Top 5 Places That You Must Visit in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is more of a principality than a country. It is sandwiched between Switzerland and Austria. Much of this independent state is covered with wild vegetation and Alpine forest. This principality also has an interesting history. Tourists flock this country throughout the year for different types of adventure that leave lasting memories. You can enjoy snowboarding, skiing and walk in this principality. There are also monuments distributed across Liechtenstein. Out of all attractive sites in Liechtenstein, there are five sites that stand out. You must make an effort of visiting each and every site listed below while in this principality.

Schloss Vaduz (Castle)

Schloss vaduz1

This is one of the leading landmarks in Liechtenstein. Schloss Vaduz castle is located on top of a mountain. Therefore, it can be seen from a distance. The architectural design of this castle looks from another age period. This is what attracts people to this landmark. Furthermore, the pathway and the roads leading to this ancient castle are well maintained. This makes the trip to this site enjoyable and efficient. There is a spot where you must take a footpath to this castle. This footpath offers a perfect view of the surrounding environment.

Schloss Vaduz was first documented in the 12th century but was built between the 16th and 17th century. A section of the palace was also destroyed in the Swabian war. It was later rebuilt. Anyone who visits this castle will clearly understand the war that transpired in this region. The green vegetation that surrounds this region adds beauty. The location of this castle offers a perfect view of the sunset.

Malbun (Ski Resort)


People travel across the globe just to see and have fun in Malbun Ski resort. This Ski resort is located in Saminatal valley, found in Southern side of the Alpine ridge. Its snow slopes make this resort gain popularity within Liechtenstein and beyond. The Malbun resort was first opened in the 1960’s. Its strategic location attracted people to skiing. More hotels were built due to the increased number of people. New slopes were also developed and enhanced. This made it possible to engage in different winter sports activities. Additionally, these slopes are divided in terms of levels. There are sections for beginners and experts. Skiing equipment are also provided.



Vaduz is the capital of Liechtenstein principality. This capital has a beautiful mountain region that enables engagement of different winter sports. Such activities range from biking and hiking. In short, Vaduz has fun activities for both summer and winter. There are also other landmarks you can check out while in this capital. Tour around Vaduz has been enhanced through hotels and marvelous restaurants. The red house should be your first stop while in Vaduz. This site can be visible from a distance. Red house is built on top of a mountain. This red colored building was built around the 19th century. Next to this building, there is an abandoned structure. This structure was abandoned roughly in the 15th century. The abandoned structure has not been touched since the 15th century.

Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein should be your next stop. This structure and the architectural design of this structure will leave you amazed. Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein looks like huge black cube. This museum houses different kinds of fine arts. Some fine arts can be traced back to the 19th century, whereas others are modern. You will swiftly see the evolution of arts over the years and witness different types of art work. Vaduz cathedral is another important landmark in Liechtenstein you should check out. This cathedral can be visible from a distance. Its architectural design proves that it was built in another era. The capital of this protectorate is privileged to house Vaduz castle. Vaduz castle is believed to more than 700 years old. It is still the house of the royal family. This castle is located on top of a hill. Therefore, it can be visible from a distance. You are not allowed inside the premises of the castle. However, you can stroll on top of the hill and the surrounding. This spot also offers a perfect view of the capital.

The old Rhine Bridge dates back to 1901. This wooden bridge acts as a border for Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Old Rhine Bridge is built on top of River Rhine. Despite being wooden, this bridge remains intact. Don’t leave this tourist attraction spot without taking a couple of pictures to remind you of this trip. After a long day, pass through Das Stadtle. This is the city center of the capital. Here, there are numerous spots you can relax, dine, shop or even have a glimpse of the local culture. Lastly, make a trip to the Prince of Liechtenstein vineyards. Here, you will be privileged to taste wine from quality grapes. You will also have the opportunity to check out the vineyard.



Liechtenstein is one of the most beautiful regions in Europe. Anyone who loves adventure should embark on this famous path. Furstensteig path is located on Mount Ratikon. This hiking adventure has been there for a while. It commences by having a marvelous view of surrounding region. You will be able to see the mountain pines and the surrounding green pasture. Anyone who embarks on this hiking adventure will definitely have fun. This is a guided tour. Therefore, you are likely to have fun because there are different paths you can follow.

Walser Museum


Walser museum helps preserve the culture and history of Walser community. This museum has some collections that help you understand the history of this local community. Walser museum is located in Triesenberg. This museum will also provide you information on the traditions and culture dating back to the 14th century. You will also understand the history behind this region. This area developed because of immigration. Walser museum also offers a projection that lasts roughly twenty minutes. The projection video in this museum is offered in three different languages. You will definitely have fun inside this museum.

What are you waiting for? You must make an effort of visiting the above tourist attraction sites in Liechtenstein.


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