Visit These Beautiful Sights in Scotland

Scotland is one of the countries that constitute the United Kingdom. Scotland has for years been considered a top country for a weekend break or vacation. Be assured of plenty of cultural experiences, historical attraction sites and fun activities. The beauty of Scotland is undeniable. In fact, some bestselling movies have been casted in Scotland. The attractions in this country are distributed on different parts. You will therefore have fun no matter the city or town you visit.

Skye Island

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The Skye Island is one of the recommended attractions in Scotland. Skye Island allows you to see the beauty of this country. The natural beauty and the landscapes are visible from a distance. The old Man of Storr is a leading gem in Skye Island. It offers a superb background for taking pictures. The Old man of Storr is easily accessible Portree town. You will get a perfect view point of the surrounding region when on top of this site. Go on to Rubha Nam Brathairean. It is also called the Brother’s point. This hidden treasure allows you to admire the surrounding landscape. This spot isn’t frequently explored. Therefore, be among the few people to reach the Brother’s point.

Kilt rocks and Mealt falls should be your next stop. Take time and admire the beauty of Mealt falls and Kilt rocks. You can also embark on some hiking adventure. Quiraing is also found in Skye Island. It is one of the beautiful landscapes found in Scotland. You can also go on hiking if you want a perfect view of the surrounding landscapes. Your trip to Skye Island is incomplete if you don’t check out Dunvegan castle. Go on a guided tour around the castle and understand its significance in this region in the past.

The Neist point is one of the few places that offer a perfect view of the sunset. Arrive here on time or you might miss out on parking space. Anyone who wants some challenging hiking adventure should visit the Fairy Glen. Scotland is also known for its tasty Whiskey. Therefore, visit the famous Talisker Distillery for an idea how whisky is distilled. Don’t forget to get one souvenir.

The Skye Island is also known for its numerous waterfalls. Therefore, take a stroll around the water bodies. There are also a couple of activities you can engage in at these waterfalls. Proceed to the Cuillins. These Rocky Mountains can be traced on the southern part of Skye Island. Cuillins offers different hiking trails. They range from Bla Bheinn and Sgurr Alasdair, among others. Don’t leave Skye Island without checking out Elgol.


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Edinburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Scotland. This city is divided into two. That is the old city and the new city. Ensure you explore both sides of the old and the new part of the city. Edinburg castle is the most famous landmark in Edinburg city. It is also one of the most visited attractions in the entire United Kingdom. The beauty of this landmark attracts people all year round. You should also check out the Palace of Holyroodhouse and Holyrood Abbey. This palace is the official residence of the Queen whenever she visits Edinburg. The public is granted access only when the queen is away.

The Royal mile is the road that connects the palace of Holyroodhouse and the Edinburg castle. Tour this road whenever you are around. You will see historic landmarks, churches and townhouses. There are also plenty of things to see in this road. The Royal yacht Britannia is the latest attraction in Edinburg. This yacht has for years been used by the head of states who visit the Queen. Currently, the 60 year old yacht has been reserved at the port area. You will understand the history of this yacht and get the chance to explore the interior.

Move on to the National Museum of Scotland. It is estimated that over two million people visit this museum each year. Collection here have from deprived from a couple of old museum. Here, you will see medieval artifacts, archeological collections, art, technology and history. The Royal Botanic Garden is a beautiful gem in Edinburg. Here, you will see a wide collection of botanic plants. Carry on to Camera Obscura in the Victorian rooftop. This spot offers a glamorous view of the city. It also helps you understand the history of Edinburg. The pinhole camera allows you to project different parts of the city. You should also check out the national galleries of Scotland, St Giles cathedral, Calton hill & the Scottish national monument and the Museum of childhood while in Edinburg.

Loch Lomond Lake

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Loch Lomond Lake is one of the largest water bodies in Scotland. It is one of the leading tourist attraction sites in this country. Anyone who visits this lake will be stunned by its natural beauty. Loch Lomond Lake is located between the Trossachs national park and Loch Lomond. There is more to see than the famous Loch Lomond Lake. You will also see the charming villages next to the lake. Spare sometimes to yourself and interact with the local villagers. There are also a couple of hills and plenty of activities to do in Loch Lomond Lake and the surrounding region. The environment around this location is quiet. It makes you forget the busy city life for a while.

Hiking is another fun activity here in Loch Lomond. There are also other small Islands in Loch you should check out. You need to board a cruise or a speed boat to explore these small Islands.

