site. These floors were crafted in honor of god of wine. Pafos archaeological is also the home to the house of Theseus mosaic, the house of Aion mosaic, the house of four seasons mosaic and the house of Orpheus mosaic.



Famagusta is considered a ghost town because of what transpired a few years back. This city was booming because of its beautiful beaches and resorts. However, violence erupted because the Turkish army invaded the southern part of Famagusta. This resulted into the local inhabitants fleeing this city until the situation calmed down. The Turkish army fenced off this region. This dispute was resolved by the UN. It was agreed only the original settlers could occupy this land.

However, restrictions were loosened in the year 2003. People were allowed to peep through the fenced and abandoned region. You will enjoy every single moment of this tour. There are spots where you can peep on across the ghost town. Nature has taken over this ghost town. Molds, grass and vegetation are growing on the building. You will also hear stories on what the local inhabitants were doing before they fled from their ancestral land.

North Nicosia (Lefkoşa)

North Nicosia_

North Nicosia attracts thousands and thousands of tourists throughout the year. This region has maintained a rich cultural heritage over the years. Above all; there are plenty of things you can see in this old city. North Nicosia is worth every minute of your tour. Selimiye Mosque is one of the leading tourist attraction sites in this old city. This beautiful ancient structure was built during the 13th century. Its old architectural design attracts a lot of people to this mosque. Non Muslim people can also access this site when it’s not a prayer period.

Buyuk Han is another ancient site in this city. It showcases the beauty of the Ottoman architectural design. You should also make a stop at the Armenian Church & Nunnery. The 15th century church still remains a place of worship. Walk around this medieval church while admiring its design. You can also take a couple of pictures to remind you of this place. Mevlevi Tekke Museum and Ethnographic museum of Cyprus are other sites you should check out while in this old city.

Omodos & the Krasohoria


Omodos & the Krasohoria suits people who want to relax in a coastal region. There are top class resorts and restaurants on this region. Omodos & the Krasohoria also offer a wide range of things to do and sites to check out. This coastal region offers some fun activities such as swimming, picnics and jet skiing, among others. There are also souvenir shops you can purchase items that are only found in Cyprus.

Omodos also houses a museum. Make an effort of checking out this museum while in Omodos. Krasohoria also houses plenty of attractive sites. The vineyards in this region can be seen from a distance. There are also over 50 wineries stores. You might be lucky to meet people who are still making wine the traditional way.

Pissouri Bay & Village


Pissouri village is located in Limassol district in Cyprus. You can walk around sandy coastal line while observing the waves. You can also climb up some rocky cliffs. This third largest district in Cyprus also has some attraction sites that have not yet been explored. Take a walk or drive through this quite village. The landscapes, unique buildings, green vegetations and nice relaxing spots will make you visit this village over and over. Pissouri nature trail is another activity you should engage yourself with while in Limassol district. There are biking and hiking trails you can follow on hills in this region. There are also viewing points you can admire the geological beauty.

You should also check out Pissouri beach. This beach offers plenty of relaxing points. You can also swim and engage in some fun water activities such as sail boating, kayaking and jet skiing. Ensure you taste some local and traditional meals before departing from this district.

Aphrodite’s Rock & Beach

aphrodite-rock-and beach

Aphrodite’s rocks keeps on attracting people to the west coast in Cyprus. Visit this site to understand different legends and stories that try and explain the existence of this rock. Local people believe that this site of goddess linked with love, youthfulness, new life and beauty. Make an effort of travelling to west coast while in Cyprus. This rock is located on the shores. People can touch this huge rock without restrictions. There are also numerous viewing points you can check out Aphrodite rock. There are different beaches on this site. Take some time off from your tour and have some quality time with your loved ones on the beach. There is a beach on both the north and south of this Aphrodite rock.

Choirokoitia Archeological Site


This ancient local settlement was listed as an UNESCO world heritage site immediately it was discovered in the year 1934. This archeological site is believed to be over 6, 000 years. It is has been well preserved to bring out an ancient look. This is the reason it is one of the leading tourist attraction sites in Cyprus.

Choirokoita archeological site is situated on the slope of a hill. The design of this archeological site cannot be explained. You will see the utility facilities and a wall that separates this settlement from rest of the world. There is also a staircase that connects the top of the hill to the bottom. Currently, only 48 buildings have been discovered. Archeological studies reveal that there are more buildings buried beneath.

Cyprus Wine Museum

cyprus wine museum

The Cyprus wine museum is a privately owned museum. This museum is situated in Erimi village. Here, you will understand everything about winemaking. The tour guide will explain the traditions and history of winemaking in this country. Cyprus has for years been producing one of the best wines in the world. Cyprus wine museum extends up to seven floors. This museum houses one of the oldest wine making objects. It dates back to 3500 BC.

You will also see one of the oldest wines in Cyprus and globe at large. Tour guides in this museum will explain how wine has been made over the years. There is also a wine tasting section that allows you to sample different wines from this country.

Hamam Omerye Bath Experience


A lot of people desire to a taste of the ancient life. The Hamam Omerye bath experience in Cyprus can make your dream a reality. This spot will bring out a memorable, unique and luxurious adventure. A bath experience will make you feel rejuvenated. The bath steam also contains exfoliate and healing elements. Hamam Omerye bath experience can be traced back to the year 1570. The interior space of this space is amazing. There are carved troughs, marble bench and the impressive dome. You will also see some traditional fountains. This is one adventure you don’t want to miss while in Cyprus.

These are a few sights to see while in Cyprus. Furthermore, they are spread throughout the country. There is no doubt this country has numerous precious gems.


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