7 Attractive Places That You Should Visit in Solomon Islands

Do you intend on visiting the Solomon Islands? If yes, this guide tour will help you gather top places in the country you should visit. Solomon Islands nation has plenty of Islands and Second World War sites. This country also has rich and diverse nature. Ensure you visit the below delightful places while in the Solomon Islands.

Marovo Lagoon

morovo lagoon 1

Marovo Lagoon is located in New Georgia. It is also the largest double barrier lagoon in salt water across the country and globe at large. Marovo lagoon also borders Vangunu islands. There is also a path leading to other small islands. This attraction site has a rich marine life. The water allows you to see the diverse marine life easily. Therefore, embrace yourself for a fantastic deep sea diving while at the Marovo lagoon. You should also create time and explore the surrounding small islands. Most of these islands are surrounded by coral, rainforest and coconut palms. You can also check out the natural surroundings.

There are also traditional villages around Marovo lagoon. Visit these villages to understand how the local people live their lives and practice their local culture. There are locations around the small islands that favor picnic with your loved ones. Kayaking around Marovo lagoon is also another popular activity here. Alternatively, you can take nature walk along the rainforest.

Langa Langa Lagoon

langa langa lagoon 1

Langa Langa lagoon is a major highlight in Solomon Islands. This lagoon is very special because it has helped create some artificial islands. These islands are built from dead corals and stones. You will be amazed by the look of these artificial islands. You will also see different traditional activities along Langa Langa lagoon. These activities are ship building and shell money making. The water around this lagoon is clear when the weather is friendly. You will also be thrilled by the beaches around Langa Langa lagoon. The environment around the beach is unique. Swimming and sunbathing are common activities at this location.

Kolombangara Island

kolombangara island 1

Kolombangara Island showcases the beauty of Solomon Islands. You will mostly enjoy wildlife and nature. Tour around Kolombangara Island is pretty straightforward because of different walking trails. Kolombangara Island is accessible by air or by road. People mostly visit this island to have fun and a relaxing time with their loved ones. Kolombangara Island also has a mountain range and rainforest. Nature lovers always find tour around this island interesting and fun. You will also see different wildlife species on this island. Don’t leave this island without going on crater walks. Tour around this island can also be guided by local residents. This helps ensure you don’t miss out on any attraction site on the island.

East of Honiara

east of honiara 1

Honiara is the capital of the Solomon Islands. It is the most visited places on this nation. East of Honiara attracts plenty of tourists all year round. There are top attraction sites on the eastern part of the Honiara. The WWII museum is an historic site you should visit. This museum takes you back to the Second World War. You will also see amtracks and different war items that remind you of the war. There are also different materials and information about the Second World War. The bloody ridge is another attraction site in east of Honiara. This ridge has a rich war history. You will see the Japanese war memorial and US war memorial within the bloody ridge.

The Tenaru waterfalls should be your next stop. Anyone who visits this waterfall will be amazed by the beauty of the surrounding environment. Ensure you check out both the top and the bottom of the waterfall. There is a trail that cuts through the valley before reaching the waterfall. Solomon peace memorial park should be your next stop. This memorial park commemorates all that lost their lives during the Second World War Guadalcanal campaign. The Henderson airport memorial garden also commemorates the US forces and their allies who lost their lives. Betikama SDA mission and Austen Mountain are other attractions in East of Honiara you should check out.

Mataniko Falls

Mataniko Falls

Mataniko falls is a major attraction in Solomon Islands. You will fall in love with this location immediately you set your eyes on it. Here, the water fall down into a canyon from a cliff. Embark on hiking immediately at this location. Hike around Mataniko falls is simple and easy to tackle. You will pass through Lelei village on your way to Mataniko falls. Tackle walk on hills and muddy paths in order to reach this famous falls in Solomon Islands. There are different points of viewing the waterfalls. Ensure you check out both the top and bottom of the waterfall. The surrounding environment also offers a perfect background for taking pictures.

Tetepare Island

Tetepare island

Tetepare Island in is located in the west province in the country. It is one of the few regions in Solomon Islands whose nature is still intact. You will see the rainforest, different reef species and breathtaking landscapes. The local residents will help you understand how nature on this island is intact. You will also hear how Tetepare Island was unoccupied for more than 150 years. The local people will also narrate to you the mysteries behind this island being abandoned for a long time.

Archaeological sites have also been discovered in Tetepare Island. Different animals and plants species are also visible on the island. You will be amazed by the beaches on this island. Tetepare Island also has a rich marine life.

Tulagi & Savo Island

Tetepare island

Tulagi was the capital of Solomon Islands. The Japanese also used it as their operational base. Wrecks from the Second World War are visible on different parts of Tulagi. You need a guided tour to see various wrecks from WWII. Tulagi is also a popular spot for divers. There are different locations you can easily hire diving gears. You can also hire a boat to take you around the island. Savo is another location you should visit whenever you are in Solomon Island. This location has a beautiful beach, craters that are dormant and hot springs. All these attractions in Savo are accessible by foot. Don’t forget the megapode field. Here, you will see many female birds.

Do you desire a unique adventure that will stay fresh for years to come? If yes, spend a few days in Solomon Islands.


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