Glen Nevis

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Glen Nevis is located on the foot of Ben Nevis Mountain. It is renowned across Scotland and beyond because of its beauty. A lot of people visit Glen Nevis because of the tranquility and the peace it offers. There are also plenty of fun activities you can do in Glen Nevis. You will also be able to see River Nevis that flows to the sea. There are also some waterfalls here. These waterfalls can be viewed from different angles. The simplest way of exploring Glen Nevis is by following the trails on Glen Nevis. This location also offers a perfect background for taking pictures. Therefore, take a couple of pictures before leaving this leading attraction site in Scotland.

Tobermory Village

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Tobermory village has grown as a yachting port and fishing point. This village is also known for its bright colored houses. Tobermory village offers plenty of services that make your stay here comfortable. There are also some places you should visit while inn this village. The Mull museum is the first site. You will find different kinds of history records about Tobermory Village. The Mull Museum also houses the famous Spanish Armada ship that sunk in the year 1588. Carry on to the Hebridean Whale & Dolphin trust. As the name suggests, this place houses different videos, displays and exhibits around dolphin and whale. The exhibits found in Hebridean Whale & Dolphin trust is mostly ecology and biology. This is a perfect spot to understand all about sea mammals.

Scotland is also known for its quality Whisky. Visit Tobermory distillery if you are in Tobermory village. This distillery was opened in the year 1798. You are required to book in advance if you want to tour Tobermory distillery. There are two sections in this distillery you will see. They are the peated Ledaig and the standard Tobermory. You can also taste whisky at the distillery. Carry on to the Mull Aquarium in Tobermory village. This site houses different kinds of information about the marine life. You will also be able to see some sea creatures such as Starfish and crabs. Finalize your tour in Tobermory village by visiting An Tobar arts centre. Here, you will be able to see different kinds of art exhibitions.


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Glasgow has gradually changed from an Industrial center to a cultural hub. There are plenty of festivals, concerts, art galleries and museums across the city. You will also see plenty of attractions when you transverse this city. This is the reason Glasgow is a must visit place while in Scotland. You will see the Glasgow cathedral when you begin your tour. Glasgow cathedral was built during the 12th century. This is a very significant structure among the local people. Take time and check out both the exterior and interior design. Glasgow school of art is another gem you should check out. Anyone who loves fine architecture art will enjoy every single moment at this location. Tours around Glasgow school of art are guided. Therefore, you will be able to see work from various designers.

Kelvingrove art gallery and museum is another gem in Glasgow. This museum has been operational since the year 1901. There are different kinds of art painting in this museum. You will also see armor and weapons that were used during the 15th and 16th centuries. Paintings from renowned artists can also be found here. Visit the George square and the Merchant district if you want a glimpse of the history of this location. There are roughly twelve statues of people associated with this city. You will also see an 1890 Town hall, the 1605 Merchant’s house and warehouses from the 19th century on the George square & the merchant district.

The Hunterian Museum and art gallery in the University of Glasgow is another gem in Glasgow. There are plenty of collections when you visit the museum. You will see collections from archaeology, geology, zoology and ethnography. There are also art collection from famous artists like Rubens and Reynolds. Don’t forget the award winning Riverside Museum and Tall ship. This museum houses different kinds of former transport system in the city. Horse-drawn carriages, trams, locomotives, model ships and vintage cars are some collection inside the Riverside Museum and Tall ship. There is also a tall ship next to the museum. You will understand the history behind the tall ship once you visit it.

Tour around Glasgow is incomplete if you skip Kibble Palace and Glasgow Botanic gardens. Here, there are different kinds of plant species from different parts of the globe. This glasshouse was built in the year 1873. The Glasgow Green and the people’s palace is a major attraction in the city. This city park was laid out in the year 1662. The famous People’s palace is situated on the park. This museum was built in the year 1898. The People’s palace narrates what transpired from the year 1750 to the 20th century in this beautiful city. Ensure you check out different collections inside this museum.

The National Piping center & the Bagpipe museum and Pollock house & Pollok country park are other places you must visit before leaving Glasgow.

