Amazing Things to Do and See in Belgium

Belgium is located in Western Europe. This country has one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. It also houses old history and culture. These are a few reasons you should visit Belgium. Well; Belgium has more to offer. It has a couple of large cities. These cities boast couple of architectural gems. This ranges from ancient to modern structures.

There are different top tourist spots across Belgium worth checking out. These artifacts are spread throughout the country. There are also a lot of fun activities in this Western Europe Country. In short, Belgium has something for everyone. You can visit this country anytime of the year. It can be either during summer or winter. You will definitely have fun.



Bruges is the renowned city of Belgium. Anyone who visits this country should make a stop in this city. This city presents the beauty of Belgium. Nonetheless, Bruges has magnificent places you should visit while in Belgium. Start your tour by checking the remaining windmills. These windmills were built in the year 1770. There are also small museums on the windmills. These mills are located in a quiet and green location. Touring this location will make you feel relaxed. The Ten Wijngaerde Beguinage should be your next stop while in Bruges. This site reminds people of the ancient quiet lives in Bruges. The ten Wijngaerde Beguinage was built in the year 1245. Its architectural look proves it was built in another period.

You should also check out the Belfry tower while in Bruges. The Belfry tower is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites in Bruges. This tower is visible from a distance on most part of Bruges. You will be amazed by its beautiful look. The belfry tower was built during the 15th century. Climb on top of this tower and admire Bruges from top heights. The canal is another adventure you should embark on while in Bruges. This is a boat ride that enables you to see the beauty of this city. These boat rides are guided. You will definitely learn a lot of things about Bruges if you embark on this boat road. Visit also the Torture Museum, Basilica of the Holy Blood and Groeningemuseum while in this beautiful city.

Grand Place

grand place1

Grand place is located in the capital city of Belgium. Brussels boosts this magnificent central city square. Its beauty is irresistible. That is the reason it was listed as world heritage site by UNESCO in the year 1998. Its unique decoration and building designs made it be considered one of the most beautiful places in Belgium and the world at large. There are also some famous buildings in this central city square. They are Maison du Roi, City hall and guild houses. Most buildings in this city date back to the 17th century.

The Grand Place also houses a rich history. This place was use a battlefield in the year 1695, during the Augsbourg League war. Different music festivals are also held on this city square. Attend one event to have a glimpse of the Belgian music. There are also other fun activities in this city square. This also applies to other ancient buildings.

Grand Carnaval de Binche

carnaval de binche1

This carnaval de Binche event is annually held in Binche town. People travel from different parts of the world to be a part of this event. Binche town is located in Hainaut province. This ceremony is held three days before Lent. Carnaval de Binche brings out different themes. In short, there is something for everyone. Carnaval de Binche is one of the oldest street events in Europe. Anyone in Binche town during this period can feel and smell the mood of this renowned festival. People everywhere will be purchasing and trying out costumes. Drum and themed balls rehearsals can be visible across the street. Masks are also sold almost everywhere.

Carnal de Binche event commences on Shrove Sunday. This is the period Binche town comes to life. The unique and extravagant attire brightens up this street event. Here, you will be privileged to hear different bands, see different dancers. You will definitely have fun if you attend this event in Binche town.

Neuhaus (Belgian Chocolatier)

neuhaus 1

A visit to Belgium is incomplete if you don’t check out Neuhaus chocolate factory. This company started off by covering medicines with chocolate in the year 1857. Neuhaus chocolate factory fully focused into production of chocolate in the year 1912. This is one of the prides of Belgium. Their stores offer a wide range of chocolates to choose from. You can also grab a souvenir to remind you of the delicious Belgian chocolate. Try your best and visit this Belgian chocolatier early in the morning. This offers you a wide range of chocolates to choose from.

Also, there are few people during modern hours. Don’t visit this Belgian chocolatier with a full stomach. An almost empty stomach allows you to taste a variety of chocolates. Don’t be selective on the chocolates you purchase. Be open minded throughout your visit to any Belgian chocolatier.

Sint-Baafskathedraal (Saint Bavo’s Cathedral)


Sint- Baafskathedraal is one of the top tourist attractions in Belgium. It is located in Ghent. This site plays an important part of Belgian history. Sint- Baafskathedral is one of the oldest churches in Belgium. The architectural look of this cathedral indicates it was built long time ago. This site was developed during the 10th century and the church in the 12th century. The design of this ancient cathedral will leave you amazed. You will also be amazed by the architectural design of this cathedral. The beauty of this building makes it easily identifiable.

Make an effort of checking out the interior of this cathedral. You can tour this tourist attraction site on your own or through the help of a tour guide. You should also take advantage of the various points to admire the beauty of this ancient church from a distance. Take advantage of the staircase to check out Ghent from an aerial view.

Lier Begijnhof


A visit to Belgium is incomplete without checking out this UNESCO world heritage site. Lier Begijnhof were private courts that housed unmarried women and widows. Women in these private courts lived a religious yet independent life. This region was also governed by a lady. Lier Begijnhof developed in the 13th century. This site comprises roughly 162 houses distributed within 11 streets. That’s not all; there are other tourist attraction sites you will check out while in Lier Begijnhof. You don’t have to pay any amount to check out and admire these tourist attraction sites.

Start off by checking out Holy Begga. This statue is located on top of the beautiful bluestone gate. Holy Begga statue was set up in the year 1690. You should also check out Saint Margarita church. Construction of this church commenced in the year 1664 and ended in 1671. You should also check out the city pumps that date back to the 18th century, our lady of remedy and Symforosa, among others.

