8 Must-visit Places in Samoa

Samoa is a beautiful country situated in Pacific Ocean and particularly the southern part. This country has unique and breathtaking islands. There are also different wildlife species, waterfalls, lakes, volcanic caves, rainforests and gorges around the country. Samoa has severally been listed as one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Namu’a Island Beach Fale

nomo's beach fale 1

You must take a boat from Mutiatele to reach Namu’a Island. This private island has plenty to offer. It is one of the most beautiful parts of Samoa. In addition to these, there are number of fun activities to do on this island. Namu’a Island brings a unique feeling at night. This Island doesn’t have electricity. Therefore, oil lamps are lit on different parts of the island. This take you back in time before electricity was invented.

Namu’a island beach fale also serves local meals. There are different local meals to choose from. The beaches around this location permit swimming and picnic with your loved ones. You can also bask in the sun while at the beach. Snorkeling and deep sea diving is also common in this region. You are in a perfect position to see the various reefs. The surrounding landscapes and vegetation also bring out beautiful sceneries.

Manono Island

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Manono island is one of the must visit locations in Samoa. Cars and canines are not allowed on this island. This is the reason Manono island has remained intact over the years. Nature lovers will be enticed by a stroll through the island. There are different paths around the island. Therefore, tour around the island pretty straightforward. Walk along the paths that lead to Lepuia’i. The grave of 99 stones is a major attraction. You will hear how a high chief met his death after trying to abduct a wife from the Upolu community. He had 99 wives when he was killed.

There is also a section on the island that offer an aerial view of Apolima. Manono island and particularly Apai village has beautiful beaches. Mount Tulimanuiva is also located on this island. Make an effort of climbing Mount Tulimanuiva. There are various fun things to do on this mountain.

Aleipata Beaches & Reefs

Beaches in Aleipata 1

Aleipata district is known for its reef system. This location in Samoa also has one of the beautiful beaches. In fact, some people are confused on the beaches to visit. Anyone who loves snorkeling should try it out whenever in Aleipata district. Water in the deep sea is clear to the point reefs and marine species are easily visible.

Create time and walk along the coastal beaches in Aleipata. You will be impressed by surrounding scenery and landscape around the beaches. Ensure you visit the beach located in Lalomanu before departing this district. Above all; you will have an easy time visiting the Aleipata beaches.


Apia 1

Samoa has diverse natural wonders and local culture. Visit Apia to see different attraction sites and experience the culture of the local people. Apia is the capital city of Apia. The harbor in this city is one of the major attractions. You will see traditional houses within the harbor. The ancient houses are in good shape. Proceed to old Apia market. This market serves different fruits, vegetables and local meals. You should try out different meals while at the old Apia market.

The Mary cathedral is another attraction in Apia city. You will be impressed by the architectural look and artwork within the cathedral. Piula cave pools is one of the things you should do while in Apia. This location suits people who want relax while enjoying nature. There are two pools in Piula cave. Different fish species are also located here. Deep sea diving is another fun activity you should consider while at this location.

The Robert Louis Stevenson museum should be your next stop. This museum is in good shape because it has recently been renovated and furnished. You will see different original works that date back time in memorial. Request a guided tour to properly understand each exhibition on this museum. You should also visit the Palolo deep marine reserve. This location is well known for snorkeling and deep sea diving. Coral are also visible in Palolo deep marine reserve. In short, Apia city has something for everyone.

Cape Mulinu’u

Cape Mulinu’u 1

The western part of Samoa and particularly Cape Mulinu’u is a must visit place. Cape Mulinu’u has various archaeological sites and rich culture. The Fafa O Sauai’i attracts people all year round. It is a sacred religious site. People who love swimming should visit this location. The Vai Sua well has a very interesting history. You will hear how a warrior threw the heads of the enemies on this well. Don’t forget about Vaatausili cave. The roads around Cape Mulinu’u are in good state. This makes it easy to transverse this part of the country.

To Sua Ocean Trench

To Sua Ocean Trench 1

Samoa has a rich history of lava field erosion. This has left a number of blowholes and tide pools. To Sua ocean trench is the biggest within Lotofaga. This site offers unique swimming experience. The surrounding landscape and nature makes you feel in paradise. You will walk through Cliffside paths and see gardens as you approach To Sua ocean trench. That’s not all; there is a beautiful sandy beach on the western part of this ocean trench. You can bask in the sun while enjoying picnic with your loved ones. The surrounding environment offers a perfect background for taking pictures.

Paia Dwarf’s Cave

Dwarf’s Cave 1

Paia Dwarf’s cave is situated in Savai’i Island. The local people believe that dwarf’s still live inside this cave. Their footprints are still visible up to date. Your tour to Paia Dwarf’s cave commences at Paia village. This helps prepare you for this memorable adventure that takes the entire day. Tour around Paia Dwarf’s cave can take an entire day. You will be equipped with the right equipment to explore the cave. That is torch, water and shoes. You will be amazed by the interior outlook of the Paia Dwarf’s cave.

Pulemelei Mound

Pulemelei Mound 1

Pulemelei Mound is situated in Savai’i Island. This attraction site is also located in the middle of the jungle. Pulemelei mound is an ancient site. A lot of people don’t know why it was built. The local people speculate it was a burial site or a religious site. You will see a volcanic rock and basalt stones at this location. Pulemelei mound has a pyramid shape. This structure is believed to be operational from 1100 until 1700. You should be prepared to walk across thick vegetation and forest in order to rich this ancient structure.

Samoa is listed among the most beautiful countries in the world. It is also a preferred tourist destination. Therefore, make an effort of visiting this attraction site whenever you are in the Southern Pacific Ocean.


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