You Should Experience These Places in Latvia

Since its independence in the year 1991, Latvia has grown in terms of tourism. This country is located in Northern Europe and has plenty of things to offer. They range from entertainment, history, culture and art. There are also a couple of undiscovered attraction sites that have not yet been fully explored. Furthermore, a vacation to this country is affordable when compared to other parts of Europe. A visit to Latvia is incomplete if you don’t check a couple of things. Make sure you check out these amazing things before you leave Latvia.



Riga is the capital city of Latvia. This city has something for everyone. Anyone who visits this capital city will definitely create some memorable memories. Start your tour by checking out Old Riga. This region houses history that is more than 800 years. Above all, this site is an UNESCO world heritage site. It was listed a world heritage site because of its uniqueness. There are breathtaking architectural masterpiece and beautiful churches. You will be amazed by almost everything around Old Riga as you move around. Make a stop at Riga’s central market. This is one of the largest marketplaces in Europe. Riga central marketplace mostly deals with seasonal produce such as fish, fresh vegetables and local delicacies.

The freedom monument is another beautiful sight you must check out. This monument reminds people of the country’s struggle to independence. The freedom monument highlights a lady on the top holding three stars. These stars represent fighting for liberty, working and nation singing. Riga city is commonly referred to as an art center. Most architectural designs during the 20th century here were combined with art. You must pass through Alberta Iela Street while in this region. This street is full of different art Nouveau structures.

The Latvian national Opera and Ballet center is another sight you must check out. This famous building was built in the year 1882. Take a guided tour on this building. The tour guides will help understand the history of this center. You might also be privileged to watch a live performance. Doma Cathedral is one of the medieval gems in Riga. It was built in the year 1211. Doma cathedral is a combination of Baroque, Romanesque and Gothic architectural design. This combination makes Doma cathedral outshine any structure next to it.

Riga motor museum should be your next stop. Here, you will see the evolution of motors of the year. People who love nature should check out Rigo Zoo. This zoo houses reptiles, birds and mammals.

Cape Kolka

cape kolka

Cape Kolka is one of the most famous shores in Latvia. It is where two seas clash and mix. That is the Gulf of Riga and the open Baltic Sea. The beautiful coastal landscapes attract people from all over the world to this region. Here, you might also be lucky to witness bird migration. During this period, thousands and thousands of birds fly past this region. There are numerous fun activities you can engage yourself in this Shore. First, there are a couple of locations you can use to see the sun set in the evening. You can also go on a boat riding.

Embark on Cape Kolka Pine Trail. This trek entails walking through Slitere national park, a former military base for the Soviet government. This trail allows you to enjoy what nature has to offer. You will also be able to see Dundaga town from a distance. People who love nature will enjoy every minute of this trail. The light house Island in Cape Kolka is another tourist site you should check out. This Island houses a couple of ruins, fog bell and a few buildings. Anyone who has visited this site admits it is fun. A trip to Cape Kolka will be incomplete if you don’t enjoy some local cuisines. Try out the traditional Sklandrausis and smoked fish, among others.

Cēsis Town


Cesis Town isn’t new to people who have toured Latvia. This is a historic town and can be traced back to the year 1206. It’s clear that this town has a rich history. Well; Cesis town has more to offer than its rich history. Visit the Cesis castle towers while in this famous town. This castle was built in the year 1214. It was once considered one of the most powerful castles of all times. However, the Russian Tsar army invaded this site. Cesis castle tower is abandoned and acts as a historic culture. Visit this castle today and understand its role in the history.

Take sometimes to yourself and enjoy a relaxing walk inside the castle park. This is a family recreation area. You might be lucky to find some concerts, performances and festival ceremonies. Pass through the streets of the old town to have an insight idea of how the medieval era looks like. The old town contains some narrow streets that allow you to see unique architectural designs, squares and courtyards. Cesis town also houses the medieval and renowned St John’s church was built during the 13th century. It is also one of the oldest churches in this region. Here, you will admire the different painting collection. You should also check out the interior of this old church.

