Top 10 Gorgeous Places to Visit in Slovakia

Slovakia is a country situated in central Europe. It borders Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary. This country is also a leading attraction spots in Europe you should consider. The gothic churches, interesting local culture, the towns and nature are some attractions you will see when you tour Slovakia. You must tour the below place if you are going to spend a couple of days or weeks with your loved ones.

High Tatra Mountains

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The high Tarta Mountains in Slovakia should be your first tour. This outdoor paradise has a lot to offer. It has something fun for everyone. First, the High Tatra Mountains can be accessed in three ways. It can be through road, air or by rail. The hiking trails, green lakes, cable cars and jagged mountains make it a top attraction site in Slovakia you must check out. Furthermore, it is an UNESCO biosphere reserve spot. Commence your tour by hiking through Rysy. This peak extends to Poland. You will be hiking through rocky and rugged peaks. This hiking experience can extend to Poland.

Krivan Mountains is also another popular hiking spot in the High Tarta Mountains worth your time. It is also considered the most beautiful mountain in Slovakia. Krivan Mountains also offer different challenges to hikers. Don’t forget Gerlachovsky Stit, the tallest Mountain in this region. Choose a guided tour if you want to enjoy every single moment at this tallest mountain.

Don’t leave the high Tarta Mountains without getting on the cable car. You will easily explore this mountain region and have a unique view of this beautiful escarpment. Lastly, you should explore the great cold valley.


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Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia. It also offers plenty of attraction sites. This is why you must create time and explore this beautiful city. Make your first stop at the Blue Church. The interior of this church will amaze you. This is the reason it is listed as one of the beautiful churches in Bratislava and Slovakia at large. You will also be amazed by the art exhibited on different parts of the church. Bratislava castle is another place you must visit while at the capital city. This castle offers a perfect view of the old town. You should also visit the history Museum for an in depth understanding of what transpired on this castle.

UFO Tower is another iconic structure in Bratislava. This architectural marvel will leave you amazed. Apart from its beautiful look, take time and climb up the observation deck. UFO tower offers a perfect view of the surrounding region. The famous kazmik Radio Tower should be your next stop. This tower is situated on top of Kazmik hill and with the Bratislava park premise. The kazmik Radio tower offers a perfect view of the surrounding region. You should also take time and explore the trails on the park. The old town hall is another hidden attraction site you must check out. This hall has a beautiful interior and exterior design. The famous city history Museum is also situated at the old Town hall. There are plenty of instruments and pieces that remind people of the history.

The Slavin memorial is a site you shouldn’t miss out while in Bratislava. This memorial site pays tribute to all the Soviet soldiers who lost their lives trying to liberate Bratislava from the Germans. The architectural style of this structure also attracts a lot of people. Nedbalka gallery, Primitial palace, Czechoslovak Fortification museum and the Slovak national theater are other attraction sites you should check out.

Spiš Castle

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Spis castle is located in Eastern Europe. It is also considered one of the largest castles in the continent and globe. People travel across the globe to check out this ancient castle that was built during the 12th century. Spis castle was listed as an UNESCO World heritage site in the year 1993. This is one of the reasons Spis castle should be in your must visit places while in Slovakia. Most part of Spis castle is damaged. The museum and a section of the ruin have been restored. You will hear to rich and interesting history about this castle. It was once part of the Hungary Kingdom. There are different angles you can view this ancient castle. Spis castle is situated on top of a hill. This allows you to check out the surrounding region. A guided tour will make you enjoy every moment of your tour.


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Kosice is the second largest city in Slovakia. This city has plenty of attraction sites you can check out. These attraction sites attract people from different parts of the globe. St Elisabeth Cathedral is one of the hidden gems in this city. This gothic catholic was first opened to the public in the year 1378. The symbolic art throughout the cathedral impresses a lot of people. Visit this gothic cathedral for insight details from the time it was opened to the public. Make your next stop at the Urban’s tower. The Urban’s tower houses some ledger stones that were carved between the 13th and 14th century. You will also see the original bell that was casted in 1557.

St Michael chapel is another site you will see while in Kosice. This gothic monument was built in the 1300’s. St Michael chapel has a very interesting history. It is the first church to conduct masses in Slovak during the 17th century. This cathedral also houses the oldest Kosice coat from the 14th century.

Miklus prison is another site in Kosice you must create time for. This prison has been operational since 1600’s. Check out a video to properly understand the harsh penal system that was operational. There are also auto-guides to help you fully explore this prison. You will also spot the beggar’s house while in Kosice. The beggar’s house has an interesting history worth listening to. You should also check out the new Orthodox Synagogue and Kosice gold treasure while in this city.

Slovenský Raj National Park

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This is an outdoor paradise you must checkout while in Slovakia. Its metal catwalks, wooden and long ladders offer a perfect adventure for hiking. You can either climb up gorges or hike on different parts of this National park. Prielom Hornadu is the most common hiking trail in Slovensky Raj National Park. Its length offers different hiking adventure and experience. Make a stop at Tomasovsky viewpoint. This viewing point offers marvelous views of the other parts of the park. Tomasovsky viewpoint is situated along Prielom Homadu trail.

