7 Must-visit Sights in Lithuania

Lithuania has a rich history. It is actually the first republic to break away from the Soviet Union in the year 1990. Since then, this country has been thriving in numerous ways. Tourism is one of the main activities in this country. People travel across the globe to experience adventure in this country. Lithuania still houses numerous relics that remind people of the Soviet period.

This country also houses other beautiful sights. They are monasteries, beautiful churches and palaces. These sights are spread across the country. Lithuania also has a couple of UNESCO world heritage sites. There are seven beautiful sights in Lithuania that are visited throughout the year. You should also check them out while in this country.



Vilnius is the capital city of Lithuania. This capital city is divided into two sections, namely the new and old town. The city is also well designed. This makes it easy for visitors to walk throughout the city. A trip to Lithuania is incomplete if you don’t check out the capital city. Here are top sights in Lithuania you must check out. Museum of genocide victims is one of the top sights in Vilnius people check out. This site reminds people of the horror that transpired in Lithuania.

Make an effort of checking out the basement of this museum. The museum was a KGB prison. You will also see the execution room in the basement of this museum. There are also exhibits of the horrifying events that transpired in this location. Cross over to the old section of this city and check out the Vilnius university central campus. This university has been operational since the year 1579. It is the oldest university in the city and country at large. You will also be lucky to see the famous library with a tower bell and yellow church.

The national museum of Lithuania should be your next stop. This museum highlights the weaving culture and the dress code of the Lithuanian people. The national museum of Lithuania also highlights different house models spread across the country. Vytautas Kasiulis art museum is another relic sight you should check out. This hidden gem exhibits different artwork of renowned and celebrated artist Vytautas Kasiulis. Anyone who visits this museum will be amazed by the beauty of the artwork done by this iconic Lithuania artist. Vilnius also houses the three crosses monuments. The original monument was built around the 17th century. However, they were removed by the Soviet government in the 1950s. These crosses were sculpted back in the year 1989. This site was built by three monks to commemorate their fellow colleagues who were killed at this spot. The three crosses monuments also offer a perfect view of the old town.

Ancient structures and buildings still stand tall on different parts of this capital city. St Anne’s and Bernardine church complex is one of these structures. This church complex was built during the 1500s. The Gothic architectural style indicates it was built in a different age period. The beauty of the interior of this site make visitors flock in throughout the year. Vilnius cathedral is another site you must check out while in Lithuania. This cathedral was built between the 13th and 15th centuries. Vilnius cathedral has been destroyed by River Neris on several occasions but later reconstructed. Ensure you fully explore the underground gems of this cathedral before calling it a day.

Do you want a perfect view of both the new and the old towns while in Vilnius? If yes, visit the Vilnius cathedral bell tower. This tower is estimated to be over 52 meters. Therefore, it offers an excellent viewing point of the old and modern towns in Vilnius. You will be able to spot different attraction sites from this tower. A tour in the capital city of Lithuania is incomplete if you don’t check out Vilna Gaon Jewish state Museum. Vilnius housed a large fraction of the Jewish. However, most of them lost their lives in the genocide. This is one of the sites that commemorate all the Jewish that lost their lives. You should also check out St Nicholas church. This is the oldest church in this city. It was built around the 1300s. St Nicholas church was built from red bricks. This is what makes it stand out.

Curonian Spit National Park

curonian spit national park

The Curionian Spit national park is considered both a cultural and natural heritage. This national park extends from Lithuania to Russia. There are different kinds of breathtaking sites you can see while at this national park. Here, you will see the largest sand bay in the world. This sand bay is located in south east part of the Baltic Sea. Lithuania owns the northern part of the national park, whereas Russia owns the southern part. The Curonian Spit national park is literally divided into two equal parts. There are constant winds on Curonian Spit national park. Therefore, expect to see some unique and beautiful dune landscapes as you tour this national park.

Curonian Spit national park also has a weird relief climate throughout the year. This is the reason there is a wide biological diversity across this national park. You will be able to see birch forests, pine forests and different kinds of green vegetation. Curonian Spit national park is also famous for bird migration on different times of the year. Anyone who witnesses one bird migration movement will be amazed by its beauty. There are also a couple of marine mammals you will spot inside this national park. Common and ringed seals are the most popular mammals you will spot here.

That’s not all; there are also a couple of archaeological monuments inside this park. They range from ground burials, fishing sites and early settlements, among others. This site was named as an UNESCO world heritage site in the year 2000.

Nemunas Delta Regional Park

nemunas regional park

Nemunas Delta is another beautiful sight you should check out while in Lithuania. It is a combination of culture, nature and sustainable tourism. There are numerous things you can see in this Delta. Start off your tour by visiting Rusne Island inside the Nemunas Delta national park. This island contains different swamps and bogs. There are also unique and beautiful landscapes you can see inside this Delta regional park. Nemunas Delta should be your destination if you love birds. Here, you will see different bird species. You will also see rare species that very people have ever seen.