Château de Bouillon (Castle)

chateau de bouilon

Chateau de Bouillon is one of the oldest castles in Belgium. This castle is visible from a distance. Above all, this castle has a rich history. The atmosphere and outlook of this castle gives you a glimpse of what the ancient days looked like. You will also be privileged to glance at ballet of birds flying round this old castle.

Chateau de Bouillon also houses the evolution of writing. Here, you will see how writing has evolved from the middle ages to the present times. You will also be amazed by the strategy location of this castle. Chateau de Bouillon is located on top of rocky ridge. You will also see the watchman tower that overlooks the tower. This offers a perfect view of the surrounding region. Anyone who visits this site will understand the invasions and wars this castle has survived.



Are you traveling to Belgium and specifically Antwerp? If yes, this city has a lot to offers. In short, there is something for everyone. There are numerous sites to visit and activities to do while in Antwerp. Start your tour by checking out the Antwerpen central train station. It is ranked as one of the most beautiful train stations across the globe. You will be amazed by both the interior and exterior design of this train station. Escape the city life by checking out Antwerp Zoo. This is one of the oldest zoos in both Belgium and globe at large. There are numerous fun activities you can engage yourself in while in this Zoo. Make an effort of visiting the famous china light festival. The Rubens house museum should be in your must visit spots while in Antwerp. As the name suggests, this museum houses Ruben’s paintings. There are interesting and marvelous paintings inside this museum worth checking out.

You should also check out Plantin- Moretus Museum. This museum is listed as an UNESCO world heritage site. It can also be traced back to the 16th century. Anyone who visits this site admits he/she had an amazing time. This city also boosts to house the famous Antwerp cathedral of our lady. The breathtaking architectural design and art work makes this cathedral stand out from any other building around it. Move on and check out the Steen castle. This is considered the oldest building in Antwerp. These are some top sites worth checking while in Antwerp. There are other attractions sites in this beautiful city you can check out that are not listed above.



Ghent is a very unique city in Belgium. It houses a combination of both old and the modern look. Ghent also houses a rich history for both Belgium and Europe at large. Above all; there are numerous things to discover in this city. It deserves to be one of the top tourist spots in Belgium. Visit Gravensteen or the castle of counts while in Ghent. This castle was built in 1180. This castle currently houses contraptions used for torture and punishment in the medieval times. You will also see some weapons that were used in war. You should also check out Ghen Belfry. It is ranked as an UNESCO world heritage site. This is also the tallest Belfry in Belgium. You can climb this belfry to have a glance of the beautiful city.

Patershol is another neighborhood you should check out while in Ghent. This medieval neighborhood has remained unchanged over the years. It gives you a glimpse of how the olden days looked like. Embark on a canal cruise to have a perfect glimpse of this beautiful city. The canal cruise tours are guided. Don’t leave Ghent without sampling a couple of local beers. Belgium is known for producing one of the best beers.

Grottes de Han (Caves of Han)

grotten of han

Grottes de Han or caves of Han are considered one of the most beautiful caves in the world. This cave was formed through the activities of River Lesse. It is also strategically located. This is what makes it be named as one of the natural phenomenon in Belgium and Europe at large. All Grottes de Han tours are guided. You will get the opportunity of understanding different things about this natural cave. Tour within Grottes de Han is through a tram that is almost a century old. Inside the cave, you will be able to glance at a couple of halls and galleries.

You will be amazed by the reflection of the marvelous dripstones on water. The caves have also been installed with a led power system. This brings out the original look of both dripstones and caves. Make an effort of checking out the valley of Lesse. This valley is used in the formation of the shrine of Grottes de Han.


ypres 1

Ypres is one of the most visited cities in Belgium. This city played a role in world war one. A lot of soldiers lost their lives in this spot. Above all; there are numerous top tourist attraction sites in Ypres you can check out. Start your tour by checking out in- Flanders field museum. This museum solely examines various aspects about world war one. Menin gate memorial is another site you should check out while in Ypres. The names of the soldiers who lost their lives during world war one are inscribed in the monument. Are you a fan of artwork? If yes, make a stop at Belle Almshouse. Despite its small length, it contains a lot of hidden treasures. Some artworks in this church date back to the medieval era.

Lakenhalle is another gem hidden in Ypres. The impressive look of this building will leave you amazed. It was built in the 14th century but destroyed. It was later restored to its original look. Ensure you climb to the top of this impressive building. Stedelijk museum is another tourist attraction sites in Ypres worth checking out. Most arts found in this location are mostly from the 19th century. A trip to this location is incomplete if you don’t try out some local cuisines. You should try out both traditional and modern dishes.

Old England Building

The beauty and the architectural design of the old England building will make you admire it over and over again. Well; the old England building has more to offer. It is currently being considered as a music museum. Museum lovers should make a stop at this music museum while in Belgium. This magical gem is located in the heart of Brussels. Here, there is a wide range of music categories. This suggests that the old England building has something for everyone. The old England building houses more than 2,000 musical instruments. You will be shocked that you haven’t seen some of these instruments. Pay close attention to different types of music playing on this museum.

Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée (Comic book Museum)


As the name suggests, Center Belge de la Bande Dessinee is the house of comic books. This museum houses different types of comic books, both local and international. The design of this structure will also leave you amazed. It was designed by one of Belgian’s greatest architect ever. The comic book museum is divided into parts. The first section of this comic shows you how comic books are designed from scratch. You will also be privileged to check out over six thousand original comic scripts.

It is evident that Belgium houses one of the best tourist attraction spots in Europe.


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