Kysel is another hiking route in Slovensky Raj National park you should check out. You are encouraged to have a proper hiking gear and request a hiking guide. The tour guides here only speak in Slovakian. Sucha Bela is another hiking trail you should check out at the Slovensky Raj National Park. This hiking trail is roughly four hours long. You will enjoy every minute on this hiking trail. This national park is also privileged to house Dobsinska ice cave. It is listed as one of the largest ice caves in Europe. You should also check out Piecky, the longest ladder in this national park.

Bardejov Town

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Bardejov town is located on the North Eastern part of Slovakia. This town attracts thousands of tourists all year round. Bardejov town has plenty of attraction sites you can check out. St Egidius Basilica is one of the attractions you will see while in Bardejov town. You will be amazed by the art work on a section of this Basilica. The architectural design indicates that this attraction site was built in another period. It was built during the 15th century.

Hervatov church is another attraction site in this town you should check out. It is believed to be one of the oldest churches in Slovakia. This church was built during the 15th century and has withstood numerous wars. Anyone who checks out this church will be amazed by its beauty. A lot of people travel across the globe to see the Holocaust memorial site in Bardejov town. This memorial site commemorates more over 3,000 Jews who were sentenced to death in 1942.

Don’t forget to check out the old city walls. The Old city walls were built between the 14th and 15th century. The Sari Museum is another attraction spot in Bardejov town. Here, you will find some crafts and potteries that trace back to the 15th century. You should also check out the Old Synagogue. You will be amazed by its beauty and the history of this synagogue.

Banská Štiavnica Town

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Your tour to Slovakia is incomplete is you don’t visit Banska Stiavnica. Banska Stiavnica is one of the leading tourist attraction towns. Start your tour by exploring Stiavnica town centre. The town centre is considered both a photogenic and picturesque town. Walk through the beautiful paths and streets while admiring the town centre. Continue your tour and check out Tajchy popularly known as the artificial water reservoirs. Currently, twenty four out of sixty reservoirs are functioning. There are plenty of activities you can engage yourself in while at Tajchy. These activities range from ice skating, fishing, boar riding, swimming and nature walk, among others.

Banska Stiavnica was once a mining zone. Therefore, visit at least one mine while at Banska Stiavnica. You should be properly geared up before going underground. That is the helmet, mantle and a mining lamp. The mines give you a rough idea of how miners used to mine. Most of the mine tours are guided. The Banska Stiavnica calvary is another gem you should check out while in this region. This calvary is located on top of a hill. Therefore, its beauty can be admired from different angles. It is also considered one of the beautiful baroques in Slovakia. Novy Zamok castle, Stary Zamok castle and St. Katarina church should also be in your must visit spots before leaving Banska Stiavnica.

Ždiar Village

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Zdiar village is found in Northern Slovakia. It offers plenty of attraction sites and fun activities. This is why Zdiar village is listed as one of the leading attraction regions in Slovakia. Slovakia is renowned for their wide range of meals to choose from. Zdiarsky Dom is a very famous restaurant in Zdiar village. This restaurant deals is famous for its pork ribs with piquant cheese. The pork ribs can be grilled or prepared in accordance to your demand. The theme of Zdiarsky Dom has also been prepared to look like a farmhouse. Above all; this restaurant is in a strategic location that allows you to enjoy the surrounding environment.

Take your time and visit Rustika Pizzeria for some good pizza. You are guaranteed of enjoying every bite of your pizza. Zdiar house museum is also situated in Zdiar village. This small museum gives you an insight of the agrarian culture in the recent two centuries. Visit Goralska Karmcma for some local traditional meals before leaving Zdiar village.

Central Slovakia

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Are you still wondering why Slovakia is listed as a top tourist destination site in Europe? If yes, tour central Slovakia. There are plenty of places to tour. In fact, you might not get enough time to visit all sites if you are in a hurry. Below are some top attraction sites you should check out while in central Slovakia; Orava castle, SNP Museum, Bojnice castle, Strecno castle, the Museum of Slovak village, Vratna valley, Slovensky betlehem and the old castle. Each site has its own unique beauty and history. Furthermore, the infrastructure in this region is enhanced. This makes it easy for you to tour different sites.

Banská Bystrica

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Banska Bystrica will make you visit the site over and over again. There are numerous sites you can visit to brighten your day and make some memorable memories. The clock tower is one of the attractions you will see while in Banska Bystrica. This clock tower has been operational since 1552. Visit Bernardov Dvor for some delicious meals before departing Banska Bystrica. The meals served here will make you feel one step closer towards your home. You should also check out the Folk Music Museum & Puppet theatre if you are a music enthusiast. Here, you will be guided through the musical history and check out over 200 folk instruments. These are a few major attractions in Banska Bystrica. There are more sites you can check out.


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