Make a stopover at Uostadvaris lighthouse while in Nemunas Delta. This historic monument was built in the year 1873. It played a crucial shipping point in previous years. The Uostadvaris lighthouse isn’t use anymore. It is only used as an observation point. You should also check out Rusne Lutheran church. This church was built in the year 1544. A lot of people are amazed by its medieval architectural design. Rusne Luthern church also carries a rich history. These are a few reasons you should check out this church in Nemunas Delta. Anyone who wants to watch and catch birds should check out Vente Cape Ornithological station. It is estimated that over 3 million birds pass across this station.

Minija or the Lithunian Venice is another sight you must check out while in Nemunas Delta. This village houses one of the most landscapes in Lithuania. Minija village can be traced as back as the 16th century.

Žemaitija National Park

zemaitija national park

Zemaitija national park is one of the leading national parks in Lithuania. People flock to this national park throughout the year. This national park has a very beautiful landscape and the renowned Lake Plateliai. This national park started being operational in the year 1991. It was established to protect the unique natural forests and lakes in this region. The culture and heritage of the local people was also to be protected. Zemaitija national park has a lot of things to offer. You can cycle and walk in this nature park enjoying the natural beauty of this park.

Check out the cold war museum if you are in Zemaitija National park. This museum houses a story of the cold war. It was used a former Soviet nuclear base. You should also check out the Zemaitija art museum. This museum has metal and carvings artwork. These arts remind people of evolution of art in this region. Above all; you shouldn’t forget the wildlife. People who love nature will definitely have an amazing time in this national park. There are different kinds of wildlife you will see in this park. Zemaitija national park is also recommended for anyone who wants a glimpse of the local culture.

Aukštaitija National Park

aukstaitija national park1

This oldest national park in Lithuania is designed in a way it showcases all its beauty at once. Aukstaitija National park was first opened in the year 1974. People are amazed by the streams that connect different lakes. Here, you will find different fishing methods, both old and new. Embark on a fishing adventure while in this national park. All tours in this region are guided. You will definitely have fun in this region. People who love nature will also have an amazing time. There is a oak forest and other green vegetations.

Druskininkai Town


Druskininkai is considered a spa resort town. This is because of its relaxing environment. There are also cafes, restaurants and fun activities that make stay in this town relaxing. Start your tour in Druskininkai town by going on some spa treatment. There are different spa treatment spots to choose from. Additionally, you also have a wide range of spa treatment to choose from. It can be facials, saunas, massages or hot tubs. Spa treatments are pocket- friendly. Visit Gruto Park while in Druskininkai town. This a very unique tourist attraction site in Lithuania. Gruto Park contains a collection of Soviet statues that were distributed throughout Lithuania. This park will also help you understand some history about this former Soviet state.

The Joy of All Who Sorrow church is another beautiful sight you should check out while in Druskininkai town. This church was built in the year 1865. It is built using a Russian architectural design. This Russian Orthodox Church has a bright blue color that attracts anyone who sees this building. You should also check out the wooden homes that surround the Joy of All Who Sorrow Church. St. Mary Church is another leading tourist attraction site in Druskininkai town you must visit. This building made from red bricks was built between 1841 and 1844. The general look of this structure attracts anyone who sees it. It also stands out from the surrounding buildings.

Take a few days off and relax with your family in Druskininkai Aqua Park, Spa and Hotel. This hotel holds almost everything that will make your vacation worth enjoying. Furthermore, the temperatures in this hotel are controlled. This means you can enjoy a sauna or swim anytime you deem fit. Druskininkai town also houses Vijuneles Park. This Park suits people who love nature and are willing to engage in some fun activities such as swimming, outdoor walks, cycling and running. A trip to this town is incomplete if you don’t check out M.K Ciurlionis Memorial Museum. This museum was named after one of the most famous Lithuanian artist. M.k Ciurlionis Museum houses different kinds of art he designed during his lifetime. Lastly, visit the Snow Arena for different kinds of indoor activities such as Skiing. You shouldn’t leave this relaxing town in Lithuania without sampling some local delicacies.

Orvydas Garden

orvydas garden1

Life under the Soviet Union was very difficult for artists and religious people. The then Soviet leader Khrushchev ordered the destruction of religious artifacts or any art that was suspected to be religious. This is the point Orvydas brought his art work to his homestead. The Soviet government found out and bared people from visiting this site after the family was persecuted. Orvydas Garden is one of the leading gems in Lithuania. There are different kinds of arts you can see inside this sight.

These are some of the beautiful sights in Lithuania you should check out. This former Soviet country also houses other top tourist attraction sites that are not mentioned above. You should definitely visit this country while on vacation.


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