8 Popular & Attractive Places to Visit in Palau

Palau is a country located in the western part of the Pacific Ocean. This country has more than 500 Islands, some of which are volcanic. Corals, beautiful beaches and mountains are some highlights you will see on this country.

Blue Corner (Diving site)

blue corner 1

The diving site blue corner is a very popular location in Palau. This site gives you the privilege of seeing different marine species. You will see different types of sharks, fish species and beautiful reefs. The blue corner is listed as one of the best diving spots in Palau and the globe because of the clear visibility of the water. This makes it easy for you to see lagoons and reefs.

Both experienced and amateur divers can have some amazing time at the blue corner. In most instances, dives on this island are guided. Blue corner diving point is estimated to house over 1000 reef fish species and more than 300 different corals. Scuba diving is another water activity carried out here. Huge marine species can also be spotted at this location. They range from the bull shark, hammerhead shark, whales and marlin, among others. Diving is encouraged when the water are friendly.

Badrulchau Stone Monoliths

Badrulchau Stone Monoliths 1

Badrulchau stone monoliths is the biggest site to ever been discovered in Palau. Therefore, it should be among the beautiful places you visit. Archeological studies trace this location to roughly 150AD. You will pass through unspoiled vegetation and well designed terraces as you approach this location. The ticket office of Badrulchau stone monoliths offers a stunning view of the megaliths. There are fifty two megaliths. Six heads are intact are in good condition. The other megaliths are almost in ruins.

These huge heads are enticing takes you back to time in memorial. You will also here the theories surrounding the use of other monoliths on this location. Structural evidence discovered at this location reveals this is the largest meeting point in the ancient times to be built on this location. Badrulchau stone monoliths are located in Babeldaob Island. The roads leading to this location are easily accessible.

Jellyfish Lake

jellyfish lake 1

Jellyfish Lake is along Koror coast. It is also one of the few saltwater lakes in the region. Jellyfish Lake is also a leading attraction site in Palau. You will see this lake is situated on unoccupied island. There is also an interesting history about this island. You will hear that this lake was once connected to ocean before being cut off during the ice age period. This explains why there are plenty of jellyfish on the lake.

You will also understand different things about jellyfish. These ranges from what they feed on, among others. Swimming is also a common activity around Jellyfish Lake. This lake is classified into two layers; the lower layer and the upper layer. The lower layer is dangerous and isn’t recommended for humans. That’s not all; different fish species and copepods are visible on different points at the lake. You should also consider picnic with your loved ones at this location.

Scenic Flights over the Rock Islands

scenic flights in rock islands 1

Ensure you go take a flight above the rock islands while in Palau. This is one of the beautiful places in the country and the region. The rock islands are unique because they were built using limestone from coral skeletal. The rock islands were listed as UNESCO world heritage. There are roughly 300 corals that helped in the formation of the rock islands. The beauty of the rock islands is visible from a plane trip.

There are also plenty of fun activities to do on rock islands. Swimming, kayaking and snorkeling are some fun activities in the rock islands you can do. The Milky Way clay bath is another activity you should try out. You will definitely embark on this adventure again whenever you visit Palau.

Ngardmau Waterfall


Ngardmau waterfall is a natural attraction site in the country. It also attracts a lot of people throughout the year. Ngardmau waterfall is famous for kayaking and snorkeling. This waterfall is easily accessible via road. You will also be amazed by the natural beauty of this location. The green vegetation and unique vegetation make this location suitable for taking pictures. You will walk through a rainforest in order to reach this beautiful waterfall. There is also a zip-lining section is also visible next to the waterfall. This location allows you to see Ngardmau waterfall from different angles. The waterfall is quite big. You can explore both the top and the bottom. Take time and explore the surrounding environment. You can take the monorail on your way back.

Peleliu Island

peleliu island 1

Peleliu Island is one of the places in Palau you should visit. The US army 323 rd infantry monument is one of the attraction sites you will see. This monument helps explain significant events that took place during the Second World War. The US army 323 rd infantry monument is located on top of a hill. This offers an aerial view of the surrounding environment. The WWII memorial museum is a must see sight whenever you are in Peleliu island. This museum helps understand what transpired here during the Second World War. There are war artifacts, photographs, military uniforms and weapons, among others.

Move on to the Japanese military headquarters building. This building was the command post during the fight against the Americans in the Second World War. You will also hear about this building was bombed in the year 1944. This building is currently in ruins. Peleliu Island was an active location during the WWII war. You will also come across destroyed American tanks at different points on the island. These tanks were mostly destroyed by the Japanese in 1944.

Peleliu peace memorial park is a very popular attraction site. This memorial park was built in memory of anyone who lost his/her life during the Second World War. Peleliu peace memorial park is also a perfect spot for picnic. Visit Klouklubed village to perfectly the thousand man cave. This cave has a very interesting history. The numerous chambers and tunnels made it difficult for the Americans to penetrate and capture the 1,000 Japanese soldiers who hid here. Proceed to the Japanese power plant building that supplied electricity during their occupation on this part of Palau.

Visit the orange beach for some quiet and relaxing moment. It is a fantastic spot for some picnic and relaxing time with your friends and family members. It is also the first location the Americans invaded in Peleliu Island. The US Marine Corps monument was established in honor of the American soldiers who lost their lives in 1944. A lot of airplanes were destroyed during the war that took place on this island between the Japanese and the Americans. Visit the airplane graveyard to see some plane engines, anchors, cockpits and fuselages. Japanese shrine, purple beach, Japanese bunker, scarlet beach and white beach are other attractions in Peleliu islands.

Kayaking in Rock islands

kayaking in rock island 1

Rock islands in Palau are one of the top highlights. The rock islands are unoccupied and have green sceneries. Kayaking is a very common activity on these rock islands. It allows you to see different terrestrial ecosystems that are difficult to spot. You will also see different marine lakes while kayaking in the rock islands. Different fish species, jellyfish species and sharks can be spotted around the rock islands. The rock islands also have cave systems. These cave systems house different flora and fauna. Kayaking in Rock islands is guided. This guarantees you a memorable adventure.

Koror Town

koror town 1

Koror town is among the places you should visit while in Palau. This town has grown for different. There are different kinds of restaurants that offer a variety of meals. These meals are both traditional and regional meal. Belau national museum is one of the places you must visit in Koror town. This attraction site houses different exhibition that explains the evolution and history of the Palau people. Storyboards, sculptures, photographs and artworks are some exhibitions you will see in the Belau national museum.

Etpison museum should be your next stop. This museum highlights the culture and history of the local people. Archaeological history and ancient art are some highlights you will see on your tour around Etpison museum. Palauan night market brings Koror town to light at night. This night market sells different crafts and meals. Traditional dances and entertainment are also visible at different points in the market. Commence with your tour to Palau aquarium. This aquarium has different sixteen themed sections. Make an effort of visiting these themed sections. Palau aquarium also educates people about coral reef and the ecosystem at large.

Palau is well known for its woodcarvings. Visit Tebang woodcarvings to see how local woods are turned into something beautiful. Anyone who wants a taste of the Japanese dish should dine at Tori Tori restaurant. Sashimi and noodles are some popular meals served here. You cannot miss out the beautiful Japan-Palau friendship bridge while at Koror town. Belau art gallery, Etpison museum gift shop, Palau community college Bai and Prisoners’ gift shop are some attractions you should check out.

Palau is a paradise. It has plenty of beautiful places that are rare in other parts of the globe. You will enjoy every moment of your stay in Palau.


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