Lochinver & Assynt

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Lochinver & Assynt cannot be left out whenever you are in Scotland. This part of Scotland is famous for amazing wildlife, mountains and beautiful beaches. It is evident there are plenty of things to do in Lochinver & Assynt. Start your trip by exploring different beaches. Beaches in Lochinver &  Assynt are renowned for its White sands and turquoise waters. Achmelvich is one of the famous beaches in this part of Scotland. You should also check out Clachtoll beach. People can comfortably swim in most beaches in Lochinver & Assynt. You can also go on a picnic with your loved ones.

Handa Island is another spot you must explore. You must catch a ferry to this Island. This Island is a wildlife reserve. There are different species in this location. Handa Island is also famous for different kinds of seabirds. They range from eagles, Kittiwakes and Puffins. Tour around this Island takes only two hours. Take a walk on Stac Pollaidh while at Lochinver & Assynt. This is considered the best hill walks in Scotland. It is fun climbing on its ridges and pinnacles. Stac Pollaidh also offers perfect view of Inverpolly Nature Reserve Mountains.

Don’t leave Lochinver without tasting the famous Lochinver pie. There are also a couple of traditional Scottish meals you should try out. These meals are venison, haggis and steak. Be open-minded when trying out the Scottish dish. Proceed to the famous Kylesku Bridge. This bridge was opened in the year 1984 and has a significant value among the local people. Tour in Lochinver & Assynt is incomplete if you don’t visit Ardvreck castle. The history of Ardvreck castle can be trace back to the 15th century. You will understand different history and what transpired in the castle over the years.

Make an effort of exploring different paths within Lochinver. These paths include Culag woods path, Clashnessie bay path and the old Man of Stoer path. Don’t forget Inverpollaidh nature reserve and the Knockan Crag while in Lochinver & Assynt.

St Andrews Town

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St. Andrews is famously known as the home of golf. This is the reason British open is frequently held here. Above all; there are plenty of things to do in St Andrews. Ensure you visit the St Andres links Golf courses as you commence your tour. People travel from different parts of the globe to see the golf courses. The oldest golf club in the world, Royal and ancient Golf club at St Andrews is found here. It has been operational since the year 1750. Tour around the golf clubs will help you understand how this respected sport grew over the years.

Anyone who loves golf must visit the British Golf Museum. This top attraction spot narrates the development of golf from the middle ages to date. There are plenty of exhibitions in this museum. You will witness how the golf ball has evolved over the years. The game techniques and rules are also highlighted in the British Golf Museum. The British Golf museum also has a section for golfing celebrities and championships. Carry on to the cathedral of St Andrew. This cathedral played a vital role in the history of Scotland. St Andrew cathedral was built in 1200’s and was considered an important religious spot. Adjustments have been made over the years to give this cathedral a decent look. Create time and explore both the interior and exterior of this ancient cathedral.

St Andrews castle is another attraction site in this part of Scotland. Most part of this castle is ruins. This castle was built in the 100’s. You will understand the rich history of St Andrews castle. Ensure you check out the remains of the old tunnel and the dungeon used as a prison for the cardinal. Move on to St Andrews aquarium. There are plenty of things to see in this aquarium including the sea creatures. Be prepared to see different kinds of fish species and marine life. Crabs and seals are some creatures you will see inside St Andrews aquarium. Don’t forget a souvenir at the gift shop.

St Andrews Botanic garden is another gem. You will be thrilled by the different plant species and the riverside setting. This garden was first opened in the year 1889. Plant species in this botanic garden originate from different part of the world. Tour in St Andrews Botanic garden is guided. This helps you understand different things about the plant species. Take sometimes off from your trip and enjoy some quality time at the Craigtoun country park. This park has a huge ground that allows some fun activities with your loved ones. You can embark on walking trails or admire the beautiful gardens on this park. There is a section for children to have fun.

You should also visit St Andrews museum & Preservation trust museum and St Andrews University while at this part of Scotland.

Dunkeld & Birnam villages

dunkeld_ (1)

Dunkeld & Birnam villages are some gorgeous places you must visit in Scotland. These two villages are conjoined through the famous 1808 Thomas Telford’s bridge. Both Dunkeld & Birnam villages are a good getaway spots from the busy city life. You must visit Dunkeld ancient cathedral while in Dunkeld & Birnam villages. This ancient cathedral is located on forested hills. You will see the beautiful landscapes and surroundings while heading to the Dunkeld ancient cathedral. Explore the location of the ancient cathedral. This location of the cathedral offers a glamorous view of the surrounding environment. Birnam village also has a riverside path. You will see the oldest Birnam oak. This oak is estimated to be more than 500 years.

