6 Beautiful Destinations That You Should Visit in Kosovo

Kosovo is one of the hidden gems in Europe. This is the youngest country in Europe. Kosovo was once known for different kinds of war. However, things have drastically changed after its independence in the year 2008. This young European nation has a lot of highly rated tourist destinations. You don’t have to worry about your safety in this country. It is currently one of the safest European countries. There are also numerous ways of touring Kosovo. Check out the top six rated destinations in Kosovo you must visit.


prizren city

Prizren is the second largest city in Kosovo. This city has a very rich heritage culture, top tourist attraction sites and delicious meals. First, Prizren is located in a very strategic location. It is located in a valley between Sharr Mountains. River Lumbardhi also cuts across this city. That’s not all; Prizren city houses both medieval and modern structures. The blend of architectural evolution over the years brings out an amazing look. You will notice a couple of old structures as you tour around this beautiful city.

There are a couple of tourist attraction sites in Prizren you must take a look. The famous and UNESCO world heritage site our lady of Ljevis church is located in this city. Sinan Pasha Mosque is also a precious gem you must check out. The color blend of this mosque and pattern of this mosque brings out a spectacular look. The culture of Kosovo has not been fully exploited. Be one of the few tourists who try out different delicious meals. Prizren offers a wide range of traditional and modern meals. These meals are delicious with lovely aromas.

Prizren city is also a cultural city. This is the place to visit if you want an insight of the local culture. A couple of colorful events are held throughout the year on this beautiful city. These events showcase traditional costumes, dance moves and some folksongs. You should also explore the mountain regions and national park while in Prizren city. There is definitely something for everyone.

Rugova Valley

Raguov valley

Rugova valley is found in North West Kosovo and specifically Dukagjini. Anyone who loves nature will enjoy every moment in this valley. Coursed Mountain is the highest point in Rugova valley. It extends to over 32, 000 hectares of land. There are several features that make Rugova valley stand out from other similar valleys in Kosovo. First, there is a waterfall in this valley. There are numerous viewing points you can see this waterfall from. You can easily check out the top and bottom of this beautiful waterfall. Furthermore, this waterfall keeps on flowing throughout the year.

Rugova valley also houses River Bistrica. This river extends up to 12 kilometers across this valley. There are numerous fun activities you can engage yourself with. That’s not all; there are a couple of caves within this valley you can check out. Numerous caves found in this valley are natural. This is the most ideal location for anyone who wants to relax while in Kosovo. It is in a quiet and reserved location. There are also numerous traditional meals to choose from. The natural beauty of this location will leave you amazed. You can also engage yourself in Skiing. Don’t worry about accommodation when in this part of Kosovo. There are numerous hotels to choose from.

Visoki Dečani Monastery

decani monastery

Visoki Decani monastery is listed as an UNESCO world heritage site. It is one of the reasons Visoki Decani monastery should be in a must visit places once you land in Kosovo. This monastery has a rich history, beautiful art, magnificent architectural design and the treasures. Visoki Decani Monastery has seen the darkest violence in the Balkans. This ancient architectural design made this monastery declared an irreplaceable treasure, thus being listed as an UNESCO world heritage site in the year 2004. Book a tour today on this monastery and understand a couple of things about this structure.



Pristina is one of the leading tourist attraction cities in this city. This is a perfect spot for those on short and long holiday. You can either embark on a solo trip or a guided tour. Anyone who wants to understand the history of Kosovo should start by checking out the newborn monument. This monument was opened to the public in the year 2008 February 18th . This is the day Kosovo got independence from Serbia. The newborn monument is a symbol of independence. Proceed and check out the architectural design of Pristina’s youth and sports center. It is considered one of the most beautiful structures in Pristina.

The national library is another treasure you should check out while in Kosovo. The design of this library looks like a group of cubes clamped together. The design of national library looks good especially during winter. Admire the interior designs and outlook of this marvelous library. The Kosovo government building is another structure you should check out while in Pristina. This site became significant after it was bombed during the Kosovo war in the year 1999. The Kosovo government building was refurbished after it was destroyed.

You will also see the clock tower when you visit this city. The clock tower was built during the 19th century. Make an effort of climbing on top of this ancient clock and admire the surrounding region from an aerial view. Lastly, you must tour the ethnological museum of Kosovo before leaving this beautiful city. This museum will help you understand how the ancient people lived. You will also be able to see some furniture and tools from the medieval era.

Patriarchate of Peć Monastery


People travel across the globe just to see the patriarchate of Pec monastery. This site is located on the entrance of Rugovska Klisura. Inside the monastery, there are four churches that are neck to neck with each other. The holy apostles’ church is the oldest church inside this monastery. It was built during the 13th century. The other churches were built during the 14th century. They are namely St Nicholas church, St Dimitrije church and Mother of God church.

That’s not all; the patriarchate of Pec monastery houses the evolution of wall painting. Different wall writing styles can be seen. There are also some treasures you will be privileged to see when you visit this monastery. They range from silverwork, manuscript books and icons. Who wouldn’t want to see an UNESCO world heritage site? Ensure you visit Patriarchate of Pec Monastery while in this Kosovo.

Bear Sanctuary Prishtina

bear sanctuary prishtina

This is 16 hectares of land where bears are kept. Bear sanctuary Prishtina rescues different types of bears. This sanctuary looks natural because it has different terrains. The environment is also suitable for these four paws. The number of bears in this sanctuary is drastically increasing because the local government banned taming of bears.

There is no doubt Kosovo is one of the precious gem that should be fully discovered. Make Kosovo your next tourist destination.


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