Some of the Popular Places to Visit in Moldova

Moldova is one of the few countries in Europe that have not been fully discovered. It is a landlocked country and is borders Ukraine to the east and Romania to the west. Moldova was part of Romania until World war two. Anyone who visits both Romania and Moldova will see similarity in terms of their culture.

Moldova was also part of the Soviet Union but broke off its ties in the year 1991. This gives you a glimpse of the good things you should expect inside this landlocked country. Moldova stands out from a lot of landlocked countries because it has plenty of tourist spots spread throughout the country. You must visit these six places while in Moldova for your tour to be complete.


Chisinau, Moldova – 21 July, 2016: Traffic Artery Of A Green Cit

Chisinau is the capital city of Moldova. This capital city has surprised numerous people by the beauty it holds. Chisinau has made Moldova be recognized across the globe for its top tourist attraction sites. Start your tour by checking out Valea Morilor Park. This park is roughly ten minutes from the city center. It is a perfect spot for people who want to forget the city noise for a few hours. Valea Morilor Park is one of the most beautiful spots in Moldova. You can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the lake. You can feed the ducks, go kayaking and fishing, among others. There are also spots you can watch the sun set in the evening. Make your next stop at Cricova winery underground cellar. Here, there are numerous wine cellars. Moldova is one of the leading producers of wine in Europe. You might get lucky and taste some local wine.

Check out the Nativity cathedral Chisinau if you want an insight on how World War two affected this region. This church was built in the year 1830 before being bombed in the Second World War. It was restored to its original look in the year 1997. Pay attention to the neoclassical design that makes this cathedral stand out from surrounding buildings. This cathedral is open to the public. National museum of History in Chisinau must be in a must visit places in the capital if you want to understand the culture and the heritage of the local people. There are over 100, 000 items that try and explain the heritage of the local people.

Art lovers should also check out the National museum of fine Arts. This museum is one of the hidden gems in Chisinau a lot of people have not discovered. There are plenty of colorful works from different age and genres you will see as you tour this fine arts museum. Chisinau was part of Soviet rule until the year 1991. You will see some soviet architectural designs as you move around the city. The different kinds of architectural designs give this capital city a beautiful look. Don’t leave Chisinau without tasting some local delicacies. There are numerous top hotels and restaurants you can enjoy your meal.

Cricova Winery


Cricova winery is very special and must be in your must see spots while in Moldova. Currently, this winery is under consideration to be listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Additionally, this is one of the largest wineries in the world. The underground wine storage impresses numerous visitors in terms of the amount of wine being stored in cellars. A tour to Cricova winery gives you a rough idea on how wine is harvest, preserved and packaged in bottles.

Cricova winery offers more than wine. It also stores old wine bottles. The oldest wine bottle dates back to the 1902, from a Jewish Passover wine event. There is also a wine tasting section that allows you to taste different kinds of wine. Cricova winery also played a vital role in the history of Moldova. Some Jewish people were hidden inside wine barrels during the Nazi occupation when Jews were people massacred. You will also see a list of prominent leaders who visited this famous winery.

Orheiul Vechi (Old Orhei)

old orhei

Orheiul Vechi attracts numerous people from all over the world. It is one of the most visited sites in Moldova. This tourist site is strategically located on River Raut. Orheiul Vechi gained popularity as both an historic and archeological site. The landscape surrounding this region is also beautiful and impressive. Those who visit this part of Moldova will also be able to see two very old museums. There is also an ancient church in this location. Orheiul Vechi is located within Trebujeni, Morovaia and Butuceni villages. This place is also far from the city. It is good getaway for those who want to escape the busy and noisy city life.

A tour to this tourist attraction site helps you understand everything about this site. Archaeologists excavated wooden remains of a fortress belonging between the 1st and 6th centuries. There are other excavations on this site that help people understand how the local inhabitants lived here. Evidence housed in the museums reveals this was one of the national defense centers during the 15th century.

Some old monasteries can be visible to date. There are some beautiful monasteries that were cut from rocks and inside the caves. Numerous people who see these monasteries are surprised on how they were constructed between the 15th and 18th centuries. These are some reasons on why you should visit Orheiul vechi.

Transdniestr (Transnistria)


There are plenty of things you can do in Transnistria. Start your tour in Transnistria by checking out the tank, monument, eternal flame and Suvorov monument. These three monuments are on the same location. They remind people of the Soviet era that Moldova endured before breaking off. You should also visit the Bendery Fortress or Festung Tighina. This ottoman fortress was built in the 16th century. The current fortress is partially original and partially restored. There is a Bendery Fortress has a small museum you must check out. You will find a medieval torture tools that were used. This fortress has a large compound. Therefore, you can have an amazing time with your family.

Transnistria also houses Noul Neamt Monastery. Its beauty attracts people every day. It was built in the 1861. It vibrant domes and interior design will captivate you. This monastery is maintained by monks. You might be privileged to interact with some monks and understand a few things about this monastery. The next stop should be Dniester River ferry. This hand operated ferry operates in River Dniester. Part and parcel of understanding local people’s culture entails enjoying their traditional and popular meals. Therefore, sample a couple of local delicacies before leaving this region.



Soroca city is the administrative point of the Soroca district. This district neighbors Ukraine and is located next to River Nistru. Soroca attracts tourists throughout the year because of its rich history and interesting gems. This district acted as a military post between the 12th and 18th centuries. Soroca has also been affected by a couple of wars. Some sights within Soroca remind people of this scary past. There are also other top tourist attraction sites in this region you can check out.

Soroca Fortress is one of the leading attraction sites in this part of Moldova. This fortress stands tall since the late 15th century. Soroca Fortress is unique because it was built using some wooden fortress remains. These remains also had five bastions, which can be seen when you visit this fortress. Then bastion give people a glimpse of the history of this medieval fortress. You might be lucky if you visit Soroca fortress in August for the yearly event.

Candle of gratitude should be your next stop while in Soroca. This monument was erected in honor of every hero that played an important role in preserving the local culture over the years. You will be able to understand a couple of local culture that has been maintained over the years. The candle of gratitude also offers a perfect view of the partitioned Ukraine fields and Dniestr. Therefore, you must climb on top of this monument to have a perfect view of the surrounding.

Complete your tour in Soroca by visiting Soroca Museum of History & Ethnography. English speaking people are lucky because there is a segment for English inside this museum. This museum of History & Ethnography contains six rooms. These rooms house medieval weapons, art, archaeological findings, Moldovan history and clothing culture. Soroca Museum of History & Ethnography was built in the year 1930

Tipova Cave Monastery

tipova cave monastery1

Tipova cave monastery is the largest cave in Eastern Europe. This monastery can be traced back between the 10th and 12th centuries. This monastery is strategically located on top of a cliff, thus making it easy for people to access. You must have reliable transport to enjoy every moment of this journey. English speaking people are lucky because there are English tours on both Tipova and Saharna monasteries.  Tipova monastery is located in a village with the same name. It is ranked among one of the oldest monasteries in this country.

Tipova monastery is located on the banks of River Nistru. Nature loving people are also likely to have fun on this tourist attraction site. There is a beautiful nature around this monastery. You can also easily access river Nistru by following a path.

The Saharna monastery is another monastery you must check out. This monastery is located on the right side of River Nistru. It is rated among the biggest pilgrimages in the country. It is believed that the foot prints of St. Maria are located on top of this religious pilgrimage. This monastery is visible from a distance.

Are you traveling to Moldova anytime soon or preparing for a trip to this country? If yes, ensure you visit the entire highlighted tourist attraction sites. You will definitely have fun in this country.


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