Glencoe Village

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Glencoe village is located in Glen Coe Mountains and deep valley. Anyone who visits Glencoe village is perplexed by the beautiful highlands surrounding this village. You will hear different narrations of how the volcanic explosions and icy glaciers influenced the current look of Glencoe village. This beautiful village is located in between glen and Loch Leven. You will have a perfect opportunity of exploring the Glen’s past when you visit this village. Embark on a journey to the ancient volcano. There is a geotrail to follow. You will therefore have an easy time accessing the ancient volcano. Explore the glaciers and the rugged mountain peaks.

Glencoe village is also famous for filming some top movies such as Skyfall and a couple of Harry potter movies. Take a stroll on the surrounding highlights and spot some wild animals from a distance. Ensure you taste some local meals before leaving Glencoe village. There are plenty of local meals you should try out. People who love adventure and outdoor activities have every reason to visit this location in Scotland. These activities are mountain bike, snowboarding and skiing. You should also check out the Fort William while in Glencoe village. There are different kinds of natural wonders in this location you should check out.

Islay Island

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Islay Island is one of the gorgeous places you must visit in Scotland. There is something for everyone on this Island. There is plenty of nature to check on Islay Island. Therefore, take nature walks and admire the beautiful sceneries. Alternatively, you can drive through Islay Island. There are roughly five driving routes you can consider. Move on to the Museum of Islay Life. There are different exhibitions in the museum you will see. Tour around this museum is guided. Therefore, you will understand different things regarding the exhibitions.

Move on to the Whisky distillery tour. Scotland is known for fine whisky. Islay Island houses one eight distilleries here. Embark on the tour and understand different things about Single malt whiskey. Who knows, you might get lucky and taste some fine single malt whisky. Anyone who wants an insight of the Scottish history should make a stop at Loch Finlaggan. Islay Island is also known for its beautiful beaches. Therefore, explore some beaches in this Island. Some beaches also have some wildlife species. Take some photographs while at the beaches.

Don’t forget the Kildalton cross & chapel. This is one of the earliest Christian churches in Scotland. Islay Nature history trust, Bowmore round church, Tormisdale Croft Crafts, Loch Gruinart Nature reserve, Wild Islay birding, the isle of Jura and the American monument are some places you must visit while in Islay Island. You can also go fishing and watch different bird species in this location.

Hermaness National Nature Reserve

Hermaness national park (1)

Scotland is renowned for its unique and beautiful landscapes. The Hermaness National Nature reserve offers you the opportunity to perfectly explore the landscapes. Hermaness national nature reserve overlooks Muckle Flugga. This reserve grants you the perfect opportunity to see different seabird species. Nature around this national nature reserve is intact due to less human activity. Climb on top of the cliffs to perfectly see different bird species. These birds range from Gulls, Kittiwakes, Shags, Puffins, gannets and Fulmars. The cliffs also offer a perfect view of the sea and the surrounding region. You will see different kinds of vegetation as you tour through the Hermaness national nature reserve. The top of cliff allows you to see the waves hitting the cliffs.

Stirling Castle

-stirling-castle (1)

Stirling castle is one of the most visited sites in Scotland. This site was a very important site in the ancient days. Stirling castle can be traced back to the 16th century. Visit this castle while in Scotland for a glimpse of how life in the 16th century was like. You will see some costumed characters around the castle. They give you an idea how life was like during the ancient times. There are plenty of fun activities to do with your family on this site. These activities range from playing musical instruments and wearing costumes. You should also embark on a guided tour throughout the castle. This makes it easy to understand the rich history of this site. You will also see different rooms on your tour around Stirling castle.

Skara Brae (Archaeological Site)

skara-brae (1)

Your tour in Scotland will be incomplete if you don’t check out Skar Brae settlement. This settlement is well preserved to date. It was first discovered in the year 1850. Skar Bare settlement gives people a rough idea on how life was 5,000 years ago. Take time and explore this prehistoric village. You should also check out the ancient homes that were fitted with stone seats, stone dressers and stone beds. There is a section inside the settlement where archaeological artifacts from the 1970’s were discovered. Don’t leave Skar Brae settlement without buying some souvenirs. You will also hear how settlement ended. It is estimated that Skar Brae settlement ended 2500 BC.

There is no doubt Scotland has a lot of things to see. Make an effort of visiting this country whenever you are in Europe or the United Kingdom.


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