Latvia didn’t get its independence and freedom easily. A lot of soldiers and individuals lost their lives. The monument of Victory located in this region honors all those who lost their lives for the sake of independence. People who love music should check out Cesis concert hall before leaving Cesis town. This Concert hall houses different kinds of events.

Kuldīga Waterfall (Venta Rapid)

kuldiga waterfall1

Kuldiga waterfall is the widest waterfall in both Latvia and Europe at large. This can be confirmed during the spring floods. Kuldiga waterfall flows in throughout the year. Therefore, there are numerous fun activities you can engage yourself in at this renowned tourist attraction site. There are different viewing points you can use to admire this waterfall. You can view both top and bottom side of the waterfall.

Kuldiga waterfall has been around since time in memorial. There is a section of this waterfall that is shallow. This allows you and your family to engage in different fun water activities. You can also swim on this waterfall. Fishing is another fun activity you can engage yourself with while at this waterfall. You can do this on your own or seek help from the local fishermen. Stand tall on the famous brick bridge. This bridge offers a perfect view of Kuldiga.

Rundāle Palace


Rundale palace is situated in Southern Latvia on the heart of Zemgale plains. The interior design of this palace dates back to the year 1765. Rundale palace is a precious gem in Latvia. Its interior and exterior beauty is irresistible. This tourist attraction site is divided into three sections, namely the palace, museum and park. The palace is open to the public. You are allowed to visit the eastern wing of this palace. This side comprises the great gallery, white hall and the Gilt hall.

Your trip around Rundale palace doesn’t end there. It extends up to the museum. There is a museum inside this tourist attraction site. This museum helps explore the rich Latvia’s history. Rundale palace museum houses different exhibitions, collections and publications. These exhibits can be fine art, art or expositions. Your trip to this location would be incomplete if you don’t check out the park. This park comprises a wide range of fountains and rose garden.



Liepaja is the city of music. It is also the third largest city in this country. Tourists flood this country throughout the year for different reasons. There are numerous beautiful sights and fun activities in this city. This city is located between Lake Liepaja and the Baltic Sea. A trip to Liepaja city will be incomplete if you don’t visit some sights. Start your tour by walking around this beautiful city. Admire the beautiful art and architectural designs across the city. The beauty of this city has made it be ranked among the most beautiful cities in Latvia and Europe at large. Visit the concert hall Lielais Dzintars for different music rhythms. Here, you will get to listen to different music genres.

The trinity church should be your next stop. This church was built by the greatest builders of all time. The trinity church took over 100 years to complete. Its interior is designed from rococo style. There are also other interesting things you will see inside this church. Your next stop should be Karosta. This is a former military territory that was separated from the public for over 100 years before being reconnected with the rest of Latvia. The perfect way of checking out this city is through a tramway ride. Tramway ride is also interesting for people who have been never been on any tramway ride. Wind up your tour in Liepaja by checking out the sunset at Ziemelu mols.



Jurmala is located near the Gulf of Riga. It is famous for its sandy beaches, seaside resorts and exhibitions of the Soviet era in this region. First, this region is accessible from different parts of this country. Start your tour around this location by getting on top of Dzintari Forest park viewing tower. This is the highest point in this area. Therefore, it offers a perfect view of the beautiful landscapes within Jurmala. There are also numerous fun activities you can participate in while in this forest park. It can be skating or boarding electro-cars, among others.

Are you in love with nature? If yes, make an evening trip to the Kemeri moorland trail. This spot offers a perfect view of the sunset. Numerous people love this spot because it is quiet from the city noise. There are is a wooden trail you should follow to perfectly view the sun. There are different bird species, plants and small pools within this premise. Livu Akvaparks is another tourist attraction site you should check out while in Jurmala. Here, there are underwater fitness equipments, saunas, bubble baths and swimming pools. Both children and adults can be fully accommodated here. The Sloka lake observation tower is another tourist attraction site you should visit. This spot offers a perfect glimpse of migrating birds during spring. Ensure you eat some local delicacies by the beach.

It is very clear that Latvia has beautiful sights and fun activities we can all embrace. The history and culture of this country is also interesting. This is one reason you should visit Latvia while in Europe.


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