8 Things to Do and See in Serbia

Serbia was once an underrated country in terms of a tourist attraction site. Things have changed after a couple of people toured this country. Currently, it is considered one of the leading tourist destination countries in Europe. You enjoy a wide range of attraction sites while in this country. Serbia is also known for its diverse culture. This country was fought over by the Ottomans, Romans and Hapsburgs, among others. Are you touring Serbia anytime soon? If yes, make an effort of checking out the below 8 amazing sights.


belgrade- (1)

Belgrade is the capital city of Serbia. This capital city has enough sights to keep you occupied throughout your tour. There are also plenty of fun activities you can engage yourself in. Kalemegdan fortress is one of the top sights in Belgrade. A visit to this fortress will help you understand the wars transpired in this region. This fortress also offers a perfect view of Danube and Sava Rivers. You should also take time and check out the huge park, galleries and the Military Museum.

The 400 year old Saint Sava church is another site in Belgrade. This church stands 79 meters tall. Its height makes it visible from a distance. Create time and check out this beautiful medieval church. Skadarlija is a leading tourist attraction site in this capital city. This street houses top class cafes, bars and restaurants. Try out different kinds of local cuisines while at Skadarlija Street.

Make your next stop at the Museum of Yugoslavia & the house of flowers. The Yugoslavia museum houses a lot of history about Yugoslavia. You will also understand why this museum is situated in Belgrade. The house of flowers is also worth every single moment. You should also check out Zemun, Nikola Tesla Museum and Avala Tower while in the capital city of Serbia.

Tara National Park

tara national park (1)

Tara national park is one of the highly rated national parks in Serbia. This national park tops the list of attraction sites in Serbia you must check out because there is almost no human interference in this region. Therefore, you can easily see some endangered and protected species. You can comfortably tour Tara National Park throughout the year, regardless of the season. There are plenty of activities to do inside this national park. Fishing is one of the fun activities popularly carried out here. Fishing is one permitted at the artificial lakes. You can also embark on swimming while at Tara National Park. There are three properly marked cycling routes to choose from. You can rent a bike to and enjoy every single moment of cycling.

There are plenty of artificial lakes in the Tara national Park. Therefore, you can easily go on kayaking. You can request a guided trip if it’s your first time. Tara national park can also be used as view point for different kinds of spots. Banjska Stena viewpoint offers a perfect view of Lake Perucac. This viewpoint also enables you admire the famous Serbian Spruce forest. Sjenic viewpoint allows you to see Rasiste village, Derventa gorge and Lake Perucac.

Hiking is also a common activity at the Tara National Park. There are roughly 18 hiking paths to choose from. These hiking paths offer different challenges. Jarevac trail, Raca trail and educational trail are some hiking paths you should try out.

Đerdap National Park

djerdap national park (1)

Anyone who has visited Djerdap National park desires to visit this spot over and over again. There are plenty of things to see at this national park. Therefore, prepare your trip in advance. Derdapska klisura is the first site inside this park you will see. This is the largest gorge in the entire Europe. This gorge was created by River Danube. Its breathtaking beauty can be admired from a distance. You can also see some cliffs along this gorge. There are plenty of activities you can enjoy at this site. They range from swimming, walking, and bird watching, hiking and kayaking.

Djerdap National Park also houses different fauna and flora species. You will see more than 1100 different plants. A lot of people have also spotted black stork, bear, jackal, wolf, lynx, owls and white tailed eagles. That’s not all; there are plenty of archaeological sites in Djerdap National Park. Lepenski Vir is the most popular archaeological site in this national park. These sites help you understand the prehistoric culture. There are also a couple of artifacts you can check out from the archaeological sites.

There are also a couple of fortresses inside this national park. Golubac fortress is the most popular. You should also spare some time and check Diana fortified town.

Studenica Monastery

Studenica-Monastery (1)

The history of Studenica monastery makes it one of the leading tourist attraction sites in Serbia. Studenica monastery has been destroyed on various instances. Despite this, it is still being considered one of the most beautiful medieval structures in the country. This monastery was built in the 12th century. The mixture of both Byzantine and Ras styles appeals everyone who visits this Orthodox Church. Ensure you check out the two principles located inside this monastery. These two monasteries are the church of the king and the church of the Virgin. The design of these two monasteries will leave you amazed.

Uvac Canyon

uvac canyon (1)

Don’t leave Uvac Canyon without visiting this canyon. It was developed out of natural activity. The crystal water of Lake Uvac spices up the looks of this natural canyon. Uvac Canyon helps you forget the busy city life for a few hours. The nature around this attraction site is intact. You can spare a few minutes and admire this beautiful scenery. There are also three artificial lakes you will see while at Uvac canyon. They are Lake Radoinja, Lake Uvac and Lake Zlatar.

You can also view Dubrava Monastrey and Uvac Monastery from a distance. That’s not all; you will spot different animal and plant species as you walk around. You might also get lucky and view over 100 different bird species flying around. These are a few things you will see when you visit Uvac Canyon.


Subotica- (1)

Subotica is a very unique city that borders Hungary. It is located on the northern part of Serbia. The beauty of this city cannot be compared with any other city in Serbia. Above all; this city offers plenty of attraction sites. The city hall is the first attraction you might come across while in this city. It was built in 1912. Its architectural design and art has made it outshine surrounding buildings. The Subotica synagogue is another attractive site in Subotica city. Visit this site and understand its significance and the role it played in the history of this region.

Modern art lovers should check out the Raichle Palace. This palace houses different kinds of Modern art. Apart from its unique architecture, you will also be amazed by the artifacts housed on this city. Lake Palic should also be in you must visit places in Subotica city. This lake can be viewed from different spots. There are also plenty of activities you can engage yourself with. Check out the City Museum for in-depth details on how Subotica city has evolved over the years. Don’t leave Subotica city without checking out St Theresa of Avila cathedral and Klein house and art gallery.

Rajac Wine Cellars

rajacke wine cellars1 (1)

Serbia has for a long time been known for producing one of the best wines across the globe. Well, visit Rajac wine cellars if you are in Serbia. Here, you will learn all the traditional methods producing wine. This ranges from setting up a vineyard, pruning your vineyard, cultivating your yard and the wine making process itself. Here, wines are preserved in Pivnice or wine cellars. The oldest complex here was built during the 18th century. You will also see the advancements that have been made on the wine making process. Above all; you will sample different types of wines.

EXIT Festival

exit festival (1)

Europe is famous for Festival events. These events are held all year round. Serbia is one of the countries that house these common festivals. EXIT festival is the event held annually in the first week of July. This festival is held in Novi Sad, a northern city in Serbia. Here, you will get to hear your favorite bands and Musicians, among others. Prepare in advance and attend this amazing event. You will definitely enjoy every single moment of this function.

There is no doubt Serbia has plenty of attraction sites. Therefore, make an effort of visiting this marvelous country whenever you are in Europe.


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